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Hi there, I wanna know more of captive prince, you can gab all you want to I don't know anything about it, and tnx.

Captive Prince!

Okay, buckle up friend. This is three books worth of what I would essentially call slowburn geopolitical gay porn?

Basically, the book starts with the kingdom of Akielos, where the 25 year old crown prince Damianos (Damen) has just been captured following the death of his father, King Theomedes. He’s being held hostage by his older bastard/half brother Kastor, who wants to quietly usurp the throne. To do this, he strips Damen of his identity, and sends him off to the rival nation of Vere as a lowborn sex slave for Vere’s crown prince.

Vere is in a state of regency, as the king, Aleron, and the crown prince, Auguste, as well as the Queen, are all dead. The soul inheritor to the throne is Laurent, the 20 year old second son of Aleron. However, Vere’s laws state that a man must be 21 to rule, and so for the last decade-ish Vere has been ruled in stewardship by the king’s brother, The Regent, as well as a council of highborn men (sort of like a parliament). 

Laurent, the prince, is known to be vicious, cold, and sadistic, and holds a particular grudge against Akielos, as his brother and father died in the last war with Akielos, his brother slain by none other than Prince Damianos, who Laurent hates more than any singular human on the planet. So essentially, Kastor has sent Damen to the one place where being Damen is more dangerous than being a sex slave–

And so he has to navigate the court of Vere, rife with betrayal, double dealing, and deceit without revealing his identity–and gain the allyship of Laurent, who despises him and his people.

All while working to get back to Akielos and take back his throne from Kastor, while Laurent faces the thickening plot of usurpation in Vere. 

TL;DR: two princes try to take back their thrones in an extremely complex and politically hostile situation, while simultaneously falling in love but also making eachother suffer a lot? just read it its worth it

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