river boca


Gol de River!
dale que va
yo no entiendo un carajo
aun así
saboreo la gloria efímera de los
y mi euforia exagerada
mi burla
jode el triple
porque lo que duele
es que no haya sentimiento

desde el living
con los pies sobre la mesita
y la familia
o los amigos reunidos
somos todos

las puteadas como la gente
las buenas puteadas
los nenes las aprenden ahí señora
con el tío viendo ese partido

afuera de la casa
es doblemente domingo
feriado nacional
en la calle no hay nadie
Garbarino y Frávega revientan también


“The [Champions League], make no mistake, is perhaps the finest exhibition of football on the planet. From Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo it plays host to the best players in the world, assembled by teams boasting budgets as large as that of many small nations. But that injection of funds, the disparity that afflicts the game, makes it a little more predictable with every year that passes. […] In a world where money dominates the sport and, more often than not, dictates results, the Libertadores keeps its romance alive long after the Champions League became a private party for Europe’s elites. The likes of Red Star, Steaua Bucharest, Ajax and Celtic can no longer dream of taking down the big boys, but for their counterparts across the Atlantic, nothing is impossible. x

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South American Football v Europe the numbers:

We began this blog as a group of Argentineans who wanted to inform non- Argentineans on our league. Football world-wide seems to centered around Europe, but don’t be fooled that has much more to do with money and marketing than quality of football. However, people have the idea that the only large clubs and teams are in Europe. And so we would like to point out the numbers, because in comparison there is nothing that says Europe should be the center of attention anymore than South America. 

In Competitions:

Champions League v Copa Libertadores:

Most won Champions: Real Madrid 10

Most won Copa Libertadores: Independiente 7

Intercontinental Cups: 21-21 (What is now the Club World Cup)

Most Titles: Peñarol (URU), Nacional (URU), Milan (ITA), Real Madrid (ESP), Boca Juniors (ARG)

Most successful clubes in local tournaments:

Paraguay- Olimpia 40

Argentina- River Plate 35

España- Real Madrid 32

Italy- Juventus 31

Chile- Colo colo 30

Germany- Bayern Munich 24

Colombia- Atletico Nacional 15

France- Saint-Étienne 13

England- Manchester United 13

Brasil- Palmeiras 8

Club with the most international trophies (Europe and South America):

España- FC Barcelona: 20  

Argentina- Boca Juniors : 18

Italy- AC Milan: 18

España- Real Madrid: 18

Argentina- Independiente: 17

World League Ranking:

South America has never not had a team in the top ten (Since there has been a ranking 1991-2016)

Best positions: 1998, Brasil 2nd Best League in the World. 2008, Argentina 3rd Best League in the World. 2011, Brasil 3rd Best League in the World. 

Average: Brasil & Argentina in mid table. 

Currently: Argentina 4th, Brasil 6th. 

Players: A very important point, South America has only South American Players for the most part. How about Europe?

Top Ten European Teams: 67 South American players 

Barcelona: 9 South Americans 

Real Madrid: 6 South Americans 

Bayern Munich: 3 South Americans 

Manchester United: 5 South Americans 

Chelsea: 5 South Americans 

Arsenal: 4 South Americans 

Porto: 7 South Americans (Plus 4 Mexicans)

Juventus: 8 South Americans 

Benfica: 13 South Americans 

Atletico de Madrid: 7 South Americans

Top Ten Teams in South America: 0 Europeans

River Plate: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Peñarol: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Boca Juniors: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Emelec: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Barcelona (Ecu): 0 Europeans (All South American)

Indepenidente del Valle: 0 Europeans (All South American)

Nacional: 0 Europeans (All South American)

San Pablo:  0 Europeans (All South American)

Bolivar:  0 Europeans (All South American)

Caracas FC:  0 Europeans (All South American)

The Best Players of All Time can be debated, however there are some that undoubtably are the biggest names in the sports history:

Diego Armando Maradona

Edson Arantes do Nascimento “Pele”

Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano

Leonel Andres Messi  

Garrincha, Cafu, Kempes, Enzo Francescoli ect.

What would the sport be like without these players? What would the sport be like without the clubes who form them? Or more importantly what would European clubes be like if they couldn’t import so many players?

Next time you hear, or say yourself, that South American clubes cannot compare to say Barcelona or Real Madrid, remember the numbers. There is more to say about our football, like the unforgettable matches and moments, the incomparable fans and support, and so on but lets just leave it at the tangible and comparable. 

Meet The Team

2 Maidana

Jony Maidana, what can I say about my Jony? Jony join River in 2010, when River was in what would become our worst years. Maidana earned his spot as starter and has been unquestionable since then. Maidana was with River when we dropped to second division, fought to bring us back up and has been in all of our last champion squads. Jonathan is a figure and a leader on and off the pitch. Together with Ponzio, Jony is the soul of the team and the personality Gallardo has set as an example. Jony is our wall, he never gives up on a ball and is always there when you need him. Bonus points, he absolutely loves playing Superclasicos and always has a great game against Boca. Jony played for Boca, three years and the beginning of his career (2005-2008) but feels completely at home in the Monumental.  After River made it back to first division Jony tattooed the date and a River flag to his body. In the 2016 Superclasico he got into a fight with Tevez because “[Tevez] was telling me all game that I was Bostero, so I showed him I was River’s.” 

I love his man with my life and would go to war with him if he asked. He is 100% a warrior. 

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