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Hey Kaz, I was wondering if you could not make a top 10 of Yuuri Katsuki's hidden talents that left Victor on the floor (Like playing the piano you mentioned earlier)

10) Yuuri is strong. Viktor knew this already since Yuuri is a professional athlete but he didn’t realised just quiet how strong Yuuri was until he saw Yuuri casually lift up one end of the couch without breaking a sweat to find something he had dropped. Viktor needed the couch to swoon on after that one

9) Yuuri has a natural affinity with animals. He’s that guy who can sit on a park bench and get birds to eat out of his hand while Viktor is attacked by seagulls

8) Yuuri is good at picking up other languages, partly through natural talent but mostly because he just works really really hard at it. Once he’s committed to learning he wont stop until he’s perfect. This meant that when Viktor started teaching him Russian he got bowled over by his beautiful fiancé spouting full conversational sentences with and already writing in shaky Cyrillic barely weeks after they started

7) Yuuri has an amazing head for random facts and pieces of information. It comes from growing up in an onsen when tourist used to ask random questions about specific parts of the town and the history and Yuuri ended up picking up a lot of random facts as he grew up. His talent for memorising these random facts carried over even when he left Hasetsu which means when he and Viktor are watching game shows, he’s the one answering some of the most obscure questions before the contestants while Viktor looks at him in awe.

6) Yuuri is a master of video games (he and Phichit’s Mario cart tournaments were legendary back in Detroit). Every time he and Viktor play he absolutely crushes Viktor into the dirt

5) Yuuri is a really good cook. It came from years of being expected to help out at the onsen, he picked up cooking naturally and kept doing it in Detroit (Phichit once commented he would quiet literally kill a man for Yuuri’s cooking. Yuuri wasn’t entirely sure that he was joking). Viktor never had anyone to teach him how to cook and never really learned because he could just order food in or buy premade. As soon as he got together with Yuuri however he started to learn because he wanted to be able to make the amazing meals for Yuuri that Yuuri made for him. This resulted in Yuuri cooking twice a week (with results that left Viktor crying in happiness and the Russian team ‘randomly’ dropping by for dinner every time they knew it was happening), Viktor cooking twice a week (with results of varying success. He got better over time) and them cooking together the other three days, mainly involving Viktor doing all the chopping and preparing and Yuuri doing the more delicate, skilled parts.

4) Yuuri can play piano. Viktor didn’t know this until they moved in together and he walked in one day to Yuuri playing his keyboard softly and singing to himself. Viktor begged that he play at their wedding once he found out

3) On the same vein as no.4, Yuuri can sing. Yuuri can sing really really well. The combination of piano playing singing Yuuri left Viktor sobbing on the floor like ‘I’m marrying an angel’

2) Yuuri is really really flexible. It comes from doing ballet for so many years and also the yoga classes he took for relaxation but it means he’s basically like a rubber band, he can casually contort himself into the craziest positions. Viktor enjoys this for many different reasons

1) Yuuri’s degree in Detroit was sports science which means he has a really good knowledge of physiology and anatomy. On an academic level Viktor loves how smart he is but on a personal level it means that Yuuri gives the best back massages. He knows exactly where to press to work all the tension out of Viktor’s shoulders and Viktor thanks any deity that might exist on a regular basis for Yuuri’s magic hands. He also reciprocates by being able to give Yuuri the best foot massages in history and so it all balances out well for both of them

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can you do a top ten times victuuri were caught being adorable in public?

10) After they got their new puppy to keep the other two company they started taking her out for short walks but she was still young and got tired quite easily. This has resulted in many times of Viktor and Yuuri holding hands as they walk down the street while on of them cradles a sleep puppy on their shoulder

9) When they were practicing to do the Stammi Vicino pair skate it initially involved a lot mistakes and falling over and giggling helplessly every time they landed in a heap on top of each other. There was one particular incident when Yuuri made a joke just as Viktor tried to pick him up for a lift and Viktor ended up laughing so hard he slipped and dropped Yuuri on top of him. Neither of them managed to get back up for quite a while after that one because they couldn’t stop laughing

8) Once they were eating in a small café and Yuuri had a plate of French fries that Viktor kept stealing off him. Yuuri kept good naturedly swatting him away and pushed his plate to the other side of the table out of Viktor’s reach. The next time he picked one up to eat it, Viktor swooped in and nabbed it from his hand instead. After Yuuri had stopped looking affronted by the unexpected theft and Viktor had stopped laughing at the expression on his face, Yuuri ended up feeding Viktor the occasional fry by hand to keep him at bay

7) During one training session, they were at the gym and Yuuri was doing crunches. As motivation Viktor was sitting by his feet and giving him kisses every time he sat up during one

6) Once they were out sitting in a park together during one of their language lessons. The day consisted of Viktor looking adorably confused as he tried to copy what Yuuri was saying and Yuuri with a look of intense concentration on his face as he frowned at the Cyrillic in the book that Viktor was reading to him

5) Viktor was once really exhausted and fell asleep at the rink instead of going home. Yuuri didn’t want to wake him because he had been so tired so he ended up picking him up bridal style and carrying him to the car and then to bed

4) During the winter they once went to a public outdoor ice rink just for the fun of it. They spent half the time skating together and holding hands and cuddling up to each other and the other half having friendly jumping competitions and awing the watching public

3) When they’re both competing they sometimes have to spend time apart due to being at different competition. This means they have many airport reunions where they end up running to each other and jumping into each other’s arms

2) During the aftermath of their big kiss on ice they were pretty much inseperable, Viktor was stuck to Yuuri’s side and constantly touching him in some way, a hand on his arm, brushing his hair out of his eyes, holding hands etc. They were also beaming at each other and generally acting really affectionate and happy just by being near each other

1) They danced together at their wedding and two people have never looked more in love


since nobody has made Chess!AU yet,

White King Victor Nikiforov and Black King Katsuki Yuuri,

Who will checkmate?

about this AU, the story is about the rivalry between 2 kingdoms by playing human chess. The game would cost lives, and the winner will do whatever he wants to the loser.

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now that we had a top ten hottest publicity photos of yuuri, can we have one top ten of Viktor's photos?

10) A picture taken of him at the beach doing the classic ‘rising from the sea covered in glistening droplets of water’ thing. Chris later pointed out that it was an incredibly flattering photo of Viktor but he could ruin it if he posted the photo of the bad sunburn Viktor also got from that day after forgetting to put on enough suncream. Viktor made him swear to secrecy on that one.

9) A magazine spread he once did with Yuuri once he had retired about his retired life and plans for the future. One of the pictures was of him wearing typical hot dad clothes and an apron while cooking with Makkachin by his feet. It made him look like the perfect husband fantasy and all of his fans were simultaneously completely in love and incredibly jealous of a very smug Yuuri over it

8) He once did a promotional ad for a sports clothing company that sponsored him which involved a lot of shots of him running, working out at the gym and pushing his sweaty hair out of his face as he grinned at the camera. Yuuri has a copy saved to his computer.

7) A photo taken of he and Yuuri taken at a fancy gala they both had to attend. It was one of the incredibly classy ones with a dance floor and ballroom dancing involved and after hours of playing nice to their sponsors and getting bored out of their minds, they both decided to have a bit of fun with the dancing. Since they were both the best dancers in the room by a mile and both trained in various styles they soon had every eye on them. The picture was taken by the official photographer and involved both of them flushed and laughing with their ties coming undone and their shirts slightly open as Yuuri dipped Viktor. It was so popular from a combination of the attractive dancer look and the fact that Viktor looked so ecstatically happy it made other people happy just to look at it

6) The first official picture of him with his short hair. When he cut it there was a mass mourning because his long hair had been so beautiful but people pretty quickly did a 180 after seeing the picture he posted of him winking and running his hand through his newly short hair. After that, most people agreed that he looked unfairly good no matter what hairstyle he had. Yuuri once joked they should test that theory by giving him a bowl cut

5) The first photoshoot he ever did with Yuuri. Viktor was in his Stammi Vicino outfit and Yuuri in his Yuri On Ice one and they were doing couple poses throughout. Viktor was literally glowing with happiness during the whole thing and it shone through in all the pictures, the same going for Yuuri

4) A set of pictures mentioned in my previous top ten about publicity photos of Yuuri, where they both modelled for an ad promoting a line of gender neutral clothing. Viktor ended up wearing a design halfway between a suit and a dress and absolutely killed it. The internet never recovered.

3) He once modelled for an underwear line and ended up in one of those classic black and white ads that get plastered all over the place, giving the camera a sultry look while wearing a very, very tight pair of boxers and absolutely nothing else. Phichit got Yuuri a framed copy once as a joke

2) A picture of Viktor caught by paparazzi on a really hot day when he was throwing a ball for Makkachin in a park. He had taken off his shirt because it was boiling and he was overheating like crazy and the combination of hot shirtless guy and adorable dog was too much for anyone to resist

1) Not so much a promotional photo but his and Yuuri’s official wedding photo. The ceremony was closed to only friends and family and it was the only official photo they released, one of the two of them at the altar. It was universally considered the photo where they both looked most attractive, a little bit because of the ‘they both look amazing in tuxes’ thing but mainly because they both looked so completely in love and the expressions on their faces were beautiful.

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10 times yuuri and phichit pretended to be a couple.

10) Phichit once convinced Yuuri to do the classic ‘pretending that we’re getting married to try free wedding cake samples’ to see if it would actually work. It did and they got tons of amazing free cake in the bargin

9) Yuuri once got stuck in a conversation where the other guy was clearly flirting with him and he didn’t know how to tell him he was really not at all into him and it was never going to happen. When Phichit walked past he just blurted out ‘sorry, there’s my boyfriend’, grabbed Phichit and ran

8) Once in an airport Phichit fell asleep on Yuuri’s shoulder and the old man across from them commented on what an adorable couple they made and started telling stories about him and his wife and how they fell in love and asking Yuuri the same about him and Phichit. Yuuri felt way too awkward to correct him and just played along with it instead while Phichit snored lightly on his shoulder

7) Once the ice rink they trained at got rented out for a Valentines Day Special for couples only. Phichit convinced Yuuri to go along as a couple for fun and it ended up being hilarious for both of them. The entire rink was filled with couples slowly skating hand in hand while they just casually did the occasional triple axel when a space cleared and skated backwards together to show off

6) There was once a weird psychology ‘study’ going around their college campus for couples that was supposed to prove if people were soulmates. It asked them loads of questions about each other and saw how many they got right to see how well they knew each other and how well they matched. Phichit convinced Yuuri to try it with him to prove their status as ‘ultimate platonic soulmates forever’ and they ended up scoring higher than most of the actual couples there

5) Once they were out at a bar with friends and Phichit really wasn’t in the mood to get hit on so he was just like ‘I’m going to sit in your lap Yuuri ok?’ and Yuuri was just like ‘yeah sure’ and they stayed like that the rest of the night

4) On a similar vein, they were out in a café together and a really creepy guy kept eying Yuuri up and looking like he was about to come over and start a conversation so Yuuri was just like ‘Phichit, hold my hand and pretend we’re dating’ and they spent the rest of their coffee date together like that

3) The one and only time that they both got thrown out of a club was because a guy kept hitting on Phichit and would not leave him alone even when he turned him down. The bouncers also weren’t doing anything about it so they had to solve it themselves. First they tried pretending Yuuri was his boyfriend to get the guy to back off and when that didn’t work and he still grabbed Phichit’s ass, Phichit punched him in the face while Yuuri kicked him in the balls. They both got chucked out the club but they considered it totally worth it

2) One time a reporter was being really rude and insinuating that Yuuri and Viktor were faking their relationship for publicity and so Phichit stepped in sarcastically like ‘yes, you’ve cracked our masterplan, Yuuri and I are actually a couple and Chris and Viktor eloped years ago and Yuuri and Viktor are only together for the sponsors’, complete with a withering look

1) On April Fools day Phichit posted a picture of him and Yuuri to his Instagram with matching rings captioned ‘guess who just eloped’. About half of his followers got that it was April Fools day and the other half went into meltdown

EXO’s rival is EXO


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Hi Kaz, top ten times coaching Viktor was too hard, by Yakov

10) When Viktor was younger he once said to Yakov, ‘wow, more of your hair is falling out every day, I hope I don’t look like you when I’m older’ (he was not the most tactful child). When he got older and freaked that his own hair was thinning Yakov was secretly thinking revenge.

9) Yakov expressly banned Viktor from doing quads until he was a senior so as not to damage his still developing body. Viktor proceeded to learn quads in secret and then break the junior world record with a program involving quads. Yakov yelled at him for it but the whole world loved it and Viktor refused to change it for the rest of the season, even as Yakov despaired.

8) Viktor didn’t give anyone a heads up before he cut his hair, he just decided one day he needed an image change and wanted to surprise people and since his hair was his defining feature he just got it all cut off with no warning. Viktor was very happy with his decision, Yakov not so much. Especially because he had to placate all of Viktor’s sponsors and contracts to model since he had just drastically changed the way he looked with no warning and Yakov was left to deal with the fallout

7) When he decided Viktor was responsible enough and mature enough to choose his own costume for a change and then later found out that Viktor had commissioned the Eros costume and was like ‘goddamnit’

6) Every time Yakov gives Viktor a piece of advice on how to improve and Viktor says yes and then continues to ignore him. This is a running theme

5) The multiple times Viktor has drastically changed a program at quiet literally the last minute and Yakov is left yelling something along the lines of ‘Viktor you can’t changed your entire step sequence the night before a competition because you were ‘struck by inspiration’, Viktor Nikiforov doN’T YOU DARE’

4) Viktor is very honest, usually brutally honest and this can sometimes cause tension if he is giving critique (think ‘you’re both actually far more average than you think’ kind of thing). This means that sometimes other skaters at the St Petersburg rink will hold grudges against Viktor if they ask for his critique and he says some very harsh things, even if they are fair. Yakov does not have the patience for skater drama and just really wishes people would either stop asking for Viktor’s opinion/help or Viktor could learn to be a little less blunt in his honesty

3) Yakov was the one to buy Viktor Makkachin because he was worried Viktor was getting lonely. What he didn’t count on was Viktor and Makkachin becoming absolutely inseparable. On one hand this was a good thing but on the other ‘no Viktor you can’t bring a dog into the ice rink!!!’

2) The day Viktor met Chris and every day from that point onwards. Yakov was very happy Viktor made a friend and is glad Viktor has Chris’ support but he’s not sure if Chris is a bad influence on Viktor, Viktor is a bad influence on Chris or they’re both just terrible influences on each other. Their escapades are the reason for 90% of his hair loss.

1) Literally everything to do with Yuuri in the very beginning. Yakov grew to love Yuuri like a son and became a great supporter of he and Viktor’s relationship but he definitely lost a lot of his hair over the whole situation and Viktor’s rash choices at the start