river of no return



     An elderly man named Andy who ran a rock quarry in Revelstoke,B.C., remembered being a horse wrangler on the set of River of No Return. He said: “The two older cowboys that I worked for were always playing tricks on me. They told me to go into this old shack and get a bridle or some hitchin’ rope. So I walked into the shack and there’s Marilyn Monroe lying in the buff getting a massage. I was a young and timorous sort'a guy then and didn’t know what to say. So Marilyn said, ‘Did those guys tell you to come in here?’ ’Yea they did’ I said. ’Well, they were playing a joke on you. Come in, close the door, and stay for twenty minutes-then the jokes on them.’”
-John McLay from ’Jasper Remembers Marilyn