rivals not rivals

Anyone else noticed that after Episode 2 of Season 3, keith and lance never argue again?

They don’t disagree. They don’t give each other dirty looks. We just get these

We get these beautiful moments where they show that they don’t have any more negativity between them. 

In the first season, they tolerated each other

In the second season, they worked well with each other

And now, in the third season, they rely on each other

Their relationship truly is getting the development it deserves


since nobody has made Chess!AU yet,

White King Victor Nikiforov and Black King Katsuki Yuuri,

Who will checkmate?

about this AU, the story is about the rivalry between 2 kingdoms by playing human chess. The game would cost lives, and the winner will do whatever he wants to the loser.

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Dianakko week Day 6 - AU (years later - no magic AU)

Au where Diana is an excellent doctor in her prestigious family clinic, while Akko is a freelancer in the entertainment field and can work at home


so @kazliin writes this amazing fic called ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’ and if you haven’t read it yet i recommend you do because it’s beautiful and the angst gives me life ((seriously, just so much great angst)) i honestly love that fic to death 

me: remembers season two was actually written & planned years ago so the writers didn’t know klance would even be so popular which means the whole elevator episode was planned from the start


Based on the rivals!au by @kazliin and @aeddgynvaell’s headcanon that yes, Victor definitely rubbed in yuri’s face how incredibly dense he was the past couple of years. I’m pretty sure everyone’s read the rivals au but if you still haven’t, please take the time off to read this emotional rollercoaster of a fic. http://archiveofourown.org/series/620242


Based off @doodlesonice ’s AU where everything’s flipped, Yurio coaches Yuri to rival Victor so they compete at the same time??

But they’re bad at being rivals bc they’re super supportive and crushing on each other lol (and Victor’s totally cool with not winning especially if he gets kissed)