Sweet Peas and Dahlias | Preview

Summary: After saving you and scraping for survival together, it’s impossible for Sweet Pea to let go of you—no matter how hard you try to run, no matter how savagely he tries to cut. (Sweet Pea/Reader)

Notes: Preview! You get an alias/nickname for a while (it’s a plot point), but your real name is up to you. I’m not caught up to Riverdale, so I hope Sweet Pea’s characterization isn’t bad. Let me know if you want to see more!

He acts like he doesn’t know you.

You’d been hoping that he’d throw you a bone, maybe give you some kind of protection from the snakes at the Wyrm. But after a quick glance at you, he looks down, just grounds the chalk into his pool stick. Turning away, he leans over the table’s edge, eyes trained on the white ball in front of him. Despite the fleeting glimpse, it is unmistakably him: baby-faced and beautiful, bruises and leather jacket unable to hide his handsome features. 

But he doesn’t care to look at you, doesn’t protect you the way he used to back when you were his Dahlia, and Sweet Pea was your guard dog. So of course, you get picked on.

“What’s a Northsider doing here?” The voice is as hungry as it is derisive. You don’t tremble, even though your nails dig into your palms. This used to be your home. Enough men have broken you down and you have been built back up enough times not to flinch—built back up by the man who won’t even look at you.

You don’t give the offending guy the time of day, glancing between Tall Boy, Fangs, Toni. Maybe they’ll give you some leads, point you in the right direction.

You should have expected the hand that gripped you shoulder.

“Come on, River Vixen. You should know that Serpents are dangerous.”

“I know that Serpents are hunted by police.” You glance back, hoping that he can’t tell that you’re breaking out in a cold sweat. “Don’t make yourself known to them.”

The man snorts. “You Northsiders and your police,” he mocks. “I know police don’t listen to dumb sluts who are stupid enough to go to Serpent territory after dark.” The hand tightens, and you shoot a glare at his predatory expression. It’s men like him that give Serpents a bad rap.

But you’re not a baby Serpent anymore, and you can’t lecture him for it.

Your breathing picks up. Stupid, stupid, you think. You should have thought this through.

But before you can bolt, an arm drapes over your shoulder. You jump, and you’d slap the newcomer if the touch didn’t feel so familiar. It’s like an old scarf, comforting and intimate and something you want to be wrapped up in forever.

“Lay off, Chains,” Sweet Pea barks, voice as harsh as you remember. “You don’t recognize her?”

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Halloween // Sweet Pea Headcanons

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- Sweet pea picked your outfit for you, apparently, he’d picked it months prior. A tiny, tiny bunny rabbit costume, he thought it was an amazing idea, he’d had a few fantasies of you dressed up in a similar outfit. But when he was it on you, he soon realized it wasnt something you should wear in public.  

- That outfit would be saved for later, but you needed to make a quick compromise for the party. Sweets gave you one of his massive hoddies, you paired it with your thigh high boots and a cute cat ear headband. 

- You went to a party at Cheryl’s house under the impression it was going to be you and a small group of friends, well, as usual, you misjudged Cheryl and arrived at a party that almost every youth in Riverdale was attending. You were thirty minutes late and everyone there was already hammered and high as kites on jingle jangle. 

- The night when by in a blur, you vaguely remember dancing with the girls, something to do with dancing on the table and a very traumatising view when you opened to door upstairs and found Fangs and Kevin engaging in some explicit activities. You were hoping that everything but that latter would come back to you. 

- You woke up the next morning with a hangover from hell. So instead of going into school the two of you stayed home an watched horror movies all day. Your favorite being the new movie ‘The Nun’, that scared the living daylights out of you, you were certain you wouldn’t be sleeping again for the next month.

  • cheryl: being gay is not a choice
  • cheryl: [pointing to toni] it's a game, and i won.

Me: Riverdale is trash

Someone: Then why do you watch it?


Toni: Sweet Pea, don’t do it

Sweet pea: don’t tell me what to do Topaz

Fangs: just let it go man, you’re gonna make yourself look bad

Sweet Pea: who the fuck do you think you are telling me what to do? I can do whatever i fucking want.

Jughead: look Sweet Pea we-

Sweet Pea: especially you Jones! Fuck off! None of you can tell me what to do

Y/N: Sweet Pea, no

Sweet Pea: okay baby




Sweet Pea: what?

I was busy thinking ‘bout boys

Boys, boys

I was busy dreaming 'bout boys

Boys, boys

Head is spinning thinking 'bout boys

I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday

And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday


  • fp: be careful.
  • jughead: no need to worry, 'careful' is my middle name.
  • fp: i know your middle name, and i wish it was careful.
Upside Down

SummaryYou don’t know much about Sweet Pea, except for what you hear in the hallways around school. You pass him on your way to and from classes and you’ve perhaps brushed his arm a hand full of times. You don’t know him and he doesn’t know you.

That is until you save his baby sister from the Ghoulies all while simultaneously getting involved in a world you want nothing to do with and events you would rather stay out of.

Too bad the Ghoulies have other ideas…

Part 2

Chapter 1: Girl Meets Instinct

You know more about the Ghoulies than you would like, and less than you should. Growing up on the Southside you learn to stay out of everyone’s way, regardless of the tattoo that adorns their body, but the Ghoulies have no honor. Not that you didn’t already know that when you came upon a scene fresh out of a bad teenage movie. A girl around maybe 10 or 11 with a once bright purple backpack, now dulled with use and age and leggings torn at the knee is being circled and taunted by 3 Ghoulies. Her black hair was knotted and fell down past her shoulder obscuring her face almost like a shield against the boys harassing her. She’s hunched forward in fear as she tries in vain to hide herself from the guys circling her.

You roll down your window in just enough time to hear something about a “little snake.”

“Hey!” you yell out the window affronted by teens easily a foot taller than the girl they are picking on. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Now you aren’t one to get caught up with the Ghoulies or the Serpents, their war was their own and you were happy to have no part of it. However, no way are you letting a kid get tangled up in the crossfire. That was Southside law, kids were left alone by gangs period.

Your outburst catches the attention of the sleazy guys and the girl’s head snaps up to meet your eyes. You can see the unshed tears of fear from here and whatever maternal instinct that lays dormant in females until needed awakens with a roar. Before you even have a moment to think about what you are doing, you are out of your beat up car and in the face of the first one you come to.

“What’s your problem?!” the guy yells, he’s missing a couple of teeth and his hair is greasy like he hasn’t had a shower in a couple of days.

“You’re my problem!” you practically spit at him, “She’s just a kid!”

“That’s none of your fuckin business,” he spits back.

“It is now,” you say with a deadly calm.

You turn towards the girl and hold your hand out to her, a clear indication she should come with you. She starts toward you when the guy turns and gets in her way the other two closing in behind her. You aren’t sure what possessed you to do it. You know it isn’t a good idea, and yet it’s pretty brilliant all the same. The Ghoulie hits the ground as you kick the back of his knee making his legs buckle and then you push him the rest of the way to the ground. The other two look up in shock obviously not thinking you would do anything.

The girl scurries over to you and you yell for her to get in the car and lock the door. Before you can fully enter the car a hand is in your hair gripping hard and pulling you away from the haven of locked doors and a clean getaway. Your back hits the pavement and suddenly three guys are standing over you leering down at your prone form.

Fear grips your heart and you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

“Hey!” Screeches the girl as something clatters to the ground next to you. You look over and see the baseball bat from your car for instances such as this. You don’t even think about it as you snatch it off the ground and swing it towards the first guy you see. You hear a sickening crunch and a yell as he goes down.

The click of a switchblade it way too familiar as you look at the two that aren’t howling in pain on the ground. One tries to grab your leg but you kick out as you flail the bat around tring to get a hit on the other one. When your foot connects with a groin and he doubles over in pain you take the hit with no regrets. Swinging the bat down and  hitting him in the head hard enough to send him down, but not hard enough to do damage. Finally able to make it to your feet you stare the last one down.

“You’re gonna pay for this bitch!” he snarls as he turns and runs off leaving other two guys behind.

You turn and jump in the car as the sound of sirens in the distance grow louder. Your breathing is labored as you speed away and it takes several minutes for your heart to stop pounding and the reality of what you had just done to sink in.

Fifteen minutes down the road you come to a run down McDonalds and you park in the parking lot just breathing in order to calm your racing heart. That is until a voice speaks up from the back seat.

“THAT. was the COOLEST. THING. I have EVER seen!!!” She ends the sentence with a high pitched squeal of amazement and admiration.

You just nod in confusion “Ummm… if you say so?”

“No seriously! You could be a Serpent!”

“Let’s not get carried away…” you reason calmly, “I was just trying to get us both out of that situation unharmed…” Glancing down at your arms you notice a couple of bleeding cuts, no doubt from the knife. You watch for a moment as blood drips from your arms down to your pants soaking into your jeans and making you groan in annoyance.

“Relatively… unharmed…” you say with a sigh as you finally feel the sting on your skin. You reach over and pull a wad of napkins out of your glovebox to stall the bleeding while you assess the situation.

“So… What happened?” you ask catching her big brown eyes in the rearview mirror as you dab at your arms.

“My big brother didn’t show up to pick me up from school. I decided I would try to walk home even though he’s told me to never do that… I thought it would be okay! I didn’t think anyone would bother me… I was hoping he was just at home and had just… forgot me…” She ends with a worried whisper.

“Does he often forget you?” you ask softly dreading the answer regardless of what it is.

“Never.” She says with a steely conviction that is barely familiar. You’ve seen it before in the eyes of someone from some memory in your life. You don’t dwell too much on it, there are more important things at hand to deal with.

“Okay,” you say with a nod, “we’ll just have to find him then. Can you tell me where he usually is at this time?”

She just nods and says brightly, “The Whyte Wyrm!”

You just blink with understanding, “Well that explains it…” you murmur as you go to start your car and back up.

“Explains what?” She asks innocently.

“Where your brother is…” You say calmly as you back out of the parking space and pull out onto the road.

“You know where he is! Where?!”

“The police took some Serpents in for questioning about the Ghoulies, it must have just ran longer than expected! I’m sure he’ll be home soon.” The lie falls from your lips easily, no way are you going to tell a kid her brother got arrested at school today for absolutely no reason. It had been a terrifying day with drug dogs roaming the halls and Serpents getting hauled in left and right for wearing a jacket.

“Who is your brother anyway? Maybe I know him? We probably go to school together.”

“His name is Sweet Pea and he’s the best big brother ever! Do you know him?!” She asks excitedly.

“Kind of…” you say softly now recognizing the steel in her gaze. You had seen it multiple times in Sweet Pea’s eyes when he’s squaring up for a fight.

“Oh boy…” you mutter to yourself as you continue down the road vaguely wondering what you have gotten yourself into.

“Are you okay if I take you back to my house while I go get your brother?” You glance back at her in time to see her nod as she pulls a sucker out of her bag. It’s amazing how quickly a child can trust and how quickly their carefree nature returns when his happens.

“That’s fine!” she chirps before popping it into her mouth.

“Good…” you say as you take the necessary turns to get you to your place. Your house is one of the few actual houses on the southside. It’s still small and isn’t really that much bigger than a trailer but it’s well taken care of and it’s home.

Your mom meets you at the door as she looks at the little girl dutifully following along behind you in confusion.

“Honey? What’s… WHAT HAPPENED?!” She exclaims as she looks down at your arms to see the cuts littering them.

“It’s a long story…” you sigh as you walk into the house, exhaustion evident in your slumped shoulders and tone.


After cleaning up your arms and putting some bandaids over the larger of the cuts you change your clothes and bring them downstairs with the hope of salvaging your jeans. They are expensive and you would rather not have to waste money on a new pair if it can be helped. Then again you muse as you put some stain remover on the red splotches, you could have some fun with them if you have to. Walking into the kitchen you see her sitting at the table happily munching on a sandwich and chips and realize that you don’t actually know her name.

“I just realized… I don’t know your name…” you say hesitantly as you glance up at your mom.

“Everyone calls me Gumdrop!” she says with her mouth full of food.

You just nod and introduce yourself before you pull your mom away to tell her what happened as she continues to gobble up all that’s in front of her. You vaguely wonder when the last time she had enough to eat, you have no idea about her and Sweet Pea’s living situation.

“I can’t believe you would put yourself in danger like that!” you mom whisper yells from the living room.

“Are you telling me you would have just let 3 thugs harass a little girl!?” you argue back.

“Of course not! But I would have been smart about it! You should have called the cops!”

“I wasn’t really thinking that far in advance mom! These guys are unpredictable and dangerous! I just wanted to get her away from them!”

“Not by putting yourself in danger!”

“Look we are both fine, I took care of it.”

You watched as your mother’s mouth formed the thin line that says that she couldn’t argue your point but she didn’t like it.

“You are your exactly like your father…” she mutters as she walks back toward the kitchen resigned for now.

You follow hastily behind and touch her shoulder to stop her from entering the kitchen just yet.

“I’m going to go get her brother.”

“And where is he?” she asks with disapproval.

“…jail…?” You say with a wince.

“And why is that?” she’s calm, but it is that calm that your mom gets when you know she is mad but she can’t be mad because there are other people present, but you know when you get home all hell is breaking loose, probably on your ass…

“Look it wasn’t his fault! The police just busted up into the high school today and started snatching up Serpent’s like cookies at a bake sale!” You flail your arms around to get your point across.

‘Why am I defending him?!’ you yell in your head as you hold your mom’s gaze.

“Serpent?!” she hisses.

“Ummm… What?! It’s not like I’m friends with him?! I literally just saved his sister from a pack of Ghoulies!”

“What is a Ghoulie?!”

“A rival gang?”

She just fixes you with a look that screams motherly annoyance, “I’m not paying for this.”

“I know…” you say with dejection as you hold up the cosmetic bag full of money.

“I’ll be back soon…” you say as you turn and make your way out the door.

Dating sweet pea headcanon

I genuinely think about dating sweet pea like 24/7 and this is what I think he’d be like

Warnings: swearing, mention of sex

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Dating sweet pea

-ok let’s start with the petnames

-baby, princess, pretty girl, my girl, doll, sweetness

-he’s basically an ass to anyone that’s not you

-he was extremely protective over you

-he’d fuck anyone up that talked badly about you

-“what the fuck did you just say?”

-“that’s my girl, you just fucked up big time”

-the height difference

-you looked like a garden gnome standing next to that skyscraper of a man

- “you’re like my own personal arm rest” you then elbowing him in the stomach “Jeez you’re an angry arm rest”


-he was crazy on pda, his hand was always on you no matter where

-making out with you against the lockers

-making out at the Wyrm

-making out on his motorcycle in the school parking lot

-he’d constantly be leaving hickies on your neck

-texting you dirty things while you’re in the middle of class

-“you’d look so pretty over my lap right now my sweet girl”

-“aw I’m sorry princess, is daddy distracting you?”

-he was a kinky motherfucker

-rough sex all the time

-even though you two had been dating for a while, he was constantly flirting with you

-the cheesy pick up lines

-“aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

-“I’d say god bless you but it looks like he already did”

-“hey tie your shoes cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else”

-cuddling 24/7

-you were always the little spoon

-he’d leave light feather like kisses on your neck and jawline

-he’d run his fingers through your hair

-he would just completely envelop you in his embrace

-“pea you’re suffocating me”

-“too bad. I’m comfortable.”

-everyone was jealous of the relationship you two had

-you were the power couple of the Southside

-“I’m so lucky baby, I can’t believe I get to call you my girlfriend”

-“I love you sweets. Ride or die.”

-“I love you more princess. Ride or die.”

A series of Brooklyn 99 gifs to symbolise my feelings towards Riverdale

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Strip Pool

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*i do not own any gifs, all creds to the owner*

pairing: sweet pea x reader

warnings: idek kinda dirty??? lots of flirting and sarcasm? language.

summary: sweet pea is the best serpent at pool, right? well, what happens when y/n challenges him to strip pool, and his cocky ass is surprised at how good you actually are?

i highly recommend listening to “ice cave” by the maine while reading this!!


it was just another night at the wyrm. as usual, toni was behind the bar, you and fangs were in your designated bar stools next to each other, and sweet pea was kicking ass at pool.

you could definitely say it was foggy on the southside during this uneventful saturday. the wyrm was suspiciously empty for a weekend, in fact, there were only a handful of adults there other than your group of four.

you take a sip of your drink, looking up to see sweet pea shaking hands and going in for a “bro hug” with mustang, winning yet another game.

after mustang makes his way to the doors, ready to leave, you sit your drink down, hop out of your chair, and make your way to sweets.

“another win for the ‘oh so famous’ sweet pea?” you tease, crossing your arms over your chest.

“what can i say, princess? i’m simply the best.” he shrugs, making his way around the table, emptying the pockets.

you take your bottom lip in between your teeth, debating on if what you’re going to say next is a good idea.

“i bet i could beat you,” you challenged, raising one eyebrow at the skyscraper.

he had made his way around the table, now standing face to face with you, almost too close for comfort.

not that you minded though.

he stared down at you for a moment, searching your eyes for any sign of sarcasm.

when he realized that you actually weren’t joking, he smiled, pushing a pool stick into your chest.

“you’re so on,” he made his way past you, racking up the balls.

“you do know how this works, right, y/n? you get to break, if nothing goes into a pocket, it’s my turn to sho—“

“i know how the game works, smartass. it’s not my first time playing,” you cut him off mid-sentence, leaning over the table, taking your aim at the 15 balls.

you stop your actions, standing up straight for a moment.

“but let’s make this interesting, mr. pool champion.”

“what’s on your mind, ms. know-it-all?”

“let’s make this strip pool. loser gets their picture taken and framed to put in here,” you smirk.

“you do know how strip pool works, right, sweet pea? if i make it—“

“then i strip one item of clothing; but if i make it, you strip one item of clothing. it’s pretty self explanatory, y/n.” he finishes my sentence for me.

“then let’s get started.” you wink, leaning back down to the table.

off towards the bar, you know fangs and toni we’re watching you guys, joking about how you and sweet pea obviously have something going on.

as your stick is about to make contact with the cue ball, ready to break, sweet pea runs his mouth, “you know, i really hope you’re wearing something sexy under all of that leather and denim, y/n. because you’re going to get your ass kicked.”

you watch carefully as the acrylic balls scatter, none falling, though.

“we’ll see about that, sweets.” you simply state, watching him scan the table, looking for a good shot.

he settles on the 3 ball, a solid in the far right pocket.

he lines up the stick — he shoots — he sinks the ball.

shit! one down, y/n. let’s go. off with the clothes.”

you look at him staring at you from across the table, eyes locking.

you slowly shrug off your serpent jacket.

“it was in the way, anyway.”

sweet pea, scoffs, eyes back down at the table.

“so, i’m solids, you’re stripes.” he says.

“well no shit, sherlock.” you sass.

he moves to one of the sides, aiming at the yellow one ball.

the cue ball hits it, but not hard enough, leaving it an inch from falling into the pocket.

you snigger, walking over to your already planned shot — the 11 ball, completely open in the left corner.

you aim, hit the ball, and with a crisp ‘clink’, you sink it.

you simply look up at sweet pea, sending him a smile.

“yenno, sweets, you’re wearing a few more layers than me. maybe you should take off 2 things just this once,” you persuade, “just to be fair.” you finish off with a whisper.

“if you insist, love. i’m not too worried about taking too much off.” he winks, shedding his vest, as well as his flannel, leaving him in his charcoal gray t-shirt.

you listen to the heavy drag of your boots on the ground, walking around the table to make your next shot.

“she’s so going to win.” toni whispers to fangs, both watching y/n and sweet pea carefully.

“doubt it, i’ve never even seen y/n pick up a pool stick, let alone play.” fangs argues.

“oh, i have. she’s really good.”

you sink the green 14 ball, running your fingers through your hair after.

sweet pea proceeds to remove his boots and dog tags, smirking at you from across the table.

“c’mon, y/n. this has to be just luck. bet you won’t make the next one.”

“bet my ass, lover boy.”

the yellow 9 ball is in the middle of the far back, and you know you can bank it into the left pocket.

leaning on the table, you focus your eyes on the 9, lining up your stick, and hitting it.

you watch as the cue hits the desired yellow stripes, sending it off the side, across the table, and into the designated pocket.

you hold the stick straight up, blowing off the stop in a gloating manner.

“damn, i’m good.” you smile, watching sweet pea take off his shirt.

you chew on your bottom lip, taking him in for a moment.

his smooth, olive skin is as perfect as you imagined it. he was toned, but not too bulky like fangs.

fuck, he was mesmerizing.

“like what you see, princess?” he smirks, questioning you.

you had no witty response; you simply just looked around the table for your next move.

attempting to hit the 12 ball, your aim was slightly off, resulting in you missing the pocket.

you swear under your breath, disappointed at your poor shot.

sweet pea is already aiming to make his shot at the 4, and sinking it perfectly, making you roll your eyes.

he stands back up, staring at you with that goddamn smirk.

you untie your boots, taking them off with ease and throwing them to the side where your jacket is.

“are you sure you want to continue with this?? because you are going to lose.” sweet pea teases.

“don’t you worry about me. just shoot the damn ball.” you instruct firmly.

he effortlessly shoots the green 6 ball into one of the middle pockets as if it were nothing.

leaning your stick on the wall, you turn around to look at sweet pea, and gasp as he’s suddenly really close to you.

his eyes look you up and down before he slowly takes two steps back to sit on the edge of the pool table.

your fingers work at the knot in the middle of your oversized black ramones t-shirt, letting it fall loosely around your small frame.

you cross your arms to form an ‘x’ across your torso, gripping the bottom hem, and lift the shirt over your head achingly slow.

your eyes never leave sweet pea’s except for the split second your shirt blocked your view.

he watches you intently as you dangle your shirt from your fingers, and then dropping it.

his deep eyes scan over your lacey red bralette, as you walk up to him, “close your mouth sweets, you’ll catch flies.”

you give his cheek a light pat before passing him, smiling at toni watching you from behind the bar, giving you a thumbs up.

sweet pea aims for the orange 5. you lean over the table, palms flat against the wood siding, directly in front of his desired pocket.

he glances up at you for a split second, narrowing his eyes slightly, and slamming his stick onto the cue ball too hard, causing him to miss.

you walk to sweets exact spot, shooting your shot at the 15, and making it.

“sweets, we really don’t have to go on with the whole stripping shit. it was just some stupid idea. hones—“

he cuts you off with his soft, plump lips. you gasp slightly, caught off guard by his bold mood.

toni and fangs share shocked reactions from the bar, not expecting sweet pea’s sudden ounce of courage. they both had known for years that sweets has a thing for y/n, and have been waiting for this moment since.

you part your lips, taking his bottom lip in between yours. you didn’t even realize you were backing up until your back hit the wall, causing sweets to pull you closer.

with one of his hands cupping your face, and the other on your waist, his touch was gentle, passionate, and lustful.

you pull back, breathless, looking up at him, foreheads together.

he breathes out, laughing slightly,

“did i just get hustled at my own game, y/l/n?”



  • jughead: tomorrow is garbage day.
  • sweet pea: i can't believe they have a whole day dedicated to you.
Upside Down: Chapter 2

Summary: You don’t know much about Sweet Pea, except for what you hear in the hallways around school. You pass him on your way to and from classes and you’ve perhaps brushed his arm a hand full of times. You don’t know him and he doesn’t know you.

That is until you save his baby sister from the Ghoulies all while simultaneously getting involved in a world you want nothing to do with and events you would rather stay out of.

Too bad the Ghoulies have other ideas…


Notes: So first and foremost... WOW I can’t believe the response this has gotten!! I’m so thankful for everyone who has liked, commented and followed!! I honestly wasn’t expecting such a response! 

Secondly, if you would like to be tagged in future updates please let me know! I’m happy to add you to the list! 

Third, I wasn’t really thinking of future plot points when I wrote the first chapter. I do better when I freeform write. My head does not do structure in that way…. Anyway, the raid on the school mentioned in chapter one is a different raid from the one shown in the school. We will just say it’s before Jughead get’s there… I intend to have fun with that dynamic…

Please read the notes above they are important especially number 3!

Chapter 2: Girl Meets Revelation

Of course you had known Sweep Pea for years in the way you know a classmate. You know his name. You know his reputation. You know his face. You know he can be violent and is one of the most revered Serpents of the bunch. You know you want to stay on his good side and despite the fact that he can be a jerk, he isn’t unnecessarily mean or violent. He can take care of himself and his own but he isn’t cruel. All in all Sweet Pea is tall, dark and handsome with a heaping side of trouble. You decided a long time ago that you would not go out of your way to be noticed by him or his friends. Everyone deals with Southside High in their own way, and you have chosen anonymity. You would much prefer to be overlooked in all the drama and left very much alone.

So how you’ve found yourself staring at the front of the Sheriff’s office holding a cosmetic bag full of cash for the bail of a classmate you don’t even really know or associate with is beyond you.

No you know how it’s happened…

You are your father’s daughter and watching someone harass a kid is completely unacceptable.

“No fuckin’ shame,” you mutter angerily under your breath as you stomp towards the door.

You realize instantly you’ve never been at the police station before and you honestly have no idea what you are doing or if you even have enough money for this. You’re kind of hoping against hope that someone else has already bailed him out.

“Need something kid?” question comes from a middle aged man sitting behind a glass window. You had missed him as you curiously looked around the front of the police station.

You clutch the bag tighter to your body in uncertainty as you take a hesitant step toward him.

“Umm… I’m here for Sweet Pea?” you ask rather than tell the man.

He lets out a snort and shakes his head with a sardonic smile on his face.

Hopes and dreams squashed: check!

“So now he has his flavor of the week bailing him out? Classy.”

Your head jerks back indignation, “I am not his ‘flavor of the week!’”

“You keep telling yourself that honey… And if you’re lucky you won’t get knocked up with his kid…” He mutter as he types something on the computer.

“I am not sleeping with him!” you practically shriek in offense.

He looks you up and down in obvious disbelief, “Of course not sweetheart…”

His tone is condescending as if he doesn’t believe a word that is coming out of your month, because he doesn’t…

“Ju-just tell me how much it is to bail him out!” you stutter out your face red from embarrassment and anger.

“ Three Hundred.”

“Three hundred dollars?” you say with annoyance dripping from your voice as you set the bag on the counter and begin to sort out the bills.

“He better pay me back…” you mutter to yourself as you gather the appropriate amount before thrusting it at the man behind the glass.

He sends you a tight lipped smile as he takes the money.

“You know… I don’t know how those Serpent scumbags manage to get nice girls like you at their beck and call.”

“I am not at his beck and call,” you say through gritted teeth hoping he would hurry with the paperwork.

“Must be that bad boy thing… The thrill of sneaking around with a guy mommy and daddy don’t approve of,” he continues as if you had said nothing.

“Really?” you mutter more to yourself than the asshole sitting in front of you blocking out the rest of what he was saying.

“Sign here,” he says as he hands you a stack of papers and you sign them quickly before you run from the room in pure anger and embarrassment. This better be worth it…

He then hits a button and indicates a door on the left hand side. You quickly follow him through the door and down a hallway. He unlocks another door and walks into a room with the holding cell that is holding Sweet Pea and a couple of other Serpents you know from school.

“Hey Sweet Pea your girlfriend is here to save the day.”

Sweet Pea turns around in obvious confusion before his eyes land on you.

“What the fu-?”

“I know! I know you told me not to do this Sweets but I really didn’t have much of a choice…” you cut him off and send him a meaningful look.

“Since when are you hooking up with (F/N) (L/N)?” asks one of the guys.

“None of your damn business.” Sweet Pea says through grit teeth before turning his gaze back to you. His stare is intense and untrustworthy. You can see the tension in his shoulders, he doesn’t know why you’re here and he doesn’t trust you. His eyes never leave yours as he sticks his cuffed hands through the bars to be unlocked.

You look down to the floor in nervousness as you heard the clank of the lock and the squeak of the cell door as it opens.

“Babe! You didn’t have to come get me! I know you worry, but I would have been fine!” He says as he walks up and pulls you into a hug. To anyone else it would be affectionate. A boyfriend hugging his girlfriend after a long day.

“The fuck are you doing here?” The question is sharp and full of hidden promises you don’t want to think about.

“I found your sister as she was walking home.” He pulls back and looks into your eyes with a serious intensity you’ve never experienced before. This boy is a wolf and you can practically feel him ready himself to strike.

“How’s Gumdrop? Not worried I hope?” The smile on his lips is boyish in nature, but there is a hidden edge to it.

“She’s fine,” you say with a disarming smile, “She’s really excited to see you. Are you ready to go?”

You pull out of his arms and turn toward the door and Sweet Pea follows behind, you can hear the heavy footfalls of his boots on the floor. The thump sounds more like impending doom now and you’re wondering if this is such a good idea.

You wordlessly walk towards your car and unlock it, you would have laughed at watching Sweet Pea scrunch to fit into your tiny car if the situation wasn’t full of unanswered questions and unexpected reactions.

“Listen (L/N) I know you aren’t stupid enough to be threatening my baby sister right now…” he starts the second you two are in the car.

Your eyes widen in unrestrained horror “NO! Not at all! I found her getting harassed by some assholes as she was walking home and stepped in!” you indicating the bandaged cuts on your arms as proof.

His eyes dart down to you arm and he gently takes one in his large hands to examine it.

“Who the fuck did this?” His voice is eerily calm as he continues to look down at your arm.

“The Ghoulies,” you whisper and wince a moment later as he slams his hand on your dash before his hands go to his hair.

“Did they hurt Gumdrop?” His voice is a forced calm as he continues to hold his head in his hands as if he’s afraid of the answer.

“No, I stepped in before anything could happen to her. I don’t know what they were planning but I refused to let them hurt her.”

You watched as the tension leaked from his body as he tossed his head back running his fingers back through his already disheveled hair.

“Why are you doing this?” he asks turning back to look at you.

“Are you serious?! Some asshole Ghoulies were harassing a little girl on the side of the road. No way in hell I’m just going to stand by and watch that happen.”

A surprised smirk slides across his face as he looks down at his hands and shakes his head in something like disbelief.

“Where is she now?”

“My house… I didn’t want to take her back to your place in case the Ghoulies know where you live and tried something since they knew you weren’t home. I’m assuming that’s why they tried something to begin with.”

“That was smart,” he says with a nod.

“Tell that to my mother…” you say in derision as you put the keys in the ignition and start the car. He just snorts in amusement before letting a slight smile slid onto his lips.

“Is your bike still at the school? I can take you to pick it up then we can head to my place to pick up Gumdrop?”

“Yeah that works,” he says before he turns his head to look out the window.

“I’ll pay you back for that by the way…” he says tossing his head to indicate the bail money.

“Oh! Yeah… Whenever you can is fine! No rush….” you say calmly as you keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. This is awkward…

“And thanks for… taking care of Gumdrop… you know… not everyone would have done that.”

You glance at him before you lick your lips and answer, “Maybe they should… Less things might be wrong with the world if we showed people kindness every once in a while.

He bit out a harsh laugh, “You sure you’re from around here?”

You roll your eyes and shrug, “I’m not delusional, I know that’s not how things are, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do what I can when I can.”

“Whatever you say babydoll.”

“Babydoll?” you ask your voice dripping with dry annoyance.

“What?! It suits you!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more offended in my life… And I had to listen to that Deputy go on and on about bad boys and good girls.”

“What?” he asks with an incredulous look.

“I don’t know… something about bad boys getting good girls to do their bidding or something like that…”

He sends you sly smirk, “Well it’s not entirely false…”

You glance over in enough time to see his raise his eyebrows at you suggestively.  

You frown in annoyance, “I didn’t do this for you, I did this for Gumdrop. She doesn’t deserve to have her brother in jail.”

“Oh… I’m going to have so much fun with you…”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”

“You’ll see Babydoll…”

You pull up next to a row of bikes that have yet to be claimed by their owners.

“Get out… I’m regretting my decisions more and more by the minute.”

“You love this…” he says with a shiteating grin.

You turn and shoot him your most intimidating, which wasn’t much to him if the way his smile got wider was any indication, glare that you could muster.

“Get out before I slam your head into my dashboard…” you grumble the threat mockingly.

He holds up his hands in surrender before giving you a boyish smile and getting out of your car.  


You pull into your driveway with Sweet Pea following close behind you. Almost the moment you cut the engine the front door swings open and Gumdrop comes running towards her brother.

“Gummy Bear!” you hear Sweet Pea yell as he grabs his sister up in his arms and hugs her tightly to his chest while twirling her around. She giggles and squeals in delight before he sets her down and she rushes over to you throwing her arms happily around your waist. You’re a little aback by the gesture and awkwardly hug her back.

She beams up at you, “Thanks for getting my brother for me, and chasing away the bad men. They were scary… and not nice at all.”

“Anytime kid,” you say with a smile while ruffling her hair.

You glance over at the way Sweet Pea has tensed up at the mention of the earlier events. You can tell it really bothers him that he wasn’t there for his sister.

“Hey Pea?” Gumdrop asks glancing over at her brooding brother.

“Yeah, Gummy Bear?”

“(Y/N)’s mommy said we could stay for dinner. Can we?!”

You hold back a smile at the puppy dog eyes she’s sending Sweet Pea’s way. Watching the big bad Serpent Sweet Pea wrapped around the tiny finger of his baby sister is definately the highlight of your night. Sweet Pea puts his hands on his hips and hangs his head, almost as if he trying to avoid Gumdrop and her puppy eyes. He fails.

“We shouldn’t bother them anymore Drop… “

“But she said!!!”

“Sweet Pea I’m sure it’s fine.” you interject to show him some mercy.

“SEE!! (Y/N) says its fine! She likes me and she wants to eat dinner with me!”

“Does she now? Did she say that?”

“She didn’t have to!” You let out a laugh at the sassy 11 year old in front of you and almost lose it when she sticks her tongue out at Sweet Pea. Then she grabs your hand and starts to pull you to the house.


“Come on Sweet Pea!” you call over your shoulder, “You’ve lost this round.”

“Yeah… Yeah… I’m coming…”

You can’t help but snicker at his reluctance as he follows you into the house. Never in a million years would you think you would be having dinner Sweet Pea and his sister. I guess that just goes to show you that you never know what’s going to happen.

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Truth Comes Out.

Truth Come Out.


Sweet Pea x Reader.

Requested by: @hyenahahahabitch

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a ask for sweet pea where the reader and him have been going out for a while. Then he finds out that her dad and mom are working for the Lodge’s so that means the reader was to but she didn’t want to and that’s why she ran away and her father was abusive but she never told the serpents, so they find out and kick her out for being a traitor but really she wasn’t. They don’t find out till they see her bruised at school.

Warnings: MAJOR WARNINGS: physical abuse, cursing, heavy stuff, angst with a semi happy ending. Also idk how exactly Serpents kick out their own.


It hurt to walk, it even hurt to breathe, and right now you couldn’t even do anything, because the second, your father finds out the family’s secret was known, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. But it was getting harder and harder to keep up in hiding all your bruises, from the Serpents, and even harder to hide the main secret that would cost you, your boyfriend and friends.

You hated your family, you hated that they were working along side with Lodge’s like their little bitch. You hated that you had to be quiet about everything. You were desperate to find a way out, to escape the hell you lived in. But how? How can you get out of there, escape without letting losing your life.

“Y/N? Are you listening?” Jughead said, snapping you out of your daze.

“Babe? Are you okay? You’ve been spaced out a lot lately.” Sweet Pea said, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” you said, giving them a fake smile. Everyone just nodded, but it was only Jughead that didn’t seem to buy it. The bell rang, and the Serpents began to make their way out.

“Y/N, can I talk to you?” Jughead called. You mentally let out curses and kissed Sweet Pea goodbye, as he left, following Toni and Fangs. You turned to Jughead and gave him a small smile.

“Jug, you wanted to talk to me?” you asked.

Jughead nodded. “You’re hiding something. And are you sure that you’re really okay, because sometimes I would catch you flinching, and holding onto your ribs.”

You made sure that you held no emotion. “I’m find Jughead. You worry too much, you know that.” you teased him.

“I’m serious, Y/N.” Jughead said.

You rolled your eyes, and started to make your way out. “I’m serious too Jug, nothing’s going on with me.” You snarled and left.

Jughead just narrowed his eyes, he noticed that you left your phone behind, which confused him, since you have your actual phone in your hand. Curious, he grabbed the phone, and thinking about returning it back to you, but a text message stopped him and made him freeze up in the room.

“Shit.” was all Jughead said.

The day carried on, and you noticed that all day you haven seen or heard from Sweet Pea, Jughead, Fangs or Toni, but you didn’t bother to even wonder why exactly you haven’t seen much of them because your only concern was making it through the day, without wincing, or passing out of pain.

Finally arriving to class, you decided to feel around for your other phone, with your family business to check if you had anything to do today, but you came empty handed, when you remembered you left in the room of the club, letting out small curses you knew that your cover was blown up already.

After school ended, you headed straight home, you knew that you were gonna get the worst beating of your life. You knew that the second you confessed to your dad about losing the business phone, shit was gonna hit the fan.

“I’m sorry!” You yelled, sobbing now, but that didn’t stop the hard kick you received to your stomach.

“You pathetic little bitch, you lost the damn phone that held major top secrets!” your father yelled, as he grabbed your hair to pull you up. You let out a small yelp, you bit your lip to keep from crying so it wouldn’t get more worse, but your father heard and slapped your across your cheek.

“I have the phone locked, even if someone found it, they wouldn’t be able to access it!” You said desperately, trying to get out of your father’s grip. “Dad, I have to go, I have a Serpent’s meeting to go to.”

Your dad just let out a growl and threw you to the floor. “I don’t care about that, what I care is that you find that phone, right away or you will pay.” he snarled. You just nodded, he gave your one last hard kick and left.

Finally, you decided to get up and get ready to head to the meeting. You made sure that your makeup hid your bruises, and your clothing hid all your bruises and scars, before making your way to the bar.

Arriving, you took swallowed pain killers, you made your way inside the White Wyrm, just wanting to forget your day, and the pain after going through more beatings from your father. You let out a small wince as you tried to walk, before you can take more steps, you were suddenly yanked by Toni, and your breath hitched.  

“She’s here!” she snarled loudly, you looked up and saw many glaring at you, your bottom lip began to tremble, and closed your eyes as tears began to roll down your cheek, you let out a small cry of pain when Toni threw you to the floor.

Sweet Pea leaned down to pick you up, jaw clenched. “How could Y/N?” he snarled.

“I had too.” you whispered to him. “I had too.”

Sweet Pea just scoffed and turned your around to face FP, who looked at you in pure disappointment and betrayal. You bit lips to keep from fully sobbing, you desperately looked into his eyes, begging him to not let you go.

He walked up to you. “You betrayed us, Y/N.” he said.

“Please.” You begged. But FP shook his head, your eyes went to meet Hogeye and you desperately called for his help, but you knew he couldn’t help you at all. He gave you a sympathetic look and left. You looked back to Fangs, and Jughead who stood behind FP.

They held blank expressions, you looked down, and wiped away your tears, smudging your powder. Fangs noticed the dark red hand print on your cheek and he frowned.

“What’s the fifth serpent law!” FP yelled.

“A serpent never betrays his own!” the others yelled.

Finally you looked back up at them, with a blank expression, with small bits of your bruises showing, FP noticed a bit, but he decided to ignore it and continued on. “Y/N, you have betrayed us! Siding with the Lodges, helping them close down Southside, trying to sell the trailer park, from this point on, you’re no longer a Serpent, turn in your jacket.”

Loud yells were hear all around, you just stared down FP, still pleading him with your eyes. But he wouldn’t budge, so with a small nod, you took off your jacket, Sweet Pea holding out his hand to retrieve it, as you took it off, your shirt slid down a bit, showing bits of your scars and bruises.

He looked at you, but you ignored him, you handed him over you jacket, and look straight at FP, he walked up to you, and gripped your arm, you let out a small wince, but then your clear expression, and allowed him to take you outside, you both got on his truck, and took off.

The first few minutes of the ride was silent, until you finally spoke up. “If I die tonight, just know that I love you and everyone else, and I didn’t mean to betray you all.” you said, looking out the window.

FP froze. “What are you talking about, Y/N. I’m not killing you.”

“I know you aren’t, but I know someone who is.” You replied.

“Why are you even working with them?” FP asked.

You just shrugged, and gripped the handle on the truck. “Because I was ordered to do so, if I don’t they’ll kill me.” was all you said, and opened the door. You jumped out the truck, and heard FP’s truck skid to stop, but you just got back up, and ran away, ignoring his yells

You made your way back home, breathing hard, it took you about hour to make it back to your house, thankfully not getting stopped by the Ghoulies, you rushed into your home, and just as you entered, your dad grabbed you by the throat.

“Did you find it?” he snarled.

You let out a small whimper, and shook your head no. “I couldn’t.” you tried to breathe out.

Your dad let out loud growl threw you the ground. “You useless little bitch.” he sneered, you saw him grab the kitchen knife, and you tried to back away. “Tonight, you’re gonna learn. But don’t worry, I can’t kill you yet, not until you get me that phone.”

You let out a small whimper and let out a huge cry when the knife slid across your skin. For the rest of the night, your dad alternated in slicing your skin and beating you.


“Has anyone heard from Y/N?” Jughead said, as he reached the others.

“What are talking about Jughead?” Toni said, rolling her eyes, still angry about your betrayal. “Y/N isn’t our concern anymore.”

“I’m serious, my dad called me last night saying that Y/N jumped out of the truck, panicking about her possibly dying last night.” Jughead said.

That made everyone freeze. “What the hell does that mean, Jones?” Sweet Pea snarled at him, Jughead just shrugged. Sweet took out his phone and dialed your number, but let out a series of curses, when it went to voicemail.

“What did Y/N say, what did she mean about possibly dying?” Fangs asked, turning to Jughead, trying to his best to remain calm.

“My dad said, that she was being ordered to work for them, that if she didn’t do it, they’ll kill her, and we don’t know if she meant her parents, or the Lodges.” Jug explained.

“Screw classes, let’s go find Y/N.” Toni said, already making her way outside, they all followed her, and just as they were about to get on their motorcycles, when they saw you stumble towards the school building.

“Oh my god, it’s Y/N.” Jughead yelled, rushing over to you. “Y/N! Y/N/N!”

The rest ran behind Jughead. You stopped and looked up their way, swaying in your spot, as they got closer, they all saw the bruises and scars on your arms, and face, that you didn’t even bother hiding them today, since you couldn’t even move without letting out a small cry.

“Jug.” you slurred, still swaying.

“Toni call my dad, call him now!” Jug ordered, Sweet Pea’s heart started to race when he saw you fall he rushed to your side, and tried to hold you, but you let out a hiss of pain, and fell back on him. Fangs noticed blood, bleeding through your shirt.

“She’s bleeding.” Fangs said, taking off his jacket, and then his flannel, to put pressure on your wounds. He lifted up your shirt, and his breath hitched, that caught the rest of your friend’s attention. Everyone turned to him, and then looked down at your stomach that look sliced.

“Shit, shit, fuck, we gotta take Y/N to the hospital, we gotta go.” Sweet Pea urged, Jughead nodded, and ran off, Fangs just desperately put the pressure on your stomach. You looked up at Sweet Pea, and gave him a smile.

“I love you.” you slurred out, trying to reach to him, but let out a small cry of pain.

“Shh baby, we’re gonna get you help. stay still” Sweet Pea told you, caressing your face, but you just gave him a loopy smile.

“Tell everyone that I love them.” you slurred.

Sweet Pea let out a small sniff. “No baby, you can’t say that to us right now, you aren’t leaving us.” he said, but you just gave him another loopy smile, and kept whispering how much you love them all.

Fangs let out small cry, while Toni just cried on the phone, pacing as she talked to FP, and Sweet Pea just kept reassuring you, and keeping you awake. Just as Jughead came with a truck, you passed out, the last thing hearing were the desperate cries of Sweet Pea and Fangs.


“So, they arrest Y/N’s parents?” was the first thing you heard.

The next thing you heard was the heart monitor, beeping. A small groan left your lips, and you slowly opened your eyes. “Babe?”

You winced a the bright eyes, and closed them back again. “I’ll turn the lights down low.” You heard someone else say. Then all of the sudden the memories of getting beaten up and sliced by your dad, and you sat up, the heart monitor starting to beep like crazy.

“Y/N/N, sweetheart, it’s okay, you’re okay, you’re safe.” You heard FP say. You turned to him and buried your face in his chest.

“I tried to get away, but he kept going, he was gonna-” you sobbed out. FP just held you tighter and placed a kissed on your hair.

“You’re safe okay, I’ll keep you safe.” FP promised.

“I’m sorry.” You sobbed even harder.

“It’s alright, we get it, we get why you did it.” FP whispered. You just nodded and relaxed in his embrace, FP laid you back down, but your grip tighten and he motioned for Sweet Pea. “Sweetie, I have to go sign some papers, but Sweet Pea is here, and so is Jughead, they’ll take care of you.”

You nodded reluctantly, and saw Sweet Pea making his way over to you, you let FP go. “Pea.” you whispered.

Sweet Pea just laid next to you, and pulled you closer to him. “I thought I lost you, God Y/N, is this why you were always wincing, and acting shady?” he asked. You nodded and he let out a huge sigh. “We’re sorry baby, this should never happened to you.”

“But it did.” You said, watching Jughead as he sat next to you, he grabbed your hand, and placed against his cheek after placing a soft kiss. “But I got you guys now right? I’m not going back to that house?”

“No, you’ll never go back to that house.” Jughead replied.

You nodded and relaxed even more. “Good.” you whispered, closing your eyes. “Good.” Sweet Pea and Jughead just let out a small breath of relief, and just before you fell back to sleep, you gave them a soft smile. “Thanks for saving me.”


idk if I did okay with this, my emotions tend to freeze when it comes to topics like these.  Idk..


Sweet Pea: This movie is stupid.

Y/N: It’s not they’re soalmates, can you even imagine loving someone that much?

*smiles at you*

Sweet Pea: I don’t have to imagine.

Y/N: aaaw Sweet Pe-

Sweet Pea: I’ve known fangs for like my whole life.