David Spatz - A lot of people spoke out against the war. Especially people in the entertainment industry. But why did they single out you?

Eartha Kitt - But I was the first to have done it in the WhitehouseI was asked about my opinions of the problems among of the young people in America at that time. That was the question of the luncheon. And 50 of us ladies who worked in the different communities across America and me also in foreign countries like the Aboriginals in Australia and the Canadian Indians. I’m working with these people all the time. Therefore I know what their feelings are. So when they asked the question of what is the basic problem and you tell them? You find they don’t want to hear that. They want to hear how are we doing? Am I getting a good credit for putting flowers along Route 66, you know? Not the real problems. This is also one of the things what I feel is going on now. As I told Mrs. Johnson at the luncheon: this was not a point of getting up ranting and raving. I’m talking to her as I am talking to you. The point we are going through now is they do not realize how much anger there is among the America people..then when Seymour Hersh called me in 1974, January. And said this is what we found that president Johnson had decided that you should not be seen anywhere. That is why you were having a hard time getting workMy side was never told. What did they want me to do? Apologize? The news media wanted me to do that. And I said I think THEY needed to apologize to the American people because they know we shouldn’t be involved in that war. [x]