rival smugglers

listen don’t get me wrong i love epic fantasy and sci-fi but it is very very important to me that we get fantasy & sci-fi on a smaller scale as well. i’m tired of reading about the Special Person Who Will Save The World. that’s not relateable. i want to hear more stories about bit players on the world stage! a traveling theatre troupe of goblins struggling to write a new play, two rival families of smugglers living on the same space station transport hub, a rom-com about a young hedge witch, a coming-of-age story about a dryad

give me more weird clever small stories

anonymous asked:

I hope the villain in Solo: A Star Wars story (ugh I hate typing that out) isn't another boring Imperial. If the movie is about smugglers and the criminal underworld, I would assume the villain would be a rival smuggler, bounty hunter, or pirate? I'm going to be disappointed if the Imperials or Vader are the villains AGAIN. Even Ponda Baba and Evazan or whatever their names are would be 100 times more interesting than Director McEvil Guy the III.

i have a feeling it’s gonna be an imperial (again), and maybe there will be a side plot with a enemy turned friend bounty hunter who dies in the end