Parker Hurley @ Soul Artist Management by Casey Vange for WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 8

Styling / Prince Franco

Grooming + Makeup / Tomy Rivero

This year's PSAT in a nutshell

Gulf Toadfish get stressed when Don Juan Ribero doesn’t let Stickman bisect angle DAB with lasers… more lasers, and you should call dolphin pops artisian if they don’t hand roll them with silver maple trees while drilling 69 feet down for voice actors who are really subway conductors with NO CHANGE.

There’s no need to feel down
I said stickman
Theres a non-homogenous pattern of galaxies around
I said stickman
I’ll take you to the best photographer in town
There’s no need to be unhappy

Who needs don Juan Rivero
I said stickman
To take photos of the shadows
In your nightmares
We’ll just wait outside his home
Many ways to have a good time

I love memes about the PSAT
I love memes about the PSAT

Who knew that sponges were dominant forces?
Delete the underlined portion.