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i’m tagging all the ppl i’ve spied reblogging from me the most cause fuck rules. thanks for almost 5 years of shit!!! un@able users in the tags

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rivalrous asked:

15 ♫ Or if it's more of an instrumental feeling, naming the song is also good!

15. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.

“Feel the weight wash away
All the mistakes I’ve made
Living in time on my own
Tearing the soul from bone
Letting the tide suck me in
And chemicals burst in
These are my only friends
Giving me waves until the end”

ty :)

rivalrous answered your question “Oh no, I think my new night face cream (CeraVe) is breaking me out :(…”

Aww, I just started using CeraVe at night. Not sure if my recent breakouts are from it or stress. Have you tried any Lush moisturizers? I love them! Imperialis is a nice light one, but you might try Celestial for drier types.

(Ahhh I’m sorry I got to this so late!)

You know, I’ve always wanted to try a Lush… well, anything~ I feel like that’s almost like a sort of weird milestone for me, haha, to actually use something from Lush. But I haven’t! And it’s a little expensive for me right now, haha.

I did wind up switching back to Aveeno, though; I’m using the “intensive” one, like I did before, though to be honest it feels pretty light to me. I think part of the issue with CeraVe was just how thick it was; it definitely suffocated/clogged my pores, I think D: But I really hope it works out for you, though! Everyone’s skin is different, I’m just particularly acne-prone, haha.

rivalrous asked:


1. eric forman’s vista cruiser

2. my 2003 toyota camry

3. the car from knight rider

4. the pizza planet truck that’s in all the pixar movies

5. the car that thelma & louise drive off a fucking cliff

On ‘show folk’ and jealousy

I’ve seen a lot of (and a lot of a lot of) talk on ‘show folk’ being different from ‘regular folk.’ How what happens on set and stage never bleed offstage. How their significant others always feel utterly secure.

All I can say is, from personal experience, that ‘show folk’ (be they actors or wannabe actors) are more emotional, more volatile, more boundary-blurring, and definitely more jealous and more rivalrous than your average ‘regular folk.’ In other words, dramatic.

So stop with the ‘you would never understand their open and libertine ways. They’re just being professionals.’ However you ship, don’t ship, hate-ship, anti-ship, concern-troll-ship, this fandom is simply too rife with faux expertise. 

rivalrous asked:

36 & 37 ~

36. 3 things you like about yourself

1. im pretty funny

2. im tall

3. im pretty good at talking to ppl sometimes

37. 3 things you hate about yourself

1. im a fucking shitty stupid idiot

2. my face is gross and greasy and unattractive

3. im paranoid that everyone hates me always the same way that i hate myself

phlash-memory asked:

I'm a mutualist/syndicalist and I have three questions on moneyless anarchy: How do we determine over-consumption of natural capital without a medium of exchange informing us of the supply and demand? How does one determine the value of rivalrous goods in a moneyless system? How does one prevent crypto-currencies from being created and exchanged during a prohibition of money?

Okay, just keep in mind that my profile description does say “anarchist in training.” I’m still learning this myself and I definitely do not claim to be an expert on the philosophy. And economic questions are my worst subject, so don’t expect too much.

And, of course, any of my followers can help me out.

In the first question, you’re touching upon the concept of the tragedy of the commons, a theoretical concept and purely a thought experiment with no historical basis in the original work which has been used to denounce collectivization in support of nationalization of privatization of a natural commodity.  

As the socialist Allan Engler wrote in his Apostles of Greed,   “… When property was held in common by tribes, clans and villages, people took no more than their share and respected the rights of others. They cared for common property and when necessary acted together to protect it against those who would damage it. Under capitalism, there is no common property. (Public property is a form of private property, property owned by the government as a corporate person.) Capitalism recognises only private property and free-for-all (first come first serve) property. Nobody is responsible for free-for-all property until someone claims it as his own. He then has a right to do as he pleases with it, a right that is uniquely capitalist…”  In short, that a decentralized society with no sense of privatization, but collectivization,  is a better alternative because collectivization would not allow the destructive free-for-all concept of “protecting natural resources in case if it would be depleted.”  The commons, in reality, were managed by common agreements between those who used them. That the tragedy of the commons essay has been used by governments and capitalists alike to dissuade collectivization of resources, where in reality, collectivization for thousands of years in multiple tribes and societies  has been used in order to sustain appropriate resource use instead of privatization which allows for horrid overuse of natural capital. 

For your second question, in a gift economy the concept of value only applies really to the value of that item’s necessity at the present moment. Other than that instance of necessary importance, there is no real sense of object value like in any monetary-based system. Gift economies don’t even mandate exchange, rather an object is given to one person or others without any intent of future payment or repayment. Gift economies grow familiarity between people rather than growing any form of profit. It’s like Christmas every day. 

On the issue of crypto-currency, well if the community decides (and i mean every member) to have a currency-based system or is willing to try it out, then that’s what they’ll do. Any anarchist-based society is the perfect breeding ground for experimentation in terms of labor, economy, laws, or whatever else–so no two stateless societies would be the same. If the crypto-currency system becomes a problem or develops any capitalist attributes, then the community can decide to abolish this system. 

So the answer to all three questions would be: the community decides how to do what they want. 

I used this source from the Anarchist FAQ site to answer the first question. 

lythinae replied to your post: the only character I always get rivalr…

Seb’s the only one I never max out either way (unless I set it in the console). I forget he’s there a lot of the time lol.

It is frustrating bc in the end of the game it doesn’t matter to me? He will get angry at me for sparing Anders. So i always get rivalry lmao

But this time I got friendship just to see the difference

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