Lydia Inspired Outfit with a Pink YSL Bag by veterization featuring a leather belt

Navy blue dress / Zara motorcycle jacket / River Island grey boots, $55 / Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag / ASOS charm bracelet, $9.44 / H M leather belt, $20
Allison Inspired Senior Pictures Outfit by veterization featuring high heel boots

Lace dress / High heel boots, $14 / Jil Sander saddle bag / River Island ring, $3.15 / Eddera headband hair accessory / NYX lips makeup, $17 / Azature nail polish, $27 / eiffel iPhone & iPod Case by Samantha Lawson | Society6

A great  dress for this season,  the dress has a neutral  shade (  something in between what the French would call “taupe”  and a terracotta brown).  The heart details add a little extra touch, stopping it from being too plain.  It is  versatile: can be worn by day, and also  as evening wear  if dressed up and accessorized well. Also, at the moment,  who can resist crochet? 

Fashion Find- Easter Edition 1

To the delight of the whole nation, Easter weekend is just around the corner! Now although for many of us our minds may automatically ‘spring’ to three VIP-ersonal aspects about the occasion: ie, two four day weeks, a four day weekend AND chocolate egg’s galore, it’s also an incredibly poignant time for all Christians alike, and for our country too it may so seem. For a girl who works every Sunday without fail even I won’t be doing the honours of turning up to work this week (I’m not being a scalliwag, the place will be shut down!) so to sum up; Easter is important. For many reasons. Capiche?

Now, considering we’ll all be flouncing around this weekend with the joys of Spring in our every step, I thought it’d be a wise move to conduct a week’s worth of 'Fashion Finds’. After all, who wouldn’t kindly welcome a wardrobe top up at this time of the year?  Although my first find may not scream my name as loudly as my usual sources, it’s typically Easter and can be easily toughened up with a neon clutch and a pair of towering heels. The longer sleeves, the clinched in waist and the soft print are incredibly flattering too- which is what we all want to hear once we’ve scoffed our lives worth of Easter egg’s into our gob’s, right? Nice one, RI.

If you’d like to check out River Island’s floral number, have a little click on the link!

Scott Inspired Affordable Amusement Park Outfit by veterization featuring a drawstring shoulder bag

Maurices dress / Breckelle’s lace combat boots / Wild Pair drawstring shoulder bag / Silver bracelet bangle, $5.54 / River Island sunglass pouch / Black 80s fashion / Kerstin Florian sun care
Cora Inspired Wedding Outfit with Requested Dress by veterization featuring Nicole Miller

Topshop black a line dress / River Island suede leather shoes / Free People faux leather crossbody purse / Tech accessory / Nicole Miller tech accessory / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics gel eye liner