Made my first fan art and used copic in a long time .And it’s everyone’s favorite ,FINN THE HUMAN.. or Finn Mertens that is….

it’s mostly inspired by the episode “Room of Egress” had to watch it a few times to really understand it, and the ending of the mini series islands (think that’s what it’c called?) gave me the feels~~~


‘’For years I worked with River writing, composing, performing and producing a beautiful album. In fact, for 6 months during his last year on Planet Earth, River and I would work all day and night (often more than 15 hours per day) to complete this amazing work of art. River wanted to share this music with the world. I supported him every step of the way and continue to support his dream. I pray that all that all relevant parties can put their egos aside and help fulfill brother River’s last wishes.’’ 

- Sasa Hasid RA, friend and bandmate, about Riv and the album they have worked together on.


Lady raven by Irina Dzhul


Dumbarton & Ben Lomond by Jon Douglas