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Getting Hot During Coachella || K.A.

Word Count: 1212

Pairing: Kj x reader

Summary: Camila takes you to Coachella with the rest of the cast of Riverdale. You and Kj get separated from the group and things get intimate.

Warnings: kissing, Coachella, kj cuteness


It was hot as hell outside. You were sweating in places you didn’t even know could sweat, but it was all for the Coachella experience. You had been wanting to go to Coachella for a while, but it never happened for several reasons being either you had waited too late or you had made other plans. It wasn’t until this year that everything had worked out and you were going to Coachella with your best friend, Camila Mendes.

You knew her costars would be there but didn’t know they would be in a group together. The cast of Riverdale was partnering with H&M during the festival and would have to travel and take pictures as a group. This wasn’t a big problem for you, but you were a little anxious that it would be awkward. You barely knew the rest of the cast, you had only hung out with them a couple of times at parties and such, but never really sat down to have a real conversation. Camila assured you that the weekend would be a lot of fun, so you decided to push all the nervous thoughts out of your head; you were determined to have a good time.

You were dressed in a flowy, white button-up crop top with light denim high waisted shorts. You paired the outfit with a chunky belt, gold sandals, and light pink sunglasses. Your hair was half up, half down and curled into soft beach waves. You were dressed very modest compared to some of the other girls there that seemed like they were wearing just their underwear. You weren’t judging them at all honestly you were quite jealous. It was extremely hot out and you knew they weren’t feeling the heat as bad as you were.(inspo)

Camila and the rest of the cast had to take pictures for their partnership with H&M, so you decided to go on into the festival to get a good spot for the first act of the day, Kendrick Lamar. When you finally got a good spot, Camila texted you and said that they were on their way. You responded quickly and scrolled through your phone waiting for them to get there.

It was about 10 minutes before they got to the stage and another 5 before you could find each other. Camila properly introduced you to the cast while you smiled and said a small hello to each of them. Your eyes landed on Kj as Camila introduced you and you were taken back. You had only seen Kj a couple of times in pictures or from across the room at parties. The tall boy had reddish-brown hair and a beautiful smile. His outfit was very simple with just a plain blue striped button, which you were sure would come unbuttoned at some point during the day, and jeans. His tan arms were on display with a green band wrapped around his wrist.

You stood beside Camila with your mouth slightly open before you realized you were staring and smiled back at him. When everyone started talking in their own conversations, you pulled on Camila’s elbow to talk to her privately.

“You never told me how hot Kj was,” You whispered.

She laughed in response, “You should totally go for it,” She exclaimed.

“What? No. He is your coworker, that would be weird.”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Camila pushed, “Just go talk to him and see where it leads.”

You glared at her as she gave you an encouraging push over toward Kj.

You stood on his right side and looked up at him. He was currently talking to Cole, so you took this time to take in his beauty. His smile was bright and contagious as he laughed at something Cole said. His jaw was carved and strong, and you thought about how you wanted to run your lips over it. As you were thinking about all the unholy activities you wanted to do with that boy, he turned around to you and looked down. When you made eye contact, you were speechless and frozen in your spot.

You don’t think Kj noticed as you asked you, “So are you into Kendrick Lamar?”

You suddenly snapped out of it as you answered, “Yeah! His music is what got me through last semester.”

That led you into a conversation about college and other things until Kendrick walked on stage and started to perform. You got so into it, singing along and never missing a beat. Kj looked down at you impressed at your ability to keep up with the rapper. After what felt like only 4 songs, Kendrick got off the stage. Future was the next to perform at this stage, but Grouplove was up next at stage B. You really wanted to see them perform, but Camila had wanted to stay for Future. Kj had overheard your conversation and admitted to wanting to see them perform also.

You two split from the group to go see the band perform. On the way over to the stage, a large crowd formed in your way, and out of habit you grabbed Kj’s hand. Kj didn’t react though, he just pulled you behind him through the crowd. When you had made it into an open space, he didn’t let go and neither did you.

You made it over just in time as the band was walking on stage. You started to get hyped up as you started to dance to the song, “Tongue Tied.” You were moving your body to the beat and singing along. Kj was doing the same as you and you were dancing together. You looked over at him having a blast and you smiled to yourself. He was truly breathtaking, the way his smile reached his eyes and the way his body moved had you entranced.

Kj looked over at you and moved closer to where you were in front of him. He put his hand on your waist in a playful way, moving your body against his. You both started to laugh, having such a good time. You two danced for the rest of the set which lasted about 45 minutes.

The last song the band played was “Let Me In” and as it was a slower song, Kj turned you around to face him while you two danced close to each other. You looked up into his eyes as you playfully dragged your hand along his arm. Kj then ducked his down and in the heat of the moment, brought his lips to yours. The kiss was sweet but had a sense of urgency behind it. Kj broke the kiss to look down at you and you made brief eye contact before you crashed your lips against his.

Kj wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up while you deepened the kiss. The song ended too quickly for your liking as Kj put you back down on the ground and broke the kiss.

“Can I tell you something?” Kj ushered as he brought his forehead to rest on yours and you hummed in response.

“I didn’t really want to come see Grouplove, it’s just that I wanted to get you away from the group.” Kj had a look of accomplishment on his face as the words left his mouth.

“Mhm, of course, you did.” You said with a laugh as you brought your lips back to his. 

A/n- omg I got butterflies just writing this! tell me how I did in my inbox or if i should do a smutty part two! or if i should do a ross part ;)

Costar || C.S.

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Word Count: 1936

Pairing: Cole Sprouse x reader

Summary: You have real feelings for your costar, but you’re afraid that people might call you unprofessional. You decide to ask Cole himself what he thinks about the situation, and his answer is not what you were expecting.

Warnings: smut, not hardcore but still smut, a little cussing, cute Cole, being in love with Cole

Requested by anon:

“I know you already had a request for Cole smut but I’m so thirsty for it, help your girl out??”

“lordchild I know I know Cole is “bad” but THAT SCENE was so god damn hot, I know you’re writing Ross smut next but you’re so good at smut, please write Cole/jughead smut? Please boo?”

Part 1 (Ross Butler) // Part 2 (Kj Apa)


His smile is what drove you to do what you do every day. His soft laugh would fill up a room with so much joy, you couldn’t stop from smiling yourself. His eyes would twinkle in the light when he would think of a terrible joke that would be so bad that everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

But nevertheless, he could never truly be yours. He was your costar, Cole Sprouse. It would be incredibly unprofessional to admit to anyone your feelings. Even if you did, they would say it wasn’t real that it was just your mind’s habit.

You and Cole work together in very intimate ways this season on Riverdale. The previous season’s ship, Bughead, had sunk due to several reasons and your character and Jughead had begun to have a very casual relationship.

It was hard for you going from kissing him to pretending you were just friends. But, maybe they were right. Maybe, it was just your mind connecting kissing to real feelings. Or they could be completely wrong, this wasn’t your first rodeo after all and you never felt this way with any of the other actors you had to be in an on-screen relationship with.

You never had butterflies in your stomach when they looked you directly in the eyes, or when they pulled you close while taking pictures at a convention. They never made fireworks explode under your skin when they dragged their fingers along your arm. You couldn’t hold your feelings for much longer. You were itching to tell someone, and who better to tell than the person who makes you feel this way.

Sitting in your trailer, you decided it was time to ask him yourself and get his opinion on the matter. You grabbed your jacket and walked across the lot to find his trailer, texting him to tell him you were on your way over. Lili was the only other cast member on set today and she was filming currently, so there wouldn’t be any distractions.

As you opened the trailer door, you took a deep breath and steadied your racing heartbeat. Cole was sitting on the small couch in the corner of the room, scrolling through his phone. He looked up with a large smile that reached his eyes, and it just solidified your feelings.

You took a seat beside him and started to make small talk, you weren’t just going to jump into this. You had to build up to it to make sure not to make it awkward.

“Cole, you know my friend, Blair, right?” You fidgeted around nervously, wanting this to go over smoothly.

“The one with brown hair, right?” He questioned with his eyebrows scrunching up.

You nodded in response before continuing, “She came to me last night in distress. She’s currently working on the second season of her show,” you paused to look over at him. He had a focused look on his face like he usually did when you told a story. “Well, like I said she came over to my house last night so confused. She rambled on forever before she finally told me what was bothering her.”

You were about to continue before Cole interrupted, “With Blair? I’ve met her like twice, but from those encounters, I could probably guess it was about one of her shoes braking.” He chuckled and you joined him because it sounded just like her.

“Close guess,” You laughed and he smiled back, “But not quite. It was actually some boy trouble. Yeah, she has completely fallen in love, or so she thinks, with her costar.”

Cole nodded in response, “Well, has she told him about said feelings?”

“No, she is afraid that he won’t take her seriously since they have an on-screen relationship.” You paused to get his input.

“Why would she think this? How does she think he will handle the situation?” Cole leaned back against the couch.

“Well, since they have romance on-screen, she is afraid that he will say that it’s just her mind trying to comprehend kissing someone that she didn’t have feelings for before they started to do intimate things.”

“Well, if I remember correctly, this isn’t her first on-screen romance, is it?” Cole questioned while holding eye contact.

“No, you’re right. I brought up the same point to her, but she insists that this time is different, that the way he makes her feel is really real.” You turned completely around and leaned your back against the side of the small couch.

“Really? What did she say about him?” He inquired.

“She said that the way he makes her feel when he places his hands on her body is like nothing she had ever felt before. That even when he says her name, that sparks fly in a way no one has ever been able to make her feel before.” You confessed. You felt as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Telling Cole how you really feel about him, even if you’re using Blair as a coverup, makes you feel like you can finally move on.

“I think that she should tell him, just confess it all. Put herself out there. So what if people might think it’s unprofessional? Being in a real relationship with your coworker is frowned upon by the majority of people, but fuck them. Look at Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth or Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, no one is saying shit now that they are happily married and in love.”

That was not the answer you were looking for. You were hoping that he would say that it was just mind games, that she should wait it out. You were second guessing everything you thought you wanted to do. Should you listen to his advice for Blair? After all, that might not be what he wants for himself, what if it’s just what he would want to see. Your thoughts were interrupted when Cole started to talk again.

“And when did you say she came over?” He had a mischievous look in his eyes, but you wrote it off as him enjoying the drama.

“Last night, after I left set, she came over almost immediately. I was so drained from a long day at set that I couldn’t give her a proper answer, so that’s why I’m asking you.”

“Really? Because last night Lili said you spent the night at her house because you were too tired to drive?” Cole looked like he was enjoying this, but you were sure that you had a look of horror on your face.

“Did I say last night?” You chuckled, “I meant sometime last week.” You tried to play it cool but Cole wasn’t buying it at all.

Cole scooted closer to you and brought his hand to your cheek and you leaned into it without thinking about it, “C’mon, admit it. Admit that I give you that rush.”

You were still unsure of how you wanted to handle the situation, so you denied it, “I just got the time mixed up.”

“Then tell me to stop,” Cole said as he leaned slowly into you, “If you weren’t using Blair as a cover-up and you feel nothing right now, tell me to stop and I will.”

You were completely frozen, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Coming to set today, you were expecting the opposite of this. You didn’t know what you should do, but you knew you did not want to move from this spot.

Cole’s lips connected to yours and it was more than you could ever dream of. His lips felt soft against yours, and the kiss was tender and kind. Cole pulled away after a minute, but you left your eyes closed.

“Please, Cole,” You mumbled, not really knowing what you were saying.

Cole placed his lips back on yours, answering your plea. This kiss was different than the first, it had more urgency behind it, but it was just as sweet.

Cole placed his hand in the crook of your neck and pulled you close to him. You placed your legs on either side of his waist without breaking your lips from his. You wrapped your fingers in his dyed hair and tugged slightly.

As things started to heat up, you pulled his shirt over his head. You peppered kisses down his neck and on his chest. He leaned his head back against the couch and let out a sigh, trying to catch his breath.

You started to tug on his belt, but Cole placed his hands on top of yours and looked into your eyes, “Are you sure you want to? I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

You felt so giddy, looking into his eyes, that question just confirmed your feelings for him. “Yes. Take me, I’m yours.”

Cole smiled back at you while taking your top off. He pulled you down so he could kiss your neck while one hand massaged your boob through your bra, making you moan his name.

You brought your lips back to his while you unbuckled his belt and tugged on his pants. He lifted his lower half to pull his pants down to his ankles and he took his boxers with it.

“You’re wearing too much clothing for my liking.” Cole joked which made you chuckle as you stood up to take your shorts off.

“You’re beautiful, Princess, come here.” He said in a deep voice. You did as you were told and took your seat on his lap. You connected your lips again and you felt your heart melt when his tongue entered your mouth.

Without taking his lips off yours, he signaled for you to rise so he could line up with your core. You slowly lowered on to him, and let out a deep moan. Cole closed his eyes and opened his mouth like he was going to grunt, but no noise came out.

You adjusted to his size before you started to move slowly up and down. Cole helped guide you with his hands on your hips. You continued the slow pace as Cole whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

“Fuck, gorgeous, you look so good from this angle.” You grunted in response before a knot started to build in the pit of your stomach, and you started to move faster.

Cole grunted under you at the change of pace and started to meet your bounces with his thrusts, and soon you were clouded with pleasure. You swore you were seeing stars as you started to go a little bit faster.

“Cole, fuck, please,” You mumbled barely able to form a coherent sentence.

“Are you close, princess?” Cole grunted between two moans, signaling he was feeling as much pleasure as you were.

“Yes, fuck.” You leaned your head back and closed your eyes before you felt Cole’s hand bringing your face close to his.

“Come for me.” With those words, he sent you over the edge and your toes curled as he continued to thrust up into your convulsing body.

Your orgasm sent Cole into his bliss. He was mumbling word fragments as a sense of euphoria took over. You bounced slightly to let him ride out his pleasure.

You both were sweaty, panting messes and you climbed off him and felt an emptiness as you took a seat next to him.



“Blair wasn’t having boy trouble, it was me.”

He let out a laugh that made you chuckle as well, “I’m not going to say I told you so, but I knew it.”

a/n: I’m back and I finally finished this miniseries! Sorry for not uploading for a while, its summer break and all I want to do is nothing lol. Tell me what you think about this or any of my other writings in my inbox! Also, requests are open, but by popular demand, part two for “Bet” will be next!

A Lesson in Chemistry || Part One || Sweet Pea

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Summary: On the night of the Serpent/Bulldog fight, Sweet Pea puts Fangs in charge of finding Archie’s house.  However, a little mix up ends up with the Serpents at your front door instead. 

Word Count: 1155

Requested: Original Anon Request: “Just imagine that on the night of the Bulldogs vs Serpent fight Sweet Pea put Fangs in charge of figuring exactly where Archie lives. Except Fangs gets the numbers mixed up and the Serpent arrive to your house looking for Archie and although Sweet Pea is super annoyed at Fangs, he is smirking at you and trying to flirt with you while you are unamused and telling him Archie’s house is down the road. But before he leaves Sweet Pea tells you that he will see you around, which you hope you will.”

Author’s Note: This may be my favorite request I’ve ever gotten.  I was immediately inspired, partially because my address has a north and south version and we deal with shit like this (minus hot gang members) all the time.

Requests Open || Masterlist


“No, Kev, I have not even sort of considered Reggie’s offer.” You leaned back on your bed, resting on the stack of pillows in front of your headboard.

“Oh, come on, Y/N, it’s just one date,” Kevin groaned, collapsing on the foot of your bed. “He may be a tool, but he’s so hot.”

“You’re just trying to live vicariously through me,” you argued. “You want me to sleep with all the straight guys you can’t just so I can tell you about it later.”

“Y/N.” His voice was matter-of-fact.  "It’s not my fault I’m one of like three guys into other guys in the entire town of Riverdale.  And now that Joaquin’s gone, it may just be me and Moose.“

You rolled your eyes. "I’m still not doing it, Kev.  It’s just begging for trouble.  All I need is my name written in some book for the entire football team to circlejerk over.”

He gave his most dramatic groan/eye roll combo. “Fine, be that way.  I’ll just waste away in my celibate prison of a life.”

“You are disgustingly dramatic, dude.”

He grinned. “And proud of it.”

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sweetpealilbitch  asked:

A sweetpea fan fic where the female reader and him have been going out for a while but no one knows and then fangs and Toni burst in the door and catch them going at it

“Pea I have to get up. I need to get dressed.” You said as Sweet Pea held you on his lap. “Toni will be here soon, you gotta go.” You laughed as he tickled your sides.

“I don’t want to go yet, we still got time.” Sweet Pea says as he leans down to your neck kissing it, moving up to your ear.

“You gotta stop Pea….” You began to enjoy what he was doing. You placed your hands on to his shoulders, tilting your head to allow him space to move.

“You really want to stop baby?” He asks.

“No, no I don’t,” You say as you lean into him.

He pushes you down on the couch “I didn’t think so.” Sweet Pea was now hovering over your body with his lips attached to your neck, your hands were tangled in his hair. He pushed himself up to remove his shirt throwing it somewhere then leaning back down to kiss you. Kissing back you fiddled with his belt trying to undo it. The message was received by SP and he helped you take it off, then your shirt with it. You were now just in your shorts and a bra. Feeling his bulge grow, pushing against your thigh, you push your hips up towards him wanting to go further.

Your shorts were pulled down with a force that only Sweet Pea had. His hands on your hips and eyes locked to one another’s. You nodded for him to continue as your hands found the belt loops in his jeans. You tugged them slightly as SP continued pulling them down for you. Both of you were now on the couch in nothing but your underwear. He pulled you up so you were straddling him once again. You two began to make out once again. His hands running through your hair, one of your hands on his cheek another on his shoulder.

You broke the kiss.”I love you Sweets.” You said looking him in the eyes.

“I love you too Y/N. So much.” He reconnected your lips, unclasping your bra and pulling it down your arms letting it drop to the floor. Your bodies were pressed together, heating up.

“Hey, bitch I’m h-Y/N?!” Toni burst through the door. Your head whipped around seeing her and Fangs stood in the doorway, eyes wide, mouths open. 

“Shit.” You mumbled grabbing the blanket draping over the back of your couch to cover yourself.

“I knew it!” Fangs shouted.

“Since when has this been going on?” Toni asked laughing to herself.

“About 7 months.”Sweet Pea murmured. 

“Oh my God!” you said, “I wanted you to find out but not like this.” You said looking your friends still by the door. “Do you think you two could erm step outside for a minute so we can umm collect our things?” You asked looking back to Sweet Pea, embarrassed.

“Yeah, yeah of course,” Toni said, pulling Fangs out the door with her. 

“Oh my god. That wasn’t fun.” You said as you cuddled into Sweet Pea.

“So this means we cant continue right?” He asks you. Your response is merely laughing at him shaking your head.

“Stop fucking and hurry up you two!” Fangs yelled from outside.


Making Out With Archie Andrews Would Include...

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Request: “Could you do a making Out With Archie Would Include…..Please.”

Requested by: Anonymous

Requests Are: OPEN

(I do NOT own the gif)


  • Slow and passionate kisses.
  • Having to stand on your tiptoes because he’s so tall.
  • Running your hands up his arms and squeezing his biceps.
  • Being pressed against the nearest surface he could find.
  • Fighting over dominance even though you know he always wins.
  • Open mouthed kisses.
  • Wrapping your arms around his waist and lightly pressing your nails into his back.
  • Him tangling his hands into your hair.
  • Cupping his jaw.
  • Pulling you so close that there isn’t a speck of space between the two of you.
  • Teasing you by lightly trailing his tongue across your bottom lip before pulling away right as you give him permission.
  • Speaking of tongue, there’s lots of it. 
  • Soft moans.
  • Sitting on his lap.
  • His thumbs caressing your cheeks.
  • Him getting more aggessive as the kiss becomes more intense.
  • Lip biting.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Hickies.
  • Him smirking against your lips.
  • Pulling roughly on his vibrant red hair.
  • Always asking permission before he does something.
  • Always making sure you’re okay.

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Secrets Never Last

Requested by: @theanimationgeek

Could you do a Jughead Jones x reader imagine where the reader is the quiet girl who knows a bit more about the Blossom murder than she’ll admit and has a crush on Jughead so he starts out acting like he likes her to get info but ends up really caring about her?

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You moved to Riverdale a week before the murder of Jason Blossom. You were shocked when the incident happened, making you intrigued to find out who killed him. You had many secrets that nobody knew, one being that you had a crush on Jughead since the day you arrived, and that you knew way more about the murder than anyone, even Jughead himself.

Warnings: Like a few swear words, tiny fight, the truth about Jason Blossom.

Word Count: 2,705

A/N: This was really fun to write, I personally love writing Jughead imagines because his character is so unique to work with. Hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

Driving into the small town of Riverdale it seemed like it was warm and cozy, but yet held many secrets that could destroy it in seconds.

Your dad had gotten his job transferred to this little town, therefore, making you all move and get a ‘fresh start’ as some might say.

That is exactly what you needed too, back in your old town you weren’t exactly the favorite, so moving here and getting a chance to be someone new, you took it.

When you arrived in front of your new home you couldn’t believe it, it was huge compared to what you used to live in.

You were too caught up staring at your house in awe when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

You jumped, startled and turned around quickly, coming face to face with a blonde haired girl and a red haired guy.

You blinked a few times before clearing your throat nervously, you never were that great with being social, you considered yourself introverted, not one to make friends as others normally would.

You shifted in place a few times before the blonde haired girl spoke up.

“I couldn’t help but notice you just moved here, my mother made you guys some welcome to the neighborhood cookies.” She smiled, handing you them, which you nicely took.

You gave a small smile, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’ which made the blondes’ smile bigger.

“I’m Betty by the way, and this is Archie.” Betty smiled, as did Archie, making you smile back.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you too.” You spoke quietly, moving a piece of hair behind your ear nervously.

Archie invited you to join them to hangout while your family unpacked, you were hesitant at first but they talked you into going with them.

From that day on you got close with the two, slowly joining their group of friends, which included a girl named Veronica, a guy named Kevin, and a mysterious guy named Jughead.

You slowly bonded with all of them, you were the quietest out of all of them in the group, but they didn’t mind and neither did you.

Everything was fine, you finally had that 'fresh start’, that is until July 4th, the day Jason Blossom went missing.

Everything changed after that.

The group was slowly crumbling apart, everyone was trying to figure out what happened to Jason, and that is why you slowly drifted away.

You did know what happened to him.

Being the quiet girl has its advantages, one being that you were actually really close with the Southside Serpents.

None of your friends knew that however, you kept it a secret, not wanting them to know you weren’t just a girl who went to Riverside High School.

You liked having a dark side that nobody knew about, it made you feel powerful in a way, something you never felt back home.

One night after Jason’s disappearance you decided to sneak out, you wanted to live your 'double life.’

What you didn’t expect when you got there however was to find out the truth about Jason Blossom, the truth that he was actually murdered, and who did it.

From that day on you were constantly on edge around your friends, not wanting to slip up and mention something that could lead them to finding out.

You were a part of the Southside family now, and everyone knows you don’t give up anything about one another.

At school the next day, you were on edge, you tried to play it off as nothing but your friends could definitely tell something was wrong.

“Y/N are you okay?“ Betty asked you, making you snap out of your thoughts.

"Yeah. Fine.” You muttered, biting your nails nervously.

Betty gave you an unconvinced look, but let it go, continuing to go over possible suspects of Jason’s death with Archie and Veronica.

Jughead however kept watching you, noticing your actions and that you were clearly lying.

You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, making you jump slightly.

You pulled it out, reading it and immediately standing up and grabbing your stuff, rushing out of the room.

They all gave a look at one another, confused by your sudden outburst and leaving randomly.

Jughead took this as an opportunity to follow you, his curiosity on full speed.

He watched as you rushed into a secluded area, quickly calling someone on the phone and harshly whisper yelling into it.

Once he could tell you had hung up on the phone, he took this as his chance to get some unanswered questions answered.

You were about to leave the room when Jughead walked in, making you freeze in place.

“You know for a while I’ve been wondering about you, maybe it was because you were a new face to town or because you had a different approach towards things, but now.. now I’m wondering if you’re just like everyone else.” Jughead spoke bitterly, closing the door behind him so it was just now you two together.

You shifted uncomfortably, knowing you were in a bad situation and there was no way out.

“I think you know more than your letting on.” Jughead pointed at you accusingly, making you tense up.

“Why would I know anymore than you?” You retorted, crossing your arms.

Jughead let out a sarcastic laugh, giving you goosebumps.

“Because Y/N I’ve been observing you for the past few days, before Jason’s death you were calm and caring, but now.. now you’re constantly on edge and cold.” He tapped his fingers on a desk, watching you for a reaction.

Maybe you had been a bit different since you found out the truth, but who wouldn’t?

“Look Jughead, this is a waste of time, I need to go.” You muttered, rolling your eyes slightly.

This only made Jughead smirk, proving his point.

“Who were you on the phone with Y/N?” He asked bluntly, catching you off guard.

How were you supposed to tell him you were on the phone with his dad?

“A friend from my old hometown.” You lied, not making eye contact with him.

“Why is it that I just don’t believe you?” He walked up to you, his hand on his chin.

“Wish I could tell you.” You muttered, looking at him then at the clock.

“You know Y/N, secrets never last, they always end up coming out whether you want them to or not.” He looked at you challengingly, making your nerves become more intense.

“Look Jughead I have to get to class, we can talk about this some other time.” You pushed past him quickly, rushing out the door, only making his suspicion grow.

After the incident in the class room you became a lot more hesitant to where you made phone calls.

Jughead and you had grown closer ever since then too, you both slowly began to hang out more.

This only made your crush on him grow even more, you couldn’t help but not to like him.

Over the next few days you slowly rejoined the group, they were eager to have you back and catch you up on the new leads they had on Jason’s killer.

You did your best to not spill anything you knew, as hard as it was.

You were walking with Jughead in the hallway one day to The Blue and Gold newspaper room, your shoulders occasionally brushing together.

It wouldn’t be an understatement if you didn’t say that this brought you and Jughead a lot closer together.

Now when you were with him you’d see him smile more and joke around a bit rather than him being serious and uptight all the time.

You both walked into the room, “Great! You’re both here!” Betty exclaimed happily, making Jughead roll his eyes with a smile and you laugh quietly.

Betty had always had a thing for writing, as did Jughead, which is exactly why we were here now, writing for The Blue and Gold newspaper.

“Y/N can you do me a favor and go see what’s taking Veronica so long, she was supposed to be here ten minutes ago.” Betty questioned, looking through her stack of papers.

“Sure thing, where would she be right now?” You questioned, making Betty stop and think for a moment.

“Probably the gym.” She spoke aloud, nodding and went back to searching through her papers.

You nodded and went off to search for Veronica, you went and checked the gym, not finding her there you checked a few other places.

You finally gave up and started back, you were about to walk in when you heard your name.

“Look you just need to get her to tell you what she knows, she trusts you now Juggie.” Betty whispered, her arms crossed.

“I know I said I’d do this, but that was before I really started liking her Betty.” Jughead sighed, rubbing his face angrily.

“Jug, she knows something and we need to know what it is.” Betty spoke bluntly, making Jughead roll his eyes.

“I can’t keep lying to her Betty, Y/N and I have gotten close and I don’t want to ruin what I have with her.” He crossed his arms, making Betty sigh in annoyance.

Jughead was about to speak again when you walked into the room, an emotionless expression on your face.

They both looked up at you, a look of fear written on their faces.

“I didn’t find Veronica.” You spat bitterly, turning to walk out of the room, but Jughead caught your arm.

“Y/N please let me explain.” He held both your arms gently in his hands, a sorrow expression on his face.

“What’s to explain? That you were pretending to like me so you could find out what I knew?” You choked out, a tear slipping down your cheek.

Jughead gently wiped the tear away with his thumb, “Y/N it’s not like that.” He tried to explain.

“Isn’t it though?” You jerked your arms away, another tear falling down your face.

“You all were using me, I bet you don’t even want to be friends with me!” You yelled, backing away from the both of them.

“As for you,” You pointed at Jughead, your heart crumbling “I really started to trust you, hell, I was going to tell you how I really felt, but now.. it really doesn’t matter does it?” You questioned, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

You looked at the both of them, a shocked look on their faces, making you shake your head and rush out of the room.

You decided to ditch the rest of school that day, heading to Pop’s diner, sitting in your favorite booth.

You kept getting phone calls and text messages from Jughead and Betty, but you ignored them.

You knew you were being hypocritical since you did know information about Jason, but you couldn’t help but feel betrayed.

You sat in that booth for what felt like hours, you must’ve fallen asleep for a few hours, because when you awoke Jughead was sitting in front of you.

You jumped, startled, you weren’t expecting anyone to be sitting there, let alone Jughead.

“How did you find me?” You muttered, sipping your cup of water.

“It wasn’t that hard, I just knew where to look first.” He replied casually, a small smile on his face.

You nodded slowly, not caring at all.

“What are you doing here Jughead? Here to fake like me to get information?” You spat out bitterly, leaning back against the booth.

He sighed, pulling his beanie off his head and running his fingers through his hair messily.

You couldn’t help but look over his features, he looked even better without his beanie on.

You were too caught up in observing his looks when you made eye contact with  him, a small smirk on his face knowing he busted you.

You gave a small smile, a light blush on your cheeks.

“Listen Y/N, I know you think I only hung out with you to find out information, which I did at first, but the more time I spent with you.. I really started to like you..” He rubbed the back of his neck, before looking at you once more.

You nodded slowly, not once looking away from him, you wanted to hear this, all of it.

“After all the time we’ve spent together, I’ve really grown to care about you.. I like you Y/N.” He smiled, making your insides flutter.

You smiled back, moving your hair behind your ears.

You took a deep breath, clearing your throat before looking back at him.

“I’ve liked you since I moved here, I was just too shy to admit it.” You spoke quietly, taking a sip of your water again.

You glanced at Jughead who was smirking to himself, making you choke on your water slightly.

Jughead laughed making your cheeks red.

“I told you secrets never last, I was going to find out what you were hiding eventually.” He grinned, making you tense a bit.

“If that’s true.. then I need to tell you something..” You ran your fingers through your hair nervously.

You were going against everything the Southside stood for, but this was Jughead, he needed to know.

You motioned him to come closer, taking a deep breath before whispering, “I know who killed Jason Blossom.”

That night things changed, Jughead was right, secrets never do last, and they always come out when you least expect it.

Bet || R.M. (part two)

Originally posted by natashamogilner

Word Count: 2276

Pairing: Reggie x reader

Summary: You come up with a 3-stage plan to get back at Reggie after you find out about the bet he placed with Chuck on you.

Warnings: cussing, smut, oral (guy on girl), fingering, reader is a badass bitch, reggie is dumbfounded

Requested: literally 66 total requests for part two lol

Part One // Masterlist

It had been two weeks since you and Reggie hooked up, and you were just as upset now as you were then. Reggie still had no idea that you had overheard him and Chuck talking in the locker room about the intimate details of your hookup, and you planned to keep it that way until you knew how you wanted to confront him.

A lot of ideas of how you could get back at Reggie floated around. You thought about publicly humiliating him, but because of how sexist society is, it would probably end up with you more embarrassed than he was. You thought about giving him the cold shoulder, and canceling him out completely, but what fun would that be? You wanted to hurt him like he hurt you. You wanted him to feel used like he made you feel.

You decided to keep tutoring him, even though seeing his face made you want to punch something, you gritted your teeth and put on a flirty smile. You wanted him to be putty in your hands, for you to be in control and to do that you had to push the feelings of hurt and disgust deep down. It proved to be a challenge though because every time he would scoot closer to you, your skin would crawl and you would have to force yourself to stay calm.

As the tutoring sessions went on, they became less about him actually improving and more about enticing him. Unlike your everyday attire, what you wore to his house was very revealing. You would wear push-up bras that, when paired with a croptop, had almost the whole top half of your boobs showing with some booty shorts. You made sure Reggie wasn’t paying any attention to you when you talked factoring or some other math problem.

“You need to get x by itself then plug it back into to the original equation to find the point of intersection.” You said, pointing at the question and looking over at Reggie. When you turned your head, Reggie was staring directly at your boobs, not listening to one word you said. You giggled an obviously fake laugh and said his name. He looked dazed as he finally made eye contact with you before mumbling for you to repeat the question. However obvious he was, you made sure to act unaware that he was checking you out.

Reggie didn’t care that you caught him staring right at your boobs when you would look over at him after reading out of the textbook. Even if he tried, all Reggie could focus on was the curve of your breasts and how they would be pushed up when you turned to face him.

You also made it a point to ask to go to the bathroom every time you were there. Because as you were walking away from him, you could feel his eyes burning into your back as he scanned his eyes up and down your body, and when you turned the corner, you could hear him let out a sigh with a mumbled cuss word. That was stage one of your plan complete.

The next stage of your plan was teasing. Reggie was completely taken back by your outfits that all he could do was stare. He was even more shocked when you started to flirt with him. When you sat together, you would always lean into him, pressing your body into his, but when he leaned in, you would pull away. You would always place your hand on his thigh when talking directly to him, but when he would put his hands on you in any way, you would pull away and move his hand off.

It was getting late and you somehow you had moved over to the couch to finish up the studying for the night. Your legs were pressed against each other’s as you explained how to solve the algebra problem. As usual, Reggie was not listening to a word you were saying but instead was focused on your hand that was placed on his lower thigh. Your thumb “absent-mindedly” was slowly moving back and forth in a soothing motion on his exposed skin. You removed your hand to reach over and pull the calculator off the coffee table in front of you. When you settled back into your position, Reggie was quick to put his hand on your exposed thigh instead. You giggled and grabbed his hand and put it in his lap instead. This made Reggie grunt in frustration while you smiled inwardly to yourself.

This was driving Reggie insane. He was beyond frustrated, it had gotten to the point where you were all that he thought about. He never acted like this around girls. Usually, he was the one who would make all the moves and have girls swooning after him, it was never the other way around. When Reggie was around you, it was like he had forgotten how to talk. Whenever you would say or do something, he was left speechless.

It was finally time for the final stage in your plan: confrontation.

As you walked up to Reggie’s house, you raised your hand to push the doorbell, but before you could the door suddenly opened and a shirtless Reggie appeared.

“Well, look who’s early.” Reggie teased as he stepped aside to let you in, not failing to look at your ass as you passed. He was right, you were about 10 minutes early just because you were so excited for tonight’s plan.

“Look who was waiting for me.” You said with a smug tone. You walked in the middle of the living room and turned around, bumping into Reggie who was following closely behind.

“Is there something wrong?” Reggie asked looking down at you, puzzled by your sudden actions.

You bit your lip while holding eye contact, “Reggie, what are you really thinking about right now?”

“What do you mean?” He asked confused, while you took a step closer. You pressed your chest against him to make your boobs pop out of your shirt even more than they already were.

“I mean, what are you thinking when I do this?” You lightly dragged your hand over Reggie’s bulge.

Reggie shuttered in response. “C’mon, Reggie, tell me what you want.” You coerced in a raspy voice.

“I want to fuck you. Goddamn, you’re so hot. Just let me touch you.” Reggie moaned as he brought his face closer to yours.

“If you want it,” you ghosted your lips over his, “take it.”

Reggie pressed his lips against yours with so much force and want, you nearly stumbled backward. He wrapped his arms around your waist as your fingers tangled in his hair. He moaned into your mouth as you opened and let his tongue search every inch of yours.

His hands slowly made their way down to grab your ass. You sucked on his bottom lip as his hands kneaded the soft flesh.

“You don’t know how bad I have wanted this.” Reggie moaned as his lips attacked your jawline, making his way down your neck before attaching right above your collarbone. You moaned his name as he started to suck on your neck.

Without removing his lips, Reggie squeezed your thighs, signaling for you to jump. You attached your legs around his waist, and pulled Reggie away from your neck and slammed your lips against his.

Reggie kicked open his bedroom door before sitting down on his bed with you straddling his lap. You raked your fingernails up and down Reggie’s bare back causing him to moan your name.

You leaned back from him and Reggie started to whine about the increased distance. You pulled your croptop off and tossed it on the floor before moving your lips to his neck.

“Fuck, princess, I want you so bad.” Reggie groaned.

“Before you get anything,” You said with authority in your voice, “You’re going to make me cum first.”

This made Reggie’s whole attitude change. He now had a look in his eye that was pure lust and need, and to be honest, it turned you on.

In a spilt-second, Reggie had flipped you over and pinned your wrists above your head with one of his large hands. He pulled one of your boobs out of your bra and started to suck on the soft skin. You arched your back into him as he switched to the other boob.

“Keep your hands above your head.” He said with command and all you could do was nod, not trusting your voice.

He slowly made his way down your body, placing kisses every inch or two. He finally made it down to the band of your shorts. He pulled the elastic back and made it pop against your skin, which made a loud sound when it connected with your hip. It left a slight tingle where the band made contact with your skin which made profanities slip out of your mouth.

He slowly pulled your shorts down to your ankles, making everything go painfully slow. He placed an open-mouthed kiss to your clothed clit that sent a shudder through your body and made you let out a small moan.

“Kitten, do you want my mouth or fingers?” He asked with smug voice.

You lifted your head to make eye contact with him as you said, “Why not both?”

His eyes filled with lust as he yanked down your underwear, the opposite of how he took your shorts off. Without giving you any warning, he plunged two fingers into your soaked cunt.

“Damn, you’re so wet for me,” Reggie grunted as his fingers went knuckle deep.

“Fuck me just like that, shit. That feels so good.” You moaned loudly as his fingers starting to stretch your walls. Before you could finish your sentence, Reggie started to assault your clit with his mouth, and you couldn’t hold back your scream of pleasure.

Just as you were starting to get used to the snug fit of Reggie’s fingers, he thrust another finger just as deep into your core. A string of yeses and fucks left your mouth as your walls were stretching to fit his large fingers.

“You’re such a good girl, you’re taking my fingers so well.” Reggie praised you against your clit which sent vibrations through your core that had you crying out in pleasure. His long fingers kept a steady pace as they thrust into your sensitive core. Just when you thought the pleasure couldn’t get more intense, Reggie curled his fingers inside you in a come here motion. The pads of his fingertips were hitting a spot deep inside you that overtook your body in pure pleasure. You arched your back off the bed as a loud breathy moan escaped your lips.

Reggie’s other hand that wasn’t deep inside you, reached up to play with your boobs. He took your nipple into his fingers and started to twist on them before kneading the whole thing. As Reggie quickened the pace of his fingers and started to suck harder, you started to see stars. You were sure you wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Fuck, Reggie. I’m about to cum, keep going.” You grunted.

“Look at me, baby girl, I want to see you when you cum for me.”

When you looked down and saw Reggie wedged between your thighs, you were pushed over the edge. You let out a loud moan as your orgasm took over. Reggie never slowed down as you were cumming which made your orgasm even more intense. Your cunt started to pulse when you finally came down from your orgasm, and Reggie slowly pulled his fingers out of your core. You were left with an empty feeling where Reggie’s fingers had once been. You were still recovering from one of the best orgasms you have ever had.

Reggie climbed up your body to come face to face with you. You grabbed his hand and put the fingers that were just in your soaking cunt into your mouth and started to suck them clean. Never breaking eye contact, you swirled your tongue around his fingers, tasting your own juices. Somewhere along the way, Reggie had taken off his pants and boxers and you could see that he was rock hard. You brought your eyes back up to his as your hand slowly went down to stroke his shaft.

“Fuck, this is so hot. I can’t wait to fuck your tight cunt, baby girl.” Reggie grunted, lining his cock up with your core.

“Wait,” you paused taking his fingers out of your mouth. You brought your face close to his, your lips just a few centimeters above his and whispered, “This cunt is worth so much more than five hundred dollars, Reggie.”

When the words left your mouth, Reggie looked confused at first, his eyebrows scrunched up and his mouth slightly opened. Then it all clicked when he remembered the bet him and Chuck had. He started to stutter, not knowing what to say.

You scoffed as you pushed him off you and started to get dressed. All the while, Reggie sat on the bed with his mouth open, occasionally stuttering the start of an apology.

After you were completely dressed, you walked over to his bedroom door and turned around.

Reggie sat on his bed with his shoulders slumped with a semi-hard on, “I don’t know how you found out about that, I’m—“

“Save it Mantle,” You said with disgust in your voice, “but thanks for the orgasm.” You winked before turning around and walking away.

a/n- I really hope you guys enjoyed the second part, as it was very much requested. Sorry for the wait but I had no idea where I wanted to go with this story until I actually started to write it. I know it isn’t your stereotypical ending where they fall happily in love, but honestly it wasn’t realistic and I didn’t want to make the reader a push over lol. Anyways, tell me what you think about this part in my inbox, I love getting feedback from you guys! Also, requests are still open so hit me up with what you want!

The One with All the Kissing (Sweet Pea x Reader)

Summary: Pretty much exactly what the request says, first fic in my Southside Serpents as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series.

Word Count: 1184

Request: “You know Friends the tv show? Well how about this. A Sweet Pea imagine where the reader and him have a secret relationship and one day he gets up to leave and forgets that they aren’t alone and kisses her. But everyone is like THE DITTLY FUCK WAS THAT. So he proceeds to kiss everyone.”

Author’s Note: Thanks for the person who requested and @arielle-mari for ideas!  This is like my favorite scene in all of Friends, so I hope you enjoy it!



You rested your head on the dingy couch and took another sip of your beer.  It was starting to get late, and it was a school night, but none of you wanted to leave the Whyte Wyrm yet.  A bunch of kids had just been initiated, and everyone was having too good of a time.  You were sitting on the couch next to Sweet Pea, a careful few inches of space between you.  Ever since you’d started dating, you’d both been hyper-aware of your behavior when you were together.  The last thing you needed was for everyone to know, especially after Toni had made everyone swear off friend-group dating after a particularly awkward game of truth or dare.  

You hadn’t tried to get together—it just kind of happened.  The two of you had been friends since you were kindergarten together that Southside Elementary, so when the River Vixen he’d been enamored with broke his heart at the beginning of senior year, you were there for him.  A few late-night Pop’s trips later, you found yourself making out in the parking lot behind the diner.  It was exhilarating until you remembered that you had all sworn not to date.

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I’m Yours | Sweet Pea x Reader

Prompt: When things get a little rocky between you and Pea, you can’t help, but want to make him jealous.

Warnings: strong language, mild smut aka grinding (that good shit) 

A/N: I have 50+ requests in my inbox currently. Like what? Also, I am so close to a thousand followers…WHAT? I started this blog a month ago on this day and I’m almost to a thousand of you lovely readers. That is absolutely crazy to me. Thank you so much ohmygoooooodness.

Originally posted by idiotharringtons

The sound of pool echoed in the background of the bar as you sat on the bar stool, sipping from a cola bottle. As you looked around, people were scattered throughout the Whyte Wyrm, talking and laughing while enjoying each other’s company on the Friday winter night. You watched as Serpents gathered around the pool table placing bets on who’d win the match. So far, your boyfriend as remained undefeated and everyone was betting it would stay that way, the minority cheering for the underdog.

Ever since you started dating Sweet Pea, you have noticed a shift in his behavior. Before you were an item, you two were friends, then you started to like each other, you hooked up a few times, and then he finally asked you to be his girlfriend. You were over the moon when he said he wanted to date and he was too when you said yes. Lately, however, he’s been acting strange.

During hang outs like this, he’d be all over you since during the weekday it was harder to see each other. He’d usually be at your side the whole night, his hands on you at all times. But the past few weeks, he’s kind of taken his space. Not that it was a problem, he could have his space to decompress from the week’s events, you didn’t have a problem with that. It was just he’d talk to you maybe once during the night and then again when he drove you home, kissing you quickly before dashing off. It slightly concerned you, thinking he didn’t wanna be with you anymore. Or he lost interest with you being his girlfriend. 

You watched as Sweets finished off the pool match, winning yet again as people doled out money to each other from the bets. Sweets face turned into a bright smile, that laugh resonating through the bar as you smiled. But that smile faded, as you noticed a Serpent girl touch his bicep while looking at him with a look you didn’t like. She flipped her straight, black hair over her shoulder, betting her eyelashes at him as he laughed before sending a wink her way, continuing to engage in another game of pool.

At the sight of this, anger pulsates throughout your body. You sucked in a sharp breath, created fists with your hands. He has never behaved like this in front of you before. Before you started being a thing, Sweets had the reputation for sleeping around and getting with a new girl every night. But never did you think he would revert back to his old behavior when he was dating you. Never in a million years.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing over here?” you hear a voice distract you from your thoughts. Looking over, you see your friend Fangs walking over. You smile lightly at the sight of him. You have been friends with Fangs for a while, you both meeting through Jughead. The two of you hit it off immediately. “Shouldn’t you be cheering on the Pool Master?” Fangs teases before taking a sip from his cola can.

The mention of him reverts your attention to your previous thoughts as you look back over. The Serpent girl is in the corner, whispering to her friends as she checks Sweet Pea out. Sweets doesn’t know what is happening, too focused on the game to flirt back. Turning back towards Fangs you smile, “He’s the least of my worries, right now.” An idea pops into your head as you bite your lip. “You look good tonight, Fangs.” You fix the lapel on his leather jacket, fingering the material between your fingers.

Fangs speaks, “Thanks, hun.” You look up at him and smile, keeping your hands on his jacket, lingering there. “I have seen this number, yet,” he tells you as you look down at your outfit–a simple low cut, black romper with beat-up sneakers. “Lemme see.” Standing up, you mockingly spin in a circle, giggling. He claps as you pretend to model the outfit. Fangs grabs your hand, spinning you around, “Damn. Sleek and sexy. Very Y/N.”

He stops spinning you as you laugh, leaning into his side, his hand on your lower back. You hope this little show you had going on would catch the attention of your boyfriend. Looking over, you see him glance up at you and then look back at the game. It wasn’t enough. Sitting back on the stool, you talk to Fangs, “What have you been up to lately? I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.” As he rambles on about schoolwork and Serpent work, you stare at him, biting your lower lip softly. In your peripheral vision, you see Sweets attention on you and you can’t help, but smirk. You take the opportunity to fix the collar of Fangs’ leather jacket, your fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Fangs notices what you are doing and he laughs.

“We trying to make someone jealous?” he asks, raising an eyebrows as you laugh in response. “Alright,” he smirks as he rests his hand on your waist, taking a step closer to you.

And that is what sends Sweets over the edge. He throws his pool cue to the floor before marching his way over to you and Fangs. “Can I ask what the fuck is going on here?” Pea fumes as you take your hand off of Fangs’ neck, but he still leaves his hand resting on your waist. Pea notices before ripping his hand off of you. “Don’t you touch her like that, Fogarty.”

You turn to Pea, “Relax, Sweets. Everything is fine.”

Sweet Pea looks to you and scoffs, “Fine? My best friend flirting with my girlfriend is not fine, Y/N.”

Laughing at him, you retort, “Oh, but you flirting with another girl is okay? Good logic there.” He remains silent before grabbing your wrist, pulling you outside with him. “Don’t touch me like that,” you tell him, ripping your hand away from his, taking a step back. He knows you’ll walk away from him if he doesn’t have a hold of you, so instead, he picks up your small figure, throwing you over his shoulder as you yell at him in protest. “Fuck you, put me down, you dick!”

When you are outside in the back of the Wyrm, he places you on the sidewalk as you cross your arms, scoffing. You wrap your arms around yourself, shielding you from Riverdale’s harsh winter evening temperatures. Pea notices you are cold, proceeding to take off his Serpent jacket. “It’s cold. Put it on,” he directs you as you look at him dumbfounded.

“I don’t want the jacket,” you tell him as he insists you take it. “Sweet Pea, I don’t want your jacket. Leave me alone.” You never used his full name like that unless you were really ticked off with him. It was always Sweets or Pea or SP, never Sweet Pea. 

The two of you are silent before he exhales, wrapping the jacket around your shivering body. The jacket is warm from his body heat and it smells of his cologne. “What the fuck was that in there?” he asks as you roll your eyes. “You were flirting with my best friend.”

You start, “Oh, you should be one to talk. That Serpent slut was all over you in there! And you kept her going. She was whispering in your ear, rubbing your arm, she looked like she wanted to pounce on you. And what do you do? Oh, yeah! You flirt back! A boyfriend doesn’t do that.” Sweet Pea looks away from you, knowing that he messed up. “You haven’t been the same in weeks. Ever since things started to be more serious between us, you’ve become distant and I can’t help but feel that you don’t want to be together anymore.”

After you confess that, Pea looks at you, noticing how distraught to were over this. His eyes flood with concern as he takes a step closer to you. “Baby, I didn’t know you felt like that…” he says, his tone completely shifting.

“Of course you wouldn’t! Because you don’t talk to me anymore! You trot around thinking that what you did inside was okay!” you exclaim as he exhales. “I know you aren’t familiar with this relationship thing, but if you really wanted to be together you would take an interest on how to make this better,” you tell him. “I want us to be happy, Pea. I want us to be happy together.”

Sweets licks his lips before placing his hands on your waist, pulling you close. “I’m gonna be better. For you. I want to be a better boyfriend,” he tells you as you softly smile. He dips his head down, connecting your lips. Compared to the winter atmosphere, his lips are warm and soft as you lean into him. Slowly, he backs you against the wall as you wraps your arms around him, pulling him impossibly closer to you. “When I saw him touching you like that,” he says between a trail of kisses down your neck, “I wanted to fucking punch his lights out. You are mine. All mine.” As he finishes, he grinds his hips gently into yours, as you sigh at the contact. “All of this,” he says, running his hands up your thighs, to your stomach, up to your breast, then to your lips. “Mine.”

He kisses your lips hard, grinding into you again against the brick wall. You moan into the kisses as you can feel like smile against your lips. “I want to hear you say it back to me, baby. You tell me who you belong to,” he says as he continues to kiss your lips, grinding his hips into yours, his hands massaging you outside of your romper.

Sighing, you say, “I-I’m yours, Pea.” He growls for you to repeat it. “I’m yours, baby. All yours. I belong to you,” you repeat before he presses his lips harshly on yours, his tongue dipping into your mouth. “Fuck, Pea,” you moan as his hands run up your thigh, trailing up to your core, running his hands over you.

Pulling away, he says, “How about we get the hell out of here and go somewhere where I can handle you properly.” You shake your head up and down as he chuckles. “That’s my girl.”

The Five Seasons

Pairing: Reggie x reader/Twin!Andrews
Word count: 1,567
Warnings: Mentions of sexual abuse, violence, drug use, drinking
Description: Based off of Nick’s party in the latest episode. The reader has an on/off thing with Reggie and after a fight, he’s doing his best to try and hurt her. When Nick brings out the Jingle Jangle, Reggie makes an offhand comment about the reader so she accepts the drug to prove him wrong. Unfortunately Nick St. Clair is there and tries to take advantage of her. 
A/N: So I sent @beachbabywrites this request too because her writing is amazing! I tried to chop a bit of the ending off because I don’t like wrapping things up neatly but I don’t like leaving you guys hanging either haha. It’s also 3rd person because I think I write better that way, but let me know what you think!! :) And lastly, this is @floralchlxe but I’m posting Riverdale Imagines here on my sideblog so it doesn’t clutter up what is supposed to be my personal blog. 

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“I was sitting close to Camila and I was like, ‘Wow, this girl looks like the one’

She really is the Betty to my Veronica. We’re out to portray two iconic characters on our own, plus we’re portraying an iconic friendship. To have someone to take on that challenge with me is really special. I don’t have to do it alone, I have Lili with me”

anonymous asked:

what would shower sex with Sweet Pea be like?


  • Running late again in the morning but needing to take a shower to wake urself up
  • Not hearing the shower curtain open but feeling his cold fingertips on your sides 
  • ‘What are you doing?’ ‘saving water’ 
  • Resenting him everytime he needs to use the water bc he blocks it all from hitting you so ur stuck standing wet and cold 
  • Him giving u THE look 
  • Where he watches you so intently and his eyes darken and his demeanor just shifts slightly 
  • Offering to wash your body
  • Thoroughly scrubbing your arms and legs and back, making sure he doesn’t neglect your breasts or ass 
  • Definitely ensures those are squeaky clean 
  • ‘Don’t get any ideas we’re already late’ ‘better make this quick then’ 
  • Hoisting you up and fucking you into the wall
  • Every muscle in his body being tight and tense bc he’s trying VERY hard to make sure he doesn’t slip 
  • Wet skin on skin contact making everything sound louder than usual 
  • Like it’s deafening 
  • His hair covering over his eyes so you have to pull it out of the way 
  • Wet kisses
  • Wet bodies 
  • There being literally zero space in between your skin bc you’re gripping onto him for dear life 
  • Your moans and heavy breathing being louder than the water pressure in the shower-head 
  • Washing his hair once he finally sets you down bc he needs a break or he’s gonna get a cramp 
  • He washes ur hair too 
  • Scrubs it real good like the people at the salon do
  • Bending over to grab the soap to clean him when you feel him behind you 
  • He pulls you upright once he’s able to set a steady rhythm and holds you to him by gripping your throat
  • Slightly awkward bc he’s so tall but he makes the angle work in his favour 
  • Being in the shower for too long bc the waters run cold and you’re not finished yet
  • SP making you sit on the sink/counter and fitting in between your legs 
  • ‘What are you doing?’ ‘we’re not finished yet’ 
body guard | jughead x reader

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anonymous said: hey, i’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. like he walks with her in school. sits with her in pop’s. the reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). and the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. and it’s kinda hot thank youu^^

“you do know you don’t have to follow me everywhere i go” you joke as you start your journey from riverdale high to the infamous pop’s chock'lit shoppe, jughead hot on your heels

but let’s face it, when wasn’t he? you’d grown up in neighbouring trailers and he was always so over protective of you, he’d walk you to and from school, to pop’s, to the drive in. everywhere.

you loved it, he was your best friend and essentially one of the only friends you had. jughead had been transferred to southside high but it didn’t stop him for walking you to and from school, no matter what.

“you’re not my bodyguard yanno?” you tease earning an eye roll from the dark and broody raven haired boy.

“there is a killer on the loose yanno” he pokes back stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets, a famous jones smile hanging off his lips.

“see that excuse expired a week ago- the killers been found and put away. i don’t need a security detail anymore”

you can see the clogs turning on his head trying to come up with a witty response to your playful banter

“maybe i just like to be sure that a beautiful lady like you gets to her beloved diner in one peace” he smiles sweetly nudging your shoulder with his own

“oo smooth jones, but unfortunately not smooth enough. this girl can look after herself” you smirk spinning around on your hells, the ice seemingly a lot more slippery than you anticipated

next thing you know your put on your ass, the cool snow melting through your jeans. you cuss and let out a muffled groan as you glance up to see a smirking jughead.

“oh i can defiantly see that mrs slick” he jokes offering you a hand up, you hesitantly grab his hand as he pulls you up off the cold ground.

“damn it!” you exclaim feeling the wetness on your butt, “my damn butt is soaking wet now great!” the boy goes red trying to suck in laughter

“it can’t be that bad, turn around” you huff turning letting the boy free range at staring at your butt

damn” he mutters, you spin around quickly trying to get a good look yourself “what! is it that bad? you panic

he licks his lips shaking his head “oh no defiantly not i think it looks rather-” he pauses “peachy”

you turn and smack his chest “stop it you perv”

he places his hands up in defensive, wincing at your contact on his chest “first of all-ouch” he pause and you roll your eyes

“oh please i barley touched you-” he narrows his eyes at you silencing you as you allow him to continue.

“second of all you asked me to look- so i was just admiring what you were so gracefully born with” he argues a smirk etched onto his face.

“you owe me a milkshake jones” you complain

“because i proved you wrong or checked out the goods” he comments as we continue toward the diner

“now that you mention it, milkshake and fires” you smirk batting your lashes at the boy as you use your back to push open the door.

“would you look at that you holding the door open for me, how very twenty first century of you (y/l/n)”

“add a burger to that order, ill grab us a booth” you yell to the beanie boy as you slip into your normal booth waiting for jughead to slide in opposite you

“you’re going to make me go into bankruptcy” he mumbles as he slides in next to you, catching you off guard.

he senses your tense “everything okay?” he asks stretching his arm behind you resting on the booth.

“yeah just you never sit next to me, always opposite” you smile biting your lip as you notice your closeness

“maybe i wanted to sit next to you for once” he beams bringing a hand up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear

“and maybe since you let me check you out we’ve moved up in our level of friendship” he winks our food being placed in front of us

“what’s that supposed to me” you blush feeling the room growing hotter

“well i was hoping to move from platonic bodyguard to sexy serpent boyfriend” you eyes widen your stomach seemed to flip in your stomach.

“you think with that leather jacket your all slick huh?” you tease picking at your fries

“your bad boy leather jacket facade can’t win me over that easy jones” you smile feeling a little more at ease even though your insides were screaming at you to kiss him.

“oh really? you sure about that?” he smiles playfully, you kept your eyes trained on your fries knowing that one look into his eyes and you’d melt

“mhm” you muse

in one swift movement his beanie is in your hands and he’s running his long fingers through his luscious raven locks, a strand of hair falling infront of his eyes.

you stop breathing your heart hammering in your chest as your ovaries go into overdrive

you open your mouth to report with a snarky remark but you end up opening and closing your mouth at a loss of words, mumbling a inaudible response before your cheeks heat up.

“what was that?” he tease closing the gap between you slowly

“screw it ” you mumble pulling him by the collar of his leather jacket crashing your lips onto his, jughead spends no time kissing back pulling on your legs so they were draped over his lap.

you hands roaming over his chest before working their way up to his neck and hair as his hands stroke your leg, pulling your waist so they was no space between the two of you.

you were broken apart at the sound of pop clearing his throat, you turn red burying your head into his chest “sorry pop” jughead attempts to keep a straight face as the older man leaves our table, shaking his head.

“so was that a yes?” he asks

you bring your brows together “a yes to what?” you tease

“to being your sexy serpent boyfriend” he wiggles his brows placing a kiss on your neck

“i don’t know maybe just boyfriend” you joke cussing him to tickle you, letting out a small squeal gaining the attention of the owner once more. a scowl on his face.

“fine fine!!” you giggle

“fine what?” he argues

“you can be my sexy serpent boyfriend” you admit rolling your eyes as he boy grins helplessly

“only if i can be your sexy serpent princess”

he nods pecking your lips “you’ve always been my sexy serpent princess”