Into the wild: Kaitoke Regional Park (aka Rivindell)

It wouldn’t be fair to call myself a huge Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan (not fair to those true diehard fans) but I have re-watched each movie several times, wasted many hours laughing at cast interviews on YouTube, and visited the Weta workshop more than once. So when me and Guy recently got the chance to go away for a long weekend I insisted suggested that we drive out to Kaitoke Regional Park…

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Imagine Elrond Seeking Advice From Arwen, Because He Fell In Love With A Human

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(Here it is! Really sorry for the delay, though. Hope you like it :) )

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Elrond X Female Reader

It was another peaceful day in Rivindel, but unlike other days, this one loomed with anxiety in the air. It was said that the only ill will to be found in Imladris was the one brought by those who enter it, and the anxiety that particular day was the doing of Lord Elrond himself. It so happened that while he was away, he came across a maiden in a nearby village. Lord Elrond was wise and learned with thousands of years of experience, and was staggered at how it all seemed useless when he was in front of her. As soon as he arrived, he made his way to the only one who would understand his predicament- Arwen. 

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