Imagine Thorin not having anything to give you for your birthday during the quest so he gives you his royal ring, knowing that in Elven culture giving someone a silver ring is a sign of betrothal ."

Anonymous as requested. || imagine

 “What did he say to you?” Thorin’s eyes met yours, blue fire burning with the threat of accusation. He didn’t trust elves and it was a wonder he had even agreed to let you along on this adventure. It had been an ordeal to convince the company back in Rivendell but you were begrudgingly successful. If the Lord of Silver Fountains was to take back his homeland then there would surely need to be someone to write the songs and legends to be recited in his honor. You were a chronicler, an academic. Thorin liked that prospect even less, that he should have to share in the company’s supplies with one who could barely swing a sword.

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