river jetty

Amsterdam, De Ruijterkade, (dock / jetty, river cruise boats).

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Glannithro/Sportarobbie playlists I made

Okay so apparently, 8tracks won’t let you listen to music anymore without PAYING for it, …so I’ve made some playlists on youtube that I’ve decided to share in case any of your wanted to listen to them or something. Each playlist is a little under 40 minutes long with both consisting of 11 songs,  and I tried to order the songs in both of them in a way that it seemed like they were telling a story (not sure how well I managed that tho) 

The Glannithro playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2h7sbSRZnrT00zfMBWqBGEXhs3fRqkMm 


1. “Nothing to you” -Two Gallants

2. “Nemeses” -Jonathan Coulton 

3. “Misery” -Maroon 5

4. “Spring again” -River Jetty 

5. “Introduce facts for the sake of fiction” -PlayRadioPlay! 

6. “Romance is boring” -Los Campesinos! 

7. “All your reasons” -Matchbox Twenty 

8. “Whenever we finish” -Two Hours Traffic 

9. “Love you for a day (hate you for a week)” -the Pigeon Detectives 

10. “Broken cash machine” -Modern Baseball 

11. “Change your mind” -We are Telephone 

The Sportarobbie playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2h7sbSRZnrRiDmy7D_xqluRDni9vOvG2


1. “Haven’t had enough” -Marianas Trench 

2. “Snow White” -Jaymay 

3. “Sleepwalker” -the Wallflowers 

4. “Overjoyed” -Matchbox Twenty 

5. “Tightrope” -Peridot 

6. “Accidentally in love” -Counting Crows 

7. “Shot out of a canon” -Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 

8. “Dissolve” -Jonathan Coulton 

9. “Where did the love go?” -the Seihos 

10. “Excuse me” -Salvador Sobral 

11. “Clarity” -Leftover Cuties 

A Little Weird Like That

Dean has his first kiss when he is 12 and a half years old.

He sits at the base of his favourite climbing tree with his legs stretched out in front of him, his best friend, Castiel, sitting across from him. Dean watches Cas for a while, he watches the way his eyes are squinting against the light Winter breeze as he looks out over the river and the jetty. He observes the way Cas sits cross legged with his posture completely upright, before he takes in a deep breath and his shoulders sag a little. Cas hasn’t spoken a word since they arrived but Dean isn’t worried. Cas is just a little weird like that.

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