Ichigo died for Orihime they say…

Well, Ichigo died for Rukia’s sake

…and survived for her sake

…and endured for her sake

…and gained power for her sake

…and he saved her from execution, saved her relationship with her brother, saved her from her burden, and he won - he was victorious.

…but most of all he lived. To get his friends out of harm. To see her smile again.

When you think IR was not ‘romantic’ at all, I bet you should take Gin’s words to Rangiku.

And tell me GinRan was not romantic either.

as if Ichigo dying was a mere indication of his 'love’ for Orihime, there he was, refusing to die because he had to save Rukia; indeed love conquers death


Had this one in my draft for forever but hadn’t got the chance to post it first. I like it that these snippets showed a little bit about who’s who in Iga. 

A Ninja (Shinobi?) Love Ballad spin-off, anyone? 

Saizo could use an equally popular rival, he’s slaying all the Samurai when the game is called Samurai Love Ballad!

And I really like it that Ieyasu is so mercenary in his approach to recruiting the best retainers under his wing. Well, hey, if you got the money, why not huh. Shame Saizo is not all about money these days. 

I wonder why Voltage deliberately created the Kiyohiro as an alias for Hanzo, and chose to reveal that at the end of Saizo’s main story. It kinda stole the moment, tbh, since he’s the most famous shinobi in history and all. Maybe to limit his fame? Fame is not good for a spy afterall. 

Also, I think @daeva-agas has talked about Voltage’s translation error (is it translation or a simple mistake? I dunno since I didn’t catch the Japanese version) but Ieyasu’s Tokugawa kamon (emblem) is hollyhock (aoi) leaves, not paulownia (kiri), which was Hideyoshi’s Toyotomi kamon. These two plants are very different. Felt like I need to mention that since I love Japanese motifs and these two plants are quite popular motifs.  

This is paulownia (kiri) = Hideyoshi’s kamon

and this is hollyhock (aoi) = Ieyasu’s kamon

Small chance since they mentioned it twice already but I hope Voltage will correct this. This is just an excuse to mention wafuku by the way :P


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