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Who is -A?

Okay so A most likely isn’t wren. It would probably be someone who showed up lots of times this season and season 6b. Wren only showed up for a total of like, a minute so it’s not him. It could be Mona, but I highly doubt it because she was already A and I don’t even know why they would make her A again, but it’s a large possibility. Here is a list of people who could NOT BE A:
•Archer Dunhill (dead)
•Charlotte (dead)
•Any of the Liars (we all know how that went down, plus it’s almost impossible to have that timing and be there at the same time)
•Toby (he was already kinda with A in season 3, and he only showed up in like 4 episodes for a short period of time this season)
•Bethany, Sara (they are both dead)
•Noel (dead)
•Jenna or Sydney (they were both to be proven just to be working with A, plus if Jenna is really blind that’d be very hard)

Okay so I think that’s pretty much everyone. But right now, these are my top suspects.
•Ezra: Lets just look at what A did to all the Liars
Hanna: Was tortured and kidnapped
Emily: Had her eggs stolen and physically put inside her girlfriend
Spencer: Overall, A has targeted her pretty bad.
Aria: blackmailed to be a part of the A team with a file.
Alison: Do I even have to explain??? I mean you’ve seen the episodes.

But A isn’t anyone of the Liars. But look at Aria… throughout all the seasons, she’s been treated this least terrible through it all. So that’s why I think it might be Ezra. I mean (if) he’s A, so of course he’s going to be bad, but why wouldn’t he give his fiancé a little bit of protection/privilege? But to cover up for this, he blackmailed Aria to make it a little bit more believable. And he clearly knows how to hide things from Aria (remember season 4?) And, he was in the Pilot AND it’d be very heartbreaking for Aria.

•Maya: This might sound crazy, but let’s just look at the evidence. First of all let me say, it’d be heartbreaking for Emily (As she helped Emily come out and she was her first girlfriend) But if you look the pattern of her death, ITS EXACTLY LIKE ALISONS. They found the body but never showed it, they even played the same music and it was the exact same things when they found Alison’s body. In Rosewood, you can clearly fake a death (i.e. Mona, who’s body LITERALLY LOOKED DEAD AND THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE AND IT WAS A PRETTY CONVINCING MURDER) But she wasn’t exactly dead. We never saw Maya’s funeral nor grave ever. I can’t really think of what her motive would be, but if she really was A then I think they’d explain it. I mean look at Cece, she started off as a background character was connections to Alison, but then it exploded into this huge storyline. And Maya does have connections to Noel, and so does Cece. Maya had that eye tattoo, and Cece was dating Noel’s brother, so why wouldn’t Cece know about the eye thing? Plus, we don’t know a whole lot about her anyway (JUST LIKE WE DIDNT KNOW A LOT ABOUT CECE)

But for my last theory, it gets a little weird. If you haven’t seen the 7x19 yet, go watch it. Because the last scene seemed very dream like, almost like a daydream. A bit weird, and it didn’t feel at all like a pretty Little Liars like scene. It felt a bit like the end of a dream. I’m thinking this whole thing might’ve been one of the Liars daydreaming, but I think it might be Aria. Aria has clearly had some mental-ish episodes over the course of the show. She seems very destructive when something angers her. For example, when she found out her dad was cheating she trashed his office. Also, in season 4 when she thought Ezra was A, she completely destroyed his apartment throwing things everywhere. And finally, she destroyed the nursery. Of course, she was blackmailed to, but it seemed like her destructive nature took over a bit. So why wouldn’t it be Aria in radley??

CeCe Logic
  • Liars: *are tortured by an anonymous person who is watching their every move by blackmailing them with their deepest darkest secrets and threatening them in a very violent fashion, playing with them like dolls, before kidnapping them and keeping them captive for a month on the brink of starvation/death and leaving psychological scars they will probably carry for the rest of their lives*
  • Cece: But did you die???
Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aries; Toby (courageous, passionate, confrontational)

Taurus; Ezra (independant, persistant, possessive)

Gemini; Mona (intellectual, witty, superficial)

Cancer; Emily (loving, protective, clingy)

Leo; Alison (loyal, straightforward, dominating)

Virgo; Melissa (practical, analytical, overcritical)

Libra; Hanna (charming, balanced, indecisive)

Scorpio; Jenna (focused, intuitive, manipulative)

Sagittarius; Caleb (philosophical, adventurous, inconsistant)

Capricorn; Spencer (ambitious, disciplined, detached)

Aquarius; Maya (humanitarian, inventive, extremist)

Pisces; Aria (compassionate, sensitive, escapist)

PLL: A Summary

oh hi there, we’re the ‘pretty little liars.’ we’re being stalked 24/7, we can’t trust anyone not even our own families, oh and everyone around us keeps dying. each one of us has either committed murder, been accused of murder, witnessed a murder, faked our own death, seen a dead body or a good combination of the few. we have been kidnapped and tortured. some of us have been committed to a mental institution. our lives are threatened constantly along with everyone important to us. collectively we have had more near-death experiences than we can count. but we HAVE PERFECT HAIR AND SKIN, WE’RE ALL GONNA GRADUATE, OUR OUTFITS AND MAKEUP ARE ALWAYS ON POINT AND WE STILL HAVE THE TIME/CONFIDENCE/MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ABILITY  TO DATE AND ENGAGE IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS.

“Moon River, wider than a mile.
I’m crossin’ you in style, some day.
Old dream maker, You heart breaker.
Wherever your goin’, I’m goin’ your way.
Two drifters, off to see the world.
There’s such a lot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end.
Waitin’ round the bend.
My Huckleberry friend.
Moon River and me.”

Inspiration: Maya Hart and her Huckleberry friend, Lucas.

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OK I THINK I’VE FINALLY FOUND A CHALLENGE ILL ACTUALLY CONTINUE? Let me know what you guys think!! I am starting a Runaway Teen Challenge, this is Caroline Rivers. 

Lil bit of backstory; Caroline Rivers, formerly known as Maya Jane, was caught at 16 having a girlfriend. Her family is really religious so Caroline never came out to her parents or her siblings. When her mother found her in her room making out with her girlfriend Emily, she was furious. Caroline shortly after had the option to go to consoling or to never return to her home. Caroline made the brave choice of never returning home to her family. She doesn’t need her judgmental family anyways.

So when Spencer offered to pay for the drinks when she was with Marco, she used a credit card. I have a feeling that she used Rollins credit card to pay for it.

We know Spencer had his credit card on her because she was waiting for Aria to text her the okay so Spence could buy the train ticket to Phillidelphia using his credit card so it’d look like he left town in a hurry.

The way the directors made sure we saw a close up of her tossing the credit card on the check booklet thing kind of made me question if it was his credit card (picture of the close up at the top).

It would be understandable if she accidently used it, she was drunk and not thinking straight. We didn’t see her put it back into her purse either, it just cut right to the make out scene with Marco.

If she forgot the credit card, someone could’ve easily taken it and used it to buy a ticket to Baltimore.

I feel like I’m kind of stretching this but you never know with this show tbh.

emily fields & her love interest history

ok so a lot of people have been commenting on how emily seems to have a lot of love interests and doesn’t seem to ever be single or not having one. so, i made this chronological graph of her relationships and the space between them, and how many episodes she was single so that you get the feel of emily’s dating life.

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Pretty Little Liars Drinking Game (Get wasted in 5 minutes flat)

This one covers all of the seasons. Prepare your livers.


-         Anyone receives a text from A

-         A has impeccable timing

-         A says ‘bitches’

-         The liars’ phones beep ominously

-         Spencer makes her bitch face

-         Emily’s parents are conveniently out of town

-         Hanna is in the kitchen pretending to look busy

-         Aria’s earrings are ridiculous

-         Aria repeats someone else’s comment (gulp if shesays “I can’t believe that – before said repetition)

-         The liars talk about their secrets in a conspicuous place

-         The ‘Jenna Thing’ is mentioned

-         A breaks into somebody’s locker

-         A breaks into somebody’s house

-          Hanna is tactless

-          Hanna is ditzy

-          Aria patronises somebody

-          Aria mentions Ezra (2 sips if Spencer rolls her eyes)

-          The liars spy on someone conspicuously (2 sips if they are spotted)

-          There is a flashback

-          Alison says a bitchy one liner

-          Alison makes a cryptic comment about dying/death

-          Aria and Ezra are overly conspicuous about their relationship

-          Aria and Ezra eat pie (2 sips if they are also watching a black & white movie)

-          Somebody describes Emily as the “sweet” one

-          A liar blames Alison for all of their problems (2 sips if she is alive to hear it) (3 sips if she actually is the cause of said problem)

-          A liar dresses inappropriately for school

-          Spencer corrects somebody’s grammar and/or pronunciation

-          There is a reference to France

-          Important files are deleted from a liar’s computer

-          “That Summer” is mentioned

-          “That Night” is mentioned

-          Ashley Marin is on the phone

-          A likens the liars to dolls or puppets

-          Aria is more worried about her love life than looking for A

-          Spencer jumps to an obviously wrong conclusion

-          Aria is watching a black and white movie (2 sips if another liar is)

-          A Rosewood male acts inappropriately towards an underage girl

-          A Rosewood Police Officer is shady (chug if it’s Officer Barry)

-          Aria is writing in her journal

-          Tanner sees through a liars’ lie

-          The liars are drinking coffee

-          Ashley Marin is drinking wine

-          Aria has a meltdown

-          Hanna has an identity crisis

-          Emily makes a comment about being gay

-          There is an awkward scene transition

-          A liar comes up with a poor excuse for getting caught doing something suspicious

-          A liar tells a lie which gives A more to blackmail them with

-          A black hoodie/gloves are sighted

-          A red coat is sighted (2 sips if it’s prior to Season 3)

-          A is drinking alcohol in the ‘A’ ending

-          The liars suspect somebody new of being A (2 sips if they are clearly wrong) (chug if they are right)


-          The liars receive a group A Text (gulp again when they read it in unison)

-          The liars trust a suspicious new character far too quickly

-          The liars have a meeting in the school bathroom (2 gulps if it’s in an actual stall)

-          The liars are called to the principal’s office

-          The liars leave their phones behind at a crucial moment

-           The liars dress inappropriately for a funeral

-           The liars attend a function with a ridiculous theme

-          Someone makes a reference to Hefty Hanna

-          Hanna makes a reference to fat camp

-          Alison dresses up as Vivian Darkbloom (2 gulps if Cece does)

-          Caleb attempts to teach Hanna how to hack (gulp again when he fails miserably)

-          Caleb talks about Ravenswood

-          A liar sends an SOS text

-          There is a cheesy swimming montage

-          Byron is in Syracuse

-          Mike is at lacrosse

-          A liar gets a haircut

-          The liars travel to Ravenswood

-          There is an ominous clicking sound before Jenna appears in a scene

-          Melissa is a cryptic bitch to Spencer

-          Someone mentions that Melissa is in Philadelphia (2 gulps if it’s London, 3 gulps if Wren is with her)

-          Someone is wearing an Alison mask

-          Someone is wearing the zombie babydoll mask

-          A liar freaks out about “New York”

-          Byron is at a meeting at Hollis

-          Wren is volunteering somewhere

-          Sydney is lurking in the gym locker room

-          Melissa makes a bitchy comment about Alison

-          The episode references an old Hitchcock film

-          Aria and Ezra break up (gulp again when they inevitably get back together)

-          Somebody alludes to how similar Cece and Alison are

-          Tom Marin appears (gulp again when he inevitably is a douchebag to Hanna and/or Ashley)

-          Paige is on Emily’s porch (2 gulps if it’s raining)

-          Alison “visits” a liar

-          Somebody references Hermy the Hermaphrodite

-          There is a Loser Mona flashback

-          Creepy children appear (2 gulps if they are twins)

-          A liar suggests going to the police and is promptly shut down by another liar

-          A liar suggests telling the truth and is promptly shut down by another liar

-          A Lesson in classroom parallels a liar’s current real-world problem

-          Somebody gets arrested (2 gulps if it’s a liar)

-          Somebody mentions that Alison hated old people

-          Alison’s grandmother is mentioned

-          The Hilton Head is mentioned

-          We see the liar’s from ‘A’ view whilst A is spying on them

-          The liars wear the Candy Striper outfits

-           Somebody is slapped

-          Somebody sneaks into or out of Radley

-          Hanna shoplifts (2 gulps if Mona is with her)

-          Melissa claims to be protecting Spencer

-          A liar references Spencer’s coffee intake

-          Alison leaves to go and meet a friend

-          Mona makes a cryptic reference to New York (2 gulps if this freaks out Aria)

-          Cape May is mentioned

-          “Team Sparia!” is mentioned

-          “Pretty Eyes” is mentioned

-         Somebody mentions that Aria wears forks for earrings

-          A sends a handwritten message

-          A physically attacks a liar (2 gulps if it’s Aria).

-          A liar is drinking alcohol (4 gulps if it’s all of them)

-          Hanna is drunk (gulp again if she is hungover)

-          Emily is drunk

-          Someone seeks legal advice from Veronica (2 gulps if it’s a liar)

-          Tippi The Bird provides a clue

-          The liars resort to asking Grunwald for help

-          The Liars gasp in unison (2 gulps if Mona is with them)

-          An A team member is revealed (gulp again when they are inevitably revealed as a red herring)


-          The infamous yellow top is sighted

-          The liars are on the front cover of the “Rosewood Observer”

-          The liars make it onto the news

-          The TV in Spencer’s kitchen is on (means that shit is going down)

-          Wayne Fields is actually home

-          Jenna can see

-          The liars mistakenly believe that A is dead or in jail and all of their problems are solved

-           A character quotes the theme song

-          A liar makes a pop culture reference that could not possibly exist yet in the Rosewood timeline

-          Toby and Aria have a scene together

-          The title of the episode is mentioned within the episode

-          Hanna’s grandma puts a bitch back in their place

-          Aria wears a skirt made of ties

-          Aria actually wears forks for earrings

-          Any room in Hanna’s house apart from the kitchen is actually shown

-          Spencer’s parents love her as much as they love Melissa

-          Kenneth realises that Jason is not his real son

-          More than 2 sets of parents are in the same room together

-          Pam and Maya actually get along

-          A liar is wearing the black hoodie/gloves

-          A sabotages the liars’ Chinese food

-          “HE’S FREAKIN A!!!!”

-          We find out what MAYA KNEW

-          We find out who Triple Nipple is

-          Beach Hottie is revealed to be Lucas

-          Alison is revealed to have an evil twin

-          The liars do something to prevent people from listening to their secrets

-          The liars make a plan that actually works

-          The liars actually manage to suspect the correct person of being A


-          The real A is actually revealed.