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In his 1933 book, Bunyips and Billabongs, Charles Fenner wrote what he believed the legendary Bunyip to be. He wrote that the “actual origin of the bunyip myth lies in the fact that from time to time seals have made their way up the […] Murray and Darling [Rivers]”. However, if it were merely a seal, it would not explain the numerous strange descriptions of the creature. Witnesses claim it to have features like a dog-like face, the head of a crocodile, course fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, walrus tusks and even the bill of a duck.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too,
because i can’t help falling in love with you”

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18 for Moonriver, 31 for Starco (because you know I'm thirsty for both)

honestly, same, tho. last ones of the night are just for you, jo :P

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moonriver + 18. “things you said when you were scared”


Moon the Undaunted, scared. What a laugh. What could Mewni’s dauntless queen ever be afraid of? How ironic it was that Mewni’s bravest queen had many fears— more than she could count on both hands. Most of them were petty fears, of mice and heights and things the common citizen didn’t quite care for either. But she always believed there was a very prominent difference between instinctive fear and genuine fright.

And now, she was scared.

So scared she felt as if she was about to fall over and faint.

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La Dispute // Nobody, Not Even The Rain.

My photo and my edit. 
Don’t delete the caption.

“You know nothing about my life! You don’t know what I’ve lost, what I’ve had to do, who I had to leave behind. You think you were a pawn in someone else’s scheme? You don’t know the half of it. And you know what you do when that happens? You move on!

I have wept a sea of tears already.”

My darling River Song painted in acrylic.

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Moonriver 44 if you can :) I love your writing so fricking much man!

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moonriver + 44. “things you said before you kissed me”

They were here strictly on a diplomacy meeting. And it was supposed to be a classy, lovely little get-together of two kingdoms uniting… but their parade was rained on. Quite literally, most of the guests had been looking forward to the union parade that was scheduled after the dinner. But alas. The Duke and Duchess of the Waterfolk Kingdom were nowhere to be seen, apparently they didn’t even want to show themselves in this dreadful weather.

Regardless, a carriage sat in between the shore and forest, waiting.

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glee spoiler predictions


(denial is a river, darling, that I’ve been bathing in daily. Eventually it will hit me that Glee is soon to be over and there will never be any more glee, but that day hasn’t happened yet)

  • Tartie is going to happen. Not because I have strong feelings about the ship, nor, I think, does Ryan Murphy, but Kevin and Jenna seem like they want to make out a lot, and I feel like Ryan would make that happen just for them.
  • SAMCEDES PLEASE OH GOD I WILL GIVE YOU MY HYPOTHETICAL CHILDREN. I mean, my gut says they got the scene that was originally written for Finchel, where Rachel/Mercedes come home to Finn/Sam but I don’t know for sure but THAT’S WHAT MY DEEPEST HOPE IS
  • Rachel’s baby is Klaine’s. Like, I thought that beforehand, but “Daydream Believer” just sold it to me.
  • Speaking of which, I have an entire musical number choreographed for “Daydream Believer” I hope I am not wrong. I know some people don’t want Babies Ever After and don’t want Klaine with kids BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE PLEASE GIVE ME ALL OF MY OTPS WITH LIKE A DOZEN KIDS. That’s what fanfiction runs on post-series!
  • Someone is a teacher. Maybe it’s Sam. Maybe it’s Blaine. Maybe it’s Kurt. Either way, the children’s choir has to come up somehow.
  • I have no idea how the flash-futures are going to work, but man, I’m excited for them