river jaeger

Eren: Hey captain, why does Commander Nile always look constipated?

Levi: Hell if I know. Why?

Eren: Because. *whispers* He`s full of bullshit.

Levi: *laughs beautifully*


Nile: This is why the Military Police is here to help you, we-

Eren: *whispers* Guess he took a laxative, `cause all the bullshit`s spewing out of him.

Levi: *Laughs and startles everyone at the meeting*

Nile: Ahem is there something to discuss? Cadet?

Eren: Nope. Just talking shit.

Levi: *falls out of his chair laughing*


Eren was kicked out of his house, is homeless and dirt poor. He has to rely on his singing to secure a hot drink for the night and if he is lucky, maybe a meal. 

On this particular day, a short man with sharp features, who is well dressed and perfectly pristine, stops Eren and offers him a hot drink and a shower. 

Eren refuses, claiming he doesn’t want to be a bother, but the glare from this kind stranger tells him other wise and Eren reluctantly agrees. 

Once they had coffee and idly chit-chatted, the man, who’s name Eren found out to be Levi, took him home, for him to utilise the shower. Eren is completely in awe of how big and clean his apartment is and feels really ashamed and out of place. 

After, a rather awkward shower, Levi lends Eren clothes that are too big for him. Eren is extremely grateful and is about to leave, until Levi stops him and forces him to stay over and they can decide what will happen in the morning. 

Morning arrives and Eren tries to sneak out of the apartment, but Levi is already up and about. He sits Eren down on the couch. He asks Eren why he was kicked out and Eren says it was due to the fact his dad was a homophobe and Eren, was indeed, homosexual (to which Levi was also).

Levi finally asks Eren why he thinks he is here. Eren keeps quiet and doesn’t reply. Levi tells Eren he is the owner of a massive record label company and wants to sign Eren up.

Eren cried in Levi’s arms for the majority of the day after that.

  • eren: *looks at Levi*
  • levi: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

If anything bad happens, Levi is straight (well not straight but- you know what I meant)

Erwin: This mission has gone horribly wrong men, we`ll probably be cold and hungry for days whilst we await aid.

Levi: I`m hungry now.

Erwin: Levi didn`t you hear what I-

Levi: Eren, I`m hungry.

Eren: *gives him all the emergency rations*

Erwin: EREN!

Eren: He`s hungry!


Erwin: Alright men, it`s too humid to start a fire, we`ll be freezing tonight at best.

Levi: I`m cold.

Erwin: *eyebrow twitch* I know that Levi, we all are.

Levi: Eren, I`m cold.

Eren: *takes everyone else`s blankets for Levi*

Erwin: Eren no.

Eren: Sir, he`s cold, so Eren yes.


Erwin: It looks like we`ll be going back on foot men.

Levi: But I`m tired.

Erwin: Levi so help m- sigh. Levi, everyone is tired, not just you.

Levi: Eren, I`m tired.

Eren: *turns into a titan to carry Levi*

Erwin: I give up.


Eren is really insecure about his teeth, being in high school and all, where your body image matters. So, after pestering his mother so much, she finally allows him to get braces. 

His teeth are so bad, even the dentist doesn’t know how long he would have them on for.

Years later, Eren is a new University student. He still has to wear braces and it provides him with a light lisp. What makes it even worse is that he has to wear glasses too. But, they aren’t the nice ones. They are really ‘geeky’ ones. So Eren still feels insecure about his looks. But, he wills himself to keep the brace and think of the end goal. But, because of his looks, Eren doesn’t really like to talk to people with the fear of being taunted. 

His room mate, Levi, is stuck up and likes to keep himself to himself. On first impressions, any one could have mistaken him for a cold, hard killer. Levi has a troubled, criminal past, which he refuses to share, which causes himself to essentially become, set in stone. Refusing to let it go.

But, at the sight of Eren, Levi melts. Although he doesn’t show it, he is actually very attracted to Eren. Even with his braces and glasses. 

Slowly, but surely, they start to worm their way into each other’s shells, cracking down the walls.

On a stormy night, they huddle together; Eren is scared of storms, his mother was killed in one, so Levi holds him close. 

They talk the night over about various things. Until they start that subject.

Levi starts it by asking Eren whether he likes him. Eren, of course agrees. But, Levi repeats the question, adding more emphasis to the word like.

Feeling Levi would thought of Eren as being dense, he turns in Levi’s hold and places a kiss on his lips.

Does that answer your question?

Levi is shocked but kisses Eren back. The kiss gets more passionate and they start to French it up. Until, Levi’s tongue gets caught in Eren’s brace. After getting it out, they laugh it off as newly formed partners.

But what will happen next? When will Eren get his braces off? What will become of the two lovers when he does?

Lost River

Sneak peek at one of my ereri week drabbles.. PINING.. kind of nervous about this one?  It’s a little dark and sad and ROUGH but don’t worry there will be a happy ending…. 



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Headcanon #7

Eren has a German accent but it only comes out when he`s nervous /embarrassed /etc. He`s self-conscious about it and tries his best to hide it, but sometimes he`ll say “Ja” instead of “Yea” and go hide in a corner.

Levi loves the accent though, so he`s always trying to make him nervous enough to slip into it

Modern AU - Levi is having a mid-life crisis brought on by Eren being a younger man with endless options and him feeling like dead weight. But instead of buying a fancy car or running away to some foreign country, he bleaches his hair blonde. Eren is confused and concerned, but mostly turned on by this development.

Modern AU - Levi is hired as Eren`s babysitter, despite the boy being 15 already, gets into too much trouble his mother says. An 18-year-old Levi isn`t too picky about work so he takes the job. Eren despises him at first because he treats him like a kid and acts like he`s ages older than him, but he soon warms up to him, a little too much. Because Eren kinda promises to marry him and Levi still hasn`t told him he`s leaving for college.

Like the coward he is, Levi leaves without a word and believes he`ll never see the brat again, despite how much it pains him. So imagine his surprise when he finds that same brat, on his campus, two years later. As a student.

“I hope you`re happy, you made me study so fucking hard to skip that many grades, you had better be a good lay.” Eren grumbles, casually admitting he`d chased Levi all the way to collage, had been after him for years now, he wanted to give him everything in that moment, but all he can offer right then is a long, very well-deserved, kiss.

There`s an emergency evacuation in the barracks because Hanji wanted to do experiments in the middle of the night. Everyone is wondering why both Eren and Levi came from the same room, why Eren doesn`t have his shirt and why Levi is wearing it.

The next morning someone (Connie) has a revalation


Headcanon #14

Can we please just have Eren as a good singer? Like, he`s cleaning up in the castle and starts singing a song, Petra hears him and is blown away so she calls the rest of the squad and they all start listening. Then Erwin and Levi are like “What are you doing?” And they shush them and nod to Eren, who is now dancing around with his mop.

Levi is completely enraptured, and as Eren`s song ends he`s the first to start clapping in the doorway, followed by everyone else. Eren is embarrassed and hides in his cell `til dinner.

After that though, Levi insists Eren sing when he cleans, “You do a less shitty job when you do.”, Really it`s just so everyone can hear his angelic voice floating through the castle again.

Possession: Bad Timing?

Dolores sighed as she walked into her empty spacious home and took off her heels. Her feet her sore from a day of standing and walking in shops. She normally went straight home, but she had begun to make daily excursions to antique shops. The things she would buy varied from odd lamps to old books. Sometimes she wondered if her husband noticed these new items in their home at all. Well, today she had bought something her would definitely not be able to ignore.

Dolores jerked awake as she felt the cat jump onto her lap. She had drifted into sleep on the couch and she quickly got up and checked the time. 

“Hmmm…I should cook something,” Dolores mumbled, even though she was not sure if River would come home to join her.