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uHhh can i request a custom "song for stella gibson eating out her gf reed"


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every series of doctor who [6/9] →  series six

Those reports of the sun spots and the solar flares. They’re wrong. They’re aren’t any. It’s not the sun. It’s you. The sky is full of a million million voices, saying, “Yes of course. We’ll help.” You’ve touched so many lives, saved so many people. Did you think when your time came you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you. But the universe doesn’t agree.


“There are exceptions” *cough* RIVER SONG IS ONE OF THEM *cough*


“But I’m afraid.”

“Who isn’t? but you’ve still got to face your beast anyway.”


Not to mention that he said river at the beginning of the episode, and yes, i know he was referring to the body of water but i still cant help but notice it and while were on the topic he said sweetie as well in reference to a candy (or something, never heard of it). I’m fine but not really. 

Bill: “They’d have followed the river. That’s what they did.” (Allison taking quotes out of context 2k17)

`I need no map,’ said Gimli, who had come up with Legolas, and was gazing out before him with a strange light in his deep eyes. `There is the land where our fathers worked of old, and we have wrought the image of those mountains into many works of metal and of stone, and into many songs and tales. They stand tall in our dreams: Baraz, Zirak, Shathûr.

`Only once before have I seen them from afar in waking life, but I know them and their names, for under them lies Khazad-dûm, the Dwarrowdelf, that is now called the Black Pit, Moria in the Elvish tongue. Yonder stands Barazinbar, the Redhorn, cruel Caradhras; and beyond him are Silvertine and Cloudyhead: Celebdil the White, and Fanuidhol the Grey, that we call Zirak-zigil and Bundushathûr.

`There the Misty Mountains divide, and between their arms lies the deep-shadowed valley which we cannot forget: Azanulbizar, the Dimrill Dale, which the Elves call Nanduhirion.’

`It is for the Dimrill Dale that we are making,’ said Gandalf. `If we climb the pass that is called the Redhorn Gate, under the far side of Caradhras, we shall come down by the Dimrill Stair into the deep vale of the Dwarves. There lies the Mirrormere, and there the River Silverlode rises in its icy springs.’

`Dark is the water of Kheled-zâram,’ said Gimli, `and cold are the springs of Kibil-nâla. My heart trembles at the thought that I may see them soon.’

-The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, “The Ring Goes South”

Playlists For The Signs

Aries: ((St. Jimmy-// Green Day)) ((War Pigs-// Black Sabbath)) ((Smoke on the Water-// Deep Purple)) (Bungle in the Jungle- Jethro Tull)) (( Don’t Stop Me Now-// Queen))

Taurus:  ((Northern Downpour-// Panic at the Disco))  (( The Luckiest-// Ben Folds)) (( So LIttle Time-// Akarna)) ((Angels-/// Robbie Williams)) (( Someone Saved my Life Tonight-// Elton John))

Gemini: (( Going to California-// Led Zeppelin)) ((Sunshine of Your Love-// Cream)) ((Don’t Dream it’s Over-// Crowded House)) ((Everyday- Buddy Holly)) ((Build Me Up Buttercup-// The Foundations))

Cancer: ((House of Gold-// Twenty One Pilots)) ((Yes, the River Knows-// The Doors)) (( Sigh No More-// Mumford and Sons)) (( American Pie-// Don Mclean)) ((Landslide- Fleetwood Mac))

Leo: (( Semi- Charmed LIfe-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Laid-// Better Than Ezra)) ((I Want To Take You Higher-// Sly and the Family Stone)) (( Sunshine Superman-// Donovan)) ((Caress Me Down-// Sublime)) ((Squeeze Box- The Who))

Virgo: ((Far Behind-// Candlebox)) ((Motercycle Drive By-// Third Eye Blind)) ((Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz)) ((Baba O’Rielly-// The Who)) (( The Zephyr Song-// Red Hot Chlli Peppers))

Libra: ((Waterloo Sunset-// The Kinks)) (( Love Song-// The Cure))  ((Romeo & Juliet-// Dire Straits)) (( Linger-// The Cranberries)) (( White Rabbit -// Jefferson Airplane))

Scorpio: ((Candlite-// Frightened Rabbit)) ((Pepper-// Butthole Surfers)) ((Reel Around the Fountain-// The Smiths)) ((Lake of Fire-// Nirvana)) ((Flagpole Sitta-// Harvey Danger))

Sagittarius: ((Ruby Tuesday-// Rolling Stones)) ((The Wind-//Cat Stevens)) ((Born to Run-// Bruce Springsteen)) ((Lay me Down -// Dirty Heads))  (( Free Bird-// Lynyrd Skynyrd))

Capricorn: (( Tangerine-// Led Zeppelin)) ((She’s not There-// The Zombies)) (( KIll the Poor-// Dead Kennedys))  ((Let Me Go- Cake)) ((The General- Dispatch))

Aquarius: ((She’s A Rainbow-// Rolling Stones)) ((Comfort Eagle-// Cake)) (( Doctor My Eyes-// Jackson Browne))  ((Sweet Sixteen-// Think About Life)) ((Pork And Beans-// Weezer))

Pisces: (( How Soon is Now-// The Smiths)) ((Indian Summer-//The Doors)) ((Bus Stop- The Hollies)) ((Thick as a Brick-// Jethro Tul)) ((Into The Ocean-//Blue October)) ((Disconnected-// 5sos))

The Doctor spent 24 years with River. He loves her and no one can tell me otherwise. He stayed by her side. For him she came here after Manhattan, he knows the Doctor she’ll meet in the Library doesn’t recognise her. He didn’t want the last memory she has of a Doctor that knows her to be of Manhattan, or the last memory she has of ‘her’ Doctor to be of one she doesn’t recognise. So he stayed back. The Doctor stayed still with her for 24 years so that she gets to know this him as much as she’s familiar with Eleven.

And after death, she hung on, as an echo to get a final goodbye from the Doctor she has spent more than a 100 years with. She told him 'Till the Next Time Doctor’ in Name Of The Doctor because she knew he had a next time with her. One that stretches over 24 years and he said 'See You Around Professor Song’ instead of a goodbye because he never gives up hope of meeting her again.

If anyone dares tell me that River doesn’t love The Doctor or that The Doctor doesn’t love River, please feel free to unfollow me because that is one fucking amazing love story. It’s adventurous, beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking. It’ll make you cry, it’s meant for legends.

The most beautiful love story ever written. One that doesn’t need a They Lived Happily Ever After, just They Lived Happily because they did. They finally were linear and spent years together being husband and wife.

The Answer

Pairing: YoungK X Reader

Genre: angst & fluff

Word Count: 1,746

Request: HIII OMFG I LOVE YOU WORKS AHHHH can i request a youngk from day6, an angsty and fluff thing about where he’s in a music rut and cant write lyrics and well something like that i hope thats okay??? thank you! - anonymous

Blank. Both his head and the page of his notebook were blank. It would’ve been better if there were a few scribbles on the paper - a sentence, a melody, a word - anything.

YoungK tightened the strings of his hoodie. The air conditioner running in the recording room dropped the temperature down a few degrees from its usual warm air. With none of the other members present, YoungK was left with his own thoughts to gather and create another amazing song.

A yawn escaped the tired man’s mouth. He tried to wipe the fatigue from his eyes before pressing on the home button of his phone to check the time. His home screen lit up, displaying a photo of him together with his members and his girlfriend on the first day of Day6′s concert tour in Seoul. It was almost 11:30 in the evening.

He usually didn’t feel much stress when it came to writing because the company gave his band enough time before preparing for their next comeback, but this time was different. YoungK was asked to write a special song to give to his labelmates, Park Jimin and Baek Ayeon, for their upcoming duo debut album. He didn’t mind. In fact, it was an honor. He just wished he wasn’t given only a week. Well, it was five days now. Reminded of his deadline, YoungK sighed heavily before reaching for his iced Americano and taking another sip of the half-empty cup.

The dose of caffeine was bought by his girlfriend who stopped by a few hours ago to check in on him. Before, the cup was filled to the top with whole ice cubes. The cup now had condensed water all around the outside, and there was not a single ice cube left. He wanted to go outside, but a part of him knew he could get distracted and that he had to get the song done as soon as possible. “I really don’t know what to do…” he groaned, picking up his pencil.

Actually, he wondered what his members were up to. Were any of them still at the company building or did they already return to the dorm? No, he shouldn’t worry about them. He should worry about the song! YoungK looked at his notebook again. What kind of song would work best to be included in the girls’ album? Pop? Ballad? What should it be about? Friendship? Love?

As he was in his thoughts, he heard a sound from his phone. The screen lit up to show the message you had sent him.

(Y/N) [11:34 PM]

Thanks for leaving me on read the last two texts ;; I know you’re busy tho. Did u leave that studio even once today???

(Y/N) [11:35 PM]

If u haven’t gotten anything done since you were assigned the project, I doubt you’ll get it done by just isolating urself in there… inspiration isn’t found like that

You were sitting in the living room after a shower, watching your favorite variety show on TV. Even though you stopped by to give your boyfriend coffee today, you noticed how exhausted and a little frustrated he looked. You’d go crazy if you were given a sudden deadline for work, too. When you texted the other members, they told you that your boyfriend refused to receive any help on the song. He wanted to please his company so bad, so he asked his own members as well as some of the producers to give him some space which led him to barely eating and leaving that very room he basically kept himself in.

The two texts that he ignored previously was of you asking him to go out and get dinner with you. How could anyone think without any brain food? You thought he’d at least grab some food with you since he loved to eat, especially since you offered to treat him to fried chicken in Sinsadong.

You watched your phone, seeing if he’d respond to your texts, but instead of finding three ellipses popping up, there was a word under your text: read.

Maybe he was really working and you were bothering him. Perhaps an idea finally hit him. You chose to send him the last text for the night.

(Y/N) [11:41 PM]

About to go to bed. Get some rest & pls eat. Will check in tomorrow. Night! :)

The next day, after your classes, you decided to drop by your boyfriend’s company. You received texts from Jae that YoungK needed to get some fresh air, and Jae suggested strongly that you be the one to take him out. I don’t want to go in the recording room again and then end up finding a body, Jae had joked over the phone.

“Knock knock,” you said as you knocked and opened the door to the recording room that you boyfriend was cooped in.

“What are you doing here?” YoungK mumbled when he heard your voice. Instead of looking over at you, he was crossing something off of his paper.

You continued to stand by the door. “Come on. Let’s go. Jae asked me to help you get a little break.”

“I don’t need you here though. I have no idea why Jae needed to call you. Besides, I already took a little break.”

“Yeah, Brian. Um. Bathroom breaks aren’t long enough. Come on. Let’s go get you a change of scenery, some food and some exercise from walking.”

“No thanks.”

Hearing his stubborn refusal, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. You walked into the room and kicked his rolling chair. YoungK shot you a look. “Stop! What was that even for? (Y/N), please just go home,” YoungK sighed.

“I will. After you go out with me. Brian, honestly, it’s not going to hurt you.”

“You’re not the one who has half a week to write a song, okay, (Y/N)?! I don’t know if I’m even going to get this done in time. I need to spend all this time in here writing!”

“You haven’t written a single thing yet!” you exclaimed, gesturing to his notebook full of crossed out words. “I’m trying to help you, and you’re being such a jerk about it!”

“Because you keep pushing it!” YoungK countered, voice starting to raise as well. He stood up from his chair which forced you to look up due to his taller height. “I didn’t ask for your help. I didn’t ask for Jae to get you to help.”

You bit your tongue back, trying to calm down. The door was still open, and anyone walking by could hear. That would be embarrassing on the behalf of both of you. You needed to reason with him. Reaching your hands out, you slid them down your boyfriend’s own hands. His cold hands touched your warm ones. “Babe,” you said, “I know how much you want to accomplish this on your own because it’s a big project, and you don’t want to let Jimin or Ayeon down. But tell me. Did all of the songs you’ve written always take more than a week?”

YoungK gripped your hands in his. He sighed. “No, some did take longer, but there were one or two that took me a few days.”

“And did you always stay in this room to write the lyrics?”

“No, sometimes I get an idea in other places. I write anywhere music starts coming to me.”

“Right? So why are you treating this song any different? Honestly, you should getting all the inspiration you can from outside. This room isn’t going to do anything for you. You don’t know what kind of song to do? Watch a movie, read, listen to some other songs, talk to people. That’s what you do.”

Your boyfriend stayed quiet, but you took it as him agreeing with you. Letting go of one hand and keeping the other intertwined, you lead finally led YoungK out of the cold, dark lair with a smile. “You can just come with me this time. After this, I leave it up to you on how you’ll get the song done.”

Watching your boyfriend right across from you under bright lights in a restaurant was way better than under dim lights in a studio. “Eat lots,” you told him as soon as the server placed down the tray of fried chicken. YoungK nodded his head and dived in right away.

After eating, the both of you walked around the Han River for some time, enjoying each other’s company. You didn’t bring up his work, and it felt like the two of you were on a date.

“Did you know that Don asked out Sohye?” you mentioned during your walk.

YoungK let out a laugh. “Wait, really? Don asked Sohye out? Since when?”

“Like…two days ago? I think. Yeah, they’re going out now.”

“That’s good for them. They look good together. Not like us though.”

“Obviously,” you joked while flipping your hair.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you a while ago,” YoungK apologized. “I was stressing myself out even more. Shouldn’t have taken it out on anyone.”

“It’s okay. We all have our days.”

You took a look at your watch and unwrapped your arm from YoungK’s.

“Oops. It’s already four? I gotta get to work now,” you said.

Your boyfriend nodded his head. “Yeah, I probably need to get back to the company. Thanks for today.”

“Oh, wait.” You stopped him and started to reach into your bag. When you finally found what you were looking for, you pulled the item out and showed it to YoungK. “Ta-da! Sohye got me a ticket to go to that new exhibit at the art museum. I can’t go because I work, but I took it because I thought that you could maybe use it.”

You handed him the ticket and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Walking to the curb, you waved for a taxi. As a taxi started to approach, you quickly turned back to YoungK and waved at him. “Let me know how it goes! Love you.”

“Love you too,” YoungK replied and waved at you until you got into your taxi and rode off. Alone, he scanned the art museum ticket. He couldn’t help but smile. He turned in the direction to where the art museum was and began to walk. Like how he felt when he was with you, he had a good feeling that the song would be a great one.


Shinhwa voice theater - The tale of Orpheus and Eurydice

Lee Bon [DJ]: Narrator
Hyesung [HS]: Orpheus
Junjin [JJ]: Virgin 1 / Grim reaper 1
Dongwan [DW]: Virgin 2 / Grim reaper 2
Eric [ER]: Eurydice
Minwoo [MW]: Shepherd / God of the Underworld 

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

DJ: Orpheus is the son of Apollo and the muse goddess Calliope. He possesses a beautiful voice. His father gives him a lyre as a present so he is holding a recital.

HS: Ding-ga ding-ga ding. Hey, come on~~~~

JJ: Oh, omo, oh. Orpheus is singing~ That dance, voice and on top of that his recital skills…it is as cool as Shinhwa. Isn’t it?

DW: Ahahahaha that’s right, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Orpheus after listening to his recital. Woah~

JJ: But what’s the use. But what’s the use. Orpheus is getting married to Eurydice…

DW: Omo seriously?! Is that the truth?!

JJ: Yes… We are all, ah, our efforts are all in vain!

DJ: However,

DW: Ah!!!

DJ: However, not long after their wedding, Eurydice caught an ugly shepherd’s eye.

MW: Eurydice~ Eurydice~ oh you are my love~

ER: You ugly shepherd?!!!

ER: I’m already married!!! Go away!!! My darling Orpheus…I’m going to tell Orpheus!!!

MW: Oh~ I don’t care~ even if there’s a lot of people watching, I’m not scared, why don’t…you just come here~

ER: Ack!!! No!!! Kyakk!!! Ack! Kik!

DJ: While running away, Eurydice got bitten by a snake and died. Orpheus who lost his wife pleaded his sadness to both the Gods and humans.

HS: Please… my pretty and sexy… Eurydice…return her back! Please God…! Minwoo yah, Dongwan ah, Eric ah! Please help me.

DW: Orpheus~! Get yourself together~!. The living should continue living~

JJ: Don’t be like that, what do you think of me? Don’t I look better than Eurydice? I don’t mind if it’s your second marriage.

HS: I don’t need that!! I’m going to the land of the dead and personally search for my wife. My Eurydice~! I can’t be with anyone else but her~!

MC: He descended to the Underworld while singing. The boatman is touched by his song and let Orpheus cross the river. He also receives permission from the keeper of the Underworld gate. Finally the God of Grim reaper too heard his heartbreaking song.

HS: Ah ling-ga ling-ga ling~ Ah ling-ga ling-ga ling~ Hey, come on~ The trapped future~. Hey, come on~ Don’t ever stop~ Hey, come on~ You should protect it now hey hey hey! Yo! Yo! Yo!

MW: (impressed) What’s that song?

JJ: Ah, yes! God of Grim reaper. That is Orpheus singing.

MW: Why is it so heartbreaking?

DW: Oh~ about that. He’s asking permission to find his wife Eurydice, that’s why his singing is so heartbreaking?!

MW: Ah… it’s so heartbreaking…! I’m touched so send his wife to the Earth.

ER: Thank you… God of Grim Reaper!!! Honey!!! I’m here!!! Orpheus!!! Oh my darling!!!

HS: No, this, am I dreaming? Oh God, thank you.

MW: But, wait, I have one condition. Until before you reach the Earth…no; until you reach the Earth, you can’t turn around to look after her.

Members, DJ: Not look after her, he can’t look at her.

HS: Yes, I understand. I will never look back.

ER: Darling,can you really not look at me? When I’m this pretty?!!!

DJ: Oh, I’m really going crazy. Seriously.

ER: Me?!!!

HS: Oh oh, of course I need to hold myself. I need to save you. 

DJ: Orpheus walks in front and the two started off the dangerous road upwards to the Earth without talking at all. But then, just as they’re about to reach the Earth,

HS: E…Eurydice, you’re behind me, right?…

ER: Of course.

HS: You’re not lying, right? Oh, beautiful my sexy~ Eurydice you’re following right behind, right?

ER: Told you so. Just wait a little bit. You can look at my prettier face as much as you like later~~!!!

HS: No, you’re saying you got prettier?

ER: Ee yap—-!!!

HS: I can’t wait! Where, where - Come here my love.

DJ: At last, Orpheus can’t hold himself back and turned around. Eurydice is dragged to the Underworld immediately. But Eurydice does not resent his husband who misses her a lot.

HS: Oh God of Hell. This is practice game. Can’t I do it again?

MW: Of course you can’t, I’m the God, are you, joking with me?

DJ: This time the boatman too, and the keeper of the Underworld gate too, cannot help Orpheus.

DW: What to do? The dejected Orpheus is sitting by the riverbank, refusing all food and drink.

JJ: That’s why, he shouldn’t have turned back…do you know how cold the grim reapers are? I think he won’t have a second chance.

DW: Orpheus~! don’t be like that. You can live with me, I’ll treat you well!

HS: No~ Go away!!!

DW: Then what about me?!

HS: I said go away!!! Ah, so annoying, seriously.

DJ: Orpheus stays away from women, and only lives in his memories. Virgin women persistently asked him for marriage but he coldly dismissed all of them. However since they are women after all, they have quite frightening prides. Some of the rejected women hold grudges and threw spears and stones at him.

JJ: I quit!! I quit!! You think there’s no guy other than you?!! Here, take this stone!!!

DW: Let us show how scary women can be when we’re angry! Here, take my spear!!!

DJ: Orpheus’s limbs were cut and his body thrown into the river. Finally, his spirit enters the land of the dead.

ER: Darling.. you should forget me and move on with your life, why are you following me?

HS: Oh~ Eurydice~ finally I can meet you. I don’t care, be it in hell, if there’s you, I’m fine with it. I love you Eurydice♥

DJ: Now, both of them finally found their happiness, strolling in the field together. Now, there’s no worries about getting punished if he looks at her so Orpheus can look at Eurydice to his heart’s contents.


Those reports of the sun spots and the solar flares. They’re wrong. There aren’t any. It’s not the sun, it’s you. The sky is full of a million, million voices saying yes, of course we’ll help. You’ve touched so many lives, saved so many people. Did you think when your time came, you’d really have to do more than just ask? You’ve decided that the universe is better off without you, but the universe doesn’t agree. River, no one can help me. A fixed point has been altered. Time is disintegrating.

Bring Me Back, Part Two: Entanglement

WARNING: Depression (duh), character death (it won’t be a surprise), very mild language (nothing worse than I’ve written before), anorexia and self-harm (mentioned in the narrative but not directly seen), and Jack Harkness (definitely seen). This story might just be a little hard for some people to chew, so read cautiously. Also, just to help you understand the gravity, this is based off of real events in which I was basically this fic’s Jack Harkness.

Also, if I had actual drawing skills instead of just being a maker of tribal-looking paisley patterns, this would be the fic I would draw art for. SO MANY SAD DRAWINGS.

This MIGHT end up being four parts instead of three. I dunno. Shame on me.

More angst, but also some fluff at the end. But mostly angst. Original concept requested by @pianovata

In 1935, physicist Erwin Schrödinger created a theoretical experiment on a paradox of quantum physics, specifically quantum superposition. The experiment theorized a scenario in which a cat is held inside a steel box with a radioactive atom. Whether the cat lived or died was completely dependent upon whether the atom decayed (emitting deadly radiation) or remained stable. Since there is a fifty-fifty chance of either, as long as the cat remains in the box and therefore unobserved by another party, the cat is theoretically both alive and dead at the same time, because neither option can be confirmed or denied until the box is opened. Schrödinger termed this kind of experiment as Verschränkung, which means entanglement.

The Doctor screamed.

He went out. No, he really went out. Not to scream at the skies (well, that hadn’t been the plan), or to exact revenge upon Cybermen (been there, done that). He just went out. Exploring. The Doctor, as usual, but with just a bit more alone-ness than there ought to have been. But that was okay. He needed the alone, because he couldn’t handle togetherness quite yet. Not without you. He thought of going to see Donna and Wilf, but he dismissed the thought when he realized that they would ask where you were. Then they would be mourning too, not to mention that they would both fuss over him horribly. He didn’t want to be fussed over.

He ended up on a planet known for its long nights and amazing night skies. He had been there before, plenty of times, to see the famous stars that danced on blue ink. He had never brought you here, but he had planned to. It was where he wanted to propose to you.

A cliff-side in the middle of fall season was the Doctor’s preferred observation spot. Still warm enough to be comfortable but cold enough that you would have snuggled up against him for warmth. That’s what you would have done. He knew you would have. And you would have liked this place. And you would have liked stargazing with him, and you would have listened while he babbled random trivia about the alien constellations, and whether or not you understood it, you still would have made him feel like the cleverest man in the universe.

Would you have stayed awake all night? He had to wonder, even as he nestled into the soft grass that smelled like pine so that he could gaze up at the glittering sky. Or would you have fallen asleep with your head on his shoulder? And if that had happened, would he have stayed there with you until morning so that you could wake under the planet’s vibrant sunrises, or would he have carried you back to the TARDIS and tucked you in?

A tear rolled down the side of the Doctor’s face and got caught in his sideburn, tickling wetly against his skin. He harshly pawed at his face to rid himself of the sticky tear-track, but even as he did, his eyes stung with fresh tears that burned and welled up and out so that they could streak hotly against his skin.

His lip was wobbling, he realized. His whole face was folding, squinting, trying to rid itself of tears that burned his eyes and were too hot for his skin. The stars above him blurred and he turned onto his side and curled into the fetal position, pressing his face into his sleeves.

“Stop it!” he gasped harshly on a sobbing exhale, humiliated as the tears poured freely and made his sleeves damp. “Stop it, damn you!”

The TARDIS sang a mourning song and the Doctor screamed.

Out, said the TARDIS, out, out, out, out.

“No,” snapped the Doctor, scratching at the stubble on his chin that had grown unchecked in his negligence. “No.”


The Doctor threaded his fingers through his limp, un-groomed hair. His tie was askew, falling off, his clothes were rumpled and unwashed, and there was still blood on his jacket from where you had gotten a nasty cut on the forehead and he had used his jacket to stop the bleeding. He hadn’t meant to let himself fall so completely to pieces, but it had just been so easy to forget, especially without you there to remind him. He hadn’t eaten since… before. Before when, he wasn’t sure, but it had been long enough that the hunger pains had stopped and he no longer felt it. The empty space in his gut was gone, too. It had tightened up and swallowed itself. The idea of eating made him fell a bit sick.


“No, you stupid machine.”

He had been doing better. He really had. But his most recent breakdown had left him worse off than before.


The TARDIS turned on every single alarm that she had until the Doctor was forced to leave in order to escape the noise.

Her name was River Song. When she saw him, she gasped, pressing her hand to her painted mouth as her eyes filled with shine. It was pity and it was terrible and the Doctor hated it. He knew he looked a fright. He had shaved, yes, and gotten his suit into halfway-decent shape, but the shadows under his eyes were dark, like he had taken a few hits, and his skin was pasty and clinging and that the hollows of his cheeks and the spaces between his ribs had drawn in, making him look like he ought to be on a mortician’s slab.

She hugged him, held him close, and he struggled away. He was not for her. He was for you. She didn’t get to hold him that way. And it hurt. Her hands traveled down his sides, stinging the red lines where he had dug his nails into his skin and dragged them across the dipping planes of his sunken ribcage.

That wasn’t the worst part of their meeting.

Professor Song whispered a name in his ear, and it was your name. The secret one, the Gallifreyan one that he had given to you when he decided that he wanted to marry you, the one that he whispered in your ear like a prayer, the one that he taught you how to say so that one day you would have an easier time pronouncing his true name. (Because he wanted to tell you, he wanted, he wanted, he wanted.) She shouldn’t have said that name, it wasn’t for her, and hearing it on the lips of someone other than you or himself made his empty gut twist painfully.

How do you know that name?" He was on the edge of the Oncoming Storm, right on the edge, waiting to fall and become rage and fury incarnate. It would be so easy. He was already falling. "How the hell do you know that name?!”

She smirked at him even as she prepared for her own death (and she was just like that, wasn’t she, that brokenhearted creature who prodded at the empty spaces of his body and just knew?). The death that should have been his. The death that he wanted. She was taking it like she expected no less. "Shouldn’t I know it?“

"That was the name I gave her,” he snarled, torn between hate and despair as she stole a secret that was his but then took it to her early grave of sacrifice in his place. "No one else knows that name, no one!“

She knows it,“ River said.

"She’s dead, damn you!”

There was a great deal of fuss after that. Handcuffs were definitely involved. He insisted, screamed, that time could be rewritten, that this could all be undone, that she could live if only she would just listen to him, but she didn’t listen.

“River, NO!”

“Goodbye, sweetie. You’ll see me again.”

She didn’t listen.

The Doctor didn’t like interventions. They were usually helpful to him, in the end, but while they happened, they could be very unpleasant and certainly unwelcome. Especially when they came from people who cared more about him than they cared about his privacy.

And if there was one thing Jack Harkness didn’t give a darn about, it was privacy.

“You’re a mess,” Jack said. He was in Captain Mode, the Doctor noticed with a painful prickle of irritation running up and down his spine and around his torso. “What the hell, Doc?”

“Get off my TARDIS,” the Doctor muttered, pulling away.

“Your TARDIS called me,” Jack said, tone not allowing for any measure of nonsense. The Doctor scowled, but Jack frowned right back at him. “I thought you were in trouble. I didn’t think you’d be this.”

The Doctor swayed on his feet for a moment, empty and cut under his suit. He felt scabs break and weep thin creases of blood into his skin, following rusty trails of blood that had run and dried in the days before. He reeked of blood, and it made his head spin and he flung himself forward, knocking into Jack’s side.

Jack took the blow and didn’t fall. The Doctor had no strength, no weight, and his whole body falling against Jack was nothing to the captain. The Doctor bit and scratched uselessly, trembling fists batting at Jack, while Jack wrapped one arm around the Doctor’s skinny middle and hauled.

“I’m not your punching bag,” Jack grunted, slapping the Doctor’s fists away as he dragged the smaller man out of the console room. “Just because you’re angry. Where’s your girlfriend, huh? Because if you tried to dump her for her own good, we are going right back and getting her, mister. Pray that she takes your miserable ass back after all the bull you’ve put her through.”

The Doctor whined like a broken electronic shutting down, curling his fingers into the captain’s coat.

“C'mon. How long has it been since you ate?”

“Dunno,” the Doctor murmured.

Jack kicked the door to the kitchen without waiting for the TARDIS to open it, dragging the Doctor at his side as the lights flickered on, dim and gentle. The Doctor dropped limply into a chair, supporting himself on the small dining table, while Jack pushed him into a position that might be more comfortable. He gripped the Doctor’s jaw gently, examining the hollowed face and cringing at what he found.

“You’re dehydrated,” Jack said sharply, scolding, like a worrisome mother who had caught her child playing in the snow without a coat. The Doctor didn’t respond.

The Doctor choked when Jack pressed something into his mouth and suddenly there was water, cold and crisp and filling his throat without being invited. He gagged, spewing water back up and allowing it to dribble out the side of his mouth, before his body suddenly remembered what water was like and how much he needed it. He swallowed greedily, burning his unused throat before soothing it with cool softness. Jack dabbed the spilled water off of his face, gentle, gentle, gentle with the spindly leftovers of what was once a great man.

“What happened, Doc?” Jack asked when the Doctor had finally had his fill of water. The Doctor huffed out small puffs of breath as the water soothed his insides, like a wash over a dirty floor. The dust in his systems was being cleared out.

“She’s gone,” the Doctor rasped.

The color drained from Jack’s face. His mouth opened, closed, opened again, and gasped silently like a fish as his knees trembled. He shook once, violently, before he reached out and gripped the Doctor’s bony arm with all the force of a vice. The Doctor whimpered and Jack immediately released his hold, snatching his hand back like the Doctor’s arm had become a snake.

“… How?” asked Jack.

The Doctor exhaled heavily. “Cybermen.”

Jack hissed angrily. “Did she… did she become one of them or did they… did they delete…?”

“I don’t….” The Doctor curled even further into himself than he already was, drawing his knees up to his chest. “I don’t know.”

At this, Jack stilled. He tilted his head to the side, eyes lighting up oddly. “You don’t… know.”


“You mean you didn’t see her die.”

“They took her away!” The Doctor snapped. “She couldn’t have escaped, she-”

“Nuh-uh!” Jack cut the Doctor off, jumping a little bit on his heels before he knelt face-to-face in front of the Doctor. “So in all likeliness, she’s dead.”

The Doctor snarled.

“Okay,” Jack continued, “but you didn’t see-”

The Doctor rallied strength that he shouldn’t have had and smacked Jack across the face.

“She’s dead, Jack,” the Doctor whimpered, withdrawing as Jack rubbed the red side of his otherwise perfect face. “She’s dead and I don’t know how they did it but I know it hurt her and I know she was afraid and I know she probably died wondering why I didn’t come to save her and I don’t want to know any more.”

Jack stared. The Doctor stared back, brown eyes unable to shed tears.

And then a small smile graced Jack’s face. “Now, Doc, I’m surprised at you. You’re always talking about what a superior Time Lord you are, but you didn’t think of Schrödinger’s cat. Shame one you.”

The Doctor blinked rapidly. “What?”

“Schrödinger’s. Cat.” Jack booped the Doctor on the nose. “Y'know. With equal chances of death and survival, the cat is theoretically both alive and dead as long as it remains unobserved?”

“I know what Schrödinger’s Cat is, Jack, but I don’t-”

“Ah-ah-ah!” Jack scolded. “You didn’t see the cat. The cat is dead, but it is also alive. And this would be completely inapplicable, however… I have a Vortex Manipulator, and you have a big Time Machine. Schrödinger would be insanely jealous.”

Jack jumped up to his feet, bouncing as he went, and snatched a banana off of the counter, which he tossed to the Doctor. The Doctor caught it, barely, and couldn’t seem to decide if he wanted to look at Jack or the banana.

“You eat at least three bites of that before I get back,” Jack said firmly, pointing at the banana.

The Doctor cocked an eyebrow at the captain.

“No arguments,” said Jack. “I assume the coordinates of the tragic separation are still in the TARDIS computer?”

The Doctor nodded.

“Good. Off I go, don’t wait up for me, and please eat something. I would hate to have to force-feed you, but that doesn’t been I won’t do it, Doctor!”

And then Jack bolted from the room, leaving a very confuddled Doctor behind with no clue of what was going on. And a banana.

  • Aries:
  • *cries and punches the wall*
  • it's a metaphor, i am the wall.
  • Taurus:
  • hello from the other side
  • welcome to the inner workings of my mind
  • don't stay too long or you'll be hurt too
  • *sheds a single tear*
  • Gemini:
  • lol just know i'm better than you k bye
  • Cancer:
  • i need you
  • i want you
  • i hate you
  • but i love you
  • Leo:
  • *vapes and rides away on a automatic scooter without the handlebars* (SMH!)
  • Virgo:
  • i hate everyone
  • don't touch me
  • *snaps consistently*
  • all the rebellious teens love me
  • Libra:
  • *bubblegum princess beat plays*
  • this youth is tortured, like my soul.
  • Scorpio:
  • *freaky sound effects*
  • i'm so alone
  • drugs and sex *blows smoke @ you*
  • just another stereotype...
  • Sagittarius:
  • i take ur girl to the zoo
  • she calls me daddy too
  • i get hoes
  • bang bang
  • Capricorn:
  • everything is gray
  • how about everything is GREY.
  • !!yes i am different!!
  • Aquarius:
  • *hits a trash can*
  • *yodels*
  • mOM IT'S ART
  • Pisces:
  • *sleeps*
  • sleeping is underrated by children
  • it's 8 hours of getting away from your fears
[Jackson] Princess (Part V)
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

“Y/N, do you forgive me?” Jackson urges you, distress and desperation in his voice. You’re taken aback, you don’t even have answers to your own questions, but you know you’re here to decide something.

“Y/N.” He urges you again while you sob. "I don’t know, Jackson!“ You explode, your voice quiet but powerful, he blinks, surprised by your outburst. You’re angry. "I don’t know if I can forgive you. I don’t know if I can trust you again.” You say and he keeps silent for a second, registering the fact that you’re drifting away from him. He leans closer to the piece of glass between you, propping himself on his forearm. "Baby I swear-“ He starts and it sounds familiar, too fucking familiar.

"You’ve been swearing and promising since the start, Jackson!” You snarl.
“I know. I know, Y/N. But this time I know I messed up-”
“Because you didn’t know when I fucking begged, crying you a river? Tell me Jackson, why didn’t you stop when I asked you to?” You cut him off. If he wanted to make you happy? Why the fuck didn’t he listen to you?
“Because this stupid and immature part of me was desperate to cover you with presents and offer you a better life.” The same old song.

“Christ Jackson I told you so many fucking times I’d rather live in the streets with you than seeing the smallest bruise on you.” You hiss, trying to keep your voice down. "I know, I know. I was just so stubborn and immature. But this time I know I’m losing you and that’s not what I want. I’ve come yo the point that I’d do anything, not to make you happy- even if that’s what I want the most- but to make you stay. I would do anything, I would sell my soul to the devil if you asked me to.“ He says an you finally understand his point.
"Y/N I don’t want to lose you. I wouldn’t handle it. I know it, I would die.” His voice is shaky but steady, a tear falls from his eye an he doesn’t fight it, he focused on what he has to say.

“And If you don’t know if I meant everything I said before, at least you know that mean that.” He says. You know he loves you, and well love can make him do a lot of things. You suck your lips in and sniffle, collecting your thoughts. "Y/N don’t tell me you doubt that I love you.“ Jackson says in panic. You sniffle and whip your nose with the back of your hand. "I don’t. I know you love me.” It’s a whisper. "And you love me too, right?“ He asks and it forces you into a self introspection. You sniffle.

"Yes. I do love you.” You murmur. He reasons you, exposes the elements of the equation you’ve been trying to solve for more than three months: He loves you, you love him, he made a mistake, he knows .
“Give me another chance, please.” He asks you for the solution of the equation and it’s surprisingly simple, quite self-evident, strangely normal.
“Okay."You nod weakly, looking down at your lap and you can sense he’s about to let out a sigh of relief- was he holding his breath?

"But you have to stop messing around Jackson, it’s not jut us anymore."You say before he can scream victory.

"What do you mean?” He asks, confusion written across his face. You start to unbutton your oversized jean shirt, revealing a white tight tank top that emphasizes your 4 months baby bump. Jackson’s jaw drops in amazement as he leans closer to the glass.

“This is amazing.” He breathes, putting a hand on the glass, maybe thinking he was palming your swollen belly. Little Wang, him, is sleeping tight, all warm and comfy inside of you. You had discovered him a week after Jackson was arrested- the time he didn’t pull out. He’s been keeping you company since then, and as much as you were frightened by having to raise a baby, this little mix of you and Jackson, your half and his, was the best thing that could happen to you. At that time you didn’t know how long Jackson was going to be in jail, or if you wanted him to be his father, but you never hesitated about keeping your baby.

“I’m going to be a daddy.” Jackson says, looking up at you, his eyes shiny and his cheeks drenched with tears. You giggle. He’s happy.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” He asks.

“A boy.”

“A boy.” He laughs to himself, running his hand in his hair and leaning back in his seat, looking up at the ceiling and crying tears of genuine happiness; you knew he wanted a boy.
“This is amazing.” He whispers, more to himself than to you. You’re thrilled he is so happy.

“Talk to him.” You place the combined on your covered baby bump, hoping your little blip will hear him. Jackson glues his eyes to your stomach and starts talking. You can’t hear what he says and can’t read on his lips but you see his eyes getting more and more teary. At some point he’s crying openly and your heart breaks. You don’t know which emotions are swelling at his heart but it hurts so much to see him like this. You know it’s completely his fault if he’s there but- fuck he doesn’t deserve this. Tears pool at your eyes as he drops his head in his hands, struggling to talk. Then he runs his hand in his oh short hair and shoots his head up, sniffling and locking his eyes with his son again. Then he tries to calm down. The corner of his mouth curls upwards and he snorts through his tears, he’s probably telling him one of his bad jokes. Then he looks up at you and you pull the phone to your ear again.

“What did you say to him?” You ask. "That I already loved him. And that he’ll be a ladyman.“ Jackson explains, making you snort. "He sure will be.”
“I love you Y/N, more than anything, more than my own life, you’re everything I have, you and mini boo,” Jackson says. He already found him a nickname. Mini boo is cute. He loves him too, you’re a family now. "Then take your responsibilities, okay?“ You reply. "Yes, I will. I promise.” Okay, okay. You’re good now. You take a deep breath.“I love you.” You murmur.

“I love you too, princess.”

“Hi buddy, it’s me daddy.” I snort. I feel ridiculous, he probably doesn’t hear me. I don’t really understand what’s happening. I’ve known him for about three seconds and I already feel so full of love, I love him, he’s already my little boy. I can’t really figure out what’s going on, I love him as if he was already born.

“You don’t know me yet, and I don’t know you but I know you’re going to be the cutest baby ever, and I already love you. Please be kind to mommy while daddy is away, don’t kick her too much. I know it’s a big thing to ask to a fetus.” I slowly realise that I’m letting both of Y/N and him down. I’m realizing that by trying to make her happy I made her life even more difficult. She’s pregnant and alone, she has no one beside me and I’m in jail. I feel so sorry for not being there, for making them go through this. It’s not what I wanted. What kind of man am I? Leaving the girl I love with my baby, alone. I’m so sorry. I know her well and I know she’s probably been crying every night, because of me. And she must struggle to pay for everything, because of me, because I’m stupid. And on the top of that she’s pregnant, because of me, because I didn’t pull out, because I’m stupid. Now I see my actions can have huge consequences, on me, and on the people I love. Now I know I’ve been too far, and the result breaks my heart. I start to cry.

“I’m sorry I have to ask you that. I’m so sorry I’m away from you and mommy. I’m sorry, daddy was stupid.” I sob, crying openly. I feel so terribly guilty. Fuck- I try to calm down and compose myself- I need to make sure this will never happen again. It won’t happen again, I won’t ever go away from Y/N anymore. I’ll keep her and the baby safe; I’ll get a clean job and build us a safe home. I won’t let anything tear them away from me.
“But I promise that as soon as we are together, you, me and mommy, I’ll be the best daddy of the world. I’ll take you to the zoo, I’ll help you study, I’ll teach you how to fix a car, I’ll give you tips about girls because daddy is a ladyman. You’ll be a ladyman too. You’ll be so handsome, just like your dad. All you’ll have the most wonderful and beautiful girl by your side, just like your dad. Just hang in there little one, daddy will be there before you know it.” I say and it makes me laugh a bit. If my little man is really half me half Y/N, then damn he’ll be fucking handsome. I’ll teach him swag. He’ll be wild and sexy, but not until he’s 35.

silent spring
thom yorke / radiohead
silent spring

it calls us like a phantom
it touches like a breeze
it shines its understanding
see the moon smiling

open on all channels
ready to receive
we’re not at the mercy
of your shimmerers and spells
your shimmerers and spells
your shimmerers and spells


and we are of the earth
to her we do return
and the future is inside us
it’s not somewhere else
it’s not somewhere else
it’s not somewhere else

(one dayyyyyy)

one day at a time

(this is jonny’s bit, which I can’t play)

you call upon the people
people have the power

(whoops from crowd)

you call upon the people
people have this power
and the numbers don’t decide
your system is a lie
a river running dry
the wings of a butterfly

and you may pour us away like soup
like we’re pretty broken flowers
we’ll take back what is ours
we’ll take back what is ours

one day at a time

audio sources: zerockerparis and bennygoodtips

update: edited to reflect the better ears of redditor YourAnonymousCitizen, and ida sofar’s video of thom’s performance of the song the following night, in which i think he also switched the first line to “holds us” rather than “calls us”.

My Favorite Albums of 2015 (So Far)

To say 2015 has been an INCREDIBLE year for music is an understatement. Every other week has been just a haven and music fan’s dream coming to fruition, so much so that this is the first top list of albums I’ve made that ISN’T in a particular order! This list encompasses more than just hip hop as well mind you so there’s should be plenty for any music fan to enjoy here. Sound off below on any of your favorite jams this year as well if you think I missed any!

Kendrick Lamar — To Pimp a Butterfly

As abstract and bold as ever, K. Dot manages to completely reinvent himself within the landscape of hip hop and the ever changing image of black men in America throughout his journey of coming to terms with his identity, humanity, and status as a whole, nailing every single concept he lays forward with absolute perfection. Whether it’s the ignorance wobbles of “Hood Politics” the gut wrenching suicidal thought of “U” the politically charged anger of “The Blacker the Berry” or the false hope of “Alright”, Kendrick brings in a well molded perspective that is solely unique to him, yet remains singular in his own way.

Jamie XX — In Colour

Leave it to the producer of The XX to make me like song featuring Young Thug (“I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times”) and make one of the best electronic albums in recent memory. Warm and immediately accessible and electrifying with tons of satisfying depth to them that make each and every song rewarding, tracks like “Girl”, “Gosh” and songs with his XX cohorts (“Loud Places”, “SeeSaw”) will stick with you (and in your head) long after you finish playing them. Jamie took his sweet time recording this album enough to put one of the biggest indie pop outfits in the world on hold to do so, and was rewarded handsomely in the end.

Hiatus Kaiyote — Choose Your Weapon

An interesting but underdeveloped album with a Grammy nominated song featuring Q-Tip later, this Austrailian neo-soul outfit has managed to craft their own signature sound with a bliss ho-hum one second and blazing electronic synths in another. The warm energy of “Molasses” juxtaposed with the beatnik rhythms of “Atari” with the eclectic mashup of all styles in “Jekyll” can leave you breathless trying to catch up to it all, whether it’s their frantic energy, Nai Palms soulful and beautiful vocals (where it’s at her best on “Fingerprints”) or the ingenious lowkey single of the year in “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk”.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment — Surf

For those wanting more of Chance or more rapping, you gotta understand this: THIS IS NOT A CHANCE THE RAPPER ALBUM. However, it does bring Chance’s abundant joy into the mix with the debut of Surf. Tracks like “Just Wait” and “Slip Slide” showcase the other talent the group has to offer, while Chano shows no signs of faulting lyrically either, as “Miracle” and “Warm Enough” show that he’s more than apt to hang with some big stars (Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Big Sean, Janelle Monae) in their space as well. Mixing live instrumentation with its eclectic styles keeps the record fresh throughout 52 minute listen.

Sufjan Stevens — Caroll & Lowell

Seven albums in, and not only has the most innovative indie singer-songwriter of his time manage to reinvent himself once again, but he brings forth what may be the best album of his career thus far His songwriting excellence shines once again on tracks like “The Only Thing” and “Should Have Known Better”, displaying the heartbreaking love Stevens had for his parents. Though the production is easily his most stripped down of his album, it’s this exact approach that makes it hit all the harder for it.

Vince Staples — Summertime ‘06

To think that a rapper who was only previously known for guest spots on an Odd Future record would make the best hip hop debut album since Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is still a wild concept itself, but even thinking his first album would be a double disc affair is even crazier. But as “Senorita”, “Norf Norf” and “Street Punks” are set to remind you, this record is serious business, and it’s even crazier that it all worked. No I.D. lends Vince some of his best production in years that hits you hard despite some songs being over in a flash.

Father John Misty — I Love You, Honeybear

Humorous and cynical, Josh Tillman’s knack for songwriting is still as great as ever. From the harmonic synths of “True Affection” to the soul influence of “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”, the beautiful range shown throughout the album is one that immerses you instantly, and even a few that make you genuinely laugh at such politically charged tracks such as the self-deprecating humor of “Bored in the USA” (sitcom laugh track notwithstanding). The former Fleet Foxes bandmate has never sounded better.

A$AP Rocky — At.Long.Last.A$AP

After taking an extremely long break from the biz in London after exploding onto the scene (along with the surprising passing of his former mentor A$AP Yams), A$AP Rocky returns with his best commercial project yet with even crazier ideas, better songwriting and most spectacular production and guests to accompany him. From Miguel on “Everyday”, Danger Mouse as the executive producer, a reinvigorated Lil Wayne on “M’s”, Kanye West soulful production (and drunk ramblings) on “Jukebox Joints”, MIA on “Fine Whine” and even Mos Def closing it with “Back Home”, A.L.L.A. shows substantial growth while also retaining Flacko’s signature charm and flow as well. Excess that remain gully is the name of Rocky’s game and it’s never been better than it is here.

Leon Bridges — Coming Home

Music revival is one of the slipperiest slopes to cross in this day and age, as it can either win you acclaim or date your music and reputation from the start. Fortunately, Leon Bridges translates this old school love into a great album from start to finish. As the title track “Coming Home” transports you back to where artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding were surpreme, Leon makes the environment crackle like the jukebox it and other songs like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” were meant to be played in.

Earl Sweatshirt — I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Ever the loner in Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt releases his 2nd studio album that manages to be bleaker and more interesting than his preceding album. Surprisingly well produced by himself throughout (along with one Left Brain credit) songs like “Grief”, “Mantra” and another scene stealing Vince Staples verse on “Wool” create a dark atmosphere for a more livelier sounding, monotone-free Earl to showcase his lyricism and cynicism in one fell swoop.

Drake — If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Easily his most aggressive and confident sounding album to date, Drizzy managed to shock his audience with an album that nearly reinvents his sound while knowing what still can pull in radio plays at the same time. Whether it’s the hyperactive “Energy”, the catchy melody of “6 Man” and “10 Bands” or sheer boastfulness of “Used To”, “Legend” or “6 God”, Drake leaves no expense into making this project (still unclear what it should be referred to) one that may even be bigger than the album he on the way later this year.

Miguel — Wildheart

As Miguel opens the album with the words “Accept the new, don’t mingle on the “past”, Miguel manages to reinvent himself and blend a myriad of styles into one of the best R&B albums since Channel Orange. Breaking into bad boy gangsta of “NWA” with an appropriate verse from Kurupt, the disco like groove of “DEAL”, the sexy rhythms of “Coffee” and the Jai Paul produced “FLESH”, and his varied songwriting from the expressive freedoms of “A Beautiful Exit” or the aggressive, hilarious lyrics about wanting to fuck like they’re being filmed for a porno in “the valley”, Miguel’s idiosyncratic style knows no bounds, not even to himself.

Shamir — Ratchet

Shamir is one in a long line of pop aficionados (Charli XCX, M.I.A.) that is quietly reinventing the approach to the genre. However, it’s the dark and wonky sound that songs like “Call It Off” and “On the Regular”, the downtempo and melancholy feel of “Youth” and downright madness of “Make A Scene” make this an album that betrays normal pop conventions that embraces all the sleaze but shows that more emotional moments such as “In For The Kill” that help the fellow Vegas native wear his heart on his sleeve.

Oddisee — The Good Fight

Oddisee has always shown his strength as a producer yet always faulted on his rapping. Though as the song “That’s Love” shows, Oddisee has been hard at work trying to master his hands at both. “Want Something Done” highlight his frantic flow, with “A List of Withouts” bang some new age boom bap in many coming-of-age tales. Blissful, ambitious, and consistent throughout, The Good Fight sharpens his jazzy, free formed flow that leave him only more room to grow from.

Random Lyric Starters (Part one)
  • "It's funny how the night can make you blind"
  • "We call you sunshine"
  • "She knows how to treat a fella right"
  • "We don't have to go home"
  • "Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not"
  • "We know that shit ain't real"
  • "You don't have to fight it"
  • "I almost wish you would've loved me too"
  • "I can't do anything right"
  • "We got nowhere else to go"
  • "It's not your fault so please stop your crying now"
  • "I don't even know how I'm getting home"
  • "He's into me for everything I'm not"
  • "I can't help her now"
  • "You always find a way to bring me down when I feel fine"
  • "Alive is all I want to feel tonight"
  • "Every inch of you is perfect"
  • "Tell em that it's my birthday"
  • "There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now"
  • "I almost wrote a song about you today"
  • "And the award for the best lie goes to you"
  • "That river was cold but we gave love a chance"
  • "I just can't win for losing"
  • "This is all I need"
  • "Quit your bitchin', move your feet"
  • "I'm in love with a girl who knows me better"
  • "Your backhanded compliments suck the air out of the room"
  • "That was quite a show, very entertaining"
  • "I almost held up a grocery store"
  • "You don't look a day over fast cars and freedom"
  • "Hey don't rain on my parade and kill a perfect day wasting my time"
  • "Every night's my birthday"
  • "We are free tonight"
  • "There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different"
  • "If you like me, then say you like me"
  • "Baby, don't move"
  • "Now I'm destined to spend my time missing you"
  • "You know I'm all about that bass"
  • "You gotta party like it's not your birthday"
  • "I'm never going down, I'm never giving up, I'm never gonna leave"
  • "You can only believe in yourself"
  • "I promise you don't need to hide it anymore"
  • "I need to be where you are"