‘Rent’ from Rent 10

Some good things about this video:

-Kristen Lee Kelly nodding to herself after ‘so let her be a lesbian’

-The mugger taking his job seriously

-Adam slapping the guitar

-Wilson patting Anthony’s shoulder, then his ass

-Adam forgetting his own line - and then coming in with Collins’s line?

-Meanwhile, Anthony knowing exactly what he’s doing


-Idina’s little run

-All the screaming, like, same here

Baker kids Childhood Headcanons

why nooot? :D

  • Lucas is four years older than Zoe
  • when Zoe was born Lucas was the proudest big brother in the world
  • he always wanted to hold her but he was still to small and to young so he was always really pouty
  • So he was extra happy if he was allowed to hold baby Zoe on the watch of their parents
  • Zoe first word was ‘Luca’ and it was Lucas nickname for years
  • He was so proud
  • Zoe still use it when she wants to tease him
  • Lucas was that kind of big brother who pushed all the blame on his little sister
  • like one time he builed a very confusing platform for his minicars
  • you know, that kinda stuff you see in movies
  • that super not possible stuff
  • so he managed to builed it and his minicars crashed into the TV
  • Of course Jack and Marguerite knew it wasn’t two years old Zoe but Lucas still tried to blame her
  • He’s a pretty overprotective big brother
  • he always made sure other children aren’t near Zoe
  • and he became jealous when Zoe went along with other kids
  • she’s his little baby sister okay?
  • they were this siblings who always watched over the other one if they were sick
  • Lucas used to bury Zoe under like ten blankets when she was sick so she wouldn’t be cold
  • he always fell asleep next to her when she was sick
  • what’s silly because they shared a room for like 6 years
  • he literally slept next to her everynight
  • no need to sleep in the same bed dude
  • Lucas was the reason Zoe started to wear her hair short
  • he used to grab her hair when they fought
  • so she got it short
  • she really liked it that way because it was easier to handle so she still sticks with it
  • She and Lucas thought it was funny to tell the teachers Zoe was Lucas brother
  • they believed it over half a year