river i crossed

Fic idea where a lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them.

Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1

The Backflip Bandit

So I had mentioned to a friend of mine that I was reopening a Pathfinder campaign and he showed interest in joining, so I gave him a trial run. If he liked it then he could stay. He made a Rogue Elf and wanted to be a generic thief. Since all the other players are level 5 already I gave all the new characters a good bit of downtime to catch up, so that means mostly 1 on 1 sessions of 90% improv with maybe some other players watching. A little note about this kid is he is a bit unpredictable when he is upset, and one of our other PCs just messed with him and threw him in a garbage can.

Me(DM): So you are in a Garbage can, what do you do?

Rogue: I sleep here for 12 hours…

Me: Ok… 12 hours pass, what do you do next..?

Rogue: I get up and look for some food.

Me: You smell freshly baked bread and follow the smell to a bakery.

Rogue: I sit down and smell for a half hour.

Me: Right… people look at you weirdly as you sniff the air for 30 minutes.

Rogue: I ask the lady behind the counter for a cake.

Me: She offers you one fresh cake for 10 gold.

Rogue: I buy it to go and take the cake.

Me: Ok.

Rogue: I roll acrobatics to do a backflip out of the store…*fails*

Me: … you try to backflip with a cake in your hands, but you instead land face first into the cake, hurting yourself.

Rogue: I sit there and shovel cake into my mouth in self pity.

Me: … everyone who sees you wonders if you are alright.

Rogue: I get up and smash my face through the display case…*fails strength check*

Me: You bounce your head off the glass.

Rogue: I do it again…*fails*

Me: Everyone is wondering if you are mentally insane.

Rogue: One more time…*succeeds*

Me: Everyone looks in shock as you smash your face through solid glass, taking 4 damage.

Rogue: I steal a cake from the display case and attempt to backflip out of the store…*succeeds*

Me: Everyone is too scared and confused to notice that you just stole a cake.

Rogue: I sprint down the road holding the cake high above my head until I reach the river. I roll acrobatics to cross the river with a backflip. *Crits*

Me(clearly confused and shocked): You make it across the river without getting wet, cake completely intact.

Rogue: I run to the farmland and look for animals… *succeeds*

Me: You find some cows..?

Rogue: Perfect…I place the cake on the ground and roll to tip the cow by backflipping over it…*SUCCEEDS*

Me: The cow has been tipped, it thrashes about on the ground for a while…

Rogue: I go back to pick up the cake and sit down next to the cow. I shovel some cake in my hand and ask the cow if it wants any…*Fails Handle Animal*

Me: The cow hoofs you in the butt from its downed position.

Rogue: Oh well, more for me.

This was an extremely random and exhausting encounter, I had no idea what to say or do after this. However, after he got this out of his system he became a little more serious and actually did some roguish things.

To this day he is referred to as “The Backflip Bandit” and rolls acrobatics for backflips CONSTANTLY to retain his title.

Dear Clique,

There is this very specific feeling I got when I first started listening to twenty one pilots. 

An understanding of what Tyler went through. A connection with Josh when I found out he struggled with the same anxious feelings as me. A deep stirring in my mind that brought me to think and create. 

When I first heard their music, forests sprouted in my mind. Acres of hidden land I didn’t know I had. Stars I hadn’t counted, rivers I hadn’t crossed. But now I think the trees are dying. The stars are silent. The rivers are running dry.

And I see this drought spreading. Suddenly the jungles of minds we possess are worried about other things: where is Tyler? Why isn’t Josh in a relationship? Why didn’t I win tickets? why don’t I have more followers? why are the big accounts more popular? why isn’t everything going according to plan?

We are turning to love the very thing we accused twenty one pilots of gaining in the first place: popularity. Suddenly creating isn’t enough. We want more numbers, more information, more opportunities. More, more, more, more.

And so, our forests are wilting. And I am just another writer among a thousand. Just another teenager with too many words in my brain. But I beg you this: grow your forests. Return to what you first found when you started listening to this band. Strip away the numbers, strip away the fame, strip away the drama, and return to the reason why you came in the first place.

There is something very special in this music, and we cannot lose that.



So, wewere playing a game of D&D and the rouge in our group asked how deep a river was…

Rouge: So, how deep is teh river i want to cross it.

Me: Five.

Rouge: Five What? Feet!

GM: no, just five

Later after goblins dumped giant amounts of water on us…

Rouge: How much water do tehy have back there!


Rouge: YOu CAnT JuSt sAY FIVe EVErY TImE I AsK fOR A UniT Of MeSuREmEnT!

GM: yes he can

Purnululu National Park 1

Along southern track

Near entrance to Cathedral Gorge

Beehive rock formations

Matchstick grasshopper

Channel leading out of Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge itself

The sides of the gorge are 200m tall.

Visited Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) recently. Its been an epic trip I’ve always wanted to do but did not have to confidence for until recently. I needed the mental health break and more than five hours of heavily corrugated 4WD tracks and river crossings helped. I wish I had dedicated more than a day to spend there and did not see even half of the attractions on the map. The area is considered very remote and there is no available fuel, phone reception or drinking water; although it is popular enough to have an (expensive) caravan park and helicopter tours.

The rounded, layered domes are made of alternating sandstone layers that became compacted; and then were lifted above the surrounding plain. Seasonal rainfall continued to weather them down and round them off.

Cathedral Gorge is formed by water cascading into a crevice in the rock and eroding a hollow. The resulting cavern has amazing acoustics, is cold even during the hottest weather, and has a pool of water containing tiny fish.

guess what i just played

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“We’re going to cross that?”

“It is the quickest way across.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“My people built it, it is quite safe.”

“Oh, I’m… I’m quite sure it is. It’s just… Well, my ankle, and I’ve also got this inner ear thing, we call it "vertigo”, and… Oh, God, look at it.“

”…There comes a point in adversity when fear disappears, leaving only the will to survive.“

"I know, it’s just, I don’t think I’m even remotely close to that point.”

Fine. Stay here then.”

“Oh, well… Well, wait! I mean, I… I’m sure I could–I could climb down and find… a shallow spot in the river to cross. I mean, it might take me a little longer, but–[—-]? …[—-]!


A big big lineup of characters and NPCs from Tears of a Machine! All decked out in outfits they’d wear on a date. Left to right, NPC Orion, @titsmcgillicuddy‘s Tavi, @lovelyrotter‘s Cire, my Alice, NPC River, @aurawolfiewind‘s Matty and NPC Tesla. Shoutout to @paladinmarmora for running all this as always <3

how long does it take to find yourself in the forest?

                    don’t you mean how long does it take to get lost in the forest? 

no. I mean, how many flowers do I have to pick before 
Gaia comes and picks me up by my stem to take me home? 

                   I don’t know. Maybe 4, one for each element. Or maybe 9 flowers,                        one for each muse.

Well, maybe it isn’t about flowers. Maybe I have to cross 
all of the rivers until I cross myself. Then, Gaia mediates 
between the pieces of my soul; that’s how I’ll become whole. 

                    but why Gaia? what will she do?

She is the forest, nature, the earth, the flowers I pick and 
the rivers I cross. I can’t find myself without her, for she is where I am lost.