river and ten


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

Does anybody else have this ONE fic that they always end up rereading? Like no matter how many other fics you read, there’s THE fic. The default fic; the home fic.


                                                                Funny thing is,
                                               this means you’ve always known
                                                        how I was going to die.

Peter Grant's magical apprenticeship
  • Peter Grant: I just saw a ghost.
  • Thomas Nightingale: Ah, yes, maybe then I should reveal to you that magic is real.
  • Peter Grant: Cool. How do you science it?
  • Thomas Nightingale: It's VERY COMPLICATED and you have to start with the basics or you risk doing horrible things to your brain.
  • Peter Grant: I hear you... but we can still science it, right?
  • Thomas Nightingale: Let's begin with making a ball of light.
  • Peter Grant: Holy shit, look at what happened to my cell phone!
  • Thomas Nightingale: Magic doesn't work well with technology.
  • Peter Grant: Interesting. Can we science that?
  • Thomas Nightingale: ABOUT THAT BALL OF LIGHT. You need to focus on the forma that will...
  • Peter Grant: Absolutely. Hold this for a moment, will you?
  • Thomas Nightingale: Yes. All right. Now, where was I... hang on, what are you doing?
  • Peter Grant: I'm just going to science this, hope you don't mind.

      ʽʽyou didn’t love him enough to die for himʼʼ       “i thought i did until it was put to the test. and you?”                                     ʽʽi died for him many times. y e s , a l w a y s.ʼʼ