I was rewatching fairy tail and when Lucy was telling this, it hit me the irony.. I mean, “Ur is part of the ocean now wishing Gray and Lyon will stop fighting” and then few episodes after “Juvia of the sea” appears and she is in the middle of the triangle that involves both Gray and Lyon . Strange as it is I think Juvia is a good thing for Gray and Lyon’s relationship even in their rivalty they show better their feelings for each other.. And in my mind I have this idea that Ur is somehow involved with the events that brought Juvia where she is.

These are the first and last times Napoleon and Illya see each other as enmies

(sorry for the bad quality of the screengrabs)

Do you notice something? Both times they look at each other through a mirror. To me, it seems like a really strong metaphore. They are enemies but it’s only an image, a reflection, an illusion. The KGB and the CIA agent. But actually they are just two men, the rivalty has been imposed on them through the war between their countries. The second picture is the last time they see each other like enemies. After that, they share a drink on the balcony and even join forces under Waverly.

The whole thing - war, patriotism, rivalty - is just an illusion and has no impact on those two individuals.