Happy 44th Birthday, Rio. <3

I still remember like it was today the first time I came across the name ”River Phoenix”. By the time, I didn’t know who he was but his name caught my attention. ”How come someone be named River?” Not that I found it strange or something like that, but was really unusual - in my country, for example, no one would ever be named like this. So I decided to search about this guy with an uncommon name and anyway, the rest is history. But the fact is, I will always be grateful for having done so. For having discovered who he was. After knowing who was River Phoenix, I fell in love with him with all my heart and soul in so many ways that it is impossible to enumerate. And I still do, everyday! Say that he changed my life is no exaggeration. Because, after I was ‘presented’ to who was River, my vision on life has completely changed, in all the ways. I think about River every day and he inspires me to have a more optimistic view of life, to not give up my beliefs, and to believe more in the world and to fight for it! I thought it was all silly until I found places like your blog, where all people share this same feeling. See how River inspires and still affects the lives of so many people, even after all these years, always put a huge smile on my face. He is the greatest gift we’ve all ever won!