riverside drive

FDNY firefighters, paramedics and EMTs gathered at the Firefighter’s Monument for the annual Memorial Day ceremony, paying tribute to the 10 active members who have died in the last year.

Saw a true brony on my drive home yesterday.

There’s an equestrian neighborhood (NEIGHborhood???) adjacent to the studio. Seeing people on horses around there isn’t strange, but they usually obey basic traffic laws… and don’t look like Abercrombie and Fitch models. Seriously, he was maybe 10 feet (hooves?) from a crosswalk, cross-traffic had the green-light, do you even lift bro?

Now that i think about it, his horse couldn’t have been that bright either.

Adding Abercrombie Zombie to the list of regulars on Riverside Drive, right there with Middle Aged Barbie Walking a Pony and Pantsless Jogger.


July 20, 2014 – Upper West Side Co-op With Gorgeous Views

258 Riverside Drive, Apt. 12AB
Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York
$8,495,000 | 4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Co-op

Stunning river and city views from this palatial triple mint 13 into 10-room residence perched high atop and set within the majesty of grand prewar architecture with 10’ ceilings and oversized windows. A masterful renovation seamlessly integrates requisite modern features such as 3 zoned central AC, cat 5 cable internet access, and a Crestron audio/visual system. Truly one of a kind!

Want to learn more? Go to corcoran.com.

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June 8, 2013 – Fabulous Riverside Drive Penthouse

173-175 Riverside Drive
Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York
$8,750,000 | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Approx. 2,250 sq. ft.

Surrounded by terraces, this penthouse feels like an island unto itself with nearly panoramic views: West towards the mighty Hudson River, North towards lush Riverside Park and the George Washington Bridge, and South towards the Midtown skyline. The showstopper of PH16F is the huge living room which dazzles with its high ceilings and wall of windows that face the park and river. The view is so breathtaking you may forget to turn around to look out the opposite windows that face south towards the city.

For more information about today’s 10am Special, please visit corcoran.com.

Jimmy Marble for the “Them & Theirs” series. Another great reason to love LA, I was certain we were going to get fined for hanging this massive tarp off the overpass but several cops pulled up during the shoot, didn’t even ask for a permit, just said, “Who put that up there?” When I told them it was me, they just asked my last name and drove off without a care.

©Ryan Schude

The Charles M. Schwab 75-room mansion on Riverside Drive, Manhattan

Built, 1901 - Razed, 1948

Schwab, who liked to live life in the fast lane, lost his entire fortune during the Great Depression.  Unsuccessful attempts to sell his mansion for $4 million forced him to abandon it in 1939.  He relocated to a small apartment and died penniless the next year.