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I'm curious if the University ever gets visitors, you know the kind, all fire and brimstone in their words, going on about pagans, witches and devil-worshippers. They might show up, make a scene, and then leave when they get horse from shouting, their words ignored by most. Maybe sometime later the University get a few new students, all Law Majors. They are obsessed with writing every deal down. Their shadows dont seem to match their bodies, and their ever-burning cigarettes smell like sulfur

As far as ‘probably literally demons’ goes, you may be looking for Mooncreek U, which Elsewhere students hate on principal in that very specific way where they refuse to even acknowledge them as worthy rivals. This is largely to do with how many years in a row Mooncreek’s lacrosse, football, and track/field teams have absolutely crushed EU’s. The grudge is longstanding, silent, and held with utter conviction and loathing. Eu does still have the upper hand in rowing and and fencing, but debates, rugby, and Model UN events that involve both schools can get… interesting.

(To be honest, despite affecting to be entirely above the whole thing, and despite claiming that their true rival is the entirely mundane college in the next county, EU absolutely has a special trophy awarded solely to EU teams that triumph over Mooncreek, and it’s probably something awfully smug like stylised wolfsbane blossoms)

– Psylocke aka Elisabeth  Braddock – Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (2000 on Dreamcast – マーヴルVS.カプコン 2 ニューエイジ オブ ヒーロー

All of them are bi

Fanfiction Tropes I’ll Never Get Tired of
  • lab partners (bonus if it’s a high school bio or chem assignment)
  • nerd and jock
  • detention
  • body switching
  • best friends since childhood
  • just pretending to hate each other
  • new college roommate
  • academic rivalry
  • sports rivalry
  • reincarnation
  • kissing to keep cover in a spy AU
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • chapped lips
  • high school/college AUs
Rivals To Lovers

A few people asked for this so here’s a longer one to include them all!

@lartenluver said: Rivals to lo
Anonymous said: Rivals to lovers pls
Anonymous said: Ok but childhood friends to rivals to lovers prompts pls?
Anonymous said: Rivalry AUs?

  • as kids you were always a few inches taller than me and it always pissed me off but guess whos taller NOW
  • we were always neck and neck in school and the teachers want us to work together to represent the school in a contest
  • I’ve never met you before but we’re in the same contest and in the semi-finals together I need to win
  • for some reason we always butted heads, no one really knows why, but you’ve moved away for a few years and holy cow what do you mean that’s the same person
  • we always liked the same person so we don’t get along but they force us to hang out with each other so we stop fighting (ot+ friendly)
  • we’ve always hated each other but then one day you save my life like why??? I have to reevaluate my entire mindset (mostly bc I have no idea if I’d do the same if it were me, sorry pal)
  • we never hated each other until that one day you were an absolute ASSHOLE out of nowhere for no reason six years ago. …..What the fuck do you mean you have an identical twin who hates me
  • we signed up for the same cooking class as best friends but then I found out you like PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA I CANT BE FRIENDS WITH YOU NOW THIS VIOLATES MY BASIC IDEALS

I hope these work for all of you!! i’m so sorry about the last one i just couldn’t help myself

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