riverdale house


riverdale core four as hogwarts houses

Archibald “Archie” Andrews: ~gryffindor~

Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper

Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III

Veronica “Ronnie” Lodge


Riverdale Family Sigils (inspired by game of thrones)

House Andrews; strength and foundation
House Cooper; truth in all things 
House Lodge; family honor, unity
House Jones; wise as serpents 
House Keller; serve and protect
House Mantle; greatness or nothing
House Blossom; forever in bloom
House McCoy; by claw and courage

Can you imagine how cute Jughead is while he's having shower ideas for his novel?

Jughead: *taking a shower* well… and maybe… *has an awesome idea, grabs a towel and bursts out of the bathroom*

Archie: wow, dude! The hell are you doing?

Jughead: Not now. My laptop. Where. * keeps looking for it, while trying to hold the towel up.*

Archie: I have no idea. Didn’t you leave it at Betty’s?

Jughead: *realization hits, as he stops looking for his laptop and heads to Betty’s house. He walks in, climbing up the stairs and reaching her room*

Betty: Juggie!? What is this!? *blushes*

Jughead: My laptop. Did I leave it here?

Betty: Yeah… It’s on the table *points at the laptop* Why?

Jughead: Can't talk now. Need to write. *reaches to his laptop and starts typing, feeling relieved*

Betty: *chuckles* Was the idea that good?

Jughead: You have no idea, Bets…

Betty: Well, I can imagine since you still have shampoo all over your hair and- well… You’re barely naked. *smirks*

Jughead:…. *blushes* perks of being a writer.