river and ten


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

Does anybody else have this ONE fic that they always end up rereading? Like no matter how many other fics you read, there’s THE fic. The default fic; the home fic.


Doctor Who Gifset Silence in the Library- Yeah, where most people became scared of the dark or of their own shadows from this two part episode; I became slightly more afraid of that beam of light coming through windows, and sometimes catch myself veering around those things in case Vashta Nerada are in the sunbeams. Did anyone else besides me start doing that? Or was that just me being crazy?

Witchcraft Blogs?

Hello (again) tumblr!

My name is Anja and I am, for all intents and purposes, a witch.

When I was seven years old I was able to influence the local weather very faintly by using what I realise now to be the full force of my mental will. My family are not witches, nor do they believe in magic.

When I was seventeen I discovered that I had a knack for putting will and energy into things. To alter enough but never too much, that the earth called for me to harness nature in a practice that would allow me to become closer to my Mother, the earth herself. She would call to me through the dirt and the wind, but only then was I finally able to listen. I became a witch and, like many fledgling witches, began down the path of practising witchcraft. Over two years I gathered information, I began an extensive garden and collected stones from the riverbed. I compiled a grimoire and found myself with more candles than I knew what do with.

But despite all of that - all the shiny new tools and sweet-smelling herbs - it felt superficial. I grew away from my Mother and my spells became centred on myself. After a surmounting of pressure I broke; I set the herbs alight and threw the stones back into the river. I disposed of tens of pages of carefully-crafted notes because I believed that I wasn’t a good witch.

Now I am almost twenty and in my period of introspection I’ve realised a few things. The earth called for me, nagged at my heels, and the Craft was never far from my mind. Recently I’ve begun to ache for this way of life, and so I decided that I’d step foot into the tumblr community of witchcraft again.

So, witches of tumblr, I ask you this: like/reblog this post and let me check out your blog! Any and all veins of the craft are welcome.

winchesstars  asked:

doctor who - for your "send me a fandom" thingy

1. My favorite male character: Ten and Rory

2. My favorite female character: Rose

3. My OTP: Ten/Rose

4. My NOTP: Eleven/River

5. My BROTP: Ten/Donna

6. My other ships: Whouffle, Mickey/Martha, and I kinda lowkey ship Eleven/Rory

7. My least favorite character: River

8. My favorite season/movie: Season 2

9. My favorite episode/book: I don’t have just one favorite episode but one of my top favorites is Tooth and Claw.

10. Character I’d like to have sex with: Ten or Amy


      ʽʽyou didn’t love him enough to die for himʼʼ       “i thought i did until it was put to the test. and you?”                                     ʽʽi died for him many times. y e s , a l w a y s.ʼʼ