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Beating Sweet Pea in a game of pool after letting him win for months.

Is this shit? Probably
“I’m gonna kick your ass” Sweet Pea would say, topping it off with a cheesy kiss on the forehead.
“You wish”. The words would slip out of your mouth instinctively, and his ego would be boosted.
And then he’d win, and you’d just watch him with love in your eyes, caring more about him being all happy that beating him at a game of pool. But that ended today. It has been a tradition for you to play every Friday night, and it also kind of became a tradition for him to win. Not that you had a problem with that, but recently you got a few reasons to believe it has gotten into his head.

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It’s been two and a half months since Sweet Pea and Isabelle had broken up. Two and a half months of not feeling his touch, hearing his voice whisper her name, no smelling his signature scent of Old Spice, no helping him gel his hair and messing it up.

Two and a half months ago Isabelle was in a bad place. She felt isolated from everything and every one, like no one was there for her and no one wanted to be. That included Sweet Pea. He’d felt distant, so far that when they were together, she could reach her hand across the room and still not be anywhere near him.

Since then, she had begun to learn the basics of yoga, study healing crystal stones, focus on keeping her room plants thriving, and even writing her own stories.

Isabelle tried her best to avoid him at school. Even though it was a mutual end-of-relationship, she wasn’t comfortable being around him, even in their classes. It wasn’t like she was very close with any of the Serpents, but she missed Toni and Fangs. Though the both of them had clarified that she was always welcome to hang out with them.

Eventually, Isabelle was cast upon the crowds of Southside High as a loner. A loner was also the term that described her before Sweet Pea had Swept her off her feet. Eating in the library, detesting partner projects, walking alone in the hallways.

She did her best to avoid conflict between Serpents and Ghoulies alike, but it was almost as if they pitied her, and so they treated her like she was invisible. Isabelle wasn’t sure if that satisfied her or not.

It was a Friday morning before summer break, the last day she would have to walk past Sweet Pea in the halls until September. Isabelle pushed herself to get a shower and get dressed, choosing her favourite high waisted black skirt, and tucking in a white t-shirt. She slid on her black ankle boots and tied her long blonde hair up into a pony with a white scunchie. Yes, Isabelle thought to herself, I’ll go for my usual black and white aesthetic today.

School dragged on and on and by lunchtime, Isabelle felt the need to follow everyone else, and skip the last two classes. Everyone usually left, it’s just the fact that Isabelle didn’t know what she’d do if she actually skipped. After the bell that signalled the beginning of lunch rang, she made her way to the library and grabbed a couple of novels to take home for the summer before the librarian could notice.

She sneakily snuck them into her bag and then slyly backed out of the library, and by large mistake, into the back of someone who was standing right near the doorway.

“Watch where you’re going, fuckface.” came a growl. Isabelle turned to see that it was in fact, Sweet Pea. “Iz, sorry. You’re not a fuckface. I expected some prick that was looking to get his teeth smashed.”

“No fuckface here, just me, on a stealth mission from the library.” she shrugged, a nervous smile on her lips.

“As usual. Did you just steal books to read over summer break?” Sweet Pea asked, raising a brow.

“How did you know?” she asked, pretending to be shocked.

“I just know Isabelle Miller.” he gave a shrug.

Isabelle sighed. “And here I was, thinking I had changed so much in the last two and a half months that you wouldn’t even recognize me anymore.”

“That’s impossible, Iz. Hey, a bunch of us are meeting at the Wyrm right now for a few drinks. Want to come get a buzz on? End of school celebrations.” The tall boy grinned.

This could go one way, or another. Isabelle could choose to go home, curl up with one of her stolen books and a cup of tea, or she could tag along with the Riverdale misfits for some drinks. Well, it is summer.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll meet you there.” she decided, immediately regretting it.

“Great, I’ll save you a seat at our table.” Sweet Pea gave her a wave and took off down the hallway, reconnecting with his group of friends.

After Isabelle was finished kicking herself in the teeth for giving in, she walked down the road to the Whyte Wyrm to meet her ex and his friends. That didn’t sound stupid or anything. In order to avoid backing out due to her anxiousness, she focused on the clicking of her heels against the pavement until she reached the Whyte Wyrm, pulling open the heavy door and making her way into the smell of cigarettes, joints and alcohol. The seventies music played in the background, bass thrumming and the crowds voices overpowering the song.

Isabelle spotted Sweet Pea sitting at a round table next to Fangs and Toni. Figuring she would only get carded and turned away for ordering a drink, she decided to just go sit without an alcoholic beverage to hold on to.

Fangs and Toni looked up as Isabelle approached the table from behind Sweet Pea, and they waved. “Hey, stranger!!” Toni called, clearly already on the booze. Sweet Pea automatically jumped up and pulled out a chair for Isabelle.

“Hey.” she replied over the music, and then nodded in thanks to Sweet Pea. “Always a gentleman.” she smiled.

“Of course.” Sweet Pea nodded back.

“Hey, Iz. Have a beer.” Fangs grabbed an unopened bottle out of his bag. Isabelle gladly accepted, knowing that the operators at the Wyrm didn’t care if you drank, you just couldn’t be sold their liquor.

“Thanks, Fangs. Get ready, it’s been a while.” Isabelle grinned and grabbed the bottle opener from Sweet Pea, flicking off the cap and taking a swig like it was orange juice.

“She’s still got it!” Toni applauded, and Isabelle pretended to bow. The pink haired girl scooted her chair closer to Isabelle’s. “I’ve missed you so much.” she wrapped her arms around Isabelle.

“Aw, T. I’ve been lacking some vitamin pink in my life.” she responded, causing Toni to burst out laughing.

“Fangs! Take me to the jukebox. I need some Led Zeppelin up in here!” Toni jumped up, as did Fangs and Isabelle watched as the two slightly tipsy Serpents made their way to the large sound system.

“Thanks for coming, Iz.” Sweet Pea said over the music, taking a drink of his own beer.

Isabelle shrugged. “It’s not like I had anything better to do.” she replied, smiling. “I missed it here.” There was once a time when the group of four had spent many an evening at the Wyrm, playing pool, dancing, getting very, very drunk.

“I missed you. I mean, we all missed you.” Sweet Pea was quick to cover up, running a hand through his hair before falling to his chest, twirling around his dog tags.

Isabelle didn’t have a chance to reply, as Toni and Fangs soon came back. The afternoon soon turned to evening, and one beer for Isabelle soon turned to six. The four were all burning out and decided to take off home.

“Thanks for the great time, guys. Need to do it again soon!” Isabelle told the group, while they all clambered out the door from the Wyrm.

“Anytime Iz, you’re my favourite and I love you.” a drunk Toni kissed her cheek, pulling back and giving her a wink. “Fangs! My noble steed. Whisk me home.” after saying goodbye to Sweet Pea and Isabelle, Fangs hauled Toni up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“I’ll walk you home.” Sweet Pea smiled down to Isabelle.

“I can walk myself home, thank you very much.” Isabelle replied, causing Sweet Pea to chuckle. he could always hold his liquor better than her.

“Not in those heels, Princess.” Sweet Pea grabbed the bag she had slung over her shoulder which was weighing her down. He then wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her steady as they walked up the road. “Hey, what I said earlier about missing you, I actually meant it. I always see you alone at school, alone walking, alone everywhere and I feel like that’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault, Pea. I’m like a living organism that doesn’t need to travel in a pack.” she shrugged, doting on his words. Isabelle never really thought about this. “I miss you too.”

It seemed as though Sweet Pea didn’t know how to reply, and the two walked in silence until they reached Isabelle’s driveway. “Come around again, will you? We always need a fourth for pool.” he returned the bag to her shoulder, leaving goosebumps where he touched her.

“Yeah, of course. Just text me.” she smiled up to the boy who first held her heart. He smiled back, and a moment later he wrapped his arms around her, pulling Isabelle against his chest. Her old safe space. She wrapped her own arms around his waist, breathing in the old smell of him. A second later, he pulled back far enough to catch her lips in a kiss, and Isabelle was surprised to find herself kissing back.

Sparks flew as once was a burnt out flame reignited.

A/N: A new story again about Sweet Pea! He’s a huge muse for me. I’m super excited to get into this story, I can’t wait to keep sharing! Constructive criticism is welcome of course! xo B



quiet mercy | wip (ch 1/?) 2975 words

rating: M
characters: fred andrews, fp jones, archie andrews (more to come) 
warnings: past drug use, psychological trauma, drug addiction, references to conversion therapy 

Everybody in this town has secrets. Fred’s spent his whole life burying his, putting them safely away under lock and key. Somewhere no one can ever find them, least of all himself.

Of course, some of them had gotten out when they shouldn’t have. Like the DUI. Or his inability to pace himself with the prescription they gave him after the shooting. But then there are those that run even deeper. The ones that can never, never come to light.

Like how it wasn’t his first time.

And where he spent the summer of 91.

Beanies and Negotiations (Part 4)

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Anon requests: can you continue the beanies and negotiations series !!! it’s great btw i really wanna see where it goes !!

please beanies and negotiations part 4 it’s sooo good

Could you PLEASE do a part 4 of Beanies and negotiations?? It’s so good and I love your writing!

Part 4!

could please do a part 4 for beanies and negotiations it’s sooo good ! love your blog btw

A part four would be aWESOME

Beanies and negotiations part 4??

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say we want more of Beanies and Negotiations!!!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A flash to the past and a flash to the future

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,161

A/N: ok, I’m gonna be honest with you guys: I did not want to make a 4th part.  I had written the 3rd part hoping it would give you guys enough closure, but you requested more.  Now that I’ve written it, I couldn’t be happier with this ending.  Enjoy!!

(Y/N), Betty, and Archie were running around, playing in the park.  Their giggles resonated through the neighborhood, all the people down the street able to hear the children perfectly.  Archie’s dad sat on a bench, supervising them from afar.  He smiled at the three kids, happy to see his son so content with his friends.  Suddenly, (Y/N) halted, interrupting their game of tag.

“Look over there,” she said, pointing her finger.  She was pointing at another kid who appeared to be their age, scrawny and alone.  He sat on a swing and stared down at his shoes. There was a grey beanie perched on his head, but it was much too big on him.

“(Y/N),” Betty hissed, “my mom said it’s rude to point.”  

“Fine,” (Y/N) replied, putting her finger down.  “I won’t point.”  Instead, she marched over to the lonesome boy.  His head snapped up when he heard footsteps approaching him.  “Hi,” she greeted him.

“Hi,” he replied, looking puzzled as to why this girl was talking to him.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“That’s a funny name,” she laughed, but she noticed his angered face and stopped.  “I’m (Y/N).”  Jughead nodded.  “How old are you, Jughead?”

“I’m four,” he replied, sticking out his hand to show the number on his fingers.  (Y/N) beamed.

“I’m four, too!” Jughead smiled at her and the two children fell into a small silence.  Finally, (Y/N) broke it when she asked, “Why are you alone?”

“My sister is sick,” he responded, slouching.  “So now I have no one to play with.”

“You can play with us!” (Y/N) offered, pointing at her two friends who were watching from afar. Jughead’s face lit up.

“Really?” he asked, jumping off the swing.  (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically.

“Really!  And then we can all be best friends.”  She grabbed his hand and led him over to Archie and Betty. “Archie, Betty, this is Jughead.”

“Hi,” Betty smiled, sticking out her hand.  Jughead tentatively shook it.  “I’m Betty.”

“And I’m Archie,” he waved. Jughead waved back.  The children quickly resumed their game of tag, this time, Jughead joining them.  They played for hours until the sky began to darken, Riverdale turning orange under the sunset’s light.

“Kids!” Archie’s dad called out, standing up from the bench.  “It’s time to go.”  The four kids exchanged bittersweet smiles, waving goodbye to their newfound friend.

After that day, Betty, Archie, and (Y/N) started begging to go to the park every day from dawn till dusk. The four of them soon became attached at the hip, and you could not see one person without the other three close behind.  Soon, all of Riverdale grew fond of the tight-knitted friend group.

Two years later, the four inseparable friends found themselves in Archie’s backyard.  Their shrieks of delight filled Mr. Andrews, who was watching from inside the kitchen, with warmth.  They had just grown bored of a game of hide-and-seek, and while Betty and Archie just sat in the grass, Jughead and (Y/N) continued to chase each other around.  Suddenly, Jughead stopped, causing (Y/N) to turn around.  He took off his beanie and, grinning madly, got down on one knee. Betty and Archie gasped as they ran over to watch.

“(Y/N),” Jughead started, holding out his beaning like a ring, “will you marry me?”  (Y/N) beamed as she stared at her best friend.  She took the beanie from his hands and placed it on her head, then helped Jughead stand up.

“We’re much too young to get married, Juggie,” she responded, and Jughead deflated.  “But-” he perked up, “ask me again when we’re eighteen and I’ll say yes.”

“You promise?” Jughead asked, holding out his pinky.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded, hooking her pinky with his.

“Pinky promise.”

Flash forward twelve years, after the first proposal and Jason Blossom’s death.  Past the beanie incident and the flannel, jacket, and sweater incidents.  After the kiss at Pop’s, and many more that happened after that night.

Twelve years after Jughead proposed to (Y/N) with a grey beanie, they graduated.  Through the years, their friend group grew to include others, such as Kevin and Veronica.  After the graduation ceremony, they went to the Lodge’s house for a celebration.  The party was in full swing: music blasting from the speakers, snacks filling up tables, and graduated high school students dancing everywhere.  (Y/N) had managed to get Jughead on the dance floor, both of them laughing at each other’s lack of dancing skills.  She wore his grey beanie and a wide grin.

The party began to die down, everyone growing tired after their long day.  Most people were sitting on the couch, quietly chatting amongst themselves.  (Y/N) sat on Jughead’s lap as they both conversed with Betty and Veronica. Suddenly, Jughead got up from under (Y/N).

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?” he yelled, successfully silencing the guests.  “Thank you.  Now if you didn’t happen to already know this, (Y/N) and I have been together for quite a while.”  Everyone in the room chuckled.  (Y/N) looked up at Jughead with a puzzled smile.

“What are you doing, Juggie?” she whispered, although everyone was able to hear her.  Jughead winked at her and continued.

“But something most of you probably didn’t know is that I proposed to (Y/N).”  The crowd gasped dramatically, and Jughead smirked.  “When we were six.”  Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed.  Jughead grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and made her stand up with him.  “And she said no!  Something about how we were too young,” he scoffed, and she giggled. “But she did promise me she’d say yes one day.  When we were eighteen, in fact.”  He got down on one knee, and everyone gasped, including (Y/N).  

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath, her hands covering her mouth in shock.  Tears began to cloud her eyes.

“(Y/N),” Jughead began, fishing around in his pocket.  “I have loved you since the day I proposed to you.  For a long time after that, I thought we were just friends, and I thought that you liked it that way.  And it took me a long while to realize it, but with the help of some of our friends-” Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin shared a smirk, “I realized that we were meant to be more.  Now, I’m gonna try this again, and I’m hoping this time you’ll say yes.  Because, you know, you pinky promised you would when we were six.”  Jughead pulled out a small box and opened it, revealing a beautiful, sparkling ring.  “(Y/N),” he asked, eyes full of hope, “will you marry me?”

(Y/N) couldn’t speak. She gleefully nodded, attempting to wipe some of the tears off her face.

“Yes,” she finally managed to choke out, laughing.  “Yes, of course, Juggie.”  The whole room burst into cheers, and Jughead shot up, placed the ring on (Y/N)’s finger, and kissed her.

Betty turned to Veronica, smiles plastered on both of their faces, and whispered, “Thank god for that beanie.”


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A/N: I fought through some wicked writer’s block for this (apologies in advance for if it’s not great) so I hope I can get properly back on track now I’ve forced myself out of my rut 

Request: Archie x River vixen!reader where they make out in Freds truck and he catches them.

Word Count: 1,682

Warnings:There’s some heavy duty smooching involved.

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The One with All the Kissing (Sweet Pea x Reader)

Summary: Pretty much exactly what the request says, first fic in my Southside Serpents as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series.

Word Count: 1184

Request: “You know Friends the tv show? Well how about this. A Sweet Pea imagine where the reader and him have a secret relationship and one day he gets up to leave and forgets that they aren’t alone and kisses her. But everyone is like THE DITTLY FUCK WAS THAT. So he proceeds to kiss everyone.”

Author’s Note: Thanks for the person who requested and @arielle-mari for ideas!  This is like my favorite scene in all of Friends, so I hope you enjoy it!



You rested your head on the dingy couch and took another sip of your beer.  It was starting to get late, and it was a school night, but none of you wanted to leave the Whyte Wyrm yet.  A bunch of kids had just been initiated, and everyone was having too good of a time.  You were sitting on the couch next to Sweet Pea, a careful few inches of space between you.  Ever since you’d started dating, you’d both been hyper-aware of your behavior when you were together.  The last thing you needed was for everyone to know, especially after Toni had made everyone swear off friend-group dating after a particularly awkward game of truth or dare.  

You hadn’t tried to get together—it just kind of happened.  The two of you had been friends since you were kindergarten together that Southside Elementary, so when the River Vixen he’d been enamored with broke his heart at the beginning of senior year, you were there for him.  A few late-night Pop’s trips later, you found yourself making out in the parking lot behind the diner.  It was exhilarating until you remembered that you had all sworn not to date.

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Kitchen Favours

Jughead x Reader
No one asked for this, but I’ve had this idea in my head for ages so thought it was finally time to let it out into the world.
Prompt: Y/N and Jughead work at Pop’s together. Cheryl winds up Y/N which leads to a heated moment between Jughead and Y/N.
Warnings: Strong smut themes 

Originally posted by bettytail

“You know you don’t have to stay with me” you smile, setting down the waitress pad on the kitchen counter next to you. You lean your hip on the counter as you stare at Jughead, an apron still tied around his waist. Since the Drive-In closes Pop’s offered Jughead a job here, just a couple of nights a week, the odd weekend. He spend half of his life here anyway, Pop’s just thought he might as well make some money at the same time. 

You had been working at Pop’s for around a year now. You were the one who trained Jughead, not that the place was complicated at all. He’d even started to cook some of the food, helping out the chefs from time to time, like tonight, he was covering for the Thursday night chef.
“And what would you do if you got a order in?” he asks, raising his eyes in a cocky manner towards you, setting down a spatula on the counter next to you.
“I’m sure I can manage to flip a burger and cook a few fries” you smirk back, laughing at his confidence. When Jughead joined it was the first time you had ever spoken to each other. Sure, you had seen him around school, hanging with Archie Andrews and Betty Copper, but the two of you had never needed to speak to each other, or even acknowledge each others existence until a couple of weeks ago. Since then the two of you had create a little friendship based on flirty jokes which the both of you knew meant absolutely nothing.
“Are you calling my job easy?” He smirks back, taking a step closer to me. He stops at the counter, leaning himself against it as he looks down at me.
“I’m saying you shouldn’t underestimate me” I say with a wink, making him smirk even more. His head so close to mine as a piece of dark hair falls into his eyes, shading his already dark eyes.

“Anyway” I sigh, breaking away from the eye contact that neither of us seemed to break. “I was just thinking of you getting home. Won’t Archie and his dad be worried about you? Seeing as you were so careless not to tell them where you were” you tease him. He sighs as he takes a step back from the counter which he was still leaning against.
“Trust me, I think they’ll be fine. Fred is working late and Archie has Veronica round, so don’t think they’ll want disturbing for a while now” he rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner.

It’s at that moment you hear the bell on the door ring, indicating you finally had customers. You walk out to see Cheryl and her minions sat in the booth closest to the kitchen you had just walked out of. You roll your eyes discretely at the sight of them, hoping they hadn’t seen. Placing a fake smile on your face you walk over.
“Hi” you smile politely, pulling out the pen you had balanced behind your ear.
“Look who it is girls” Cheryl gives an unfriendly smirk in your direction as the other two girls look over and start giggling. You look confused for a moment before choosing to ignore them. You tried to ignore the rumours and crap Cheryl often spread around so often. They usually were false, malicious attempts to hurt someone for no reason other then her boredom.
“What can I get you?”
“Tell me, Y/N” Cheryl says, folding her arms as an evil smile spreads across her face like a disease. “What was he like?”
“What was who like?” you ask, drawn into her comments just like she wanted.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh come on Y/N. Everyone knows he took your virginity last night. He’s telling anyone and everyone” she smirks, the other girls laughing.
“That’s… that’s a lie” you stutter.
“Right” they laugh like a pack of hyenas, you their new prey.
“Excuse me” you take a sharp intake of breath before walking back into the kitchen. Throwing your waitress pad back down on the counter as hard as possible, feeling more angry then anything.

“Wow. Y/N what’s wrong?” Jughead asks, his eyes wide from shock at your act.
“Just get rid of them please” you say through gritted teeth, pointing out the door to the restaurant.
“One second” he say, touching your arm gently as he walks out the door to the booth. You hear a mumbling sound before the bell rings on the door and the door slams shut behind them. Jughead cautiously walks back into the kitchen where you were still stood.

“Do you want to tell me what that was all about?” He asks confused, trying not to push too hard as your anger was clear.
“No.” you sigh, breathing deeply. Completely in shock of the moment. Why would they say that? Why would they think you and Moose even slept together in the first place? Unless… Unless Moose said it himself?
“That asshole!” you say to yourself through gritted teeth. You turn to faced Jughead who is still staring at you confused. “Moose is spreading a rumour that he took my virginity”
“Your a virgin?” Jughead jokes, giving a confused look.
“Now is not the time Jug”“
"Sorry. Sorry” he apologises honestly, holding up his hands as if to surrender. “Why would he do that?” he asks, finally walking forward so he was leaning on the counter in front of you. It was only a small kitchen so as the two of us stand there out feet practically touch.
“The idiot asked me out the other day. After everyone found out he was at Sweet-water with Kevin I guess he wanted to make people think that he wasn’t gay. I said no. He’s not my type anyway. The asshole must have got worried about his ego and made up some story about us going out. Which of course involved him taking my virginity” you sigh, tipping your head back too look at the bright lights on the ceiling.
“I’m sorry Y/N” he sighs, reaching over to hold you arm to console you.
“I can’t believe this. No way in a million years would I give my virginity to a jock, last of all Moose” you say with a small laugh, trying to calm yourself down, a little part of your blood still boiling as you think of all the shit you will have to deal with tomorrow.
“I can’t believe your still a virgin” he laughs.
“Ugh.” you groan, feeling the need to explode.
“I really can’t. Y/N your amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have yo-”

“No one seems to get me though Jug. Whenever you tell people it’ll be your first time they always tell you they’ll go slow with you. That your first time is special.” you blurt, taking a step forward due to this sudden wave of anger. “Well how can it be special if it’s just some awkward fumble on a guys couch or in the back of their car. Where’s the heat in that? People think they’re being so romantic in ‘I’ll take it slow with you’ but its not! I want the heat. I want the passion. That’s romantic. No one seem’s to get that.”

Jughead just stand there staring at you, looking you up and down as if tying to take in everything your saying.
“Even if my first time if with some stranger. Or it’s just a pointless one night stand. As long as it is not this typical teen fantasy of first times, I’ll be happy. I just want that fire, you know?” you look at him. His eyes suddenly darker then usual.
“Got it” he smirks, suddenly stepping closer to you, placing his arms under your legs and pushing you onto the kitchen counter behind you. Your head gently knocks the cupboard above the counter as suddenly his lips attach to yours. The breath is knocked out of you as you take in what is happening. His lips work desperately on yours, sucking on your lower lip as his hand cups the back of your neck, the other still placed on your leg, holding you tightly. You moan into the kiss, glad there were no customers tonight to hear the two of you.
His lips start to roam down your face to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.
“Jughead…” you say breathlessly, part of you wanting to ask what was happening, the other part wanting to see what happened next.
You let out a loud moan as he begins to suck on a spot on your neck, sure to leave a mark later. Your hands roam to his head, pushing your hands through his already messy hair, pulling him closer so he smirks against your skin. Your legs wrap around his waist, bringing him in. Your hands pull on his hair as you roll your hips against his, making him moan just as loud.
Quickly his lips press against yours again as his hands roam down to the bottom of your black work t-shirt, pulling desperately on it. You pull your lips away from his and lift your arms as he pulls your shirt over your head, tossing it away on the floor, his lips immediately attaching back on your neck as he roams lower, biting lightly on your shoulder. Your hands finger the bottom of his shirt as you lift it up over his head.
His lips begin to roam lower then your shoulder, biting and sucking on parts of your skin. Your head falls back on the cupboard counter as his hand begins to roam up the inside of your thigh. You moan again as he bites a sensitive spot, his hand sliding further up your thigh. You hear him smirk against your skin as you moan, cocky with how he was giving you everything you craved.
“Shut it Jones” you say breathlessly as one hand slides down his back, the other going to his hair as you pull his head up to meet your, your lips crashing together again in a rush. Finally Jughead’s hand slips to the waistband of your jeans…

“Jughead. Y/N. I’m back” Pop’s shouts as he enters the diner.


Sweet pea being there for you while you’re having a bad day would include:

•You and sweet pea had been texting all during class and even though it was only texting, sweet pea could tell that your tone was off

•when you told him you were having a bad day he practically lost it

•no way was he having you upset

•as soon as he read the text, he blurted out “What?! Damn it!” Everyone looked at him as he stormed out of class but he didn’t care

•he found you by your locker when you should have been in science class

•it was so unlike you to skip a class so sweet pea then realized how upset you were for whatever reason

•he brought you outside and the two of you just started walking away from school, sweet pea trying to get you to speak

•”Do you want to talk about it?”


•After walking for god knows how long, the two of you ended up at pop’s where he treated you to lunch as always

•Instead of sitting across from you, sweet pea sat right next to you, letting you rest your head on his chest while he played with your hair

•When the food came and you claimed that you weren’t even hungry, shit was about to go down

•A Pops milkshake was always the cure to your bad moods, so sweet pea was literally flipping out on the inside, worrying his head off

•In all the years he had known you, he had never seen you so upset before

•Sweet pea got the pop’s to go and the two of you walked back to school where you got on his bike and went back to his trailer

•Sweet pea’s phone was buzzing with texts from toni, fangs and jughead all wondering where he had gone and if he had heard from you as none of them had

•He didn’t answer any of them as he was determined to get you smiling again

•Sweet pea practically dragged you back to his room in the quaint trailer as he plopped down on his bed, patting the empty space next to himself for you to join him

•” You want me to What? Go to sleep?” You teased, trying to lighten your own mood

•”you need to relax. Lie down with me, princess.”

•The two of you were cuddled up on his bed as he started playing with your hair again, doing anything he could to get you to tell him what was going on, just so he could help you as much as he could

•Nothing was working so he started doing what he did best

•And that was making a complete dumb fool of himself

•”did I ever tell you about the time me and fogarty snuck out in the middle of the night wearing dresses?”

•”I was the one who dared the two of you to that.” You scoffed

•literally nothing sweet pea was doing could seem to cheer you up

•Until he finally knew what he could do

•”Here.” He says, tossing you one of his oversized shirts. “Put this On.”


•”Put it on.” He shrugged. “If there’s one way I know to get you feeling better, It’s this. Trust me.”

•”I don’t see how wearing one of your shirts is going to fix my day but okay.”

•Sweet pea came back to his room with a warm cup of tea for you

•After you changed into his shirt and you were all nice and comfy, sweet pea pulled a book out from under his bed

•He pulled the sheets up over your small body next to his even though it was still the afternoon

•Sweet pea brought you in closer- you still had no idea where this was going

•but he started reading

•fucking sweet pea was reading

•the boy had never picked up a single book in his life, but now he just so happened to have a copy of your favourite, the one you were always telling him to read and he disagreed, but he was reading it softly

•your eyes grew tired as he kept on, making subtle jokes about certain things just to get you going cause he loved when you tried to argue with him

•”you’re so cute when you’re angry.” He laughs

•”and you’d be so cute with another black eye. Don’t tease me lover boy.”

•Sweet pea laughed, a smile on his face which made you smile too because neither one of you could go more than an hour without teasing each other

•He kept on reading, practically the whole thing until it got dark out and you were falling asleep to the sound of his voice

•eventually sweet pea fell asleep too, mid way into the book

•The two of you stayed that way for the rest of the night until Toni, fangs and jughead all came to check up on the both of you to find out what had happened

•”are they even here?” Toni asked, eying the living room.

•”Maybe they went somewhere?” Jughead questioned

•Fangs had snuck off to the back on the trailer

•”awww!” Fangs gushed. “Cute.”

•Jughead and Toni came running, the both of them filled with pure softness seeing their big tough serpent bestie cuddled up with you as he held you closely

•”you two aRE SO CUTE!” Fangs whisper yells, cupping his hands around his mouth

•”Fangs!” Toni hisses. “Shut the fuck up. You’re going to wake them.”

•”too late.” Jughead says.

•Sweet pea woke up at the sound of fogarty’s voice

•now shit was really about to go down because no way was he having his friends wake you up after the bad day you had been having

•as sweet pea got up from his bed you damn bet that he was ready to fight


•they were all ruNNING for their lives

•as soon as they all left and sweet pea went back to his peace and quiet, you were still sleep and sound

•or so he thought

•”Thank you for doing all this.” You say, still keeping your eyes shut as you didn’t budge

•”anything for you, princess.”

the one where sweet pea finds out / sweet pea + reader

Summary: Based on 2x07 of Friends, “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” In which the reader has been harboring a crush on Sweet Pea for awhile and everyone knows it… Except him. Throw in a drunken voicemail and chaos ensues.

(4007 words) ~ Warnings: drinking, language.

Sweet Pea sauntered towards the group, a smirk on his face as he looked over his shoulder.

“What was that about?” Fangs asked, his words colored with amusement as all of you watched Sweet Pea sit down, pride practically radiating off your tallest friend.

Fangs was referring to Sweet Pea’s encounter with Hunter Hatfield, the girl he had just been talking to. His question could very easily have been rhetorical, all of you knowing exactly what was going on. Sweet Pea had always been fairly easy to read and the way he had leaned into the girl, lips quirked upwards and hair falling into his eyes, his interest in her was crystal clear.

“She’s been flirting with me in Bio for the past few weeks,” Sweet Pea revealed, stealing a handful of your fries and shooting you a wink. You barely noticed, too busy glancing at Hunter over Fangs’ shoulder.

“Thought I’d finally make a move and take her out,” He shrugged, grinning when Fangs clapped a hand on his back.

“Wait, so you’re telling us you’re actually going to be a gentleman and take her out on a real date?” Jughead asked dubiously, eyebrows raised so high they almost disappeared underneath his beanie as he glanced up from his laptop for a brief moment.

Sweet Pea snorted, giving Jughead a look. “Please, if anything I’m probably going to meet up with her at the quarry.”

As they all started discussing random date ideas, you bit the inside of your cheek thoughtfully, already feeling completely dismayed at the thought of Sweet Pea and Hunter going out.

You didn’t have anything against the girl; she wasn’t a serpent but she also wasn’t a ghoulie, someone in between all the craziness. Hunter always had flings with various boys around the southside, it wasn’t like her and Pea were going to enter a committed monogamous relationship. Everyone -Sweet Pea included- knew they would probably just hook up and leave it at that.

Still, the thought left a bitter taste in your mouth. Imagining the two of them together was almost as bad as seeing them flirt in the middle of the cafeteria, the way Hunter tilted her head back and let out exaggerated giggles, setting her hand on Sweet Pea’s bicep.

Zoning back into the conversation, you quickly gathered up all your books, seeing that lunch would be over in ten minutes. You had a habit of blurting out things when you were emotional and you wanted to get away from the conversation taking place before you said something stupid.

Toni gave you a sympathetic look from her spot next to you, already knowing what had you bolting.

“Where are you going?” Sweet Pea asked, stopping mid conversation as you abruptly stood up, shoving your phone into your back pocket.

“I- uh, you know, I have a thing. A school thing,” You fumbled, tripping over your words as he looked up at you, a concerned look on his face that made your heartbeat a little faster. That alone made you curse, and your cheeks flushed when you realized you had done so out loud.

“Well, bye,” You blurted, speed walking away from the table, not giving anyone else a chance to question you.

Halfway through the cafeteria you cursed again, cheeks warming with embarrassment as you did a 180 and headed back to the table, avoiding eye contact with all your friends.

Toni was already holding your backpack out, scratching her nose with the other hand and trying to hide the smirk on her face.

“Probably gonna need that,” You mumbled hurriedly, snatching the bag before leaving the large room for good, Sweet Pea staring at you in confusion throughout the entire ordeal.


The following night your friends talked you into going to some Northsider’s party, a random friend of Jugheads who he swore wasn’t as pretentious as the majority. Toni was throwing clothes at you before you could even try to get out of it and you caved, keen on distracting yourself from thoughts of the best friend you had been harboring a crush on intertwined with another girl.

Once you got there, the large house booming with music and loud teenagers, it was only less than an hour before you found yourself drunk, thanks to Fangs and Toni deciding that alcohol was the best way to get the grimace off your face. You weren’t much better after several rounds of drinks- only much more vocal about how the sadness weighing down on you.

“It just fucking sucks, you know,” You groaned, drink in hand as you looked at your new friend with a drunken pout. “Wanting someone you can’t have? God it sucks.”

The boy you had been talking to all night nodded, his eyes wide and focused on you. “Exactly. And it’s weird right? How your feelings just get more intense when you realize you shouldn’t want them.”

Yes! Yes Kevin,” You slurred, thankful that your newfound friend understood what you felt. “You get it. Oh fuck, I’m so sorry that you get it. It’s hell.”

“Your guy, is he here?” Kevin asked, lowering his wine cooler and looking around the crowded party in interest.

“Oh god no, he’s on a date. On a date with Hunter Hatfield, probably sucking her face by now,” You revealed, your drunken mind only making you feel even worse about it.

“I just want to stop feeling like this,” You continued to whine, running a hand over your face as the dizzy feeling in your head got worse. “I want to stop thinking about his stupid face and his stupid hair and the way he’s always the first person I look for in a room.”

You know what?” Kevin implored suddenly, slamming his drink down on a nearby table. “You don’t even need him. You’re a level 10 goddess, you can do so much better than Sweet Potato.”

A laugh spilled out of your lips, the sound only growing louder when Kevin grabbed your shoulders, getting so close you could smell the alcohol on his breath. “Say it with me, Y/N. You don’t need him.”

“I don’t need him,” You repeated with a giggle, both of you oblivious to all other partygoers as you grinned at each other.

“Trust me, you’re going to be fine. All you need is closure.” Kevin reassured you, pulling back with a solemn expression.

Your mouth fell open as the realization dawned over you, a single word making your drunken mind spin. “Closure!” You repeated, pointing at Kevin and nodding furiously. “Yes, that is what I need!”

“Closure and an even cuter boy,” Kevin announced, spilling wisdom and somehow sounding like the smartest person you had ever met. “Those two are the keys to getting over someone you can’t have.”

You were nodding in fascination, eyes wide as you took in every word he said, suddenly determined to get rid of the ache in your chest. “How do I get that? I don’t know anyone cuter than him… Or taller than him,” You mumbled, eyebrows furrowing as you mentally went over the other boys at Southside High.

Kevin pursed his lips together, narrowing his eyes and taking a sip of his drink and looking slightly wistful. “Watching him get on a bus and realizing he’ll never come back could do it.”

You raised an eyebrow, curious about his own heartbreak but before you could say anything he continued, shaking away his previous statement and giving you a comforting look. “You’re going to be fine, Y/N. You’re going to look at him, and you’re going to be able to say, ‘I’m over you,” He stated, emphasizing his last three words.

“Hell yes, Kevin. I’m going to say that,” You immediately decided, your new friend’s energy giving you a burst of confidence. “I’m going to tell him! He deserves to know that his chance is gone and I am…” You stumbled for a minute and snorted as Kevin steadied you, laughing with you. “God, I am fine without him.”

As you pulled your phone out and shoved your drink at him, Kevin’s mouth dropped open, eyes wide. “I feel like I should stop you, but I am living for this.”

You were already scrolling through your phone, finding Sweet Pea on your recent calls list and hitting the call button without hesitation.

Kevin watched you with wide eyes, taking a large sip of his drink as you wait for a few moments before scrunching up your face in disappointment.

“I got his voicemail,” You mumbled, gesturing for him to pass your drink back to you. He handed it to you and you downed the rest just as the operator told you to leave a message, swallowing quickly so you could speak in time.

“Sweets… Hello? Oh right this is a voicemail. Fuck, do people still do this?” You asked Kevin, whose hand was over his mouth as he huffed out a laugh.

“Okay, It’s Y/N. I’m just calling to say that everything’s fine and I am so glad you’re out with Hunter,” You announced dramatically, dragging out every word to emphasize your point.

“Do you see how supportive I’m being? Clearly I am over you. I am so fucking over you, I’m on a bus and the bus is never coming back,” You rambled, stumbling over your words though your voice stayed determined in it’s high and falsely reassuring pitch. “That, my friend is what the northsiders call closure.”

With that you hung up, Kevin’s hand finally dropping from his mouth, watching as you shoved your phone back into your pocket with wide eyes.

“Oh my god,” He practically shouted, laughter coating his words. “That was amazing. Y/N you’re my new role model.”

You giggled wildly, feeling warm and drunk and like your feelings were no longer weighing you down. In the back of your mind, there was a sober and much more sane version of you screaming the words ‘abort mission’ but you merely decided to enjoy your newfound closure, something that somehow tasted a lot like cheap vodka.


The next morning, you wake up with a groan that’s practically inhumane, the pounding in your head combined with a wave of nausea. You barely moved, your arm flung over your face as you blinked rapidly, trying to remember the events of the previous night.

You can vaguely remember Fangs insisting on taking you home, sharing a little moment with Kevin that made you giggle even as you’d been swaying from your spot against the wall. You remember giving Kevin a sloppy kiss on the cheek before getting into Jughead’s truck, him and Betty both laughing at your drunken antics.

Sucking in a deep breath you looked around the room, realizing you were on Fangs’ couch and slowly remembering that he had said something about not wanting to leave you alone to choke on your own vomit. You shuddered at the thought of vomit, slowly sitting up and running a hand through your tangled hair.

The sight in front of you made you smile; Fangs had pulled all the curtains shut so no light could irritate you, a glass of water and some advil set on the table, as well as a trash can right by the couch in case you got sick.

You cautiously reached for the note on the coffee table, wincing at the feeling in your head. Sorry I encouraged you to get shitfaced last night. Gone to get food and coffee from Pop’s, please don’t vomit all over my trailer.

You rolled your eyes at the note, slowly getting up before trudging to the bathroom, glancing down and realizing you’d somehow slept in your jeans and bodysuit. The sight that greeted you in the bathroom mirror made you cringe, mascara smeared underneath your eyes and your hair tangled around your face. Fangs has left you some clothes by the sink and you mumbled a praise, quickly peeling off your tight clothes and throwing on the large sweatpants and crew neck sweater before washing your face and stealing a ton of mouthwash.

Halfway through swishing the liquid around your mouth you heard the front door open and poked your head out, hoping it was Fangs with some coffee.

“Fangs?” A voice called out, one you recognized as Sweet Pea’s. “You lazy fucker, are you still asleep?”

You spat the mouthwash out and wiped your mouth before leaving the bathroom, rubbing your eyes as you turned the corner.

Sweet Pea was in the corner of the living room, unplugging his phone from a charger and he looked up just as you walked in, raising a brow.

“Hey, did you crash here last night?” He asked, voice sounding a little strange as he looked around for Fangs.

“Yeah, I took the couch,” You mumbled, heading into the kitchen in search of some painkillers. “Fangs is grabbing food from Pop’s.”

“Oh, cool. I’m just grabbing my phone, I put it in to charge after school and completely forgot about it.”

You grunted out a response and he snickered from across the trailer, the sound carrying out easily in such a small space as he glanced away from his phone to look at you. “Damn, Y/N. Little hungover?”

“You have no fucking idea,” You groaned, silently cheering when you found a bottle of advil.

He was quiet for a few moments before he spoke again and you peered at him through the arch in the kitchen, bringing a pill to your mouth. “You left me a voicemail last night?”

You hand froze mid air as the realization suddenly dawned over you, a wave of panic hitting you so suddenly you almost shrieked, your voice coming out shaky and hurried as you rushed out of the kitchen. “Oh my god… No, Sweets do not listen to that.”

He gave you a confused look, eyebrows raised with that familiar smirk he was always wearing, listening with his phone pressed against his ear. “It’s just a drunk voicemail, relax princess.”

“Hang up the phone Sweets!” You yelled in alarm, rushing towards him and feeling your panic increase when he started moving away, face growing confused as he listened to the voicemail over your shouts.

You didn’t even think, your heart racing as you jumped onto the couch between the two of you before leaping onto his back, wrapping yourself around him all while repeatedly telling him to hang up the phone. Sweet Pea barely staggered, only bending slightly in surprise for a moment as he switched the phone to the other ear, effortlessly evading your grabby hands.

“Sweet Pea give me the phone,” You shrieked, voice pitching higher with alarm before he suddenly froze, the phone still pressed up against his ear as he stopped trying to dodge your hands. The amused grin dropped from his face just before you clumsily yanked the phone from his hands, letting it drop to the floor.

You were both silent and you exhaled shakily, clinging to him so closely that you could smell the scent of cigarettes and motor oil on his jacket, all of your limbs wrapped around him. You were panting for breath, both of you frozen in place as your mind races, your heart still beating wildly.

“You’re over me? What…” He let out a humorless laugh, sounding absolutely lost as he stared ahead in confusion. “You’re over me?”

You let out a moan of embarrassment, slipping off his back and pressing a hand against your face, feeling heat creep into your cheeks as you started to pace the length of the trailer, eager to put some distance between the two of you.

Sweet Pea’s staring down at the phone in confusion, his mouth slightly open as his eyes flickered towards you. “When were you… Under me?”

When your only answer was another drawn out panicked groan, he raised his eyebrows, looking almost frozen, still standing at the far end of the trailer. “Y/N… Can you- fuck, can you explain before my brain explodes?”

You stopped pacing, wringing your hands together as you stared at each other from opposite ends of the trailer. “I…” Your voice wavered and you cleared your throat, running your hands over your face for the millionth time, this time hiding behind them as you spoke, your words coming out muffled, deciding to rip off the metaphorical bandaid now that it was too late.

“I may have been having… Feelings for you,” You blurted out, peeking from behind your hands with wide eyes. “Lately. For a long… For a while.”

Sweet Pea looked at you, his mouth open as he stared, not saying anything as if he was waiting for you to laugh and claim that it was all one drawn out prank.

He spluttered for a moment, running a hand through his hair as he wet his lips. “Feelings… For me?”

You nodded, not trusting your voice to hold steady, standing there with your arms wrapped around yourself.

“I don’t-” He sputtered, shaking his head and letting out a long sigh, taking a few steps closer to you as he tried to wrap his mind around it all. “And now you’re… Now you’re over me?”

He was looking at you with serious eyes, scanning your features back and forth as he waited for you to speak. But you don’t, because fuck, you had no idea what to say, your mouth opening and closing as you tried to figure out what the right move was here.

It was all pointless because before you could say anything the front door was swinging open, Fangs walking in with his arms full of takeout bags and coffee.

He shut the door with his foot, doing a double take as he saw both of you facing off in the middle of his home, the tension in the room only growing with each passing moment.

“Hey guys,” He stated cautiously, setting the food down on the coffee and giving both of you a confused look.

“I gotta go,” Sweet Pea muttered, stepping away from you and grabbing his phone from the floor hurriedly, his eyebrows furrowed as a stormy expression settled over his face.

His long legs led him out of the trailer in two quick strides, Fangs glancing back and forth between you and the door in a daze.

“What the hell did I miss?”


The following night you met your friends at the Wyrm, staying far away from any drinks and leaning against your chair, watching as Jughead and Fangs played darts, arguing over the correct technique.

Toni gave you a sympathetic look when your eyes flickered towards the door once again. “He probably just needs time to process everything, don’t worry Y/N.”

You shook your head, a frown gracing your face as you stared down at the table. “I can’t believe a drunk voicemail could ruin our entire friendship right now.”

Toni shook her head furiously, setting her hand on your arm as she gave you a serious look. “That’s not going to happen.”

You nodded unconvincingly, mind running over the events of the past twenty four hours. Eventually Jughead sat down, Toni and him debating over which movie to see as you hopped up and joined Fangs, focusing your energy into tossing darts at the board.

You had only been playing for a few minutes when the door at the front slammed open, a familiar tall figure storming in and stopping at the entrance, wet hair falling into his dark eyes as he scanned the room.

Your mouth dropped open as Sweet Pea’s eyes found yours and he strode towards you, grabbing your arm and pulling you outside without a word, ignoring the confused calls of your friends and the looks from all the other serpents.

When he flung the door open and dragged you outside your first thought was that you were glad you still had your jacket on, the rain pouring from the sky only making the night colder.

“You can’t just do that,” He announced angrily, facing you with eyes so intense you froze, standing there in shock while he yelled at you in the rain.

“You can’t suddenly broadcast your feelings for me and then decide you’re over me in the same fucking sentence. You can’t just shut me down before even letting me say a damn word,” He snapped, fists clenching at his sides.

As soon as his words registered a noise escaped your mouth, a mix of a scoff and a humorless laugh. “What the hell are you talking about Sweets? You went out with Hunter last night and you hook up with a different girl at every fucking party!”

You were practically yelling, trying to speak loud enough so he would hear you over the sound of the rain coming down hard against the pavement, your hair already soaked and sticking to your face as you squinted up at him.

“Or did you forget about all those girls? Cause I sure as fuck-”

“They’re not you!” Sweet Pea bellowed, throwing his hands into the air as he looked at you in anger. “Fuck, Y/N, if I had known you… “

Both of your chests were heaving as you stared at each other, your eyes wide as he stared down at you with a sudden intensity, hands reaching out to cup your face and taking a large step so he was inches away from you.

“If I had known you felt that way I wouldn’t have even looked at any other girl,” He professed, his voice low but still as clear as ever, a desperate look in his eye.

Your mouth fell open slightly as you stared up at him, suddenly utterly oblivious to the pouring rain and frigid temperature, drawn into the warmth of his hands on your face and the look in his eyes.

It was only a moment, one small pause as you stared at each other before you were both caving into the yearning you both felt, the need to be closer than you had ever been, mouths meeting after all this time.

Sweet Pea kissed you like he had been waiting for this moment for ages, and the feeling in your stomach only grew as you wondered if he had. You sighed into his mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning on the tips of your toes, lips parting as he deepened the kiss, his arms lowering to wrap around your waist and help you keep your balance.

After a few moments of bliss you pulled away breathlessly, leaning your head back to meet his eyes. “Y/N,” Sweet Pea exhaled, his breath so sweet against your face as you closed your eyes, wishing you could live in this moment forever.

“If I had known…” He repeated, his voice low as he pressed his forehead to yours, your eyes fluttering open.

“It’s okay,” You reassured, a smile found its way to your face as you stroked his cheek with your thumb. “Now we both know.”

He kissed you again and you melted against him, both of you entangled in each other before the sound of whistles broke you apart.

You glanced over your shoulder, cheeks flushing at the sight of Jughead, Fangs, and Toni all bundled up under the Wyrm’s entrance, watching you two with matching grins.

“Praise Jesus!” Fangs shouted, cupping his mouth so you two would hear him over the rain, “Finally!”

You let out a quiet laugh, turning to look at Sweet Pea, his eyes glimmering as he looked at you, repeating his best friend’s words with a soft smile, the rain still coming down hard as neither of you moved.


The New Girl in English Class

Originally posted by riverdales-daily

Anon requests: hi could you please do an imahine where reader is quiet and a bit of a loner and sits in the back of class and one day in english they have to write something and present it to the class and jughead underestimates her but then is actually really impressed and develops a crush on her?? thank u

Hi, Uhm I absolutly love your account. I was wondering if you could do one where y/n is new to Riverdale and ends up be a loner, and since jughead knows what that’s like they become friends <3 lots of fluff. Please and thank you

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Jughead isn’t a social butterfly, but the new girl, with her impressive writing skills, may be an exception.

Warnings: none

Word count: 958

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one, hope you enjoy!

Jughead didn’t care much for his classmates.  He had a select amount of friends, and they satisfied him.  He found no point in socializing with other people just for the sake of more people to talk to.  (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the new girl, was no exception to Jughead’s belief.  She had recently moved to Riverdale, and she sat in the back of Jughead’s English class.  Although he never saw her with any friends, Jughead felt no obligation to act friendly towards (Y/N) because she had no other friends.  That was not his job.

“New girl’s pretty,” Veronica commented at lunch one day.  Jughead looked up from his chips at Veronica.

“So what?” he asked, eyebrows raised.  Veronica raised her hands in mock-surrender.

“Woah there, Jughead,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m just saying.”

“I feel bad for her,” Betty joined in on the conversation.  “I don’t think she has any friends.”

“Being the new girl is hard,” Veronica empathized with (Y/N), popping a fry in her mouth.  “It’s hard to make friends at a new school.  I got lucky with you guys.”  The whole table cooed at what Veronica said, then laughed.

Their English teacher made them write an analysis on the book the class had just finished.  Jughead, a natural-born writer, finished it with ease. Most of the rest of his class, from what he could tell, struggled with the assignment.

The day that the assignment was due, the English teacher surprised everyone by announcing that the analysis would have to be read in front of the whole class.  This sent some of Jughead’s classmates into a frenzy because no one felt confident in their writing.  Jughead was the only volunteer to read.  He stepped up in front of the class and effortlessly read his analysis, and once he finished he plopped back into his chair.  Because there were no more volunteers, his teacher began to randomly select students.  Every student who went up stuttered and fumbled and lacked proper analysis in Jughead’s opinion.  Unimpressed, he sat in his chair with his arms crossed and a judgmental look plastered on his face.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” the teacher called out.  Jughead shifted in his seat so he could glance at the new girl.  Her eyes were wide as she shakily stood up.  Grabbing her paper, she ventured to the front of the classroom.  She cleared her throat and began to read.  Jughead was shocked by her eloquence: her voice was clear and smooth, her writing was immaculate, and her analysis had extreme depth.  When she finished, she quickly sat down before any students had the chance to applaud.

The bell rang, and while the other students dashed out of the room, Jughead approached (Y/N) as she stuffed her binders into her bag.

“That was impressive,” he commented, leaning against the desk in front of her.  She turned to face him.

“What was impressive?” she inquired, pulling a bit of hair behind her ears.

“Your writing,” Jughead answered. “It was very eloquent.  You’re very good.”

“Yours was better,” she responded, shrugged her bag onto her shoulder.  She began to exit the classroom, and Jughead followed in her footsteps.

“That’s debatable,” he countered, “and I don’t say that too often.”  (Y/N) laughed at that, causing Jughead to crack a smile.

“Well then, I’m glad that someone has finally met your standards,” she quipped, and his smile widened.  “Anyhow, it was nice talking to you, but I have to go to history now.”  Her pace quickened as she left Jughead’s side, and he stood in the hallway as he watched her walk away.  He barely noticed that his cheeks were a bit redder than usual.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Jughead tried to get to know (Y/N) better.  He moved his seat so that he was next to her in English.  He began to invite her to his table to eat lunch with him and his friends.  Although they all noticed his shift in attitude, they chose to remain silent. They were going to let Jughead figure this one out on his own.

It took Jughead another three weeks before he finally realized what happened.  He was sitting in his booth with (Y/N) across from him.  They were working on an English project, each of them working on their own individual assignment.  There was no conversation being tossed between them, just a soothing silence.  Jughead looked up from his writing and saw the girl sitting across from him, and then it hit him.  He liked her.  

“(Y/N),” her name spilled out of his mouth before he could stop himself.  Her head snapped up, and she shot him a puzzled glance.

“Yes, Jug?” she questioned. Jug.  When did she start calling him that?

“When did you start calling me that?” he voiced his thoughts.  (Y/N) shrugged.

“I don’t know,” she answered. But he didn’t care about the answer to that question.  What he was really wondering was when did everything change?

“Is this a date?” his words stumbled over one another as they poured out of his mouth.  He immediately regretted saying that.

“I didn’t think it was,” (Y/N) remained calm.  “It can be if you want.”  Jughead almost missed the second part of her reply, but once it registered in his mind, he burst into a grin.  (Y/N) shook her head with a smile etched onto her face, and turned back to her English work.

“Or would this not be our first date, since we’ve come to Pop’s together so many times before?” Jughead wondered aloud.  (Y/N) laughed as she set her pencil down.

“It’s our first date, Jug,” she told him.  “It’s the first because we didn’t acknowledge it before.”  Jughead smiled cheekily.

“Then this is a great first date.”

You Idiot - Sweet Pea x Reader

Summary: Fangs spends a night gossiping with y/n, Toni, and Cheryl at the Wyrm only to accidentally tell a secret about y/n without knowing it.

A/n: The italicized part is a flashback.

Word Count: 1706

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

Y/n’s POV

I was sitting at a table at the Wyrm with Toni, Cheryl, and Fangs just hanging out and having a drink when Sweet Pea sauntered in with a tall, skinny blonde on his arm. He gave a wave in our general direction before settling in at his usual spot at the pool table. Toni and Cheryl rolled their eyes as she leaned up against him and whispered in his ear, giggling. 

“I really wish he would settle down,” Cheryl said. “He’s one hook up away from brining home a bulldog’s girl and ruining the sanctuary I’ve made here.”

“Calm down, babe,” Toni replied, “The last thing Pea would do is bring back a northsider.”

“He might be closer to settling down than you think, ladies,” Fangs chimed in, taking a sip of his beer.

“Sweets?” I asked, “No fucking way. Absolutely not.”

Fangs nodded, gulping down the rest of his drink and slamming it back down on the table as he went to get up. 

“Yes way,” he said, running his hand across my shoulders as he walked toward the bar, “Boy’s got it bad for someone. I’m just keeping it low key until he decides to make a move.”

Toni, Cheryl, and I exchanged glances before downing the rest of our own drinks and following Fangs to the bar.

“Spill,” Toni said.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave us ona  cliff hanger like that. Who’s the girl?” Cheryl added. 

Fangs held his hands up and shook his head before picking up his drink and heading back to the table. I reached my hand out and grabbed the collar of his leather jacket to pull him back. He spun around, only inches from my face. 

“Details,” I said. “Now.” 

Once I let go of Fangs, he stepped back toward the bar. He looked each of us in the eye and ducked his head down, so it looked like we were all in a huddle. He looked over his shoulder at Pea and the girl just to be sure they weren’t paying attention before he started talking.

“Okay, so I don’t know her name. He wouldn’t tell me,” he said looking around at each of us again. “All I know is that he had was hooking up with this girl a while back, pretty consistently for a couple of months, and he came over to my place in a fit. I’m talking running his hands through his hair and huffing and puffing. He was totally stressed out by this whole thing because it was supposed to be casual, right?”

Toni, Cheryl, and I were on the edge of our seats at this. Sweet Pea was never the serious type, never the one to catch any feelings. This was big news. Fangs took another sip of his beer and huddled back in. Before he started talking I saw Sweet Pea look over at us kind of confused. I kept my eyes on him as I listened to Fangs.

“So yeah, he was supposed to be casual with this chick,  but he ended up catching feelings. Heard,” Fangs said as Sweet Pea put his pool cue down and started making his way over to us. “He had no idea what to do. He was pacing around my living room ranting and-”

“Fangs, shh. He’s coming over here,” I interrupted. 

We all stood up straight and stiff while we all started sucking down our drinks, not wanting to make eye contact with Pea. He slipped into the little circle we had formed rigth between me and Fangs and looked around at us. 

“So,” he said, drawing it out, “what were you guys talking about over here?”

Cheryl choked on her drink and began stuttering before Toni put her hand on Cheryl’s thigh and took over.

“Fangs was just telling us some hot northsider gossip her heard from Kevin Keller,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” Fangs said, “Some stuff about some Vixen’s heartbreak of the week. Right, Cheryl?”

“Mmhm. Yep,” Cheryl said meeting Fangs’ “hold it together” gaze.

“Oh,” Pea said nodding. 

You all exchanged glances, and as he stepped away to get a drink, Cheryl let out a deep sigh. 

“That was close,” Fangs whispered as you all nodded and silently agreed not to talk about the subject any longer. 

After I got home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Fangs had said. Something about it just didn’t seem right, mainly how he said that Sweet Pea had been hooking up with the same girl for a couple of months. That was so unlike him. His usual hookups were one night stands, a week or two if she was lucky. Then it hit me: Sweet Pea, and I had been hooking up like six months ago. I went back through the timeline in my head, positive there was no way our fling could’ve lasted that long. Could it have?

I shot out of bed and grabbed my phone, dialing Fangs. I waited as it rang a few times tapping my foot aggressively.

“Hey! What’s up?” Fangs answered.

I could tell he wasn’t at the Wyrm anymore because there wasn’t any music, but I could hear what sounded like pots and pans clanking around in the background. 

“Fangs, where are you?” I asked, praying that I didn’t already know the answer.

“I’m at Sweet Pea’s. Why? What’s up? You wanna come over?”

“No,” I said before letting out a groan, “I wanted to ask you something about what we were talking about earlier. I, um, I think I remember him saying something to me about this same girl, but I wasn’t sure how long ago this little incident was.”

“Oh, I think it was about six months ago,” he said, his voice quiter than before. “It might’ve been more recent than that, though. I think it took him a while to call it off since he was battling with actual feelings and all. You know how bad he is with those.”

“Yeah,” you laughed, “Tell me about it. Well, thanks. Bye.”

You hung up the phone as fast as you could then let out a big sigh. You sat there straing at the ground while you thought. You counted back on your fingers just to double check. One, two, three, four, five, six. It had been about six months since the last time you hooked up with Sweet Pea. I remembered:

“Pea, baby, come back to bed,” you whispered, patting the spot next to you as Pea roamed around the room in his boxers, drying his wet hair.

“Y/n, as much as I would love to, we have to go to school,” he said as he tossed his towel on my desk chair across the room.

“But school isn’t anywhere as fun as I am, Pea,” as said with a pout.

“Believe me. I know,” he groaned, sitting on the edge of the bed, “but we can have all the fun you want after school.”

“Uuuuuugh,” I said, rolling over onto my back as he got back up and gave me a wink. “Fine.”

“Good,” Sweet Pea said as he pulled on his dark skinny jeans.

I smiled for a second thinking about that morning. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be getting anything I wanted that night. Sweet Pea came over later than usual that night. I had assumed that he was at the Wrym or out on Serpent’s business and forgot to tell me, But I’m thinking now that he had been at Fangs’ house. It was hard to remember exactly how it happened or exactly what he said, but I got the idea. He was calling our little arrangement off. I hadn’t really thought anythign of it until now.

Fangs’ POV

“Well, thanks. Bye,” y/n said before hanging up the phone so fast I couldn’t get another word in.

“Who was that?” Sweet Pea asked, coming into the living room with a couple bowls of mac and cheese.

“Y/n,” I said.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah?” he asked, you guys were looking pretty cozy over there at the Wyrm tonight. I mean, you were looking pretty cozy with Toni and Cheryl too, but we all know they’ve got major heart eyes fro each other.”

Suddenly, I felt a pit form in the bottom of my stomach. It wasn’t from the alcohol, and I knew it wasn’t because I was full after two bites of food. It was because I totally broke a promise to my best friend.

“Look, Pea,” I said, turning to see him shovel a huge bite of macaroni in his face, “promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“About what?” he asked with his mouth full.

“I might’ve told the girls about your little FWB fiasco a few months ago,” I said, squinting my eyes at him as his brows furrowed together. “Cheryl had said something about you needing to settle down before you wound up bringing a northsider back and ruining her “sanctuary,” and I said it might be more possible than they thought. Since you’re still so hung up on that girl you were hooking up with and all.”

“And you said all this in front of y/n?” he asked, slowly setting down his fork and bowl on the coffee table.

“Yeah. That’s why she called actually.”

“What do you mean that’s why she called?” Sweet Pea asked, his hands clenching around his knees as he sat rigid on the end of the couch.

“Oh, um, she just asked me about how long ago it was because she thought you had said something to her about this girl, too.”

Sweet Pea sulked forward, his head falling into his palms as he sighed. I set my bowl down on the coffee table too and looked over at him. He drug his palms from his forehead down to his chin, clenching his jaw.

“Pea?” I asked, concerned.

“You idiot,” Pea huffed, throwing his arms up and slamming them down on the couch. “I was hooking up with y/n. You just told the girl I have feelings for that I have feelings for her.”

“You’re welcome?” I said, shrugging at Sweet Pea before picking up my bowl and continuing to eat.

Prove It (Sweet Pea x Reader)

Originally posted by stelenna

Summary: You and your boyfriend Sweet Pea like making each other jealous, and Fangs always seems to get caught up in the drama.

Word Count: 1349

Original Request: “How about a Sweet Pea Imagine where the reader makes Sweets jealous but soon regrets it and ends up kissing him saying, “I love you dumbass.”

Author’s Note: I’m pretty sure the intent of this request was fluffier, but I definitely got carried away with the badass Serpent reader.  Takes place a few years after high school. I’m definitely considering writing more of the badass reader, so let me know what you think!

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You leaned back on the bar with a grumpy sigh.  Your gaze was fixed on the opposite corner of the bar where your boyfriend and Jughead were playing pool.

“Jeez, what’s gotten into you?” Toni asked, grabbing your empty cup and replacing it with a fresh one.

“Look.” You nodded at the scene unfolding.

“Oh.” She leaned across the bar to look closer. “Is that Stacey Silverson?”

“The one and only.”

“And she is all over Sweet Pea.” She smirked. “What, Y/N, a little jealous?”

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Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader


You don’t know much about Sweet Pea, except for what you hear in the hallways around school. You pass him on your way to and from classes and you’ve perhaps brushed his arm a hand full of times. You don’t know him and he doesn’t know you.

That is until you save his baby sister from the Ghoulies all while simultaneously getting involved in a world you want nothing to do with and events you would rather stay out of.

Too bad the Ghoulies have other ideas…

Chapter 1: Girl Meets Instinct

Chapter 2: Girl Meets Revelation

Chapter 3: Girl Meets Trouble

Chapter 4: Girl Meets Fear

Chapter 5: Girl Meets Rebellion

Chapter 6: Girl Meets Opposition

Chapter 7: Girl Meets Anger

Chapter 8: Girl Meets Jealousy

Chapter 9: Girl Meets Certainty 


Part Two Part Three  Part four

Sweet pea x reader ft. Jughead Jones
Word count: 5902
Summary: (Requested by @fandomscompilation ) what do you think about a bit of rebel girl (old friend of Jugg, who gave him confidence) & she has this witty comebacks cause her father is an ex-Serpent (moved cause of smth idk). And she’s there to stood up for all the new kids and they’re in awe. And Sweet Pea is falling for her?

A/n: h/c = hair colour , l/n = last name y/b/d = your birthday / Y’all fucking bet i’m turning this into a series :)

Six years ago, y/n had no choice but to move away from riverdale with her dad. After her dad was a bigger serpent deal than Fp, the ghoulies were coming after him, threatening the life of his only daughter. Y/n never really knew the details, but it was enough for her ten year old brain to understand.

She had grown up in the trailer right next to the Jones family. Since jughead was the same age as her and their neighbour, the two were best friends since birth. Y/n’s father and Fp had also been close friends since they were kids so naturally, their two families went together.

One of y/n’s favourite memories of her and jughead was of course how they were each others other half. The two of them would always be playing outside, laughing and making jokes. Jughead was often upset about his mom and dad always fighting, so y/n was always there to give him advice even though they were only ten.

“You have to tell your mom and dad that it bothers you, juggie.”

“I can’t.” Jughead sulked.

“Why not?” Y/n asked. “You have to tell them what’s on your mind. You have to live everyday like it’s your last, kiddo.”

That’s How their friendship worked. Jughead always by y/n’s side, y/n always being there to give jughead the confidence he found hard to get out and express. Then a year later when they both turned eleven on the same day while having a budget friendly party in Fp’s trailer, y/n told him.

Y/b/d had always been jughead’s favourite day of the year. While he went through so much family drama for a kid, his birthday was always the one day they would come together and celebrate. Fp and y/n’s dad had gone out to the dollar store and decorated the tiny home with streamers and balloons and had picked up a cake from the store. Even though jughead’s mom and sister were gone out of the picture, jughead couldn’t help but smile as him and y/n blew out the candles together.

“What did you wish for?” Jughead asked.

“For you to live your best life.” Y/n giggled. “What about you?”

Jughead paused, dipping his finger in the icing. “For you to always be my best friend. And stay here with me. Cause you’re the best.”

Y/n remembered the day so well. It was the last time she had ever seen jughead happy. Because after the two opened a few presents while their fathers sat together smiling at their children being so happy for once, y/n decided to tell jughead that they had to move. Of course Fp already knew what was going on between the ghoulies and the serpents, but it was y/n’s job to tell her bestie.

Jughead and y/n went outside and sat on the steps to his trailer. Jughead had never been so happy before. Y/n didn’t want to ruin his happiness but there was no going back now. She and her father already had the car packed up with all their things.

“Juggie,” y/n said, taking his hand. “I’m moving.”

But that was five years ago. Y/n hadn’t seen jughead or his family since. They used to be pen pals since they didn’t have cellphones at eleven or decent internet at jughead’s since Fp found it hard to pay bills, but the letters soon stopped. It was hard to maintain a long distance relationship like that.

Since y/n was finally sixteen though, she had her licence and decided that it was time for a little visit. Y/n’s father was no longer a member of the serpents since the move so it’s not like she had anything to worry about. Besides, she was probably stronger than all those serpents combined.

Everyone called y/n the rebel girl since her serpent roots never really went away. She always wore a leather jacket but that wasn’t the point. She was strong and independent and always stood up for what she believed in. Y/n always got her way even if it wasn’t right. No one would dare cross her.

Y/n laced up her black combat boots and threw on her leather jacket as she grabbed the keys to the car and headed out.

“Text me when you get there.” Her father said. “And tell Fp I said hello.”

“Will do.” Y/n replied, closing the door behind her. Her father and jughead still talked every now and then- somehow. So he knew that y/n was coming for a trip. He hadn’t told jughead though, but she hoped that he wouldn’t mind seeing her again. Fp told y/n’s dad that jughead usually spent his days at the whyte wyrm with his friends, and with that y/n had to laugh.

Jughead has always been such a shy, quiet kid. Looks like she really did give him confidence. All y/n could think about as she headed for her seven hour road trip was How jughead looked. Did he even look the same? Was he even still the same kid? What were his friends like? Did he miss their birthdays together?


Jughead, Sweet Pea, Fangs and Toni all crowded around the pool table as they were trying to teach fangs how to properly play. After Fangs claimed that sweet pea taught him how to play, sweet pea denied it.

“Now we know where all your money’s gone.” Jughead laughed.

Fangs and sweet pea always played against each other, but it was just now that toni and jughead had caught on. Maybe sweet pea wasn’t as good at pool as he seemed since he had taught fangs how to not play. Make no wonder Sweet pea always bought everyone drinks.

“Fangs!” Toni exclaimed, hitting his arm. “You’re not supposed to hit that ball!”

“That’s what sweet pea taught me to do!” Fangs explains.

“How many times do we have to beat it in your head not to listen to him?” Jughead laughs as sweet pea raises his fist in the air.

“That’s how you do it ladies and gentlemen.” Sweet pea smiles as fangs looks at the pool table, all the balls in the nets.

“I thought you said I couldn’t hit that one, toni!”

Sweet pea, Toni and jughead all started walking to the bar where sweet pea would buy them drinks as per usual. Fangs always threw in to much money, but every time he played he claimed that “this is going to be the time I win!” Fangs stayed at the pool table, drawing his attention to the front door.

“Hey,” Fangs says, getting the attention of his friends. They all looked Where was Fangs was, trying to figure out what it was this time. “Who’s that?” He asks.

The four of them keep their eyes glued to the girl who had just walked in. She looked like one of them, but no one recognized her. She was looking around like she was trying to find someone. Even the older members of the serpents were studying here, trying to figure out who this girl was.

Sweet pea’s jaw practically dropped. This was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. Her leather jacket fit her perfectly, her simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt somehow making her look like a model. She was absolutely gorgeous and sweet pea knew that he had to go talk to her.

“Oh my god.” Jughead says.

“You know her, Jones?” Toni asks. “Who is she?”

The girl locked eyes with jughead as she made her way deeper into the bar. Even though the lighting was dim, she would know that face anywhere. He still had his rich black hair and even that dumb hat she had bought him for their last birthday together. It was a wonder that it still fit him, but the fact that he was still wearing it made y/n want to break down and cry. He was still the same jughead Jones that he was all those years ago.


“Oh my god,” Jughead repeats again. Sweet pea and Toni looked at each other, confused as jughead walks right on by fangs, nearly banging into him as the only thing jughead could keep his eyes on was her.


Jughead just stood there in awe while y/n wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. It felt so good to see jughead again, y/n wondered why she hadn’t come sooner.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asks, still hugging her. He had completely forgotten about everyone else in the bar. Even though it had been years since he had last seen her, he would recognize her anywhere. She was even more beautiful than before, her h/c hair pooling around her shoulders.

“To see you!” She exclaimed, pulling away so she could get a good look at him. “Look at you! All grown up.” Y/n smiled. “And you still wear that fucking hat I bought you!” She gasped.

Fangs moved away from the two, feeling that he was interrupting something important. He stood next to sweet pea and Toni while they tried to figure out what was going on.

“Ex girlfriend?” Toni asks.

“No.” Sweet pea answers. “No ones that happy to see an ex.”

“Old friend?” Fangs asks.

“Oh my god, thats y/n!” Toni exclaims, her eyes wide. “That girl he always talks about!”

“I’m sorry,” Sweet pea says. “Who?”

“Y/n!” Fangs tells him. “You know? Her dad was some big old serpent but then they moved because the ghoulies were threatening to kill her or something?”

“And they had been best friends since birth.” Toni adds. “They were even born on the same day.”

Sweet pea stared at jughead and his friend. Y/n. Sweet pea couldn’t remember him ever talking about this old friend of his, but he remembered hearing the stories about her dad. This girl was practically serpent royalty, even more than jughead.

“Are these your friends?” Y/n asks, nudging to the three her age staring them down. “We have so much to catch up on.”

Jughead lead y/n over to them. “I guess you could call them that.” He muttered. “Guys, this is y/n.”

“I know!” Toni exclaimed, brightly.

Jughead laughed while y/n raised her brows, eyeing jughead.

“I’ve just heard a lot about you.” She says coolly. “I’m toni.” She holds out her hand and y/n shakes it, giving her a small smile.

“And this is fangs and sweet pea.” Jughead says, introducing the two other boys. Fangs was so short compared to sweet pea, but he had nice eyes. He smiled as well, like he was the happiest kid on the planet. How much did jughead talk about her even after all this time, y/n wondered.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Y/n says to the last boy, sweet pea. He was so tall that y/n had to look up at him. He had a smug smile on his face like he was trying to hide it. His cheeks were a rosy pink like he had been blushing. He seemed like a soft kid, one that didn’t belong in a gang. But neither did jughead, but look at where he was now.

Sweet pea nods his head and says nothing but “yeah.”

Okay then. Was a little something more too much to ask for? At least Toni and fangs seemed nice to y/n, but she really just cared about jughead, wanting nothing more than to catch up with him over a couple of milkshakes at pops.

“Well it was super nice meeting all of you but I’m afraid I’m going to have to steal jughead for a bit if that’s okay?” Y/n pipes up. “Pops?” She asks jughead before any of his friends could answer.

Jughead and y/n turn around, leaving his friends to themselves. The two of them walk out laughing and smiling together. Sweet pea listened to y/n’s laughter, making him smile as well. She was so cute and adorable, he found it hard to believe that she was such a badass rebel girl.

“Do you drive a motorcycle and everything?” Y/n asked.

Sweet pea smiled even more. This girl had no idea how much jughead had changed.


Y/n and jughead sat down in one of the booths as y/n took in the framilliar atmosphere of the diner that she and jughead would walk to all the time when they were younger. Even Pop Tate still looked the same. Nothing had changed and y/n was beyond grateful for it.

“So, tell me everything.” Y/n said as she took a sip of her third milkshake; maybe more. They had already been then for so long that y/n had lost count of how many times she had to ask Pop Tate for another.

“Well, the basics,” Jughead sighed. “I started going to the northside school right after you moved away. And I went to riverdale high until last year when the kicked me out because of my dad.”

“I heard.” Y/n mumbles. Even though she and her father had moved hours away from riverdale, that didn’t stop her from hearing all about what went on with Jason blossom. It was a terrible situation that Fp got himself into with confessing for a murder he didn’t commit, but at least everyone had moved past that now.

“So i moved back. Joined the serpents. The rest is history.” Jughead finishes, taking another curly fry.

“What about friends?” Y/n asks.

Jughead shrugs. “Only a few. Archie Andrews, Betty cooper- we’re kind of dating-”

“Awww.” Y/n squeals. “Who would have thought that jughead Jones could fall for a northsider.”

Jughead smiled just at the reaction y/n gave off. He explained how he met his southside friends at well, and started going on and on about how Mayor McCoy shut down their school on Friday.

“That’s crazy.” Y/n scoffs. “So where do you go now?”

“Back to riverdale high.”

“Hold on, hold on.” Y/n says, waving her hands around. “You mean to tell me that southside and northside kids have to mix?”

Jughead nods. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Well I’m not having it.” Y/n states. “I’m coming with you tomorrow and we’re going to do something about it.”

“Y/n, you don’t even live here.”

“Too bad. I’m moving back.” Y/n goes on as she heads up to the cash to pay. “I always get what I want Juggie. Don’t test me on that.”

For the first time in a long time, jughead was truly happy. His best friend was finally back and they had never lost their connection. Y/n was still witty and cool and funny, never letting anyone get the best of her. Jughead couldn’t wait for her to get to know his friends better and to show her his old school. Even though the two of them had been sitting in pops all evening and it was almost morning now, they still had so much to hear about the other.

The two of them walked back to jughead’s trailer where they ended up crashing on the couch. It was finally good to be back even if the trailer didn’t have birthday balloons and streamers. Y/n was just happy to still have a good birthday, even though jughead tried to repress the fact. At least she had made his day- she hoped that she could dig him out of the way he felt since she had told him she was moving on the worst of days. And there would always be tomorrow.


“So hold up, you came into my house, dropped off your bag and assumed I’d let you stay here for the time being? How’d you even get it?” Jughead asks from the bathroom where he splashed his face with water while y/n pulled out a clean shirt from her bag.

“Because you’re still my best friend and besides, why wouldn’t you let me stay here?” Y/n laughed. “And you still keep that spare key under the fake plant outside.”

“How do you still remember that?” Jughead asks, astonished that y/n hadn’t forgotten a single thing from all those years ago.

Y/n shrugs even though jughead can’t see her from the bathroom. Y/n puts her hair up into a loose ponytail as she dug out a pair of jeans to change out of the ones she crashed in last night. Just as she takes off her t-shirt, there was a knock at the door even though it was the crack of dawn- y/n wondered who was up at this hour.

She peeked out the curtains to see a girl about their age, also with a ponytail. She looked like such an innocent child, cardigan and jeans and all. She held a notebook close to her chest as she waited for jughead to get the door.

“Hey, uh,” y/n says as she walks into the bathroom. “There’s some girl out there? Do I let her in?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jughead says, remembering that Betty was going to drive him to school. He had completely forgotten about Betty since he had spent all of yesterday with y/n, catching up. He even forgot to text her a goodnight, or to make sure that she was still his driver. “That’s just Betty.”

“Cool.” Y/n replies as she runs out and opens the door for her. She was glad to finally meet the girl that her best friend was dating, even though the only thing that jughead mentioned about her was that they were dating. In fact, he hadn’t mentioned anything about her.

Betty remains outside, not saying a word. Her face dropped as she looked at y/n like she had never seen another girl in a bra before. “Can I help you?” Y/n teases.

“I’m, um,” Betty stutters. “I’m just looking for jughead? Is he here?”

“I’ll be out in a second!” Jughead calls as he grabs his hat and puts it on. Jughead was still rushing around his room trying to find the perfect flannel to go with his iconic s shirt. Y/n always teased him for being such a fashionista.

Betty still looked at y/n, then down at her shoes. “Maybe I’ll just wait here” She says.

“Don’t be so foolish.” Y/n assures her. “It’s freezing out. Come in.”

Betty takes a seat on the couch where both Jughead and y/n’s Jackets were. Y/n pulled her shirt over her head and quickly excused herself so she could finish getting dressed. She met jughead in his room and closed the door behind herself.

“I think I just pissed off your girlfriend.” Y/n laughs as she unzipped her old jeans. “I answered the door and she was like woah, my boyfriend has a best friend that’s a girl? Oh shit!”

Jughead smiled as he took a dark red flannel off one of the hangers in his closet. “That’s just Betty.” He says as he ties the shirt around his waist. “You ready to go?”

Y/n opens the door for the two of them. “More than ever.”

“I still can’t believe you’re going to school with me.” Jughead laughs. “Like here’s my best friend from New York, she’s going here for a few days.”

“Maybe I’ll stay longer if I enjoy myself enough.” Y/n teases. Betty stands up and brushes her jeans down, though there was nothing wrong with them. She looks at jughead like she was in need of an explanation, but what was the problem? Couldn’t two friends hang out?

“Betty, this is y/n.” He says as Betty pulls the fakest smile y/n ever seen. “Hi.” Y/n says.

“Hi.” Betty returns. “You’re?”

“Jughead’s best friend?” Y/n asks.

Neither one of them says anything until jughead breaks the silence. “Well, Let’s go. We don’t want to be late.”

The three of them head out into Betty’s car. Jughead sat in the back with y/n instead of next to his girlfriend. Y/n was enjoying herself as she got to see more of riverdale on the drive there, but Betty seemed furious. Y/n understood that Betty was probably mad that y/n had spent the night but she had to get over herself. Wasn’t she best friends with that Keller kid? Jughead told y/n all about the northside kids, so different from the kids y/n had grown up with.

“So, y/n,” Betty says, turning down the radio. “You don’t even have school supplies. How are you going to manage one day in a school that you don’t really go to?”

Y/n sighed. “Don’t know.” She answered. “I’ll get through it.”

“Y/n always gets what she wants.” Jughead tells Betty. “Like that time you convinced my dad to drive us to Greendale just so you could tell that news reporter that he got his facts wrong.”

“Good times.” Y/n chuckles.

Betty zipped faster down the road. “Interesting.” She says, blankly. Y/n eyes jughead, mouthing is she always like this?

Betty eventually pulls into the parking lot, y/n taking in how big this school actually was. It was three stories of brick, wide stairs leading up to the main doors. The words riverdale high school were put across the top of the school, above two large pillars. The snow that remained was perfectly shoveled out of the way, no ice to be seen. This was definitely the nicest school that y/n had ever laid eyes on.

“You guys don’t have to come in for another half hour.” Betty says, hopping out of the car. “I’ll see you later, jug.” Betty slams the car door and runs up the steps, leaving y/n and jughead alone. Y/n didn’t want to talk about Betty, so she let the conversation flow to another topic.

“Are your friends here yet?” Y/n asks. “They seemed really chill and I’d love to talk to them some more.”

Jughead looks out the steamed window from the cold air outside. “Yeah, over there.” Jughead steps out of the car as y/n follows him over. Fangs, toni and sweet pea pulled into the parking lot and stepped off their bikes, complaining to one another about “-what a preppy hell hole this is.”

“Jones.” Sweet pea greets. “Brought your friend to school?”

“She insisted on coming.” Jughead rolls his eyes.

Y/n shivers, the wind hitting the back of her neck. She undid her ponytail and noticed that sweet pea couldn’t stop staring at her as her hair blew in the air.

“Are we seriously not allowed in until another half an hour?” Y/n asks, folding her arms over her chest.

Toni shrugged. “Weatherbee told us eight. Everyone else is going in.”

“Whatever, It’s freezing.” Fangs shivers. “I’m going.”

“Me too.” Toni says.

“Count me in.” Jughead adds.

Fangs, toni and jughead led the way in as jughead knew where to bring them since he went to riverdale high before the merge. Sweet pea and y/n followed behind them. Jughead and his friends were talking, but y/n quickly felt left out on the conversation. She didn’t mind at all, but it was just awkward since she didn’t really know them. And especially since the only other important person in jughead’s life that she met was Betty, and they definitely got off on the wrong foot.

At least she wasn’t completely left out, because the giant next to her, sweet pea, wasn’t saying a word either. He looked down at her and smiled when he clearly thought that y/n wasn’t looking, but she noticed him. She thought it was cute how he had a little raven curl in the middle of his forehead while the rest of his hair was gelled back. Y/n even noticed that he was he was wearing a flannel under his serpent jacket, just like fangs. Even Toni had one wrapped around her waist like jughead. It was cute that they all fit so well together.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.” Sweet Pea lies, trying to start conversation. “How long are you back in riverdale for?”

Y/n looked up at him as they continued following jughead. “I don’t know. As long as I want.” She joked. “I’m not due back until when I Please.”

Sweet pea nodded his head and licked his lips. “I’m going to be honest, I never pictured you like this.”

“So you pictured me?” Y/n asks him.


“How did you picture me?”

Sweet pea hesitates. “Not Like this.”

“No kidding, lover boy.” Y/n teases. She didn’t realize that Toni, fangs and jughead had stopped talking and were clearly listening to them as Toni had the biggest smirk on her face.

“Not in a bad way.” Sweet Pea promises. “More like Betty cooper. You meet her yet?”

Y/n sighs. “Jughead, how many more times am I going to hear that name?”

Sweet pea chuckles under his breath. He never expected y/n to be so outspoken, witty and cute. When Fangs and Toni had told him all about y/n after she and Jughead left for pop’s, Sweet pea had been so tempered to casually end up at pop’s and take y/n for a drive around town or something of the sorts. Even though all Toni and Fangs told him was about y/n’s eleven year self, Sweet pea immediately remembered seeing her around before.

She had always been that adorable, cheery kid who’d be playing outside the trailer park with jughead, giving him advice like she was some sort of child therapist. Sweet pea always thought she had been so cute, but he never once went up to talk to her, even though they had went to the same school.

But now she was here with him and sweet pea immediately thought of her as another version of himself. She wore her head high and didn’t care what anyone else thought. Hell, she didn’t even belong in this school zone or even riverdale and here she was, ready to pick up a list of extracurriculars for a school she had never seen before.

“Y/n and Betty didn’t get off to a very good start.” Jughead whispers as they walk up to a table where a few of the riverdale high students were set up, ready to help the newbies find their way around. So much for not being able to come in for another half an hour, y/n thought.

A rich preppy girl with dark hair stood up straight as ever, not a single wrinkle in her outfit as if she never sat down. She must have been Veronica lodge, Betty’s friend. Behind her was Kevin Keller and Josie McCoy, the mayor’s daughter. Next to Veronica was Archie Andrews, Jughead’s good friend. He seemed too preppy for jughead- Well, they all did- but y/n was glad to finally meet him, even if he didn’t know who she was yet.

“Friends,” Veronica smiles. “On behalf of the faculty and students here at riverdale high, welcome to your new school.”

Just as Veronica finishes, a girl with long red hair and a matching red dress flaunts her way down the stairs followed by a bunch of cheerleaders and another guy about their age who looked like a literal ken doll. Everyone turned around to look at her, including the riverdale high students helping at the welcome table.

The two girls start going at it, harassing each other verbally. Neither one of the northside kids noticed y/n going up to the welcoming table and scribbling something on a sticky note.

“What’s your name again?” She whispered to sweet pea. “Is it just sweet pea?”

“Yeah?” Sweet pea mumbled as he tried to eye whatever y/n was doing.

“Jughead,” Y/n hissed. “What’s the name of the principal?”

Now all four of them looked at y/n, wondering where she could possibly be going with this. Jughead mouthed Weatherbee and Y/n finished writing down the sticky note and slapped it right on top of a stack of handouts, clear for veronica to see when she was ready to give them their class schedules.

“Cheryl, nobody invited fascist Barbie to the party.” Veronica said, crossing her arms over her chest.

The girl, Cheryl, ignored Veronica’s comment as she made her way closer to y/n and jughead’s friends. She stopped in the middle of the hallway, the only clear words coming out of her mouth “-southside scum.”

“Why don’t you come over here and say that to my face?” Toni snapped. Fangs held her back as Jughead looked at y/n, shaking his head. He knew that she was going to get herself caught up in this mess. Y/n smiled at Jughead sweetly and he knew that she wasn’t going to listen.

Cheryl said something else and then the boy next to her, followed by Archie Andrews got in the middle of it, literally. “Come on guys,” Archie says, pushing Cheryl and Toni away from each other. “Why don’t we just start over?”

“Why doesn’t someone just tell Cheryl to shut the fuck up?” Y/n asked as she stood on top of the welcoming table. Now everyone looked at her, sweet pea and the rest of the serpents grinning from ear to ear. Sweet pea even laughed under his breath a bit as he tried to conceal his smile.

“And who do you think you are?” Cheryl asks.

“Not important.” Y/n shrugs. “Who do you think you are telling us we can’t be here? It’s not our fault your dumbass mayor shut down the school.”

There were several gasps from students in the hallway. Cheryl’s eyes grew wide as she couldn’t think of anything to say. She crossed her arms over her chest and puffed, walking away followed by the sound of more laughing that covered up her clicking red heels on the floor.

“Thank you, Thank you.” Y/n said sarcastically, bowing down and jumping back onto the floor. The serpent’s clapped for her even though most of them still didn’t know who she was, unless they the stories of her father from their parents when they were kids. Y/n grinned a smile of all teeth. She could get used to this school.

“I see why you’re jughead’s best friend.” Sweet pea says. “What did you scribble on that note?” He asks as Veronica gets everyone in a straight line so she can put what just happened behind everything and start passing out schedules.

“You’ll see.”

Veronica peeled the sticky note off the papers. She looked at Archie for some sort of explanation but he simply shrugged, not knowing anything about it. Sweet pea listened to every word coming out of the raven haired princesses mouth even though he was close to the back of the line.

“There seems to be a mishap with Y/n L/n’s schedule. However she is supposed to have a matching one with southside student Sweet pea. Please make sure that Y/n L/n is able to share his timetable for the time being. -Principal Weatherbee.”

“Oh my god, you’re good.” Sweet pea laughed. Jughead, toni and Fangs were the first to get their schedules and said they’d see sweet pea and y/n later. Y/n waved to them as they continued down the crowded hallway. More and more new students collected their things as sweet pea and y/n were the last.

Veronica hands Sweet pea his schedule and y/n a list of extracurriculars and sports sign ups. She tells the pair about sharing Sweet pea’s schedule to which y/n said “Yeah, I heard all about It.”

Veronica made a face of confusion, unsure if this girl was playing with her or not. As her and sweet pea walked passed her and the remaining northside kids, Veronica called out to them “If you need any help finding classes just come find me.”

“Girl,” y/n grinned, turning around and stopping in the hallway. “I don’t even go to this school.”

Sweet pea gave y/n a fist punch as they climbed the stairs. There was no way he could last all day without asking her out on a date. She was so rebellious and outspoken, so much more than Sweet pea ever thought. Besides, she lied that her schedule should match his. Why not her best friend jughead or Toni or fangs? Maybe sweet pea was simply grabbing at loose straws but he took it as a sign of maybe she really did like him back.

“I think you just passed out first class.” Sweet pea says, pointing to the door.

“Let’s go exploring.” Y/n says, ignoring him. They walked all around the school together, not a teacher in sight. All the classroom doors were closed as classes were already started. Except for one door downstairs which looked to be some sort of rec room.

Inside there were couches and a vending machine, even magazines to read, laid out on a coffee table. Y/n led sweet pea inside even though there were two other students already there, who probably had free periods so it didn’t matter.

The two of them sat down on the couch as y/n propped her legs up on sweet pea’s. Now sweet pea was really blushing. Y/n didn’t have a care in the world. All he had to do was ask her a few simple words. Do you want to go out tonight?

“Hey, y/n,” Sweet pea says as he gets y/n’s attention from eyeing the vending machine.

“Hmm?” She asks, raising her brows.

Just come out and say it. You can do it. “Would you maybe like to go to pop’s tonight? Just the two of us?” Sweet pea felt his palms get sweaty and his heart beat faster. He had never felt nervous before but knew that this was how it felt. His heart sank when y/n’s face twisted.

“Tonight?” Y/n scoffs. “I don’t even go to this school, you aren’t in class, so why don’t we go right now?”

Sweet pea’s heart did a flip in his chest. Had she really just agreed to go with him?

“So is that a yes?” He asks.

“Let’s go, Romeo.” Y/n smiles.


After sweet pea drove them to pop’s, he had completely forgotten all about his friends adjusting to the new school or them wondering where he and y/n had went. Sweet pea didn’t even think to text his friends because he was having such a good time with y/n. They sat in pop’s for hours sharing milkshakes and laughing, sweet pea learning all about her.

“I’m really going to miss days like this you go back home.” Sweet pea says as he heads up to the cash to pay the bill, y/n following him.

“Who said I was going back home?”


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#4 with Sweets please!!

Originally posted by patrochileus

4. “I’m just really tired you know? I’m fucking tired.” 

You stood at the sink inside the art room, carefully washing the brushes and makeshift palettes you had used, humming along to the music your teacher had turned on. The class was almost over and everyone was cleaning up their stations, your own mind wandering as you thought about after school plans.

You startled when someone rushed to the entrance of the large room, heels hurriedly clicking against the floor as the door hit the wall with a gentle slam, everyone glancing at the raven haired girl in confusion.

“Y/N,” Veronica breathed out, looking like she was panting after running across the entire school. “Sweet Pea… Reggie…” She breathed out, waving a hand at you to follow and you dropped everything with a sigh, giving your teacher an apologetic look as you took off behind Veronica, wiping your wet hands on your jeans.

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Sheriff’s Daughter

Originally posted by mendescamilas

Anon requests: please do an archie imagine 💖💖

please write an archie imagine

I love your writing so bad! So I got this idea and hoped you would write it? So, reader is Archies girlfriend, Kevin’s sister which makes her the daughter of the sheriff. Since Jasons dead it has been forbidden to go to the river, but she and Archie sneaks out in the middle of the night and go there. The get in the water and make out. Things heated as her dad aka the sheriff finds them and takes her home. He forbids them to see each other, but the keep doing it, tho. U decide the happy ending :)

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: The sheriff’s daughter and her boyfriend are quite the trouble-making pair.

Warnings: none

Word count: 940

A/N: ahh my first archie imagine!! hope you all enjoy!!

You and Kevin sat in your room together, listening to Taylor Swift’s older albums.

“I’m just not feeling the country,” Kevin critiqued.  “Even in the Red album, she was leaning towards pop.”

“But this is classic Taylor!” you protested.  “You’re telling me you don’t like Fearless?”

“I’m not saying that,” he raised his hands in defense.  “I’m just saying 1989 is way better.”  You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever, Kev.”  Before he could think of a clever remark, a tapping on your window interrupted the two of you.  Sharing puzzled glances, you and Kevin slowly moved towards your window. You pushed back the curtains to reveal your boyfriend, Archie Andrews, standing on a ladder.

“Can I come in?” he asked cheekily.  You rolled your eyes, but smiled and opened the window.  He climbed in and closed the window behind him.  Listening to the music that was playing, he shot you a raised eyebrow.  “Taylor Swift?”

“Hell yeah!” you nodded, but lowered the volume a bit.  “So what are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to the river,” Archie suggested with a small smirk.  Before you could respond, Kevin cut you off.

“Dad said we aren’t allowed,” he shot you a warning glance.

“So what?” you rolled your eyes. “He’s not gonna find out.”  Kevin pursed his lips and crossed his arms, sending you a pointed look.  “You wouldn’t.”

“I will,” Kevin warned.  “There’s a murderer in Riverdale right now, and going to Sweetwater River is like walking into death’s trap.”

“Come on, Kev,” you whined. He shook his head.

“No.  There’s nothing you can say that’ll convince me not to tell him.” You furrowed your eyebrows trying to think of something you held against him.  Finally, you reached an idea and smirked.

“I’ll tell him about Joaquin,” you declared.  His face visibly paled as his eyes widened.

“But… but you can’t!” he stuttered.

“I won’t tell dad if you don’t tell him about me going to Sweetwater River,” you bargained.  He huffed and rolled his eyes, but agreed. You smirked triumphantly and smiled at Archie.  “Let’s go.” He went down the ladder first to make sure he could catch you if you fell.

The night was dark and silent, and you and Archie stifled your laughs as you ran towards the river.

“This is such a bad idea,” you whispered, but he just waved it off and kissed you.  You smiled into the kiss.

“Let’s go into the water,” he said, and you nodded.  The two of you, holding hands, ran into the water.  You shrieked with delight as the coldness of the water enveloped the lower half of your body.  Archie snuck up from behind and grabbed you by the waist, twirling you around as you laughed.  He set you down and turned you around so you face him.  Still grasping onto your waist, his lips connected with yours. This kiss was not like the ones the two of you had shared before; this one was rough and passionate.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.  Archie’s fingers traced the hem of your shirt.  You were about to prompt him to take it off, but the shine of a flashlight caught your eye.  The two of you separated and looked for the source of the light.

It was your dad.

“Fuck,” you muttered under your breath, squeezing Archie’s hand.  Your dad approached the edge of the water.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled, shining his flashlight directly in yours and Archie’s eyes.  “Get out of the river right now!”  You and your boyfriend obliged, slowly trekking onto the shore. The two of you were dripping wet, and your dad, who had come prepared, threw each of you a towel.

“Sorry dad,” you mumbled, keeping your head down.

“Sorry?” he demanded, his voice cold with anger.  “Sorry doesn’t cut it, (Y/N).  As the sheriff, I have to protect this entire goddamned town, and my own daughter won’t listen to me.  My own daughter!  Do you know how that ruins my reputation?”  You had no reply, so you just kept your head down.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Keller,” Archie apologized.  “This was all my fault.  I convinced (Y/N) to come out here with me.  Don’t get mad at her, please, I should take all the blame.”

“Another reason why my daughter should have never started dating you,” the sheriff spat.  “Get in the car, both of you.  I’m taking Andrews home and having him explain to his dad why the sheriff had to escort him home.  And then, (Y/N), we’re going to have a nice long chat.”

You sat in your room, dismally staring out of the window.

“I didn’t tell him, you know,” Kevin said, not bothering to knock before he entered your room.  “He walked into your room and saw you weren’t there, and I guess he just had a hunch.”  You turned to face your brother and rolled your eyes.

“That’s great, Kev, but it doesn’t help the fact that I can’t see Archie anymore,” you responded, and then turned back to the window.  Kevin sighed and exited your room.

Lost in thought, you didn’t notice the ginger climbing towards your window until his face was right in front of yours.

“Archie?” you whisper-yelled, opening the window.  He grinned, but didn’t climb into your room.

“Hey,” he said.

“What are you doing here?” you asked.  He just smiled and kissed you.

“I had to see you,” he answered after you two pulled apart.  You smiled and shook your head.

“God, you’re an idiot.”  He pouted, causing you to peck him on the lips. “My idiot.”

Kitchen Favours - Part 2

You asked for a part two. I gave you a part two. Though its probably not as good as you wanted!
Prompt: After their moment in Pop’s kitchen, Jughead tries to confront Y/N about what happened. 
Warning: Smut reference.
Part One 

Originally posted by admireforever

The day after yours and Jughead’s heated moment you find yourself back at the scene of the crime. Back at Pop’s for yet another shift, one you were happy to work as it was one of the few where you didn’t have the dark haired devil that was Jughead Jones. A name that hadn’t released your lips since you moaned it in his ear just last night.
Oh, last night…
As soon as Pop’s entered the diner, you both fumbled trying to grab your shirts, sooth your hair before Pop’s saw the two kids he had known since they were children about to loose the last of their innocence on the kitchen counter of his own diner.

Neither of you spoke a word to each other after that. The flirty jokes which had become common between the two of you halted in an almost un-natural manner, one you hoped Pop’s hadn’t picked up on. You left the diner the second your shift ended, not even saying goodbye to the boy who had waited behind just to keep you company. 

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Reggie Mantle

(Okay, well I meant to write headcanons but then it turned into this. Like I said in my previous post. It seems I can’t write anything less than a thousand words. This has been in my head for a while and I intended to write it as a full fic, but decided on writing it like this instead?  I’ve been having serious Reggie Mantle feels lately, so here you go.This is also pretty much my Isaac Lahey fic, but Reggie. I’ve probably misspelled a bit, but it’s 3 am so I’ll edit it later. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy.)

Reggie falls for the new girl

 -The first time he sees you, he’s talking to someone from the team in the hallway.

-The second his eyes land on you; he trails off on what he was saying.

- “Reggie, bro you okay?”

- “Yeah who’s that?” he says pointing in your direction.

- “Oh, that’s Y/N. She just started here today.”

- “Y/N.” he repeats to himself. 

 - “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. I met her this morning.”

 -Even though his teammate is still talking, Reggie barely hears any it because he’s having a hard time not focusing on you.

 -Reggie hates 5th period, so he always shows up late.

-15 minutes’ pass before he decides he’s going to head to class now.

-That’s when he sees you struggling trying to carry a few books while you look over your class schedule.

-You’re late for your class because you have no idea where it’s located.

- “Hey.” you hear someone say behind you. When you turn around you’re greeted by a tall boy with a very nice smile.

- “Hey.” you say.

- “Here let me help you with that, Your Y/N, right? I’m Reggie.” he says as he grabs the books out of your hand.

- “Thank you. Yes, I’m new here. Which is why I’m struggling trying to find my next class.” You say looking over your schedule again.

- “I might be able to help with that.”

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Originally posted by jordanzconnors

Ok, but imagine how nice it would be to just sit between his legs. His arms are wrapped around your chest and his knees are so high, you can’t feel anything but completely safe and protected. He rests his chin on the top of your head, every now and then pressing a soft kiss to your hair line. You can lean back against his chest, the height difference making it so easy for him to just tower over you. He is absorbed into the conversation he’s having with the serpents, but his fingers unconsciously follow the dance yours create. You play with his rings, tug at his long fingers and stoke his knuckles. When you kiss the back of his hand he chuckles lightly, looking down at you in awe, even though you can’t see that from your position. You share cans after cans of coke because he’s driving, and you don’t drink without him. You always have only one bottle that you pass back and forth, not seeing the point in each of you having one. You can feel his whole frame shake as he laughs at something you said, and he never fails to lean forwards and make a snarky comment into your ear about that one kid in the group he still doesn’t like. The night approaches, and now he’s pressing you tightly against his chest, trying to make sure you won’t get cold. Even if you don’t, sleep overcomes you and you can’t help but let out a strong yawn. Despite not saying anything to him, because you don’t want to ruin his fun, he notices how tired you are.

“Let’s go, babe” he whispers in your ear, tapping your sides.

“No, we can stay” you protest, voice all groggy and eyes half closed. He can see right through your bullshit, so he just helps you to your feet, despite your whines and protests.

“Guys, we’re gonna go” he announces as you snuggle into his side, under his right arm.

“Party poopers” someone yells and Sweet Pea just answers by giving them the middle finger and pulling you closer as you both make your way to his bike.


ok, I’m done but I want this with Sweet Pea,,,,,,,,, is it really too much to ask? I want Jordan just as much, just saying… ok I’ll go~