rivet and hide

so today both pippa and her fella reminded me of why i’m so incredibly gay but each in very different ways lmao


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 1.17.17

large leather tote bag by patersonsalisbury

happy third anniversary to my sister and her husband! anniversary no. 3 comes with the traditional gift of leather, so today i’m going to share some perfect leather finds to kick-start some gift ideas … this large tote bag is made from new zealand cow leather in a gorgeous cognac hue and has thoughtful copper rivets. i know kat would love to carry this bag around kansas … just saying, ry.


Today we launch our own range with a 1. 5" thick belt made from high quality bridle leather sourced from a tannery here in the UK. The site in Devon at Hamlyns, Coylton, has been a tannery since Roman times. Heritage leather does come better than this.

The tannery is Britain’s last remaining oak bark tannery. The slow method of tanning has changed little since Roman times. The hides still raw are soaked in lime where their pores open and the hairs loosen. Over a period of three months the hides are moved by hand into progressively stronger tanning liquors. The liquors come from soaking oak bark in Devon water to extract the tannins.

The butt is the thickest part of the skin with the tightest fibres. Bridle butt leather refers to the way the leather is finished at the tannery. Both the flesh and grain side are wax finished. This takes time and is labour intensive and only the best leather gets this treatment due to the costs involved. The flesh side is waxed as it sits on the horse’s skin. The leather is strong and extremely durable.

The belts come in Australian nut tan. The beauty of this tan is that it has various notes and tones from a rich burgundy to an almost deep purplish brown patina. . It looks beautiful and will just get better and better with age.

There is a choice of brass and nickel plated full buckles.

The belts are made by Crispin Bending in London. I asked him to brand the logo near the buckle. It cannot be seen when worn.

It will fit anyone who wears most jeans sizes 32-37. We can pinch an extra hole towards the buckle end for anyone slightly slimmer.

43” / 109 cm long
1.5”/3.75cm Wide