my ariana grande concert experience story time: i don’t think you guys really care for this … but idk i just have to tell you about how amazing my day was … :

so i got up really early to stalk her and me and my boyfriend went to the arena and really couldn’t find her so we kinda gave up … so we hung out for a bit and came back closer to the concert … and before we went to line up he got me my new favourite article of clothing ( her best mistake crew neck ) and her problem wristband…. so we were waiting in line for a good hr before the doors opened … and i was so anxious and excited. once the door opened i was sososososo excited … and we found our seats and waited an hr for the concert to start … cashmere cat and rixton opened for her … i have a little crush on rixton they were pretty darn amazing … and then ariana came on … and let me tell you its an amazing feeling right when she gets on stage and everyone stands up and starts cheering … its just an amazing feeling … she started off with bang bang, then keep your hands on me, then best mistake .. omg she was floating on a damn cloud .. SHE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL …. like it was so surreal … at some point these two girls came in and sat beside me and i did not like them one bit … one chick was plugging her ears because i was screaming and fangirling so hard .. LIKE BITCH YOU’RE AT A CONCERT ITS GOING TO BE LOUD WITH ME SCREAMING OR WITHOUT ME … if you don’t like it stay the fuck home …. ( sorry mini rant, but you’re killing my damn vibe ) .. then she sang break your heart right back, then be my baby, then right there ( she was floating on a chandelier ) LOLOLOL .. then she sang the way, then pink champagne … ( I FELT SORRY FOR ALOT OF PEOPLE AT THE CONCERT CAUSE THEY DIDN’T REALLY KNOW MOST OF THE SONGS SHE WAS SINGING, AND THEY WERE REALLY SINGING ALONG OR WHAT NOT … i just know the feeling of not knowing the songs at the concert but yea ) then she sang tattooed heart, then one last time, then why try ( she had these cool gloves thingy idk lololol but it was really cool ) then after she had a tribute to her grandpa and it made me sosososososososo emotional … while she was singing my everything she started crying which made me cry andhguewahufiewalfhewfaw while she had like confetti going down it was cool   … she didnt sing the song that i was waiting for which made me a little disappointed but i still love her … then she sang love me harder, all my love, honeymoon avenue, break free, and finished off with problem … and her ending was amazing …. and through out the concert she was interacting with us and telling us how much we mean to her and she was so cute and sweet and she got all emotional about that too, idk i love her so much …. & this is waaaaay to long whoooops ….. 

but i’d like to end it off with saying thank you to my amazing parents for buying me the tickets and my amazing boyfriend n0–bullshitt for making my night & day truly special. i love you all so much, words can’t describe how much you guys mean to me. from the bottom of my heart <3 

Rixton band: ‘Harry Styles is the coolest guy on this planet. A 1000 percent. You know when someone walks into a room and you just go - this kid’s got it.’
Scott Mills: ‘He literally does walk into a room and everyone stops. And it’s not just because he’s famous, he just has an aura about him.’

Scoot Mills and Rixton talking about Harry Styles on Scott Mills Show, 17.10.2014, BBC Radio 1


is this for real i don’t trust people on twitter omg 

Me and My Broken Heart
  • Me and My Broken Heart
  • Rixton
  • Me and My Broken Heart

me and my broken heart // rixton

all i need’s a little love in my life
all i need’s a little love in the dark
a little but i’m hoping it might kick start
me and my broken heart