This week we meet with English artist Oliver Blank who explores our sense of time and place through public installations. And this time we make an artwork together. Call (718)395-7556 to participate!


1. Call (718) 395-7556 

2. Leave a message saying what you would say to the one that got away

3. Tell us you’ve called (using #theartassignment and your social media platform of choice) and prompt someone to do the same.

4. Your voice may be featured in a sound piece composed by Oliver Blank

Many thanks to Cummins Cummins Inc. for their use of The Irwin Conference Center in Columbus, Indiana, as well as Richard McCoy and the fine folks at We Are City: Michael Kaufmann, John Beeler, and Laura Holzman, for making this episode possible.


Contingent Continents: The World Over

Hundreds of ants industriously eat away at a map of the world in Rivane Neuenschwander’s video work, Contingent (2008) (below). Made of honey, the map slowly disintegrates into nothingness as the formidable continents shrink into smaller islands- mere specks of their former grandeur. This insect frenzy is a metaphor for the poignant and fraught relationship between consumption and the environment; it queries the consumptive habits of humankind and the detrimental consequences such consumption wreaks upon the natural world. While nourishment for ants is a necessity, the reasons for our environmental extortion might not always be deemed essential.

Part of The World Over, a group exhibition curated by Scott McLeod currently on view at Prefix Institute of Contemporary art in Toronto, Neuenscheander’s video thematically links the first work seen upon entering the exhibit, Cuban artist Glenda León’s photograph Between Air and Dreams (2003), with Donna Conlon’s video and photographs of ants, installed in the main space of the gallery. León’s work comprises an image of clouds, assembled into a map of the world while Conlon’s series Coexistence (2003/2008) depicts leaf-cutter ants carrying near-microscopic pieces of various national flags. León’s cloud continents, those fickle and ever changing bits of the atmosphere, speak to Earth’s future as contingent rather than immutable while the harsh borders of nationality are imagined as collapsed, again by the industry of ants, in Conlon’s film and photographs. In all cases, nature reigns supreme while the constructed borders humankind ironically fall prey to the whims of the natural.

These and other works on view in The World Over at Prefix Institute of Contemporary art in Toronto from May 2 through June 22, 2013.

- Natasha Chaykowski

Ratzenberger Bacharacher Rivaner Trocken 2012.  Whoa.  A soaringly aromatic and bright wine, with waves of white flowers, lemon blossoms, and so on. Perfect amount of acid.  It wasn’t immediately so “open”, but about an hour later, it was ready to be received. Admittedly I’m not terribly familiar with this grape, but my impression was of somewhere between a riesling and a gewurtz, and it works with the same foods as a similarly dry (and this is dry) bottle of those would.

I’m Yours // Rivan

It was the middle of the afternoon and Ivan’s arm was still in a sling. It was hurting but he knew the pill would kick in soon. Walking next to Rachel and smiling to her, he knew to keep his distance since they were in public. Not because he didn’t want to…but because he couldn’t. It was starting to get to him, the fact that he couldn’t be open with her. It was their decision to do this, though, for their safety. “So I was thinking of going out to that restaurant in the Viceroy. The one that opened? Did you want to come with me?”


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