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CeCe Logic
  • Liars: *are tortured by an anonymous person who is watching their every move by blackmailing them with their deepest darkest secrets and threatening them in a very violent fashion, playing with them like dolls, before kidnapping them and keeping them captive for a month on the brink of starvation/death and leaving psychological scars they will probably carry for the rest of their lives*
  • Cece: But did you die???
Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aries; Toby (courageous, passionate, confrontational)

Taurus; Ezra (independant, persistant, possessive)

Gemini; Mona (intellectual, witty, superficial)

Cancer; Emily (loving, protective, clingy)

Leo; Alison (loyal, straightforward, dominating)

Virgo; Melissa (practical, analytical, overcritical)

Libra; Hanna (charming, balanced, indecisive)

Scorpio; Jenna (focused, intuitive, manipulative)

Sagittarius; Caleb (philosophical, adventurous, inconsistant)

Capricorn; Spencer (ambitious, disciplined, detached)

Aquarius; Maya (humanitarian, inventive, extremist)

Pisces; Aria (compassionate, sensitive, escapist)

Listening to Kara sing Moon River made me listen to the Audrey Hepburn version and then I heard “Huckleberry” in it and that reminded me of the Audrey references all over Girl Meets World and now I want Maya Penelope Hunter (or Riley, but preferably both of Rilaya together) to sing this song in the next season.

PLL: A Summary

oh hi there, we’re the ‘pretty little liars.’ we’re being stalked 24/7, we can’t trust anyone not even our own families, oh and everyone around us keeps dying. each one of us has either committed murder, been accused of murder, witnessed a murder, faked our own death, seen a dead body or a good combination of the few. we have been kidnapped and tortured. some of us have been committed to a mental institution. our lives are threatened constantly along with everyone important to us. collectively we have had more near-death experiences than we can count. but we HAVE PERFECT HAIR AND SKIN, WE’RE ALL GONNA GRADUATE, OUR OUTFITS AND MAKEUP ARE ALWAYS ON POINT AND WE STILL HAVE THE TIME/CONFIDENCE/MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ABILITY  TO DATE AND ENGAGE IN ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS.

“Moon River, wider than a mile.
I’m crossin’ you in style, some day.
Old dream maker, You heart breaker.
Wherever your goin’, I’m goin’ your way.
Two drifters, off to see the world.
There’s such a lot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end.
Waitin’ round the bend.
My Huckleberry friend.
Moon River and me.”

Inspiration: Maya Hart and her Huckleberry friend, Lucas.

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Remember this parallel? 

Now remember who Maya religiously calls a “huckleberry”?

Now remember how the character in the movie sings a song about her “huckleberry friend”? ‘Moon river’. Maya also sings a song to her ‘huckleberry friend’.

Now let’s think about how as far as we know, from ski lodge forward Maya and Lucas want to label themselves ‘friends’? (If that particular spoiler is accurate). Now let’s also think about how the character in the movie and her “huckleberry friend” do friendship. 

Yeah, that friendship worked out real well for them. 

This is so random but it came to me and I went for it. Patience Lucaya fans, they’re coming! The journey is just a lot muddy as of right now. “I can’t see you.” “All this stuff is in the way.” 

This scene occurred for a reason ;) it’s gonna happen!

Credit to all the owners of the gifs and caps. 

Dear scarlettpeony,

Please, I hadn’t even been Iris for an hour before I overheard how that “foolish fool, Phoenix Wright” threw himself in the river for Maya Fey.

That sounds suspiciously like the same kind of idiot who would eat glass for his precious Dollie.  Feenie’s head over heels for that little brat and that’s exactly what made him so easy to manipulate.

Mia Fey was the real problem.  How was I supposed to know she was in Pearl’s body?  There are more than two spirit mediums in the world, you know.  She wore clothes that tiny when she was alive anyway!

-Dahlia Hawthorne


Am I the only one who sees this and finds it hilarious.

The back of A’s hair looks like an old mans head im done. 

emily fields & her love interest history

ok so a lot of people have been commenting on how emily seems to have a lot of love interests and doesn’t seem to ever be single or not having one. so, i made this chronological graph of her relationships and the space between them, and how many episodes she was single so that you get the feel of emily’s dating life.

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