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New commission by Rivet Licker.

Black+Red Cyber Wig.

Contents: Crin (cyberlox), foam, grip matting, Rexlace, black+red twists, DE/harlequin dreads by HairAndStuff.com and a custom dyed human hair fringe sewed onto the wig base. The headband was recycled from one of my old wigs.

All materials have been individually sewed onto the wig base. This wig took approximately 15 hours to construct, 3 of which were spent just on the foam (so that totalled up a lot of MacGyver and South Park), over a period of 3 weeks (there were a few days where I was sick or busy).

Thanks for looking :)

Lara / Rivet Licker


New falls for myself, they were quite heavy because of the little hair I have, but they looked cool. I made matching kitty ears out of leftover foam to go with the Neko theme (for Neko Nation, a Japanese and Anime themed rave/dance party I went to on the 14th). They’ll be in a separate post.


Hi guys!

This was my latest commission for my awesome babe of a friend, cold-blooded-angel, for her trip to Europe for Wave Gotik Treffen and Defqon.

They are mixed media falls, mainly foam, with ribbed tubing, mini crin (cyberlox) and rexlace.

I hand decorated the foam with eyelets and circuit print, and used glitter stars for some shiny!


Rivet Licker


Swirled Synthetic Dreads HD - Rivet Redux; how to make “Candy Cane” Dreads (by DagGirl)


Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Install HD by Rivet Licker (by DagGirl)

It’s finally here! How to professionally install synthetic dreadlocks :)

My friend Cooper and I posed for a photograph with Manu Intiraymi (Icheb from Star Trek: Voyager) at Supanova over the weekend.

I assimilated him back to being a Borgie!

I also really love his and his girlfriend’s collaborative artwork. I bought a print, which they both signed, framed it and put it on my mantelpiece.

Cooper got his Starfleet hoodie signed (it also has been signed by the Dax ladies from DS9, Terry Farrell and Nicole de Boer).


Merry Jewmas, I mean, Christmas, Lushies! (by DagGirl)

Lush haul, again!

I want to be a srs Vlogger, need camera and equipment!

I’m just going to have to sell some of my stuff to make a few extra $$$. Starting with the excess premade stock I have that is sitting around, only some of which are listed on Etsy. Hell, if you buy something, type in CLEAR12 and get 20% off straight away! I’ll add more stuff in the next few days :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/rivetlicker CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO BE TAKEN TO THE LISTING :)

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