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David Tennant as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet (2000) - Part 3

Excerpts from a Scotland on Sunday article on David at the RSC in 2000

“He is perfect casting, because of the intensity he brings to his work,“ Michael Boyd says.  While Tennant’s great friend and former landlady, the comic performer and author of Does My Bum Look Big in This?, Arabella Weir, says: "He’s astonishingly focused for his age and amazingly straightforward and honest. He’s trustworthy and he’s honourable.”

There is still something uncynical and unspoilt about him, though. He confesses that being with the RSC can be scary. “Not only because you are in the home of ‘world class classical theatre’ (as all the brochures tell you), but these big Shakespearean roles come with a lot of historical baggage attached. People tell you how romantic Ian McKellen was as Romeo, or how masculine Sean Bean was, or how marvellous Laurence Olivier was. You feel the weight of all those ghosts, those performances that have taken on a mystical resonance. And because it’s Shakespeare, you feel it’s hard to make it believable, because it is so beautiful.  With this play, everyone has so many ideas about it, that you almost want to play against the beauty. We did the balcony scene the other day and I was doing: 'But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’ And I was going: 'How can I say that?’ It is beyond parody, but all you can do is be personal with it and make it your own, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I know that’s how Alex [who plays Juliet] feels about famous lines like, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow’.”   

The intensity of the rollercoaster he is on is overwhelming. Stratford is a grueling, sometimes stifling, hothouse. Rehearsal followed by show, followed by rehearsal, in one long punishing schedule. After one-and-a-half hours in the rehearsal room, there is just time for a snack  before voice warm-ups for the matinee of The Rivals. There, Tennant’s rapier-thin young blade gets involved in sword fights and various cunning derring-do disguises, then he is off again for lunch. And back on again, for The Comedy of Errors. A short show, but a physical one, as Tennant slides down those banisters, executes pratfalls and turns in a brilliantly funny double act with Ian Hughes, who plays his manservant, Dromio. He also does the neatly witty trick of lighting two post-coital cigarettes after seducing his long lost twin’s wife and then buries his head in Nina Conti’s cleavage.

Later Tennant is in his dressing-room, stripped to the waist, slapping Simple moisturizer onto his face, swigging pints of mineral water, and packing up his make-up box, an old-fashioned leather bowling case. As we leave, we trip up over a bloody but unbowed Hotspur, about to go on stage and die in Henry IV, Part 1. Falstaff is plumped in the corner and wishes us a courteous good night, while various make-up girls daub elderly knights. “It’s like this every night at this time,” says Tennant. “You can’t move for men in armour and there’s blood everywhere.”    

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Okay so this is the first half of some random crossovers ive done….

8 of the 10 rivals from Yandere Simulator as Pokemon Gym Leaders. These are the types i thought would work well with them. I do plan on doing the other two along with Budo, Ayano and Senpai … may have to redo Senpai though cause….he didnt turn out right DX

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mortifying-mischief  asked:

You've got mail + sherlolly Or The Silence of the lambs + molliarty

Okay, I haven’t actually seen The Silence of the Lambs, so we’re gonna go with You’ve Got Mail.

Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes are rival private investigators. Whenever Molly gets a particularly interesting case, Sherlock is there to steal her thunder. If Sherlock is looking for a suspect, Molly apprehends him first. Their rivalry is well-known throughout London, with gossip columns often wondering when they are going to get together. (Molly scoffs the first time her partner, Sally Donovan shows her one of the articles.)

A case involving a new dating website attracts both of their attentions. Each secretly creates a dating profile to try to determine who is killing members of the site. Of course, they are matched with each other, and, though both think dating websites are a scam, they begin communicating with each other. 

The case takes a back seat as they begin experiencing feelings for their mystery pen pals, and they agree to meet up. Molly arrives first, and Sherlock is so shocked at seeing her waiting that he neglects to show up at all. Realizing that he has fallen for the beautiful, infuriating woman, he begins romancing her as himself, hoping that she won’t be disappointed when she learns that he’s her mystery man.

When Sherlock finally admits who he is, Molly throws herself into his arms (instead of slapping him like he’d expected). They solve the case together, and then go back to Molly’s flat to celebrate.

I’ll leave you to your deductions about what happens next, but neither of them are seen for several days afterwards. 


Okay so we had the gym leader crossovers, these are the gym trainer crossovers. 4 trainers at most (cause thats all i can fit on a page)

• Oka - Ghost Gym - Trainers:

• Osana - Fire Gym - Trainers:
Nemesis (who was added last minuet)

• Osoro - Fight Gym - Trainers:

• Amai - Normal Gym - Trainers

I cant do any more unfortunatly as the Student Council, swimming club and drama club members are not out yet c: for Hanako i so far have Riku Soma

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naming your rival in pokemon