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Theory: Bill’s Mom in Series 10

Warning: another long-post incoming, but apparently I keep on having Doctor Who theories and I’ve got to get them out somewhere.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Hopefully some of you will enjoy it/have some thoughts of your own!

So as Series 10 has gone along, I’ve been slightly suspicious regarding Bill’s actual parentage. I mean, true, we have pictures of Bill’s mom, but that’s only because the doctor went back to take pictures of “Bill’s mom”… which would be a perfectly lovely moment if that’s all it was, but we only have the Doctor’s word (well, photo) to go on that she is, indeed, “Bill’s mom.” And remember rule 1: the Doctor lies.

As I’d seen someone mention, there is a young girl in one of the “world enough and time” trailers who looks a bit like a younger Bill (trailer here: [x] ).  They’ve also made several very pointed allusions to the importance of Bill’s mom which again, could just be a very sweet character trait, but… they have referenced it.  Like ALOT (see:  hanging photos of her mom in Knock Knock, screaming for her mom in Oxygen, using her “memory” of her to save the day in Lie of the Land, etc)

At this point, I’m still conflicted at this point as to who Bill’s mom (assuming she isn’t the one shown in the pictures) might be.  My thoughts on who would be most likely have shifted as the series went on, but my main suspicions have been that she’s either River/the Doctor’s daughter (I mean they did spend 24 years on Darillium), that she’s simply related to the Doctor in some way/shape or form, or that she’s the daughter Missy/The Master talked about in Witch’s Familiar (though at that time, Missy would have technically been her Father, so the woman in the picture might actually be her mom: however, I’ve grown more uncertain with this theory, which I’ll explain in a bit).

In terms of visual clues, there are several that could suggest a relation to the Doctor (possibly River), especially in The Pilot: For example, one of the first things we see Bill do is look at a picture of River and Susan (about 1 min in exactly).  Secondly, when Bill asks the Doctor “Why me?”, the Doctor’s reply (“Well I noticed you”) is immediately followed by a shot of him looking at Susan’s photograph (about 3 min 20 seconds in).  Near the end of the episode, we also see shots of her with River’s picture clearly featured in the frame ( about 44 min 40 secs in).  There’s also the “grandad/father/grandfather” references in Knock Knock. It is, however, possible that those cues are simply intended to build an onscreen relationship where the Doctor views Bill LIKE a daughter/granddaughter,and not a literal relation. 

Also, going back to the most recent episode: in addition to the shot of the Bill-ish looking girl in the trailer, there was a curious shot about 32 minutes in World Enough and Time: When Bill and Simm!Master are walking outside the hospital, there are lots of camera cuts to sad, impoverished looking kids.  Near the end of that sequence, there’s a shot where they pass a little girl standing in an alley: Looking at her, it seems possible that she could be the same kid as in the trailer, (though I’m not 100% sure: perhaps someone else can say for certain). However, instead of keeping focus on Simm!Master and Bill as they walk by, the camera allows them to leave the frame and makes a strangely deliberate zoom on the little girl.  Could be reading way into that, but just throwing it out there.

Apart from the visual clues (which, again, could just be sentimental), something happens at around 9 minutes into the Pilot that struck me as odd: when she’s following The Doctor and Nardole into the vault, the door opens automatically. When she’s heard crashing about, the Doctor asks Nardole “The door upstairs, how did you set the security?”, to which Nardole replies: “Friends only”. My question would be: what does the “friends only” setting mean? Is it just that the machine picks up that Bill’s a decent/friendly human being and lets her in (which she is, but that seems a bit lax on security), or is there a genetic component involved? If the security has a genetic basis, it  would probably have a bioprint that would allow the Doctor and Nardole (and maaaybe Missy) to access the vault. At this point Bill doesn’t know anything about the “sci-fi” elements of the Doctor’s life (he’s just her tutor), so he has no reason to deliberately grant her access. Could it be that she has enough genetic similarities to someone that’s already been granted “friends” status?

In terms of a possible relation to the Master/Missy, I was more keen on this theory earlier on, but have cooled on it a bit as the series went on.  In The Witch’s Familiar, Missy explicitly states that she has a daughter when she’s talking to Clara about the brooch (“the doctor gave it to me when my daughter…”).  When I saw that she wasn’t wearing the brooch in the promo photos (and before Extremis aired), I thought it might be possible that Extremis!Missy was at an earlier point in her time stream than WF!Missy and the event involving the brooch and her daughter hadn’t happened yet.  However, after watching Extremis (which is pretty clearly set after WF), and rewatching WF (she specifically mentions the brooch being given in the “olden days of Gallifrey”, which I’d missed the first time) this theory seems increasingly unlikely.  

Now: If we accept for a moment that Bill is related to either the Doctor/River, just the Doctor, or Missy/the Master, the one main snag is that she appears to be biologically human, as shown by the fact that the Cyberman “patients” singled her out in World Enough & Time, and by the fact that she (apparently) grew up living a fairly normal life with her Foster mother (I’m pretty sure one of her doctors would have noticed if she had two hearts).  In this scenario, the two main solutions would be (1) the chameleon arch, which could rewrite her biology and give her a normal human life or (2 )her physiology is close enough to human to pass without any obvious differences.  At this point in the series, I think Option 1 is increasingly unlikely:  if they were going to reuse the chameleon arch, you’d think they would have (a) made a passing reference to it by now [since not all current Who fans have seen episodes from 10 years ago], or would have left a visual hint (like with a brief shot of a watch/similar object in her home or on her person. I haven’t seen anything like this, but do correct me if I’m wrong). Option 2 could be possible, since we haven’t yet seen what the physiological result would be if a Time Lord and a Human were to procreate, in terms of heart number, dominant qualities, etc., and there might be a way for more “Time-Lordy” qualities to be suppressed.  If River were the mother (versus the woman we think of as “Bill’s mom” or another human): while she did gain time lord qualities from exposure to the time vortex, both of her parents were biologically human, meaning she would likely have one heart as opposed to the Gallifreyan two.  

Another thought that popped into my head was that, instead of the little girl being young Bill, perhaps that girl was Bill’s mother.  If so, that would make the physiological problem a bit simpler:  Even if her mother were Mondasian as opposed to an Earthling, it’s been heavily implied that the two species are pretty much identical in terms of their genetic makeup (after all, Mondas and Earth are twin planets, and Bill’s “human” genetic makeup was automatically detected when she stepped on the ship).  In that case, it might be the case where the Doctor rescues her from the ship and resettles her on Earth, where she later has Bill.

Anyway, those are the options that came to mind, though I can’t say what the answer is.  The only thing I know for sure is that they’ve made a pretty big deal of Bill’s mom , so she’ll probably show up again one way or another.  We shall see.  If you have any other thoughts, would love to hear them!


      ʽʽyou didn’t love him enough to die for himʼʼ       “i thought i did until it was put to the test. and you?”                                     ʽʽi died for him many times. y e s , a l w a y s.ʼʼ

The Library

So guess what? This is not a request. It’s a story I thought of, following the trio of Team Tardis from ‘Sweetie, Darling, Love” It’s a two-parter to follow the canon episodes of The Library. This here be part one. As you may imagine, there may be tears. This is, in fact, the Doctor’s first meeting with you and River. So, here we go then, the day Team Tardis met.

Word count: 2080


“The Library is breached. Others are coming. Warning, the Library is breached. Others are coming. Warning…”

“Oh shut it”

With one quick movement you pulled out your gun and shot the node point blank, destroying it as one of the people behind you screamed. You simply placed your gun away calmly.

“What were you attempting to achieve?” River asked, walking in front of you.

“Shutting it up, and I did achieve” You corrected, glancing around once more as you walked.

“Warning, the Library is breached. Others are coming”

You groaned as the repeated message played again. You couldn’t keep shooting all of them, your battery would run down. Besides, River likely wouldn’t let you. You scowled at the sound of her laughter through the speakers of your helmet.

“I hate this thing, River. When can I take it off?” You whined.

“Soon enough, Sweetie. We need to establish that the air is safe first” She reminded you. The group walking behind you remained silent. River turned into another room, you following close behind and the others behind you. You grinned excitedly at the sight of the man inside, stopping in front of him beside River. The two of you cleared your visors in synch.

“Hello, Sweetie”

“Hello, Darling”

You both smiled at the man, who simply stared back at you.

“Get out” he said sharply, but neither of you were fazed.

“Doctor” The woman beside him chastised.

“All of you turn around, get back in your rocket and fly away. Tell your grandchildren you came to the Library and lived, they won’t believe you” He continued. You grinned at his attempt to scare you off and he frowned slightly at you.

“Pop your helmets everyone, we’ve got breathers” River declared. You were the first to yank the damn thing off.

“Much better” You sighed, tossing the helmet to the man, who caught it. He was still giving you that look, where he was trying to work you out and trying not to be obvious, which he was failing at.

Lux was complaining again and River quickly told him the two of you had lied before turning back to the man, the Doctor, the younger one at least.

“You came through the North door yeah? How as that? Much damage?” She asked, seriously yet kindly.

“Please, just leave” He all but begged. “I’m asking you seriously and properly just leave- hang on. Did you say expedition?”

“My expedition. I funded it” Lux spoke up.

“Oh, you’re not, are you?” He whined, looking back at you and River. “Tell me you’re not archaeologists”

“Got a problem with archaeologists?” River asked quickly.

“I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists” He spoke seriously.

“Ah, Professor River Song” River introduced with a grin.

“Professor (F/N) (L/N)” You followed, matching with a grin of your own.

“Archaeologists” You spoke together.

“Thank you” You told the Doctor, smiling genuinely as you glanced up at him from where you sat on the desk beside him. Why did he have to be so tall? This one was taller than the last. Or the next.

“For what?” He frowned.

“The usual” You shrugged, dragging your fingers over the table and looking down at it as you spoke. “Coming when we call”

“That was you?”

You nodded.

“You’re doing a very good job, acting like you don’t know us. I assume there’s a reason” River spoke up, handing you your diary as she did. Yours matched the pattern of hers but was (f/c) while hers was blue. The two of you picked carefully through the small books.

“A fairly good one actually”

You smiled, glancing up at him through your lashes before returning your eyes to your book.

“Okay, shall we do diaries then? When are we this time?” River asked, looking over her pages.

“Going by his face, I’d say early days” You pointed out, gesturing up and down with your pen at the man in front of you, who frowned in response.

“Yeah” River agreed. “So, umm, ‘Crash of the Byzantium’, have we done that yet?” You both looked at him, who just watched who both with a blank face.

“Obviously ringing no bells” You pointed out, glancing at River.

“Alright. Um, oh…” She trailed off with a smile as she found one.

“What is it?” You asked, tilting your head slightly.

“’Picnic at Asgard’. Do you remember that?” She asked you. You nodded, the same dreamy smile crossing your face. “Have we done Asgard yet?” The Doctor didn’t respond.

“Obviously not” River realised. “Blimey, very early days then. Huh, life with a time traveller, never knew it could be such hard work. Um…” While she looked through her book once more, you had occupied yourself staring at the Doctor. He glanced over at you and you smiled softly.

“Look at you” You mused, propping your chin on your hand with your elbow on your knee, your other arm crossed behind it. “You’re so young”

“I’m really not, you know” He corrected, seeming almost amused.

“No but you are” You insisted, sitting up straighter and setting your diary down beside you. He watched it for a moment before meeting your eyes again. “Your eyes…” You couldn’t describe it. “River, look how young he is” He turned to her and she slowly placed her diary down, putting a hand to the side of his face.

“You’re younger than I’ve ever seen you” She realised. You nodded in agreement.

“You’ve seen me before then?” he asked, glancing sideways at River’s hand. You froze, your mouth dropping open in shock as you realised and River moved her hand away slowly.

“Doctor… Please tell me you know who we are” She pleaded. He opened his mouth to answer but hesitated, glancing at you.

“Who are you?” He asked, confused. You could swear you felt your hearts break at those three words. You looked down, closing your eyes tightly and ignoring the world even as a ringing filled the air. Even as the Doctor stood and walked over to Proper Dave to see what he was doing. River placed a hand on your arm gently but you didn’t move.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly. You hesitated.

“No” You answered bluntly. “Are you?”

“No” She copied. You opened your eyes, looking up to meet her gaze. She looked as broken as you felt, but was trying her best to keep herself together. You knew it was because of the Doctor and his friend and Lux’s group but you also knew it was partially for you. The two of you moved at once, pulling each other closer for a tight comforting hug. You rested your chin on her shoulder and found yourself meeting the Doctor’s eye. He looked almost worried about the two of you, but also confused and intrigued. You couldn’t bear to see it, so you lowered your eyes and buried your face in River’s shirt.

“I wish our Doctor was here” You whispered brokenly. You heard River swallow tensely.

“So do I” She admitted.

River went over to help the Doctor, knowing you’d rather time alone right now. After a bit the Doctor moved back over to the computer you sat next to. You pulled your legs up and hugged them close as you shifted away from him slightly. Just giving him more room, you told yourself. He glanced at you worriedly as he worked before his eyes found yours and River’s diaries stacked up next to the computer. You had refused to meet his gaze and since he was facing your direction you were making sure to face the other way.

River walked up beside him, taking the diaries from his hand.

“Sorry, you’re not allowed to see inside the books. It’s against the rules” She said curtly, handing you yours, which you took silently.

“What rules?”

“Your rules”

River walked off with her book and you could feel the Doctor’s stare. It wasn’t long before you followed River, needing to get away from him. He may have been the Doctor, but he wasn’t your Doctor. He didn’t even know who you were. And that broke you.

The Doctor ran in behind the girls, shining his torch around the room.

“I’m gonna need a packed lunch” He announced. You were confused at the request, but you knew to just go with it when he had a plan.

“Hang on” River spoke first, going to kneel beside her bag. You did the same, digging through your own bag beside her. The Doctor kneeled down in between the two of you, looking at each of you in turn.

“What’s in those books?” He asked.

“Spoilers” You spoke in unison.

“Who are you?” He asked, still looking between you.

“Professor River Song”

“Professor (F/N) (L/N)”

“University of-“

“To me” He interrupted. “Who are you to me?”

“Again, spoilers” River told him, glancing at you. You stood and walked away, standing against a desk as you watched River handing the Doctor her lunch box. You looked away quickly as he glanced up and found yourself looking right back at Donna. She was staring at you unashamedly, glancing at River and the Doctor every once in a while.

“Right, you lot!” The Doctor announced, getting everyone’s attention. “Let’s all meet the Vashta Nerada” He tossed his torch in the air, catching it again without looking down. You found yourself smiling at the familiarity of the move, looking down to try and hide it. But as you glanced up again Donna hadn’t looked away.

This might be harder than you thought.

You were standing next to River, both of you watching the Doctor work, when Donna walked up beside you.

“You travel with him, don’t you?” River asked her. “The Doctor- you travel with him?”

“What of it?” Donna asked in return. There was a moment of silence between the three of you as you watched the Doctor continue with his work, making Proper Dave move from his spot as he went.

“You know him, don’t you?” Donna asked slowly. You couldn’t help but laugh, albeit rather bitterly.

“Oh, god, do I know that man” River agreed.

“We go way back, that man and us” You told her, hesitating before continuing. “Just not this far back”

“I’m sorry, what?” Donna frowned, confused.

“He hasn’t met us yet” River clarified. “We sent him a message but it went wrong, it arrived too early. This is the Doctor in the days before he knew us. And, he looks at us…” She paused, trailing off with a glance in your direction. She knew this whole ordeal hit you harder than even her, and she was worried for you.

“And he looks right through us” You finished, your eyes fixed on the man. “He looks right through me, and it shouldn’t kill me, but it does”

The Doctor sonicked Proper Dave’s suit.

“800%, pass it on” He told you, holding out his sonic screwdriver.

“I got it” You told him, holding up your own that he had given you.

“What’s that?” He asked, confused.

“It’s a screwdriver” You told him, sending him a ‘duh’ face.

“It’s sonic” He pointed out. You glanced at him as you continued on, increasing the mesh density of everybody’s suits.

“I know” You said simply.

The Doctor was working on an overhead light with his sonic screwdriver, standing on a chair as he talked.

“Trying to boost the power. Light doesn’t stop them but it slows them down” He explained.

“So what’s the plan? Do we have a plan?” River asked, glancing at you before looking back at the Doctor.

“Do we ever have a plan?” You returned, holding up your sonic and brightening the light the Doctor had been working on. He took his hands from the light, staring at it.

“Your screwdriver…” He started, climbing down to stand in front of you as he took your wrist in his hand, looking down at your sonic screwdriver.

“…looks exactly like mine”

“With a bit of an upgrade” You reminded him. “You gave it to me”

“I don’t give my screwdriver to anyone” He insisted.

“I’m not anyone”

“Who are you?”

The two of you stood still, staring at each other. No one else spoke, staring at both of you, River watching you closely. You tore your arm from his grasp and but he continued to watch you as another moment of silence passed.

“What’s the plan?” You asked, effectively finishing the conversation. 

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“It’s the same night!”

Ship Meme Thing
  • Who made the first move
  • Who flirts with everyone to make the other jealous
  • Who wake-up-calls the other
  • Who sends chocolates and flowers to  the others office
  • Who redecorates the house/room when they can’t sleep
  • Who’s the one wearing the pants
  • Who breaks up
  • Random head canon:

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Can you list some of Nightwish' most Plutonian songs?

  • Scorpio – Yin, Fixed, the Investigator, the Noir film
  • Pluto – Transformation and Regeneration; Integration with the Shadow
  • 8th House – Sex, Death, Shared Resources, and Inheritances
  • Pluto in Libra – the conflicting desire to balance the individual on a solo level vs the desire to be in a relationship.
  • Pluto in Scorpio – trying to come to the realization that the world is totally fucked up.

Nightwish Plutonian Songs

1.       “Gethsemane” from Oceanborn [x]

2.       “She Is My Sin” from Wishmaster

3.       “Dead to the World” from Century Child

4.       “Planet Hell” from Once

5.       “Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan” (Death Makes an Artist) from Once

6.       “The Poet and the Pendulum” from Dark Passion Play

7.       “For the Heart I Once Had” from Dark Passion Play [x]

8.       “7 Days to the Wolves” from Dark Passion Play

9.       “Ghost River” from Imaginaerum [x]

10.   “Scaretale” from Imaginaerum

11.   “Weak Fantasy” from Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Why I Chose These Songs: These songs all have a Rise-From-The-Ashes feel about them. Of the ones I added a link to; they’re the ones I feel encapsulate the Pluto archetype the most (plus Hades/Pluto rules precious metals and gems).

“Gethsemane” is Christ resurrecting from the day on Sunday; Pluto continues Saturn’s lesson, “You will fall,” and Pluto adds, “You will rise, becoming stronger in the process.” “For the Heart I Once Had” reminds me of Scorpio’s cynicism. These people know that the world is fucked up and have been hurt many times over which makes it difficult for them to see the Light. This Nightwish song talks about the change that Scorpio/Pluto faces when a negative event happened that changed the individual—they are no longer the same.

Lastly is “Ghost River” in which Marco and Tuomas have said that it is about the devil and Mother Gaia fighting it out with each other. It is not only the heaviest I’ve mentioned – very plutonian – but depicts the duality within Scorpio/Pluto in general. The cynic brooding; the dark vs light; staying in that grim place or rise to the level of the Phoenix.

Time Of Dying
Three Days Grace

On the ground I lay

Motionless in pain

I can see my life flashing before my eyes

Did I fall asleep

Is this all a dream

Wake me up,

I’m living a nightmare

I will not die

I will not die

I will survive

I will not die

I’ll wait here for you

I feel alive,

when you’re beside me

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

In my time of dying

On this bed I lay

Losing everything

I can see my life passing me by

Was it all too much

Or just not enough

Wake me up,

I’m living a nightmare

I will not die

(I will not die)

I will survive

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

I feel alive, when you’re beside me

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

my time of dying

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

I feel alive, when you’re beside me

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

In my time of dying

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

I will not die,

when you’re beside me

I will not die,

I’ll wait here for you

In my time of dying