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The reason you are seeing a lot of my old pictures being (edited) and re-uploaded here, it’s because they are going to be posters!

Rivershire is like a decomponser in the food chain, he is not considered a predator, but he is the very final stage in the food chain. Taking care of the waste. Remember guys, no energy is ever wasted.

So here is another thing about Rivershire and a proof that even when you are checking artists in Tumblr you are actually learning something. Today’s lesson: Food Chain.

anonymous asked:

I just stumbled across your blog & your characters of Laura and Rivershire along with the Kephrans & Esmee intrigue me. I was wondering if there are any books on them that you are selling? because I would love to read their stories

Hi dear!

I plan to release an artbook with a big intro of the characters, at least Laura+Rivershire and Co.; Because the webcomic will be released in September, the art book will be like a “guide” abou the webcomic and will be released before, in July and then the webcomic in september!

Thanks for the interest!

Rivershire floating head!/o/

Alright people, you aren’t hearing much from me lately BUT it’s for a good cause. I’m finishing my artbook that will be mostly exclusive pictures in it! About Netherworld (Rivershire and Dorothea’s story) and Stanzas!

So stay tuned, I’ll speak more about it!

And if you are from Europe, it will be avaliable in Japan Expo (among plenty of exclusive-never-before-seen ( disponible for the convention only ) prints!)


“Just a little bit harmful and wicked for you…”


Something quickly between some works, just to say to you guys: Thank you!

Thank you for everyone who rebbloged, supported and bought my books (and gave me such lovely lovely comments)! I needed to raise funds to a trip I intended to make in order to finish healing some wounds… (Alas, my heart.)

So, thank you guys! You are amazing!

A Work In Progress for an fashion artbook! I can’t say much about the book, but it’s intended to come out in December!

(Plenty of amazing artists and their tutorials!)


Although I can talk about the picture, I often comment that Rivershire has two ravens, Huginn(the red eyed one) and Muninn(the blue eyed one) which he claims to be the very same Ravens that once dwelled with Odin himself. (But if you know Rivershire a little bit, you know that 98% of the things he says are lies.)

He is mostly always only with Huginn because he likes him best. That’s why in this picture one raven is allowed to see and the other is just so  covered that can barely move. He hates Muninn. “Bloody bird that talks too much”, and talks what Rivershire doesn’t like to hear. (Even if it may be true.)

So, here is a thing or two about Rivershire! And how he deals with someone who expose truths that he doesn’t want to know.

15 minutes sketch before bed! You know when it’s already past midnight and you still don’t want go to bed not because you are not sleepy (because indeed you are) but because you don’t want to sleep because you have class at 8AM in the morning?

This feeling. I’m going to upload something better soon! Promise guys!