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B: I missed you tonight, Didn’t need any snacks?

Betty had a mild panic attack after she had sent that message, but his reply came seconds later.

J: Nah I got distracted with work and forgot about my stomach for a minute 😂😂

J: You missed me?

B: Maybe a little x

J: I miss you and your smile x

Betty paused her ice-cream eating for a moment and smirked. She was wearing a white singlet that needed a wash, no bra and her hair was a bird’s nest, but maybe she could treat Jughead to a cheeky smile.

B: Betty sent a photo

She found it much easier to flirt and talk over text, but maybe she had become too confident. Regretting sending that picture immediately after. She was focused on her sexy smirk and didn’t realise how ugly she actually looked.

“SHIT!” She breathed, “I look like such a mess.”

J: WOW 😮

J: I thought you said you never took selfies.

B: I don’t but you said you missed my smile so……

J: I think I got more than that😏.

B: Well enjoy my messy selfie😂🤭

J: Oh I am😏.

Betty stared at his response for a long moment, wondering if he was just trying to be funny or if there was more behind it. Curious, she pulled up the selfie she’d sent him again, scanning over it a little more closely. At first she didn’t see anything and then she did, her cheeks flaming with embarrassment when she realised her singlet was slightly see through over her chest and that one of her boobs was practically visible.

She dropped her phone onto the couch and buried her face in her hands.

Oh god!!

She felt a vibration and peaked through her fingers, her heart racing when she saw another text from him.

im going to put this on as the preview hahah

Lili Reinhart may possibly be wearing the Aritzia Sunday Best ‘Skyfall’ tank ($20) in her Instagram live on July 1, 2020.

Note: the model pictures are taken at angles that don’t properly display the upper portion of the tank; therefore, I cannot confirm if this item is an exact.

About the item: “This is a racerback tank with a high neckline. It’s made with sleek, ribbed modal fabric that’s soft and stretchy” (Aritzia).

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cindy to courtney: i want you to join the cheerleader team so we'd spend more time together in very sapphic & intimate environment where i get to tell you what to do. ppl in bleachers: GAYYY

all head cheerleaders are gay, it’s law. santana lopez, cheryl blossom… i’m just saying, cheerleading is SUPER homoerotic 👀