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I'm sorry if there's something like this in the FAQ, I'm on mobile, but: as an IB student (especially with your country having many more courses than the US) how do you find the time and motivation to do such complete works almost daily?? I want to draw but my fatigue or workload always thwarts me.

Haha don’t worry, there’s no such section in the FAQ 

The truth is, I don’t make them daily! I usually upload something every 5, maybe 4 days on average. This roughly translates to 6 works per month - I don’t think it’s that much :)  

The second thing may be the fact that I got some experience so my drawing time shortens to an extent. I tend to (THIS IS HIGHLY UNHEALTHY AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT DO IT) draw in 6 hour blocks with no breaks which generally interferes with my sleeping schedule, so I literally dont sleep for the sake of drawing. I really need to change it because it’s been severely damaging my health and I mean it when I say that the “rebelious not sleeping bc drawing” facade is not as cool as ppl think.

Another factor might be that my IB course is entirely separated from my actual dreams and this keeps me motivated; I don’t study art so whenever I come home having at least a tiny itsy bitsy amount of time to draw is a real blessing!!

The last thing is, the IB course will be over in 2 months! I’ve already turned in most of my IAs and EE, only the Tok essay still needs to be turned in and it’s written, too. I’m studying for my exams, obviously, but I gotta treat myself from time to time :D  

Now that I’m through the worst of a busy week and I’m approaching a moderately-relaxed weekend, I want to write a suggestion/advice post from my experience for other studyblrs/students.

A couple of the possible topics I’m thinking of are -

  • grounding yourself to do work when you have anxiety
  • general IB tips
  • tea recommendations
  • studying for exam tips

does anybody have any suggestions/preferences? reply here or send me a message/ask if so?

270. It is passed down in legends that a mere glance from a shadesless Strider can give you up to a year's worth of good health.

It is also said that getting one to look at you for more than a minute can extend your lifespan by up to two decades. It has been theorized that looking a Strider dead in the eyes could grant immortality, but no one has ever been able to try.

I have 19 followers after only 2 weeks of being a studyblr?? Bless all of you, I hope you have a really good night/morning. I’m gonna put myself to bed and then get up and do some more work tomorrow! I really want to do more Bio studying because I want to get better, but I’ll use that as a reward for getting other tasks done.

Anyone is welcome to leave me messages or asks while I sleep~ You’re all beautiful and I encourage you to learn!

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I hope I'm not misinterpreting anything Marcia but a couple of the memes you're reblogging seem a bit out of character for you? Specifically, a kid dabbing to the Holocaust and a school shooter meme? I know I can't control what you post but I'm just wondering why you're reblogging them? People I love have been affected by both and it's very upsetting to see alongside all your normal funny memes.

A guy friend was messing with my tumblr account in school cafeteria and he said something about reblogging memes and I let him, sorry if he reblogged something offensive . c .ehhhhh I’ll go clean that mess, thanks for noticing. It’s funny that you can tell us apart by our taste in memes haha

I’ve now finished everything that is definitively due on Monday! I can spend tomorrow working on things that need to be worked on but aren’t immediately due. :) I’m very proud of myself for staying motivated. I think I’ll watch something on Netflix and then go to bed! If anyone wants to chat with me, just send me an ask or a message. I love learning more about other students/studyblrs.

Report #7

The Council of the Elders has asked me to inform the general public that the entrance to our defense division is NOT accurately portrayed in the Hebrew Hammer, nor is that the way people enter to the Council Offices. There is a very special process which is, of course top secret and has undergone many changes over the years, depending on location of the Council offices. If you need to know it you’ll know it. 

Thank you


I just got home from the American Youth Character Awards ceremony here in my district! It was a wonderful opportunity. I slipped up pretty badly when giving my short statement, but c’est la vie. It’s not worth worrying about.

Tomorrow is prom! I’m going to attend school for the minimum of three periods that are required before checking out, and then use the rest of the afternoon to get work done in an environment where I won’t get sensory overload! Then I will sign off for the evening as I go get ready for prom. I’m so excited, I know it’s going to be a magical night.

This weekend is going to be a busy one, so I hope I can get enough done tomorrow that I take the pressure off of myself so I can simply enjoy prom… I’m not going to stay up to do homework tonight because it’s super important I get a good night’s sleep!

In other news, I’m trying really hard to get a summer reading list together for myself. I joined a book club for studyblrs run by @jackistudies and I’m going to purchase some books from those that are suggested! I will probably stick to classic literature because I love books of that category. I already have a couple I need to read, but I want more… I miss reading for pleasure.

If y’all want to suggest books for me to read, PLEASE leave a message in my inbox or the messaging system on tumblr~ goodnight lovelies!

Report 1

The council of Elders met today to discuss Moshe Horowitz’s application to receive his zionist powers. They argued about the letterhead Moshe used and if it was the letterhead of THAT Horowitz family or the one that Elder 1 went to school with. This took about four hours. At which point poor Moshe’s application had to be moved to the next hearing date to be determined.


Hebrew names for the human characters of Homestuck (all of whom are Jewish):

John: Yehonatan. What did you expect? It’s a fine, serviceable name for a fine young Jewish boy.

Rose: Shoshannah. After her Bat Mitzvah, her mom had it embossed on a siddur that Rose then read ever week for a month out of spite. Mom actually considered a lot of different names, but in the end the pun value of the Hebrew word for Rose was too hard to resist.

Dave: David. This is pretty obvious, but it still didn’t occur to him until he turned thirteen and Bro very dramatically performed a Priestly Blessing on him.

Jade: Miriam. Grandpa could have gone with Judtih, sure, but Miriam was a brave young women who guided her people with her foresight and faith in what was to come, and he figured that message was more important than matching names.  

Jane: Sarah. Dad had a lot of mushy reasons for this, mostly about how his daughter was going to grow up to be the start of something incredible and how she represented the miracle of a new beginning. Jane thinks it’s a nice name, though, and that’s important. 

Roxy: Rivkah. Alpha Rose had about a billion placronyms made with different R-names made, and left Roxy a note saying that self-determination was important and she should choose one that she liked. So she eventually settled on the second matriarch, the inheritor of Abraham who bravely traveled forth into the unknown just like he did, and she’s pretty proud of that name.

Dirk: Dan. At around the age of twelve, he went on a massive Jewish culture/religion/history research bender and decided that he should at least give himself a name, so he chose that one. About a year afterwards, he was seriously doubting the validity of all that, because what is the point of giving yourself a marker of cultural heritage if the culture hasn’t existed for 2 years or so, but if pressed, yeah, that’s his Hebrew name.

Jake: Yaakov. Jacob was his favorite bedtime story, too, and he’d always ask Jade to tell him over and over again about the guy who was so manly he wrestled a fucking angel.

call me . Rivkah

year . Junior / 11th

country . USA

program . International Baccalaureate (Diploma/Full)

workload . roughly 2-5 hours of work a night, more on weekends.

extracurriculars . Editor for my school’s literary magazine (meets whenever, usually Wednesday mornings), National Honor Society (meets Friday mornings), Drama Club (meets Monday/Wednesday afternoons), Student Advisory Council (meets every 3rd Thursday)

posting goal . whenever I find the time! this is going to be something to help me, not distract me or pressure me to post instead of taking relaxation time or getting work done. my goal is to post as I finish assignments to motivate myself.

blog type ? joint studyblr and langblr. primary blog, so I can like and follow people!

languages . English (native) ; 3.5 years of Spanish, proficient ; 6 years of Hebrew, poor ; I want to learn Italian, Russian, and German too.

favorite work technique . I like “blocking” - I designate a flexible period for a certain number of tasks, factoring in breaks for food, the bathroom, stretches, etc. I am motivated to get the designated tasks done in that time, but not pressured by specific, rigid appointments! 

favorite study / langblrs . @adoringstudies , @studyblrarg , @spanishland , @my-little-langblr , @collegerefs

Report #3

It has come to the attention of the council that people have mistaken us for the Jewish Justice League from the Hebrew Hammer. We are not one in the same. For one, we’re real and the JJL is not and 2, our initiation and visitors entrance screening is much more efficient and more rigorous, particularly in light of the growing secular presence at the council offices. 

- Rivkah