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Pairing: GabexReader
Word count: 312
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. Today me and my friend rescued a puppy. Some asshole left it tied near a river, it’s a Corgi I think and it’s like the size of a tea cup. She’s sleeping in my pile of plushies right now. I remember that everyone has dubbed the humble Corgi as Gabriel’s dog form. Could you write a fic when Gabe comes to me with the puppy that I found and we decide what to with her (KEEP). Also can we be all safe and snug in my bed cuddling like a happy family. PUPPY GIFS
A/N: This is a slight A/U. Gabriel is just a normal husband in this.

Hearing your front door open, you peeked out from the kitchen. Your husband wasn’t expected home for another couple hours. However, there he was. There was something in his arms. Wiping your hands on your apron, you walked out to meet him. “What’s that, hun?”

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“Remember that puppy you found a couple weeks ago? And you came home to get something to carry him in, and when you got back, he was gone?” He asked, moving the jacket that was bundled up in his arms. “I found him today.” You’d wanted a dog for ages, but always wanted to rescue. With Gabriel’s work hours, it was hard to make it to the pound. You refused to pick a dog out without him.

Your face lit up. “Poor little guy.” You took him in your arms and smiled at your husband. “Did you name him?”

Gabriel shook his head. “I thought I’d let you.”

“How about…Reid?”

Reid?” He chuckled.

You nodded. “Like Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.” He knew it was one of your favorite shows.

He kissed your forehead. “Reid it is. Why don’t you give him a bath while I run out and get some supplies for him and some food.”

“Gabe?” You stopped him as he reached the door. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Later that night, you and Gabriel were curled up in bed watching a movie when you heard whimpering. Glancing over the side of the bed, you saw Reid looking up. His eyes looked so sad. Smiling, you leaned over and picked him up, placing him between you. He circled a few times before curling up and falling asleep.

Gabe scratched behind one of his ears. “Our family is almost complete.”

“Almost?” You glanced at him.

He gave you that smirk. “Now we’re just missing a kid.” He pulled you into a kiss.


Tried some Christmas photos, not good enough for Christmas cards because theres a great lack of SNOW in the MOUNTAINS (damn you Colorado) so we will try again. But look at these handsome snots!

Corgis and mountains, they just work.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Nov 15, 2015


Took Chubby kayaking on the Russian River last month. There were lots of people with their doggies (with their adorable lifejackets!) so it was VERY pet friendly - the dogs can just relax on the kayak, play in the shallow areas, go swimming or dig on the banks. Chubby would have had more fun if he actually liked swimming - the life vest didn’t help at all with his fears, so we stuck with running around and playing fetch in the shallow parts of the rivers. The weather was amazing, as was the various flora and fauna (we even saw otters!). It’s a great day trip to take with friends (our rental company allows you to BYOB) and I’ve been wanting to return, but alas my fingers haven’t healed. Oh yes, there’s also a rope swing along the river, but use at your own risk! :)


It rained the entire first day we were in Mendocino, but we decided to go to the beach and play anyway. Surprisingly, the rain and wind made the outing better because we had the entire beach to ourselves and ran around getting soaked like kids. The beach has a sort of desolate beauty when cloaked in fog and drizzle.

Chubby is wearing a vest that I found at a pet store we stopped at bc I forgot his travel bag (food, treats, basically everything) at home. Was very excited about it because I’ve been trying to find him a good raincoat that covers his undercarriage/chest. Became even MORE excited once I discovered it was reversible!! (More pics later)

Needless to say Chubby had a lot of fun digging holes, chasing seagulls and fording/swimming in the river. Snapped some pictures of him looking wet and uncharacteristically sulky near the end.