Quand je glisse en tes yeux,
Une allée me prolonge
Loin du mortel pays.
Amour, il fallait bien que tu sois.
Au bord des rives où tout trépigne et s’efface;
Il fallait bien que l’eau perpétuelle
Nous donne ce qui est plus que la vie.

Andrée Chedid


The Story Behind this Incredible Mountaintop Northern Lights Photograph

Conveying the grandeur of the Aurora Borealis is a serious challenge for a photographer. How are you supposed to capture the splendor of the event, give it a sense of scale, and somehow imbue that photograph with the emotion involved in actually witnessing the polar spirits for yourself?

There probably isn’t a magical mixture of ingredients that will yield the ideal northern lights photograph, but the image above by photographer Max Rive is one of the closest we’ve seen, and he was kind enough to share the details behind it with us.

The photo, which is made up of 3 exposures, was captured in March above Austnesfjorden close to Svolvear on the Lofoten islands, Norway. On a snowboarding trip to the region, Rive set aside an extra week for photography and spent the weeks prior finding locations using online-hiking maps, Google Earth and Google Images.

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