riverside expressway

Brisbane's riverside expressway.

What a fucked in the head piece of infrastructure. A wasted opportunity for beautiful riverfront public space lost to worshipping the automobile. It represents everything that is wrong with urban planning. You couldn’t design a piece of infrastructure more backward if you tried. We have traffic taking advantage of a large part of our most beautiful asset while people are squeezed into the cramped dark spaces beneath. I propose Brisbane move traffic from the lanes closest to the river of the expressway to the other lanes closer to the city, creating a two way street. With the remaining riverfront traffic free lanes we should create a vibrant and innovative public space, something similar to New York’s highline. A large walkable and cycle friendly park with an abundance a plants, bbq’s, picnic areas and seating. The space could possibly include the odd cafe, bar or restaurant. This would provide the city with something that sets us apart from other Australian cities. It would gives us an opportunity fulfill our much needed something that is uniquely Brisbane.