So I thought it was high time to throw one of these together. I’ve got over 7,000+ followers, who are all very beautiful and wonderful in their own special way, and I love them all very much. You’ve all been with me through thick and thin, supporting me through life and all my endeavors, and just being the backbone I need to get over this rocky road of 2016. I thought I’d give back a bit and mention some of my favorite blogs and bloggers, all of who I am incredibly happy to exist.

A - @agermanshepherdpatronus  ● @allisonsgrave  ● @ame-gafuru  ● @amyskhaleesi  ● @armyofghosts  ● @aroseintime  ● @aroseintyme  ● @arthurpendragonns  

B - @bcrningupasun  ● @believeinprongs  ● @bigtardiswolf  ● @bittyblueeyes  ● @bosstoaster  ● @braveten  ● @breeeliss  ● @buffyann23@butteredonions 

C - @captainswaan  ● @chassecroise  ● @chocolatequeennk  

D - @dalekspy  ● @dctrose  ● @doctormuggle  ● @doctorwhoweeoo  ● @dooweeooh 

E-G - @emotionsofink  ● @expelliarmus  ● @fadewithfury  ● @fantasticalsyfy ●   @firedupwings  ● @flusteredkeith  ● @frostedpuffs  ● @galiifreyrose  ● @gallifreyanathearts  ● @ghostwelve  ● @goingtothetardis 

H-J - @heartbreakingtennant  ● @hermitinthetardis  ● @hopping4mylife  ● @imagineoswald  ● @jamespttr  ● @jennacolernan  ● @julibellule  ● @jxmmoriarty  ● @karaolsn  ● @kelkat9  ● @kilodalton  ● @kingtxhalla  ● @ktrosesworld  ● @kvrnsteins

L-N - @ladriened  ● @lastbluetardis  ● @lauraxxtennant  ● @lecompanion  ● @leiasorgana  ● @licieoic  ● @lovelyoswin@lunaseemoony@mahaliciously  ● @megatraven  ● @mercwithamouth  ● @misstardisblue  ● @missysclara  ● @nebulousrose  ● @nerdyten  ● @notgingcr@nottheopera

O-R - @ofpotterandwho  ●  @ofstormsandwolves  ● @oswinsdreams  ● @panda013  ● @perfectlyrose  ● @pocketclara   ● @proffesorlupin  ● @rebeltwelve  ● @reyskeywalker  ● @riversnogs  ● @reyxa  ● @ronweasleyismyking  ● @roseinthevoid  ● @roseoswiins  ● @rows-tighler  ● @rudennotgingr  

S-T - @sadrien  ● @sansapond  ● @scottmcclaws  ● @shutupstrax  ● @skyler10fic  ● @sonicenvy  ● @soufflesforgallifrey  ● @tardisbluerose@tenscupcake  ● @thatexactleaf  ● @thatsthat24  ● @thebadwolf  ● @thedoctorofsteel  ● @thesearchingastronaut  ● @tinyconfusion  ● @travelintimeandspace  ● @travelingrose  ●  @twelvesonic

U-Z- @wandamaixmoff  ● @wintermoth  ● @wizardinrhyme  ● @wndamaxiimof  ● @zenwisterias

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning – 

The way I feel about some of these bloggers cannot possibly be formed into words, so I have posted a sonnet.  I love you all dearly.

Mutuals…well that’s basically all of you…so we won’t worry about bolding usernames.

My Bestie: Angela aka thepondsfell

Some of the greatest friends I have ever made over the internet in my entire life: Bonnie aka safeinpeetasarms, Kristen aka everybirdfellsilent, Fran aka peetamellarkgavemeapollypocket, Irene aka ombradellaluna, Whitney aka beautyinfailure, May aka bakelovetomepeeta, Caryn aka papofglencoe, Molly aka panempropaganda, Kelly aka allhailthehutch, and others will be alphabetized and then I’ll have a blogroll link at the bottom.

A - D :

aflawedfashion, always-aaack-for-everlark, always-everlark, amenityeverlark, andialwayslisten, arbyeatscheesebuns, ashyblondwaves, awkward-fallen-angel, barrowqueenston, bellsofsaintjohn, boyfriendhook, canyousonicme, catching-dandelions, cmartlover, controlthespark, cressidass, dandelion-sunset, dandelionlass, dreaminsd

E - H : 

eala-musings, elidyce, elizabethbanks, erectpeeniss, erstwhilemagic, everlarkedalways, everlarkficquestions, everlarkianarchives, everlarkstoastbabies, everlastingleaf, everything–hunger–games, fanficallergy, fyeah-everlark, gentlemama, ghtlovesthg, girlintoomanyfandoms, golden-pixie, hashtagpeeta, helloeverlarkforever, helovespeetatoo, hijacked-peeta, hijacked-victor, hinkeeverlark, hutchhitched

I - L : 

i2luvhungergames, iamseemaree, icbiwf, iceinherheart-kissonherlips, ihaveplentyoffiremyself, iloveyoubrittaperry, imbatman-whenimnotbusy-eatingpie, iremembereverything, iwantjoshandjenlove, jamminginger, jhutchmyanchor, jlalafics, just-want-a-mate, katherinehcastle, katlady13, katnissdoesnotfollowback, kimbaleena2002, loveatomb, loving-mellark, lumos5001

M - P : 

madgesundersee, marriagehoney, marriedtomellark, mellarkberries, mellarkscheesebuns, mellarkspearls, melodypond, mkhunterz, mockingjayflyingfree, mrgoldscup, muttpeeta, mygalfriday, netflix, notanislander, optimus-pam, pearlsanddandelions, peeniss-everlark-forever, peetababy, peetabreadgirl, peetamellarktossedmebread, peetamymuse, peetas-bunz, perksofbeingpeeta, polawerth, posthungergamessyndrome

Q - T : 

que-sera-sera88, riveralwaysknew, riverknowshisname-posts, riverlovesbowties, riversnogs, rocktoberfest, ruinedchildhood, sammy-themoose, sarahoswinoswald, seaquell, seeleyjbooths, shenanigans-assemble, she-is-incurably-dishonest, shingeki-no-horsefeathers, simplybookdrunk, sirgnomethegiant, smordesigns, soldierpeetamellark, somanyfictionalcharacters, spoilersweetie, stapes, starsmahogany, strawberry-split, stuff-and-shenanigans, tardissauce, thatsnicebutimmarried, the-peeta-pocket, the-tesseract-wrinkling-time, themaryprincess, therockandthecrazyone, theywillbeourlittleinfinities, tigriss92, tillthenexttimedoctor, titania522, toastbabeis, totallymarriedriversong, towers-of-darillium

U - Z : 

unicorn-feelings, victors-mockingjays, weepingangelcas, whatdoesfantasticmrfoxsay, wistfulweaverwoman, wrestlerpeeta, youleavethetardisbrakeson


I’m terrible at simplicity and can’t narrow anything down at all…so, basically I love you all and my dash would totally suck without you!!

And I’m flawed…if I forgot you, tell me and I’ll fix it.

Well another year passed quickly, and I enjoyed it so much making friends and talking to you all on here. I hope you know that I appreciate you all so much (even though I haven’t spoken to some of you in a while or at all). Also every single one of you have an amazing blog and posts that i enjoy seeing on my dash. I hope y'all have a great new year and reach your goals for 2016. :)

(list of friends and amazing blogs that I follow.)

0-e: @447onthewashingmachine @acklescollins @actinglikewedontexist @allvbrooke @ameliaspnds @amywiliams @andymientus @areyoumarriedriver @armihammers @arthurdrvill @assbutt-in-the-garrison @attackeyebrow @avenqerz @barry-caitlin @barrypatty @barryscaitlinn @beauxbatonsacademy @becauseyoulovemebb @bellefrenchs @biba79 @bobbimorxe @bonescenter @bonestv @boothseeley @brennan-booth @brennaninboothsboxers @brennanscully @brideoffire @brotherjonas @buckybarrnes @captainpoe @caraphernever @casfallsinlove @casineedyou @cfthursday @claraisnotlittle @clarysfray @cmdrstevenrogers @coffeeclara @comettes @destielling @devilmurdocks @digglebellsrock @doomsdayy @drtemperancebrennans @elevenriver @emilydeschanell @emilydeschanels @evilrag

f-i: @farewell-raggedy-man @felicitycaitlin @felicitysss @grantgustic @grantguztin @hallowedbecastiel @happy-gabs @harrysosborns @hddleshld @hedwigyitzhak @henmills @hester-ulrich @hummelssmythe @hwells @iliketheremixbaby @imnotadalekimhuman @impossiblyamelia

j-m: @jonasbro @jonasbroders @jonasbrothers @jonasgalaxy @jxremyjordan @killthefez @kimkindapossible @kurtdevon @kurtsies @leejinqi @legendsofdc @lionheartnking @littleruiners @maritzarxmos @masterofescapism @masturblaining @melodypond @misha-collins @mishas-assbutts @mishasminions @mmaslanys @momentsleftunsaid @mooseleys @murddockz @my-ponchoboys

n-q: @narnianwitch @nephelite @nickcrter @nkaptain @not-throwinaway-myshot @octavih @ohqueens @okbones @olicitydaydream @olicitys @onceuponaswanqueen @padaleckhi @peppernights @petercapaldayy @pigorcow @puppycastiel @purplelephantsarewrong @queensarrow @queenssaviour

r-u: @raggedymans @ragqedypond @ravyncllaw @recarved @regina-mills @rickreedus @riveralwaysknew @riversclara @riversnogs @riverstwelve @roversing @rumbelles @rumplestiltskin @runnerallen @sack-up-dude @saviorqueen @saviorswan @scarletts @sclly @selenitagomez @smillanotp @snowbarry @songbin @ssherlck @stephisinsanity @stillwaitingforsomething @supermegafoxyawesomehot @swanqueen-morrilla @swansqueens @tatianamaslanybrochu @tayloralisons @temperancesmoak @thatsthat24 @thedoctor @throughstormsandfloods @tonyscallion @unicornships

 w-y: @wadewinstonwilsons @wandamavximoff @wellsbones @wendellbray @weneedtobridgeburn @yawzahh

I wanted to do this before Christmas but I just did not have the time. And now this isn’t even an end of year thing anymore. But whatever, you should still check out all of these amazing people. mutuals, friends


-broadway | alexskingston | alwaysthecasketteer | amyskey | armyofghosts | bamf-beckett | banditswan | bbypiratebunnybilliepiiper | billieplper | blankspacewinkyface | blowmiakisscolin| bonnieprker | boyfriendhook | braveheartpond| buttercupsandhooks | captain-outlaw | captainmeerkatcaptainodonewithyou| captainswaan | captainswanaholic | captainswanapproved | captainswanouat | claraschinman | clumsyeleven | dearory | doctcrboo | doctorsbum | ellaosnes | emmafoundtallahassee | emmashero | emmaspirate | expelliarmus | fluffyfez | frostyhook


gillanvillain | godlygillan | goodnightpond | guardianangelcaptainjones | happilycaptainswan | heaven-by-the-sea | heroswans | highcouncil | holmesillusion | hook-come-back-to-me | hooktheswan | impossiblyamelia | inmyveins41319 | jencolman | jingleoswald | just-leave-and-free-yourself | katherineswan | killianandswanforever | killianknows | killians-dimpleslittlebabeswan | lovestruckswan | lucythemarauder | magicmadnessheavnsin | miladyswan | misselphabadaae | mockingswan | mydarlingdoctor | myraggedydoctr | myrory | nextmisstake | nostalgiaunicorn | notreturnvoid


ofchagny | onceland | oncepromised | onceuponaprincessannaonceuponawahey |openstorybooks | padfoote | partayswiftie | perkinssandknope | piratessavior | pirateswaan | praysammy | rebeltwelve | riversnogs | rorysglasses | runcleverclara | sassyfezz | sassykidneys | saviorswan | sheriffswan | sixstringsandasmile | storybrookemirror | talkoncornersinblue | that-first-glance-feeling | thedoctordances | theresgray | thesassywitchofthenortheast | thisickbeatt | trenzaloures | trueclara | webothwentmad

Thank you to all of you lovelies who run such wonderful blogs. And if I forgot someone, I am terribly sorry. Also, thank you to all the lovelies who follow me!

I’ve officially been on tumblr for a whole year, and due to that, I’d like to honor those who have stuck with me and put up with me. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have helped me become strong, and I’m not as bad as I was when I first came back to tumblr. 

First, the networks I am a part of. You guys always make me laugh, or talk to me, and when I went through some very rough times (let’s not mention what I did because I’m supposed to be over it), or freaking anons…and I know I can always count on you guys(: thanks a million!

The Demigod Trust | The Leo Valdez Crew | Fandom Scribes | The Book Room | Clara’s Tea Cups | Cinematographers | 

My amazing friends who even though we might not talk every day, you guys will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never ever forget about you guys: 

leovaldezly | daetheaters | sherlockscotthollmes | dracomalfuoy | capitioldauntliess | fortunatelycat | goldsansa | primeverdin | oswladsholmeswattson | 

And last but not least, all of those wonderful blogs out there (literally, I follow more than 3,000 so this is very long, and I might have missed a few of you and I apologize sincerely because of that) favorites are in bold, and if you think I forgot you, message me and I’ll be sure to add you in :D  

[a-e]: allianovaallisonergantameliapoand, ameliasroryamygilllan,amyjpond, androsetylerannabelthchaseannabethoanneicrestas,augustusswaterss, avengedoctora-world-of-our-very-ownbakerswiife,banishyourboggartbarathyonbenedictlybilliepiperebowtiefalls,buckbeakisbackbuckybarrnes,bvskervillecasteilechalesxavier,charliebraburyscharwritescinnasghostclaraoswalldsclarissahfrays,claryfairchilldcloctorwhocrimicaldaenystormborndarlingeleven,david-tennants-little-fangirldeathserumsdeepinsidethetardis,demondaleksdiarycruxdivergerntdoctoriversnogdoctorwholmes,dothraqielderwandeliasmartellselizabetbennetelizudooley,emackens

[f-j]: f-airchildsfallenbowtiefallenfezfedweasleyfinnckscube,finnicksmadgirlfondfinnickforsakensammygalehawthurne, gallifrcy,gallifreyanstarsgallifrxysgavinlestrade, ginnywheasleys,goldsansagryffindhors,gryffindourgwennstcyharperprice, hawthorwn,hermoinieherohdalesherrneshijackedmockingjay, holandrolden,hollywhoodholmelet, iamiweasleyjacefrayed, jaceheromdale,jaceherondaalejaimielannisterjamesandhislilyjemherondale,jennarcoleman

[k-o]: karenkazgillankpetrovaladylannistersladyoswind,laheyflowerslandofmerlinleoaldez,leopalds, lestrdeslilypottar,littlebranloevgoodslordvoidemort, madamestrax, madgesgoldpin,malfoycharms, malfoysmine, malfuys, margaeryys, marywinchster,mauradermeaghanrathsmellarkmentmemoryserums, mightygladers,misterpcndmoosaleskimsmorstansmstessagraymysweetsansa,narauders, narcissablck, neitherheavenorhellnevilllesnightlockets,nightofthedoctornoahfoshaw, nobleamynogistsune, obroseys,odaenerysodairoseohgally, ohweasleykingoswinlove, oswinsdream,oswlads

[p-t]: paintingofgallifreypandemoniempanemfellpcterparker,peetameilark, perhcy, persayjacksonpotterswheeezyqueerstiles,reichebach, remusblakkrestnowelevenreynaramrez, richardjenna,riddlemestilesriverkhaleesiriversnogsrobertdowneyjrs,ronaldwheasley, rorypcnd, rorywilliampondrudysteinedrulingwesteros,sarahmcnning, secretsnsugarcubessgtbcrnessmellslikeforest,snogboxtardisspearedruesstilesstarklordsstarqate, stilesistilinski,stilesnscottstmungossydriansmadnesstedytonksthatbluebox,thatsfinnicktheangelandthehunter, thedoctorofwar,thegirlwhocriedfoxfacethesilenceoftrenzalore, thewatsondiaries,thliagracingtossme, toyourleft, tributetrudetctvetwelfthdoctir,twelvesnighttyrionlannistair

[u-z]: ughjohnwatsonwandkeeperswintrsoldierwoahargentwodley,wonderfulpondszawmbies

faithful-viewer’s 2k & New Year Follow Forever

I can’t believe I hit 2.000 followers before New Year’s Eve! What a great way to end this year, which has been very important for my life although somehow hard for my whole family. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I never once expected to reach such a milestone nor to get such a great, passionate response to my gifsets and pictures from my trips. I honestly appreciate every single note and comment, because the opportunity to share the things I enjoy with likeminded people it’s the very reason I love this site no matter what. So I decided to do this little follow forever as a way to thank all my fantastic followers for sticking with me. I love every single blog I follow, and all my mutual followers have a very special place in my heart, especially the bloggers I have the honour to know/have met irl, but I obviously couldn’t list all the 280+ blogs I follow. So please don’t be offended if you don’t find your name in this list, I haven’t forgotten about you, and that’s why I’ve put the link to my blogroll page at the end. I just decided to only include the blogs that inspire me the most, the ones that I really admire and look up to, the ones that brighten my dash and always make my day, as a sort of master list of the blogs that absolutely everybody on Tumblr should follow. Hope you’ll enjoy it, thank you again for this wonderful year together, here’s to many more!

# - C

221bakerloo add-a-little-spark allthedrarryfeels alwaysthedoctorsrose ameliasimaginaryfriend amyskhaleesi amythegloriouspond arthurdrvill arthurpendragonns aspacemancametravelling attackeyebrow attackoneyebrows badwholfwhouffle bahtmun beautifulxmaddness bisexualcooper branfell burningupasun burntlikethesun butdoctorwho casteile chancemaycrown clarabosswald cooltennant cormacmclaggens cruciothelights

D - H

dadskills david-tennants-little-fangirl deadhpool doctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doctorhbu doctorwho doctorwhoedit eggnogtyrion eliesekoroshiya elysean emmawathson expelliarmus ezriela fuckitykidneys gallifraye gallifreyan-detective gallifreyfalls gingerbreadbbatch greatspacedustbin hedvik hereticality hogwarts-express humany-wumany hvnteddean

I - N

iamsonothere idjitscarryon intothedalek ireneadler isntthatwizard ithelpstodream itsmdktown jellybabiesandfishcustard kapaldy kathmo kingslyers ksica magicboxandangelwings mariajensen matteleven mattsmithissexy merrypopppins mh10thdoc momecat mostly10 mvrgaerytyrell mycroftplayingoperation myfatmadnotsoteenageblog mylittlebigbluebox nataliedomrer nevillles nobleamy nowandforeverharrypotter

O - S

ohremus oimatchstickman oppabang petercapaldy pondragon pottersir praisethecumberlord pterodactylsandchocolate punk-kieren-walker reichenfeels richardcosnett riversclara riversnogs rosecutietyler rosetylered scriptscribbles shutupstrax sir-mycroft smallestdollinababushkadoll soldierjohn speculationspectrum stephadoo stupidape

T - W

tennant-only-tennant tennantmeister the-onion-slut thelittletimelady thesongofmelodypond thisismahtardis thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic timelordcurse timelordsteven totorale-saves-the-tartan trenzalaore trojanwars twelvesmistresstoe vanconcastiel vastandcomplicated weeping-who-girl wheazley who-lligan winterfel winterinthetardis

+ blogroll


it’s the end of the year and i hit 3k not too long ago, so here’s a follow forever! just want to let everyone on this list know that they’re awesome and that i love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

@avenqerz @acewyrds @alljustletters @annieaceofhearts @bisexualamy @baskervilleshund @borntosavethedoctor @betseyschuylers @clarabosswald @copyofclara @clueinglooks @curiousbees @cokirk @commander-rey @claraoswin @deadhpool @doomslock @demisexualsherlock @eathons 

@goreisforgirls @glassofteajlc @gallifrey @gustins @johntective @johnandsherlocks @kirknspock 

@notheresonlyoneofme @opeggycarter @peletiersdixon @peterrrcapaldi @professionaltimemeddler @rockertwelve @riversclara @rivertwelve @riversnogged @rbertdowneyjr

@shylocks @sussex-bees-growingoldwithyou @spaceslayer @signofthreegarridebs @twelfthpaldi @tillthenexttimedoctor @timelordsandladies @thejohnlockhell @tjlcthoughts @thebulletgirl @the-best-teacup @tardismonkey @thebastardofgloucester @timeladv @tjlc @time-lady-swag @twelfthdoctor @twelvetimelord @universce @victorianpining @wsswatson @wonderlandinmymind @welovethebeekeeper 

i hope you all have a fantastic new year!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Follow Forever

okay so no banner bc im lazy af, but yeah i did one in like July? but idc bc i made a bunch of new friends and its the holidays so yeah follow forever:) also if i left anyone out its bc im tired and i did this real fast, but if we’re mutuals and your not here please tell me so i can add you (also these holiday urls are screwin me up so yeah)

mutuals-bolded  // mutuals w/ one or both of my sideblogs italisized // no faves bc ur all my faves<3 but if we talk at all hover over your name for a lil message:) (annnd idk why i did this bc ik i forgot some ppl lol oops sorry)

a~d: @aaronswarner // @adelaidekane // @adoringgreys // @allisonargrnt​ // @allisvnargent // @amyskhaleesi // @argentskepner // @arizonassunshine // @azcapshaw // @azelmx // @bohkeee // @bossycontrolfreak // @braverdeen // @brightamelia // @buckybzrnes // @buhtterbeer // @calzonasexytown // @capuletcas // @chasingpotters // @christopherspratts // @claraoswinoswald // @clarasapprentice // @clarasgoodbye // @coffeeclara // @colinmorgain // @coloursam // @cosmiclaras // @cosimacormier  // @dailyorphanblack // @dclete // @deadgwen // @devoutdean // @doctordarkness // @donnaknoble // @doctorsweetheart // @dreamyclara // @dreamyoswald // @drkhales // @dvtective

e~l: @ehcosima // @elcventh // @eletricamy // @eveharlow // @expellairmus // @fairestregal // @fairytailamelia // @falcqn // @fallenangcl // @fallenbowtie // @forbidden-savior // @galifreyanstars // @galuhfrey // @gingerbreadburrow // @greysbrain // @greysforlife // @grryffinder // @goldencalzona // @hayleiyatwell // @hcwkeyes // @heely-queen // @helptwelve​ // @herhmione // @hermioneshour // @impossiblyamelia // @iriswehst // @jamespottxr // @jcap // @jcapluver // @jenna-louise-coleman // @johnandsherlocks // @jonejessicas // @kirayukimurra // @little-greysanatomy // @lohgbottom // @lovelyargents // @lovelyoswin // @lupinteddys // @lydiamrtun 

m~r: @mastersmeg // @mattmurvdock // @meraudurs // @mermaidsocks // @merryhugwarts // @mightyfelicity // @mistletoemalfoys // @morganapendragons // @nobleamy // @notgingcr // @oddcoupler222 // @ohhmarauders // @ollyhooper // @oswaldwinning // @oswinowalsd // @oswinsoswald // @pansexualsmoak // @peggycarthr // @peppermintmalfoy // @pinkclara // @potterfect // @pranksterprongs // @professorlockhart // @punkrockrobbins // @queercophine // @qveerscully // @r-grimes // @rebeltwelve // @reginalovesemma // @reginamlls // @regxneration // @reichanbach //  @riversnogs // @romcnff // @ronahld // @ronfreezely // @runcleverclara // @rxvrsong

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okay so ik this is hella long but y’all are seriously all wonderful so yeah:) and if i left you out PLEASE COME TELL ME bc ik i left some ppl out bc im stupid also if i accidently bolded you or didnt bold you tell me

okay ily all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS WOOO








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