rival smugglers

listen don’t get me wrong i love epic fantasy and sci-fi but it is very very important to me that we get fantasy & sci-fi on a smaller scale as well. i’m tired of reading about the Special Person Who Will Save The World. that’s not relateable. i want to hear more stories about bit players on the world stage! a traveling theatre troupe of goblins struggling to write a new play, two rival families of smugglers living on the same space station transport hub, a rom-com about a young hedge witch, a coming-of-age story about a dryad

give me more weird clever small stories

Surprise Shipment [Closed Starter]


Rumors had been floating around the station of a Vorta smuggler. A Vorta smuggler with his own ship, at that! The rumors were incredible, yet somehow believable. They even reached Weyoun’s good ears, and his curiosity was piqued. And now, it seemed that said smuggler’s ship was going to be making a stop at the station today.

This was certainly fascinating, and Weyoun found himself wondering if it would help his and D’rorah’s case. He believed they had an hour before the ship docked, according to the rumors, so he made his way to find D’rorah to see if she’d gotten wind as well. Making a stop at her quarters, he rang the doorchime and clasped his hands behind his back, smiling and awaiting her answer.

shakeyourdix  asked:

12, for the belly description prompt? I'm interested in the scenario that would end with rocks in Dash's belly.

Hahah you’ve put me to the test.

So there’s a few scenarios I could think of that might lead to a bellyfulla rocks for Dash:

  1. Cravings for a certain space mineral from an existing incubation assignment (so they’re small rocks and he swallows them whole)
  2. Smuggling for a very well-paying client (again, swallows ‘em)
  3. Some sadistic rival smuggler or other enemy gets ahold of him and force feeds them or honestly shoves them up his ass because let’s get real this is the cutthroat underground world of space crime here

Any way you slice it, if you get enough rocks in there you’re going to end up with a swollen belly that’s kinda lumpy or otherwise irregular in shape… and if the rocks are heavy enough, gravity’s going to settle in and I figure they’d become stuck in clusters in the lowest part of each intestinal loop (unless he has Peristalsis of Steel and can actually pass them all without a ton of issues). Psuedo-science blah blah. 

I’d imagine it would be super uncomfortable, tender, and just all-around weird to hear and feel the stones clack together whenever he shifts or runs. He’d be able to feel them through his skin for sure when he presses on the surface of his belly. Eventually he’d encounter some truly awful cramping as his system becomes increasingly tired of, ya know, having rocks in it.