Introducing the best fish, Undyne!!

She was actually really fun to work with for a design I came up with on the spot (actually, all of the designs are developed on the spot, BUT not all designs were designed at 5 AM in the morning. Sorry, I’m a nocturnal person, more or less lol)

Brash, strong and dedicates herself to be the best, Undyne is a force not to be trifled with. The other most well-known squad leader other than Asriel, Undyne’s squad consists of the entirety of the Canine unit (Doggo, Lesser and Greater Dogs, along with the Dogi duo). She’s a determined monster, and she does her job flawlessly…and recklessly. Quite often she pays a visit to Alphys’ lab for modifications on how to be more badass.

Lots of things get her hyped, but what hypes her the absolute most is rivalry. Too bad that all her rivlaries were short-lived…until now.

References on her other outfits will come later.

things that we all need to talk about:

victor going into full coach mode as soon as he was done congratulating yuuri on his performance?

yuuri initiating the hug on his own  

23 year old yuuri fitting perfectly into a costume victor wore when he was sixteen

victor getting all up in yuuri’s space regardless of whether they have an audience or not

yuuri and yurio’s budding friendship even through their rivlary (them stopping their impromptu victor-less training when he appeared suddenly (and oh god his sleep ruffled hair was so damn cute!) was one of my favorite things!)

and don’t tell me yurio doesn’t have the smallest of crushes on yuuko, i will call you a liar

and yuuri, katsudon? really? :))))))) but well, that didn’t last long as inspiration :))))

and just

there are so many damn things to talk about in this ep and i am dead dead deAD