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Favorite ‘New to Me’ Films in 2016
I was tagged by Daria to make a list of 9 films which I watched for the first time in 2016.

1. Before Sunrise (1995)
2. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
3. Lost River (2014)
4. Mulholland Dr. (2001)
5. The Final Girls (2015)
6. Captain America: Civil War (2016)
7. The Revenant (2015)
8. Silent Hill (2006)
9. The Shallows (2016)

I tag: @wandamaixmoff, @lizziesolsen, @iammoana, @harleyquinzel, @norman-reedus, @blomskvist and whoever else wants to do it!

The thoughts of Moses

When you look good
You feel good
And when you feel good
You do good

Growing up I thought
Those were wise words
From a wise man

Constantly staring into mirrors
To make sure the image
Everybody saw looked good
While feeling good as a result

But was I doing good ?

Join me on my trip down
Memory Lane to see if
We somehow find out.

My phone’s contact book was
Jam packed with mummiez
And adding to it seemed to be
The daily mission

One I was proud to brag about
Due to my stellar success rate

“Hey stranger”

Was a message I got
More frequently than
The numbers of soon to be
Strangers getting added
To the contact list

I guess it was only fitting
I called those women Israelites
And myself ?

You know where I’m going with this

Oh you got a man ?

Follow me babes

Join the Exodus
As I lead every other
Israelite that’s used the line
To a land flowing with
Goals and Poetic Flattery

Only I never had as much
Patience as my biblical

Don’t complain about
The distance of the

You’re more than welcome
To leave

Being bad and boujee
Doesn’t cement your
Place on my contact list
And neither do those

There’s plenty more
Fish in the sea

And I score so much
That I make Messi’s
Records look cute

I just wonder how long
It’ll take before you
Slide back into my DMs
With that

“Hey stranger”

Just be sure to
Send nudes

But that’s “Thee Old Me”

Needless to say that
My definition of

Was hopelessly blurred

Grab a shovel
And I’ll show you
Where to dig
If you’re hoping to
Find his remains

Feel good
Look good
And do good
My ass..

Maturity is a decision

And one that needs to
Constantly be made
On the daily

Simply because
Perfection isn’t
So easily attainable

Looking juicy don’t
Mean you got
The sauce

So the way I see it
I’ve got some
Decisions to make.

Throw down my stalf
And let the snakes
Devour each other

Or train a Joshua
And make sure
He’s well equipped
To carry on
Where I left off

See I’m a former
Egyptian prince of sorts

So the wilderness
Isn’t where I
Truly belong

But to re-cross
The Red Sea means
That I’ll have to be strong

I close my eyes
And picture the pyramids
While knowing that I belong
At the very top of them

The Pharaoh’s gone

I made sure of that
Last time I crossed
The sea

No need to grab a shovel
He’s to busy swimming
With the fishes

So everybody better see
A new successor in me
Now all I need to do
Is find my Queen

Someone with a mind
As nourishment filled
And fertile as the banks
Of the River Nile

Skin as smooth, evenly toned
And melanin enriched as
Those very same sands
That belong to the river

Which brings life to the people
Of my land

And smile as mesmerising,
Brightly colour filled,
Image enhancing
And breath taking
As the sun setting
Behind the pyramids

I belong at the
Very top of

Buts what’s a Queen
Without a King ?

Am I truly ready to carry
Such a heavy mantle ?

There were words I once l
Considered to be wise

Thinking back

The only reason
Why I shunned them
Was because I went
About them the wrong way

It was a three part equation
That I couldn’t really balance
Because I got so caught up
Living life

Instead of focusing on
What matters most

Seems like my life thus far
Has simply been about
Solving for y

Why don’t things go
Right for me whenever
I try to have something real
With somebody special

Why does everyone else
Get to happy ?

Why am I constantly
Second guessing myself
When people that know who
I truly am behind my vesade

Always look up to me ?
And come to me for advice ??

Why ? Why ? Why ?

I need solve this equation
And quick

My subjects are going to need
A King they won’t constantly
Feel the need to second guess

And my Nubian Queen
Will need a King that’s
Gonna be her shelter in
The midst of ragging

I think I’ve got it

I’ve been here swimming
In my thoughts

While trying to
Make hast and find
A solution to y

And in doing so
I’ve come to the
Realisation that the
Thing I’ve been lacking
Is the answer

y equals patience

I was never ready
For anything serious
And those who are
Happy were

Simply because They
Had the formula sheet I never

Patience is what I needed
When planning out
My next move

I’ve turn myself into
A master at slowing
Down time whenever
I chose to help my
Inner circle solve a
Problem they kept
Getting stuck on

From time to time
I’d stop it

Little did I know
That in doing so
All I was essentially

Was substituting
In patience

- Lwethu Domingos Poswa


In the snow

Yesterday it started snowing right before I had to head to class. It doesn’t snow very often here and when it does it usually doesn’t stick, so just in case I took my camera with me. By the time I left the uni it had turned into a proper snowstorm! Unfortunately it was already past 4 which means it was getting dark, but I decided to walk through the botanics for some photos anyway. I used long shutter speeds so I could keep my ISO low, allowing me to brighten them a bit in lightroom afterwards. I love this beautiful city, and even more so in the snow!
Shot in Glasgow, UK, with a Canon 600D and an 18-55mm lens.

Kate Hudson


The quiet streets of the old city.

Aerial Photo.


I take your budding teenager middle school graduation photo, and raise you a full fledged adult 2 years into college photo.

Bonne Anniversaire a toi, you elegant dork
♪(´ε` )

Thanks for the reference post because now I can do this for you lol.
(Also, I think this might be the only selfie I have of us both at all, at least on my phone)

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Ending the weekend with #6secondsofcalm!

The McKenzie River, just east of Eugene and Springfield, is a popular recreation spot for rafting and fishing. Boat launches, day-use camp sites and swimming areas are also available within the McKenzie River Corridor in eastern Lane County. And don’t forget to look up to spot the bald eagle nests high in the evergreens!