“Hello Sweetie”
River’s sharp intake of breath is all he gets for an answer at first, his wife momentarily silenced by the unfamiliar yet completely recognisable Scottish sounding drawl on the other end of the line.  Once she recovers herself enough to form words he can hear the smile creeping in to her voice.
“Who knew regeneration was all it would take to get to you answer you phone my love.”


(I have a need for some RiverxTwelve today.)

“River! Where have you been hiding?”

“Oh, you know me Sweetie, trouble to cause, empires to bring down.”  River looked over the man in front of her.  "New face, Sweetie?  Very…mature.“  River arched a perfect brow.

"Well, someone thought my last face looked like a twelve year old so…”  The Doctor flashed his wife a quick grin.  "What do you think?“

"Hmmm…looks like a face that might be as good at causing trouble as I am.”

“Maybe we should test that out then.”  The Doctor offered River his arm.

“If you insist, dear.”  River grinned, looping her arm through her husband’s.