Gave Alex Kingston a ring on behalf of the River Delta on Tuesday after Macbeth. She loved it, declared it gorgeous and put it on her finger before signing my and Cat’s diaries. My ring left on her hand. It is now some kind of canon. (Some guy grabbed her out of shot hence the shocked look)

Mississippi Delta (SOLD)

acrylic on canvas

40” x40” x0” 

March 2014

The false color satellite imagery of the Mississippi River Delta wraps around a box.

Deleuze and Guattari on machine (from Anti-Oedipus):

“The productive synthesis, the production of production, is inherently connective in nature…. This is because there is a flow-producing machine, and another machine connected to it that interrupts or draws off part of this flow.”

This is a painting of my visualization of the above statement. The Mississippi River Delta, the painting, is the production of the production. The Mississippi River flows and carries sediment that forms the delta; thus, it is the flow-producing machine. The painting interrupts this flow by constraining the delta environment into a box.