riverside drive

Yeah, some say I got the hood sanitized
They only scandalized, they ain’t never seen Hispanic guys
Without smackin’ their wives or packin’ knives,
Or havin’ real lives. I went online just to analyze

The rate of crime up in Washington Heights?
Yo the crime rate’s twice as high on the Upper East Side
[No!] Yeah! That shit was astoundin’ to me. I ain’t
Never seen no slangin’ or bangin’ in Woody Allen movies

Do me a favor, set the beef to the side
Is it alright for me to rep my people with pride?
Kids to see Latinos in a positive light?
For tourists to ride up to Washington Heights
Without lockin’ they car doors tight? Maybe buyin’

A piragua from the guy, you know, the man on the side of
Riverside Drive, and seein’ life through his eyes, he’s just
Like you and I, he’s just tryin’ to get by, he’s just
Tryin’ to move up and out and get in here

I want you to hear the music that I hear

“We still have a dream” banner flies in Memphis, 49 years after MLK’s assassination

Organizers with the Movement for Black Lives and the Fight for $15 dropped a banner in Memphis on Tuesday, marking the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in the city where he was killed.

The banner, which reads “We still have a dream,” also includes a call for residents to meet at city hall at 5 p.m. for a march to the Lorraine Motel, where King was killed on a balcony outside his second-story room.

The banner’s placement seems symbolic, too. It hangs on Riverside Drive:: Riverside is the name of the church in New York City where King made one of his last major speeches, 50 years ago on Tuesday. Titled “Beyond Vietnam,” the civil rights leader spoke out against not only the Vietnam War, but also racial and socioeconomic inequality in the United States. Read more. (4/4/2017 11:50 AM)


Poster for local theater, who are playing Woody Allens Riverside Drive.
This proved to be quite the challenge, as the director and artist asked for it to be based on a real location. That meant tons of little details to bring the background to life without breaking the minimal approach that they also wanted. The final product came out great though :)

jeemyjamz  asked:

This prompt idea has been bugging me for a few days and since I don't have the writing prowess to jot my thoughts into words...you up for writing a one-shot where Betty takes Jughead on their first date where she sets up a makeshift drive in by the lake knowing how much Jug misses it

I am always up for a good old fashioned writing challenge, my friend!

“Betty, I don’t understand why I’m blind folded? Not all of us have the natural grace of a seasoned athlete, like you”

Jughead grumbled underneath the tie wrapped around his eyes, tripping over a thick tree limb.

Betty couldn’t help the tiny giggle that escaped as she helped her very clumsy date stand upright.

“ oh hush juggie, this is supposed to be a fun surprise, you don’t get to have too many first dates.” She said tugging him along.

Jughead let her pull him pouting,

“Well it smells like nature and outside”

Betty snorted and he finally said what had been on his mind since she had asked him on this date.

“I know I haven’t been on many of these, or even one of these, but it’s to my understanding that the boy should ask the girl on the first date and probably do most of the planning?”

He heard Betty huff out a breath and knew she was getting ready to rant. This was one of his favorite sides of Betty.

“Says who? There is no rule that states men have exclusive rights to first dates, that is just a societal misconception made up by egotistical macho men who want to show they are the smarter sex. I planned this date because I wanted too.”

She got quiet for a second before she continued

“Also it didn’t seem like you were getting ready to ask me anytime soon so, I was being proactive.”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet and as soon as he opened his mouth to speak she beat him to it.

“Anyway you can stop complaining we’re here.” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“So I can take this thing off my face?”

He felt it being unknotted before it fell to the flor in front of him.

He almost wanted to put it back on to make sure what he was seeing in front of him was real.

There in the middle of the woods was a huge white sheet held up by two trees right by the river. An old fashioned projector that he recognized from the drive in, (it was his favorite one he would watch movies on the wall with that one for hours,)was propped a distance from it and there was a picnic blanket laid out right in front of the sheet.
His eyes immediately found all the food and his stomach growled involuntarily.
On the blanket was piles of film reels from all different types of genres.

His very own riverside drive in.

He heard Betty clear her threat from behind him

“I know it’s not the drive in, but I know how bad you miss that place and I managed to snag a few things before they tore it down, i was gonna just give them to you, but I figured this might be better…”

She trailed off playing with her fingers waiting for his response.

He stared at her for what felt like ages, watching her wiggle a little under his gaze.

When finally he took two large strides and had her wrapped up in his arms and his mouth on hers.

She tasted like mint toothpaste and strawberries and cream.

He had never tasted anything that good in his life.

And he’d tasted plenty of things.

When they both pulled away for air she laughed

“So I guess you like it?”

He pulled her back in kissing her slowly before pulling away

“Best first date ever.”

Casa Miranda

Request: Part two of @fragmentofmymind‘s fic, loosely based on “What’s your number” (part one here, part three here)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Warnings: more pining, in the heights lyrics

Word count: 2, 870

A/N: Okay this was supposed to be a 1.5k fic but I got carried away. This is Taryn’s fic, so it has some details about her- her favourite West Wing ep, for example- but anyone can read it. The muesli tip is real.

@fictionalboyfriends, @dcapo, @haletotheking24

The next guy was Tony. You met him at your local café when you accidentally spilled your drink on him. You apologised profusely and he, seemingly unfazed, asked you out.

He was a runner in his last year at university on a track scholarship.  

He asked if you wanted to go for a run with him the next morning and you said yes, promising to meet him by a local café so you could run a circuit and then get breakfast together.

When you got home after meeting him, you found Lin in your apartment eating some of the muesli you’d bought when you’d met Charlie. “This stuff is surprisingly good,” Lin told you through a mouthful, “if you add yoghurt, apple, cinnamon, sultanas, and berries. The best thing to come out of Switzerland, I’d say.”

“If you say so,” you said doubtfully before sliding into the chair opposite him. “Are you escaping another girl?”

Lin shook his head. “Nah, just craving muesli.”

“Guess what!”

He paused, his spoon halfway to his mouth. “You found a dollar? You met Josh Lyman? You finally realised you should date me?”

You laughed. “Nope to all of those!” Lin shrugged, and you noticed he had a fleck of muesli at the edge of his mouth. You pointed to it, “you have a spot of-” He wiped his mouth, completely missing it. “No there-” he tried again and missed. You reached across and wiped it off yourself, smiling at Lin’s stunned look. “There you go.”

“Thanks,” he said quietly. He took another mouthful and seemed to be thinking. He swallowed, “Did you find a sheep in Starbucks?”

“What?” you asked, confused.

“I’m still guessing,” Lin explained.

You snorted and grabbed the mug of tea. You took a sip, making a face at the overly sweet taste, “No- I got a date!”

Lin scraped out the last of his muesli and got up. “How did you manage that?” he asked as he put his bowl in the dishwasher. You spared a moment to marvel at how easily Lin integrated himself into your life before you answered him.

“I spilled coffee on him,” you admitted, and Lin barked out a laugh. “But he asked me out!”

Lin leaned against the counter, bracing himself with his forearms. “So what’s the date?”

“I’m joining him for an early run and then we’re getting breakfast together.” You headed through to your room, wondering if your battered trainers would survive a jog. “It’ll be nice.”

“Depends,” Lin said, “on how early it is.”

You pulled your gym bag out from under your bed and pulled out your trainers. They were a little muddy, but they’d do. You set them aside, deciding to go for a trial run tomorrow before your date on Saturday.

“I have the rest of the day off,” you told Lin, who had produced a laptop from somewhere and had hoisted himself up onto your counter.

Headphones around his neck, Lin looked up from his typing and grinned. “Can I play you a demo for my musical?”

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Best Buzz I’m Ever Gonna Find

A/N: Just a little something since I haven’t posted in forever and I’m trying to avoid responsibilities right now lol love yall 

He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. It physically pained him to focus his attention on anyone other than you. Dean swore that there was no one in the world who could make him feel as euphoric as he did when he was with you – constantly promising that each and every day that passed, it was like he was falling in love all over again.

The two of you met during a lake party that your best friend, Benny, had thrown.  Between the two of you hitting it off instantly, and each of you searching for something more – Dean believed that it had to be fate. And now after 6 months, he was still a goner.

“Dean, stop it,” You whined, playfully pouting as you laced your arms around his left bicep, appreciating the tight muscle that rested beneath the layers he had on. He wasn’t able to stop the large grin from stretching across his whiskey soaked lips, even if he wanted to. He knew that you were easily embarrassed, and when Dean looked at you with nothing but adoration, you were doomed to have flushed cheeks and a sparkle in your eyes.

“I’m sorry that my girlfriend just so happens to be the most gorgeous person in the world, babe,” He cooed, pinching your cheeks with his fingers teasingly. Rolling your eyes, you rested your head against his shoulder as the two of you waited for the performer of the night. The two of you had decided on heading over to the San Jac Saloon, craving some live music and good drinks.

“We have a special treat tonight, friends! We have a pretty well-known performer here today with us, and once word gets around well…you lucky bastards are up for a surprise. Please, welcome country star, Luke Bryan!” The owner of the bar yelled, immediately the bar was filled with screams and hoots. Your eyes widened as you realized what was just said. Dean was laughing whole heartedly at your excitement as soon as the star entered the small stage. The two of you being huge country music lovers, making tonight take a turn for the best.

“Can we go up closer, please, babe,” You begged, your hand tightly clutching his jacket as you eagerly stood on your tip toes. Dean quickly grabbed his glass of whiskey, slipping an arm around your waist so that you were tightly pressed in front of him – the two of you making your way to the stage.

“How are y’all doing tonight, Austin? I’ve missed ya!” Luke hollered, earning a huge round of applause. The band waited patiently as he gave his thanks to the bar and owner for allowing him to be here tonight, hearing it was a good place to be. “Now it’s my favorite time of year – the sun, the heat, the water. Most of my songs are inspired from moments that happen during summers, so I’m gonna start off with a little love song. Sing along if you know it,”

Cottonwood fallin’ like snow in July

Sunset, riverside, 4 wheel drives in a tail light circle

Roll down the windows, turn it on up

Pour a little crown in a dixie cup

Get the party started 

The crowd immediately screamed in response to the well-known country song, you being no exception. With your hands in the air and your hair falling down your back, Dean was mesmerized as you swayed along to the song and sang your heart out. He hardly noticed when you guided his whiskey glass to your lips and cheekily took a few sips, making a show of licking your lips slowly and savoring the taste. Brushing a strand of hair away from your face he mumbled along to the chorus.

“Best buzz I’m ever gonna find. Girl, I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime,” Dean lazily grinned, ignoring the people that surrounded the two of you. Your eyes widened, unsure if he meant something behind the words that he chose to sing along to.

“You mean it?” You asked, lips brushing against his ear. You could feel the vibrations from his chest as he chuckled.

“Every day, sweetheart.”

Earthbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Come With Me Now-Kongos  // Promise-Eve 6 // Less Talk More Rokk-Freezepop // Attitude-Alien Ant Farm // Ain’t It Fun-Paramore // Don’t Ask Me-OK Go // Don’t-Ed Sheeran // Gun-CHVRCHES // Lights Out-Mindless Self Indulgence // Mr. Knowitall-Primus // Oh No!-Marina & The Diamonds // Hum Hallelujah-Fall Out Boy // So What-P!nk // I’m So Sorry-Imagine Dragons // Make Yourself-Incubus // Sofi Needs A Ladder-Deadmau5 // My Name Is Mud-Primus // Bulletproof-La Roux // Get Over It-OK Go // Set It Off-P.O.D. // Q.U.E.E.N-Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu // Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack)-David Guetta // Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)-Fiona Apple // Paralyzer-Finger Eleven // We Will Rock You-Queen

Firebending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Am I Wrong?-Nico & Vinz  // Young Volcanoes-Fall Out Boy // Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)-Mark Ronson // Alive-P.O.D. // Freaks-The Hawk In Paris // You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid-The Offspring // I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)-Jetta // Polarize-Twenty One Pilots // Temperamental-RJD2 Feat. Phonte Coleman // Pardon Me-Incubus // Outside-Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding // Fourth Of July-Fall Out Boy // Fire-Pvris // My Demons-Starset // There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet-Panic! At The Disco // Gold-Imagine Dragons // Car Radio-Twenty One Pilots // Touched-Vast // Killin’ It-Krewella // Bubblegum Bitch vs. I Write Sins Not Tragedies-Marina & the Diamons/ Panic at the disco // Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant-Coheed and Cambria // Gasoline-Halsey // Embrace the Sun-ThouShaltNot // Running with the Wolves-AURORA // Arsonist’s Lullabye-Hozier

Airbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Wake Me Up-Avicii // Mountain Sound-Of Monsters And Men // The Moss-Cosmo Sheldrake // Boomerang-Plain White T’s // Wonderlust King-Gogol Bordello // Rather Be-Clean Bandit // Secrets-OneRepublic // Flaws (acoustic)-Bastille // Where the Wild Things Are-Patrick Watson // Runaway-AURORA // Atlas Hands-Benjamin Francis Lefwich // I’m Yours-Jason Mraz // Daylight-Matt & Kim // Amber-311 // The Middle-Jimmy Eat World // The Cave Mumford & Sons // Feel Good Inc. (cover)-Celia Pavey // Such Great Heights-The Postal Service // Conquest Of Spaces-Woodkid // Write It On Your Skin-Newton Faulkner // Feeling Good-Michael Bublé // It’s Time-Imagine Dragons // We Could Have Flown Like Pollen-ThouShaltNot // Young Hearts-Strange Talk // Northern Wind-City And Colour

Waterbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)-Mr Probz // Wild Things-Alessia Cara // Sing When No One’s Around-The Reign of Kindo // Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)-Florence & The Machine // Make a Change (feat. Zella Day)-Nahko and Medicine for the People // Jet Pack Blues-Fall Out Boy // All We Are-OneRepublic // Big Dark Love-Murder By Death // Drive-Incubus // Riverside-Agnes Obel // Endless Dream-God Is An Astronaut // Riptide-Vance Joy // Dancing On Quicksand-Bad Suns // Fix This-The Colourist // Afire Love-Ed Sheeran // Kiss From A Rose-Seal // Rolling in the deep-Adele // They-Jem // Cough Syrup-Young The Giant // Salt-Bad Suns // Pinch Me-Barenaked Ladies // From Eden-Hozier // Great Blue Sea-The Reign of Kindo // Canvas-Imogen Heap // Little Talks-Of Monsters And Men


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