Friendly advice: a good way to get others to like your ship is producing content and being excited about it, not trash talking “rival” ships. Pretty much all of us invested in shipping have a “notp” or two – a pairing we really can’t stand. But the best thing to do in that situation?

Blacklist it, and move on.

Constantly complaining about it only creates a cycle of negativity. You make yourself upset, and you bring down the people who do enjoy the pairing in question – and you might even be making them resent the pairing that you do like. There are several that I’ve been interested in because of good art or fics, only to find myself with a bad taste in my mouth when fans kept bashing stuff that I already liked a lot.

You’ll attract folks better with honey than vinegar. Give off positive energy, and it’ll come back to you, and improve your life and the lives of others :>

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Lab partners au with jerza :D

Ahhh, I rarely get Jerza requests! It’s odd, you’d think they’d be more popular given their chemistry. That being said I don’t write them often because they’re so difficult to portray (for me, at least), even though I love them so much. I hope this is alright. We never did “lab” when I was at school so I had to base this off what I’ve seen. xDDD

“It’s fascinating, isn’t it?”

Erza’s gaze flicked to Jellal’s as he shook the thin test tube back and forth. The liquid continued to transition from one colour to the next, fizzing and popping like a bottle full of magic. 

“It’s beautiful,” was all she could think to say. She didn’t want to disturb him, not when he looked so happy. Jellal had always been happiest during science, especially when the universe came into play. The only person who rivalled his knowledge of stars was Lucy Heartfilia, and even she struggled to best his knowledge at times. It was… impressive, to say the least.

“Do you want to try, Erza?”

“T-that’s alright,” she hooked strands of hair behind her ears and pulled idly at the strap of her goggles, “You’re much better at this than I am.”

“Alright,” Jellal dropped the tube into the tray on their desk, “I’ll document the results now.”

She watched him scribble down names and numbers that made absolutely no sense to her, probably because she found it difficult to focus while sitting beside him. The liquid in the tube continued changing colours. Blue, green, purple, pink. And then finally it stopped on a beautiful, deep shade of scarlet red. 

“Your hair…” she heard him say under his breath.

“What was that? Is something wrong with my hair?”

“No,” Jellal peered up from the paper on his desk, “It’s just… the solution… it’s the same colour as your hair. It’s beautiful.”

Erza took a step back from the desk, nearly knocking Levy over in the process. The small girl managed to salvage her test tubes by catching them in both hands. They shared a mutual look of understanding as she scampered off, Levy’s silence saving Erza from a world of embarrassment. 

“You think my hair is beautiful?” she asked, regretting the question the moment it fell from her lips. 

He turned to face her. It was the first time he’d turned away from their project since the lesson had commenced. Her heart was in her throat, pounding heavily at the sight of his eyes drifting up and down her body. 

“I think you’re beautiful,” he added sheepishly. “Like the Queen of fairies, perhaps.”

She exhaled a deep breath. “Jellal…”

“Sorry, that was probably out of line. I’ll finish recording the–”

She grabbed his hand. “I want to see the stars with you. Tomorrow. For, ah, for my birthday.”

He smiled, the kind of smile that made his eyes glow like a starlit sky. “Of course. Whatever you want.”

She mulled over her thoughts, wanting desperately to summon more courage. The courage she often misplaced when he looked in her eyes. “I think I’d like to give this a try after all.”

He seemed pleased. “I’ll grab another test tube. Wait here.”

She watched him manoeuvre through the room, deftly avoiding students passing by with their scientific apparatus. She couldn’t hear anything over the sound of her beating heart. Tomorrow she’d tell him how she felt. Tomorrow, everything would fall into place.

Tomorrow, the stars would finally align. 


the stars of today’s manzai! the steadfast gongenzaka and neo! new!! sawatari da!!!!!

Gon: Yuuya’s mother used to be Shooting Star Youko!
Shingo: Fwahaha! Something like a shooting star fades in an instant, but as for the brightest duel star that twinkles in the sky–! SO! The duelist called a star, do you know who it is?
Gon: Yuuya’s father! Sakaki Yuushou!
Shingo: Seriously?! Okay okay, the entertainment duelist most suited to be Sakaki Yuuya’s rival?
Gon: Dennis MacField!
Shingo: Gwahh! The one who has dealt damage to this Sawatari Shingo… must be Gongenzaka…

there’s more manzai compiled in this video! this week’s and the previous one not included however.

Fans threaten to attack Sashihara Rino and Yabuki Nako on handshake event

HKT48 member Sashihara Rino (指原莉乃) had received fans’ threat on twitter, that fan threat to attack her and other member Yabuki Nako (矢吹奈子) on handshake event at 25 and 26 April 2015. Against this tweet, Sashihara Rino posted a tweet and claimed the management has already called the police.
Sashihara Rino said management has already called the police for recent RT tweet, though she does not feel alright, she will attend the handshake event anyway, and told fans not need to worry.

Sashihara’s original tweet: 

Sashihara Rino retweet that fans’ tweet:

That fans criticized Sashihara Rino treats idol as rubbish, and stip up fans’ rival competition. That fans threatens to break Sashihara Rino’s nose, or else will kick Yabuki Nako.

Few of us are wise enough to recognise the truth the first time we see it. The cleverest of us are often wrong. Argument with an opponent is the best form of education known to man. And in debates about the ordering of society two rival ideas of goodness, loved by their adherents as much as they are loathed by their opponents, have contended for centuries. One is based on Original Sin, the other on a belief in the perfectibility of man. Out of this battle have come many civilised and unsatisfactory compromises - which for all their grubbiness have been hugely preferable to the bloody, world reforming zeal unleashed on less happy lands.
—  Peter Hitchens - The Broken Compass
Weird middle earth nail varnish headcanon???

I am really tired, so this may be rubbish, but trans woman!Bilbo settles in Erebor and begins to wear more feminine clothing, though all as Hobbit styled as she can find in Erebor, including painting her nails. She sees this as a very gendered activity because only Hobbit women do it in the Shire, only hobbits know the right mix of things to make it, maybe? So other races haven’t come into contact with this practice?

So its totally new to the Dwarves and they really like it, but don’t see it as something just women should do, to them its another way of self expression, which with their hair and everything they are very into. Soon there is basically a competition among all the dwarves that is basically nail art wars. I imagine adding gems would be the first thing, the more lavish the better, but still short nails for practical work, maybe? Or nail art that depicts their status/career. Rivals trying to outdo each other in new ideas/formulations/additions. Someone somehow manages to add braided details on them maybe with gold wires? Just ridiculous and so wonderfully dwarvish additions.

All the while Bilbo is just very unsteadily learning to paint flowers on hers and when she gets good and wears a set of beautiful plants painted on her fingers, that becomes the new craze because everyone wants to follow the Consort under the Mountain. People start adding actually flowers, some fresh or pressed, just explosions of colours too. On feast days when people aren’t working, but want to show off there are at first some amazing, unpractical set ups with rubies almost as big as the dwarves’ fist, someone has freaking candles on theirs, tiny sculptures, idk just ott and then they try to eat and realise hmm maybe we went too far? Naaaaah.

Just imagine Thorin with Durin blue nail polish with very tasteful (for a Dwarf ;P) gems on them. Maybe this is space for my genderfluid!Thorin having some bonding with his consort painting each others nails and soppily adding runes of protection and flowers that mean ever lasting love on their spouse’s nails. You know, cuties being cuties.:D

The Worriwart Mama-Bird

D’aww, Suga-mama getting all worried for his precious baby-bird as he learns about him making another clash with a rival school without him knowing it. XDDD

There outta be a comic where he insists on shadowing Hinata almost everywhere he goes, and then everyone making fun of how he dotes on him like a mother hen.


Day 14: An idea for paradox space starring the characters of the intermission
like i guess. if the crew and felt weren’t rival gangs or anything so everyone had like. run of the mill jobs around town. like boxcars is a butcher and sawbuck owns a bakery and doc is that one English teacher everyone hates and handy is a student failing his class. idk this sounds really boring now that I put it down in words but. also I couldn’t be bothered to properly color and line these so here have doodles instead. also idk about die but I just wanted to draw him

like… yknow how Seto Kaiba very clearly looks like a teenager? a teenager wearing a shitty bondage longcoat? a teenager trying really hard to look edgy and cool?

and Manjoume is also clearly an adolescent young man with hair that’s somewhere between ‘scene’, ‘anime’, and ‘trash’? and also a longcoat, this time with garbage bag fringe?

and both Shark and Kaito are both clearly teenagers of varying maturity level in how they present themselves? (Shark being the Fashion Punk Delinquent with a Bedazzler– and Kaito being A Cool Young Professional who also happens to work for someone with a penchant for circus imagery)

and finally, Akaba Reiji (who i would argue is not a prototypical ygo rival but i’m going to go with him for the sake of this post) for whom the comments of ‘Hipster’ are completely justified, for he resembles a young college-age adult with a taste for painfully minimalist clothing

but then there’s Jack Atlas. Jack Atlas, who looks like he could be a dad. a disco dad. or a dad in the 80s. or something. 

no, no look closer. he inexplicably has both punk and cowboy-esque details in his outfit? but the trim and collar adds a certain awful something to it? why does he look like he’s at least 30? Jack Atlas looks like he could be my punk cowboy dad and I Am Afraid

What the fuck? What the fuck is this? Why does he look like he could be MY dad? why does he have that mullet? What? look at his face. that’s not the face of a young teenager. he’s AT LEAST 22. Why



What a great way to even the score with the Mets ace on the mound who exited in the 9th inning just 1 out shy of a complete game! Mets are now 14-4 on the season!

OFFENSIVE BREAKOUT: Today the Mets set a season high with 8 runs and tied a season high with 12 hits today!

BIG TIME ACCOMPLISHMENT: Only 12 pitchers in Mets history have gone 4-0 in their first 4 starts of a season (along with teammate Bartolo Colon this season), but only 2 have done it twice. Today, Matt Harvey joined legend Jerry Koosman as the only 2 pitchers in Mets history to go 4-0 in their first 4 starts in a season TWICE with an 8-2 victory against crosstown rivals, New York Yankees. 

What a game!


History Meme: 2/4 Wars/Conflicts ♠ The Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses were a series of dynastic wars for the throne of England. They were fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, the houses of Lancaster and York. They were fought in several sporadic episodes between 1455 and 1487, although there was related fighting before and after this period. The conflict resulted from social and financial troubles that followed the Hundred Years’ War, combined with the mental infirmity and weak rule of Henry VI, which revived interest in the alternative claim to the throne of Richard, Duke of York.
The final victory went to a Lancastrian claimant, Henry Tudor, who defeated the last Yorkist king, Richard III, at the Battle of Bosworth Field. After assuming the throne as Henry VII, Henry Tudor married Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, thereby uniting the two houses. The House of Tudor ruled England and Wales until 1603.
The name Wars of the Roses refers to the Heraldic badges associated with the two royal houses, the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster. Wars of the Roses came into common use in the nineteenth century. The Yorkist faction used the symbol of the white rose from early in the conflict, but the Lancastrian red rose was apparently introduced only after the victory of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth, when it was combined with the Yorkist white rose to form the Tudor Rose, which symbolised the union of the two houses.