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you have no control; who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

“[…] no matter what science tells you, the fact that something alive can grow inside you, something brand new and unique - even though it is made of the same mix of stardust and honey and hope as everything else that ever lived - is a mystery; that every baby is a piece of magic.” - The Legends of River Song


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 5 - Favourite Quote: River fights Timelord “The Eleven”

↳  River: Oh, you want a fight? You’ve just got one! [Sucker punches the Eleven]

The Eleven: [Enraged] What are you? You’re not a Timelord… What are you? What! Fascinating, some kind of aberration. [Fervently sniffs River] A hybrid! A freak of nature. [Captivated] We have so much in common.

 River: I really do [Throws him down] hope not. 

River Song's Timeline

So I was thinking, and I came to a conclusion that makes me want to cry.

If THORS took place after TATM, and they go to Darillium, but River doesn’t recognize Twelve, then there cannot be any more episodes as long as Peter Capaldi is The Doctor with River in them that take place before Darillium. In fact, considering there were 11 pictures of his first 11 faces there cannot ever be another episode with River and a doctor that is not one of the original 11 that takes place before THORS in her timeline. So if River Song ever comes back to the show it must take place either at Darillium, or after the library considering in TFOTD she says the last time she saw him was Darillium so nothing between. And if this wasn’t upsetting enough, if we think about the ending of TNOTD it could be inferred that her story with The Doctor really finished there. So I have come to the conclusion that if we are ever to see River Song on BBC’s Doctor Who again it will be because The Doctor goes to The Library to visit her (which is out of character), or somehow Moffat decides to, for the first time EVER, actually play nice and SOMEHOW by some MIRACLE River Song is brought back, out of the computer, into life to walk among the living again.

So excuse me while I cry, because my favorite character ever, the greatest female badass hero/femme fatale, the flawless queen of time and space, the epitome of what I aspire to be as a strong independent woman, may never return.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but why did you stop posting Doctor Who?

Nah it’s okay, I’m glad to be able to clear this up :)

Frankly, I hated the Eleventh Era. it had so much potential and the actors were fantastic, but the plots were so contrived and the writing so unbearable that I couldn’t stand to watch any more of it.

The Christmas episode in my opinion was terrible and such a disappointment, and Clara is one of the worst companions I’ve seen. She could have been amazing and Jenna is incredible, but her growth is so stunted and she’s so two dimensional it hurts. I also hated how she was referred to as the “only mystery worth solving” because that completely goes against the concept of DW and just makes her seem like an object for the Doctor to solve.

That’s another thing. The female characters are unbearable as well. Amy was amazing until her entire bloody character revolved around the fact she was pregnant (And btw I hate the ‘Unexpected Pregnancy’ trope), and River Song, although badass, at the end of the day broke out of a life of learning to kill and hate the Doctor simply because potatoes.

The plots are so convoluted as well, with plot holes everywhere you look. And no, “The Doctor lies” and “Timer-Wimey” does not excuse shitty writing. Moffat was good at writing one-off shock-episodes like ‘Blink’, but his constant need for having ‘out-there’ plots just causes everything to be really unsatisfying. For example, in Time of the Doctor, he just reused every last villain in an attempt to scare us, but the lack of focus just made them seem really trivial.

And also, the Eleventh Doctor is an asshat. He’s sexist, child-like beyond the justification of “trying to cover up his past”, and doesn’t embody a single trait or moral from the previous Doctors (That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point.)

Given, I might watch an episode of 12 because of Peter Capaldi, but I’ve grown tired of the show itself. I loved it when it was about ordinary people doing amazing things, not about the Doctor saving the day and “The Girl Who Can” and whatfuck.