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I don’t get why people were so mad at Cheryl and her mom for not wanting to testify for FP. He didn’t killed Jason but he did hide the body and dumped at Sweetwater river, it’s not like he’s innocent.

For @universe-and-miss-crew based on these words:

“jump, smell, song, wrong, real, yellow, strong, theater, nose, bond, brother, nose, bond, sister, field, mad, life, away, no, heavy, river, limits”

{Side note: 
                The author, a brother,
                    has never had
                So she sincerely apologizes
                      if the poem is bad}

Here’s the poem : 

“To My Brother”

As storms can’t, from its one set course, 
A river’s rushing current move
As there exists no natural force
That can stars’ yellow glow remove

As years can’t from the mind dispel
Fond memories that play like song
As breezes can’t dilute the smell
Of wildflower fields’ fragrance strong. 

As jumps, once made, can’t be undone
What e’er the height or distance be
As anger, can’t once it’s course has run,
Endure towards you perpetually. 

So no pow’r in earth, hell, heav’n above
Can break this bond of blood and love
That bonds a sister to her brother, 
Nor be replaced by any other.

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[devil's advocate] Can you do a masterpost of your fallout ocs? I love your ncr folks!

You can always search my blog on mobile for OC names and anything mentioning them will come up! Otherwise before i get into depth i have to describe some places that i made lore for since theres nothing in canon. Everything will be under the cut, its kinda long

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