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What's your opinion on Ino? I like her because while she begins as a Sasuke fangirl, she actually has her priorities straight and she values her bonds with Sakura and Inoshikacho more than a romance. She also stands up to bullies and is basically the only character representing female friendship. She was an invaluable asset in the war too. Just the fact that romance is not her defining trait is important for me lol

She’s definitely not one of my favourite characters, however, I do like her. She’s indeed a Sasuke fangirl, having a crush on him like all other girls since childhood, but she never forced her feelings onto him and kind of moved on by Shippuden. She’s also a girl who values her (platonic) bonds a lot and a very good friend who stands up and protects her loved ones. How she standed up to Sakura and still cared about her even after she broke thieir friendship over a crush is truly endearing. On top of that, she’s a confident girl who does knows how beautiful and strong she is and isn’t ashamed of it, and a very capable and intelligent shinobi who graduated on top of her class, scoring even better than Sasuke. She’s clearly the leader of her team and after the war, becomes the leader of her clan and even give her surname to Sai. She was an invaluable asset in the war, just like you said, and was also emotioanlly strong, putting up with her sensei’s death but also fighting afer her father literally died while she was still hearing him.

However, I do have some complaints, though they’re more directed toward Kishi’s sexist writing than Ino.

1) As I stated above, she outscored Sasuke in the Academy. Yet it was never precised in canon.

2) The Ino vs Sakura fight was lame. I don’t need to further explain this, since everyone knows why.

3) She was the leader of her team, yet in Shippuden, the main focus is on Shikamaru. She became very secondary in her own team.

4) She was useless during the fight against Kakuzu. I do agree that Kakuzu is very powerful and sure wouldn’t lose to her (nor to Naruto but that’s another topic) but she could’ve been more involved in it.

5) We don’t see enough of her skills, outsidee her clan’s jutsus. Like, she was even better than Sasuke in taijutsu and ninjutsu, where did it go? 

6) We don’t see enough of her, actually. One can argue it’s the same with Shino, Kiba and Chouji but Ino is Sakura’s, a main character, rival and ex-friend.

7) Speaking of which, their rivalty was never developped beyond the Chunin Exams. And Sakura stayed an ungrateful and selfish person toward her, even manipulating Sai in the intent of making him call her ugly.

8) Her “development” romance-wise got thrown to trash when Sasuke was shown in her Tsukuyomi dream. 

However, overall, as a Naruto female character, she is indeed good. The tragedy is that we can’t expect much more from her because of Kishimoto’s sexism and his treamtment of female characters.

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  • susan being super excited to be at hogwarts
  • i think she’d have a really close group of friends
  • her favorite class are transfiguration and potions
  • susan looking absolutely fantastic in green
  • tom riddle and susan staying up all night in the common room to talk about how the history of magic class sucked (yeah sorry i had to)
  • susan would have bring a cat at hogwarts
  • the great lake is her favorite place of the castle
  • susan is the biggest quidditch fan of her family she got into the slytherin team in her 3rd year as a seeker
  • she became captain on her 6th year
  • her favorite team is appleby arrow
  • susan is very protective over the first years like don’t mess with them because she’s very motherly with them
  • she’s also very annoyed at the prejudices against slytherin because she grew up with those people and none of them were bad people (well except one *cough* tom riddle *cough*)
  • and they actually have each other’s back
  • christmas is her favorite holiday
  • susan dating a ravenclaw student at some point
  • susan bounding with the mermaids of the lake through the common room window
  • susan and peter not caring about the slytherin/gryffindor rivalties because they’re family and that the most important thing

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Almost finished with Luca's route and let me say this: Elias is bisexual as fuck. He is way too interested in Luca and thinks way too much about him for them to just be rivals. The bisexuality is strong with this one.

Oh my god yes

The way he talks about Luca and how angry he gets whenever he skips classes is just…i don’t know. it’s just that Elias looks up to him and maybe he does feel that slight attraction which is scaring him and which is also the reason why he wants to build up that rivalty: so that no one is able to know his true feelings

My otp-feelings for these two are real

I was rewatching fairy tail and when Lucy was telling this, it hit me the irony.. I mean, “Ur is part of the ocean now wishing Gray and Lyon will stop fighting” and then few episodes after “Juvia of the sea” appears and she is in the middle of the triangle that involves both Gray and Lyon . Strange as it is I think Juvia is a good thing for Gray and Lyon’s relationship even in their rivalty they show better their feelings for each other.. And in my mind I have this idea that Ur is somehow involved with the events that brought Juvia where she is.

These are the first and last times Napoleon and Illya see each other as enmies

(sorry for the bad quality of the screengrabs)

Do you notice something? Both times they look at each other through a mirror. To me, it seems like a really strong metaphore. They are enemies but it’s only an image, a reflection, an illusion. The KGB and the CIA agent. But actually they are just two men, the rivalty has been imposed on them through the war between their countries. The second picture is the last time they see each other like enemies. After that, they share a drink on the balcony and even join forces under Waverly.

The whole thing - war, patriotism, rivalty - is just an illusion and has no impact on those two individuals.