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On this day in 2011, River Song helped the Doctor understand the truth about who she really was, in ‘A Good Man Goes to War’.


“You should kill us all on sight!” 

On this day in 2011, the Doctor defeated the Silence in ‘Day of the Moon’. 

You’ll need a flow chart!

Radio Times Flow Chart of River Song


1. A Good Man Goes to War (2011) – Melody Pond is born

2. The Impossible Astronaut (2011) – young Melody is raised in an orphanage

3. Day of the Moon (2011) – Melody regenerates into Mels

4. Let’s Kill Hitler (2011) – Mels regenerates into River

5. Closing Time (2011) – River gets her doctorate, is kidnapped by the Silence

6. The Wedding of River Song/The Impossible Astronaut (2011)– River breaks time, marries the Doctor and then helps heal it for the events of The Impossible Astronaut

7. First Night (minisode, 2011) – River is incarcerated for the murder of the Doctor, but goes on her first evening trip with him

8. Last Night (minisode, 2011) – a version of River from five years in the future interacts with her younger self

9. A Good Man Goes to War (2011)

10. The Impossible Astronaut (2011)

11. Day of the Moon (2011)

12. The Pandorica Opens (2010)

13. The Big Bang (2010) – River helps the Doctor save the universe

14. Time of the Angels (2010)

15. Flesh and Stone (2010)

16. Wedding of River Song (2011) – River visits her parents Amy and Rory in their garden

17. Last Night (minisode, 2011) – an older version of River is heading to the towers of Darillium with the Doctor, but he apparently later backs out

18. The Angels Take Manhattan (2012) – River sees her parents trapped in the past

19. The Husbands of River Song (2015) – River teams up with the Twelfth Doctor but doesn’t recognise him

20. Silence in the Library (2008) – River meets the Tenth Doctor, who hasn’t met her yet

21. Forest of the Dead (2008) – River dies, but the Tenth Doctor “saves” her as a data ghost

22. The Name of the Doctor (2013) – River’s data ghost finally says goodbye to the Eleventh Doctor

Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag 10 other people. Tagged by @allofmystudentsrunaway thank you! :D

I think I may have done this one already and failed to give the right number, my wifey can attest, so I’ll do it seriously this time :)

1.River Song

2.Wonder Woman

3.Captain Janeway

4.Nyota Uhura (it’s in TOS so it’s another fandom right??)

5.Charlie Bradbury

6.Pepper Potts

7.Leia Organa (or Carrie Fisher, it’s blurry :P)

8.Scarlet Witch 

9.Chani (Dune, and she deserved better for fuck’s sake)

10.Behemoth Violate from Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas

God that was hard, because it’s the moment you realize there is not nearly enough female characters in your favorite media to choose from… :(

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Love is patient

Love is kind

It does not boast

It is not proud

It is not rude

It is not self seeking

It is not easily angered

It keeps no record of wrongs


Does not delight in evil

But rejoices with the truth

Love always protects

Always trusts, always hopes

Always perseveres

Love never fails

1 Corinthians 13 NIV