river song bamf

what the hell is there to dislike about River Song

she was thrilled to regenerate into a significantly older body, she’s confident about her sexuality and looks, she’s clever as heck, she treats her prison like it’s her summer home, she respects her husband but is never afraid to tell him when he’s wrong, she studied for years despite the love of her life saying her subject was rubbish and became a doctor and then a professor and then started an entire private detective agency on her own and visits her parents obviously quite often just to talk to them and overcame years of brainwashing and trauma to turn her would-be murder victim into her lover, and she’s kind and she listens and she takes charge and looks for adventure and danger and why the hell would you dislike River Song i literally do not understand

things i want for the River Song spinoff if it actually DOES happen:

  • to see a lot of Luna University!River (who wears glasses to read with and smokes cigarettes on occasion and studies hard and goes through several different lovers who consist of both boys and girls)
  • to see her doing actual archaeology and her shooing the Doctor away with a “not now, sweetie; I’m working” if he comes to see her
  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • lots of Captain Jack Harkness
  • River and Jack traveling together and effing shit up and flirting with literally everyone and everything
  • for her to curse like a sailor when she’s frustrated
  • a hella lot of hot explicit scenes starring Alex Kingston and Matt Smith yes indeed sir 
  • to see way more of Amy and Rory and Mels’ childhood 
  • for River to make regular visits to her parents
  • to see the picnic in Asgard
  • and also a majority of the Doctor and River’s dates that were mentioned but never shown
  • to see her earning her role as a professor

i probably have way more but yeah


don’t you ever tell me River Song’s life completely revolved around the Doctor don’t ever you fucking dare i will literally fight you to the death on this