riverside prom

I’m actually embarrassed to post this because i’m blushing so hard you can hardly tell I paled my face pre-show… 

Last night I attended Riverside Prom to see these guys!

They’re The Order of the Fly and they are one of my favourite bands! I’ve only been listening to them for a little over two years but I adore them.

They were all extremely kind and I wanted to tell them how much I admire them but I was too shy and just stood there like a deflating red balloon.

After they took a picture with my friend Allan, I looked at them and Ralphie Repulsive gestured and gave me this look like “Oh, get over here, you” and I just ASFHAJLGJSD and so I stood there and Allan told them, “Just so you guys know, you’re one of her favourite bands” and I again AFHAJLGSJDed.

And we took the picture.
Abby Noxious had something wrapped around the ends of her dreads with small dangly keys and one got caught on my net-shirt sleeve and we laughed about it and untangled it and Danny Dizaster laughed obnoxiously in a hilarious way and I laughed at him for laughing.

I thanked them too many times and stepped away to take a picture of my friend with them and it was an amazing night and I’m so glad i got to see them!!

I swear i don’t always look this weird I was just so flustered and blushy and shy

Also I think this is the first time I have posted my face on this site?